Dem Lt Gov Race in Nevada Looks Interesting 12/28/2009

Posted by Michael Zahara on Dec 28, 2009

I’ve met both of the serious Dem candidates for Nevada Lieutenant Governor, Robert Randazzo and Paul Murad, and I liked them both. How refreshing to have candidates who are attempting public office and who don’t have ulterior motives or higher office shopping in mind.

These are two kind of regular guys who aren’t political careerists who are bringing to the table their respective and very considerable private sector experiences with them—a very necessary component for this office that few voters know much about.

Entrepreneur Paul Murad

Paul Murad is an émigré from the former Soviet Union who left Communist tyranny as a teenager for freedom and opportunity in the United States. He is a self-made man and super-successful businessman and his list of accomplishments in Nevada deserve note as he has never used his philanthropic side for self-promotion. A distinguished commercial developer and former ‘bachelor’ on the ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’, he has made a name for himself at a very young age and his knowledge of tourism related issues—the Lt Gov’s primary duty other than waiting for the Gov to die or go to prison—is a strong point for him.

I’ve seen him at events in recent years and his comfort in his own skin suits him well for politics, but we only recently formally met. He’s kind of a shy and softer-spoken guy, but has a very high-level of intelligence and has a personable and friendly demeanor.

Paul Murad knows a lot of the movers and shakers in Nevada, personally; including the LVCVA and NV Dev Authority people; the direct beneficiaries of the Lt Gov’s constitutional efforts. He is in his element when he is in social/political/business situations, but isn’t a glad-handing, back-slapping kind of guy.

People who know Paul, like Paul. He’s a terrific addition to the state Democratic Party.


Mr Robert & Dr Marisa Randazzo: Nevada’s new Dem power couple?

His opponent, Robert Randazzo, is a Reno business executive who worked his way up from cleaning cabins for United Airlines, to flying for their United Express subsidiary. He was prominently featured on CNN some years back for his rise to Captain. He now runs a very successful Reno-based business and is married to Dr Marisa Randazzo, a Princeton educated Psychologist and now business owner who worked for the United States Secret Service for more than a decade.

She is his campaign’s best asset and neither of them is even aware of it!

Robert has a very clear understanding of what the job of Lt Gov entails and he is an earnest person becoming comfortable with the art of public campaigning. A recent swing through southern Nevada had political people talking positively about both Mr and Dr Randazzo.

I can speak for many Dems around the state: We hope we see a lot of these two in the years to come.


Reno Councilperson, the woefully unqualified Jessica Sferrazza, using powerful men like her father, former Reno mayor Pete Sferrazza again—and now also using her current boyfriend, media political pundit Jon Ralston, to advance herself through him; has done little by herself for herself, has apparently never worked in the private sector, and has no qualification for the office of Lt Gov. Though ‘dating’ Jon Ralston for some two years by most accounts, he’s written and otherwise covered Republican incumbent, Brian Krolicki often, but never bothered to disclose that he is sleeping with a potential Krolicki opponent he wishes to personally anoint into the Lt Gov’s office.

Ralston only recently removed himself from covering the Lt Gov race though the damage he’s done to Krolicki on behalf of his girlfriend’s campaign had already been done; in every other market in the country, he’d have already been fired for his breach of ethics.

Northland politicos from both parties, smelling Mr Ralston trying to make his highly unqualified girlfriend the Lt Gov, also drew the same conclusion with his failure to disclose that his girlfriend’s twice step-mother, Playboy model Leslie Sferrazza-Durant, is closely associated with Governor Jim Gibbons, which Ralston also apparently never disclosed to his audience and readers during two years of a personal relationship with and on behalf of Jessica Sferrazza’s campaign, while brutally excoriating the current Governor and Lt Governor.

I liked Mimi Miyagi when she ran for Governor a few years back, she was far more qualified and self-made than Jessica Sferrazza-‘Ralston’ is today.


Finally, there’s Robert ‘Bob’ Goodman, the local perennial candidate who seems to have the good fortune this year of sharing a surname with potential candidate, Oscar Goodman. I like Bob and say ‘hello’ to him whenever I see him. He’s already got some very cheap campaign signs up around Las Vegas and that only serve to confuse voters who think they’re Oscars! signs.

Can you imagine the fun with two Goodmans on the 2010 ballot?

Bob is qualified based on his previous positions, but he is viewed as a gadfly and has never been able to raise any money or increase his name recognition with voters. Oscar! actually helps Bob, not hurts him.

So, it will come down to Clark and Washoe counties in the Dem primary for Lt Gov and it will either be Robert Randazzo or Paul Murad who get the unenviable opportunity to challenge a seemingly redeemed and super-charged current Lt Governor, Brian Krolicki, who is sure to make his questionable indictment issue number one, and whomever his challenger may be, his fire will include Jon Ralston, Harry Reid, and Catherine Cortez-Masto for heightened effect.

All three are major issues in the 2010 Lieutenant Governor’s race in Nevada.

Whichever candidate wins Clark County, will win the primary too, so both Murad and Randazzo are expected to spend a lot of time in Las Vegas; it’s the whole ballgame for both. No primary at the US Senate and Governor races on the Dem side hurts them both too and depresses Dem primary turnout, already expected to be very—perhaps historically— poor.

Despite my liking both Murad and Randazzo personally, if the election were held today, I’d have to give a slim win to Krolicki in what will be a strong GOP year in Nevada and nationwide, but I’m very pleased that these two young, earnest, new Dem Men have brought a breath of fresh air to our 2010 choices.

I hope we see a lot of both of them in the years to come!

Good luck fellas! I’ll revisit your race as the primary nears.

Mike Zahara Siganture

Mike Zahara

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