It’s Time to Indict Dems Yvette & Damone Williams

Posted by Michael Zahara on Aug 6, 2012

<–Dem Black Caucus Chair Yvette Williams is a fat, lying, thieving bitch who has not accounted for one penny of four full years of donor money and where it went; she and her husband Damone pocketed it all and now could face prison for doing so!!!

They have deliberately broken the law on the eve of a presidential election so that they both could continue to pocket Dem donor monies without accounting for anything for four very long years of their iron-fisted control of the Clark County Democratic Black Caucus and now their respective gross misconducts may have moved from the civil to the criminal realm with their latest scheme and scam to bleed Nevada Democratic donors dry.

Four years now of bounced checks, constant pleas for more and more money from people and establishments who thought that they were giving to a legitimate political effort under the guise of the new Clark County Black Caucus, and the shady double-dealings by the Williams’ allegedly representing Republican clients of Democratic Lawyers’ Caucus co-founder Dave Thomas of Policy Communications, who represents several local judicial office holders including his wife, and Judge Betsy Gonzalez, Judge Bill Gonzalez and others like current 2012 GOP candidate for Justice of the Peace in North Las Vegas, Kalani Hoo who Yvette and Damone Williams conducted—even though she is in Democratic Executive Leadership of a party authorized caucus—voter outreach for Republican candidate Hoo allegedly paid for by Policy Communications.

<–NLV GOPer Kilani Hoo had Dem Black Caucus Chair Yvette Williams and her shitstain husband Damone working for him in 2012!!!

So much secrecy, so much subterfuge, so many lies, and such deceit done by Yvette and Damone Williams has now crossed lines that no one in the Nevada State Democratic Party’s apparatus can ignore any longer because these two con-artists are in flagrant, deliberate violation of the Nevada Revised Statutes and possibly the US Code too.

This on the eve of a federal election with Nevada in the national spotlight as a toss-up state with millions being expended by both parties and Mr & Mrs Williams’ appalling greed and dishonesty is on full display as they desperately try to cover their tracks to avoid indictment—but still stuffing their pockets full hoping no one will notice—more on that in a minute.

The Clark County Democratic Black Caucus was born in 2008 in the excitement and passion of the Barack Obama campaign and its founder, Yvette Williams, saw nothing but free money from donors who were duped by she and her obnoxious husband who began receiving thousands and thousands of dollars from unsuspecting people and enterprises with good intentions who it turns out, were defrauded by Yvette and Damone Williams instead.

State Party rules delegate chartering such caucus or club creations to the respective party County Chairs—in this case ClarkDems—with all ultimately subordinate to NVDEMS, and all are then subordinate to the DNC– because the use of the party, its names, its machinery, and its supporter and donor lists are exclusive and proprietary and fiercely protected and the Republicans protect their party’s identity and donor lists with equal determination.

From the Clark County Democratic Black Caucus’s creation in 2008 to just last month, Yvette and Damone Williams refused to account for one thin dime of four full years of money coming in and their spending it—on themselves.

<–Aunt Esther nearly beat Damone Williams to death with her purse for his stealing her money given to the Black Caucus and their not accounting for it anywhere!!!

Mr & Mrs Williams believe that they own all of the Caucus’s records and volunteer and donor lists and have been told repeatedly over four years that they own nothing and must comply with Party orders given to the Caucus such as Treasurer reports which they had never done. At their most recent meeting, a hastily put together report was presented that is laughable and also likely illegal if they deliberately withheld information that is necessary for state and federal investigations into their fraudulent activities.

Apparently neither is employed; neither have a pot to piss in either and both saw nothing but pay dirt and dollar signs by attaching themselves to the Obama campaign having never done a damn thing for any Democratic prior to this new caucus which it turns out is just their latest con to steal money from unsuspecting people.

They are both fundamentally dishonest, criminal people and I’ve called Yvette Williams a political whore and Damone Williams her pimp—because that’s exactly what they are.  I was onto their bullshit from the get-go and have been sounding the alarms about these two criminals every time they engage in illegal activities under the party’s name to solely benefit themselves.

So corrupted and dishonest are they that Yvette Williams in her urgent plea to become the female DNC representative from Nevada this past June wrote that the president was once a ‘Congressman’ when he never served in the US House and was a US Senator prior to his 2008 victory.

<–Everything from Yvette and Damone Williams is nothing but lies all said and done to continue the 100% unaccounted for money they say they raise for Democrats, but which ends up in their pockets instead!!!

She’s never given a damn about Obama, or anything else but money—all she saw were dollar signs from unsuspecting donors and she wasn’t smart enough to dot her ‘I’s and cross her ‘T’s with her phony, completely false narrative of inspiration from Barack Obama.

Yvette Williams is a prolific and consummate liar!

Suspicion of their massive fraud against Dem donors began almost immediately after the caucus was chartered in 2008 with accusations that Yvette was unlawfully using the party and its name to raise money to pay for her trip as a delegate to the DNC in Denver…with her husband too!

Though quite unlawful under federal law, nothing came of it because there was too much going on and Yvette and Damone Williams apparently scored their first successful con against Democrats in Nevada in 2008.

<–That’s racist bully thug Damone Williams (right corner) posing during their phony Kwanza celebration at Texas Station; all staged, all phony Williams family at their very worst behaviors.

Not one thin dime of thousands and thousands for this phony event held four straight years under the auspices of the Black Caucus has ever been accounted for!!!

Yvette and Damone Williams pocketed it all!!!

And Damone Williams is truly a colossal asshole too; he has bullied his way through Dem Party activists terrifying the little old ladies with his threats and intimidation even telling me at the convention to ‘get the f*ck out of my face’ when I saw him.  His chest puffing then was laughable to a guy like me, but to someone frail and in their 70’s there is nothing funny about how he goes about protecting his great cons and frauds to keep the completely unaccounted for money flowing to he and his wife these past four years.

In an effort to keep snooping eyes away and to further consolidate their power in the caucus, Yvette Williams arbitrarily declared–in violation of Roberts Rules of Order that all organizations in America except the Clark County Democratic Black Caucus—follow, that in her absence as Chair, the Secretary is in charge of the Caucus and the Secretary is her husband, Damone!!!

<–I asked Jesus what He thought of Damone Williams and He sent this picture to me with His blessing to use it today!!!

Their last meeting in July was the worst Dem affiliated meeting in a generation and deteriorated into a very public meltdown by Yvette Williams realizing that the walls are closing in on she and her husband’s years long defrauding of Dem donors and that they could be indicted soon.

Her accusations of ‘racism’ etc…didn’t play well during her Oscar caliber ‘meltdown’ performance because those demanding she and her husband give up the Caucus and fess up to their four very long years of criminal activities, are almost all black people and members of the Caucus!

Elected officials in attendance were encouraged to leave the meeting and Yvette Williams and her histrionic performance occurred after they had left.  Decades long Dem activists were shocked by the conduct of this woman who again, never did a damn thing for any Democrat prior to announcing herself to everyone in 2008.

<–Where things turned potentially criminal for Yvette and Damone Williams was their frauds this past spring when she unlawfully registered a BAG and a PAC without authorization of the Clark County Democratic Party’s Chair.

Nothing regarding the Williams family, the Black Caucus, or their new BAG and PAC are legitimate and serve only to to financially benefit Yvette and Damone Williams!!!


…and far more sinister and absolutely unlawful was this filing by Yvette Williams:

Both are attempts to unlawfully circumvent the NRS to continue their fraud and deceit by setting up these entities to bypass anyone in the Democratic Party controlling either of them which is the party’s absolute right and responsibility because Mr & Mrs Williams are using both the BAG and PAC—leaving an indelible impression that they are Dem sanctioned which they are not—to further enrich themselves by and with a deliberately false aire of legitimacy via their fraudulent filings with Nevada Secretary of State’s office.

Despite also being very ‘late’ with NRS required filings, Yvette Williams also unlawfully listed a James Gamble as the PAC’s Treasurer, declaring under penalty of perjury that he resides in the same home, with the same phone number, that Yvette and Damone Williams reside in!!!

Mr Gamble is registered to vote at a home some 20 miles to the northwest and apparently has never lived in the Williams home either and he may not even be aware what Yvette Williams has deliberately and unlawfully done to him in official documentation using his name and his reputation—again presented and signed under penalty of perjury by Yvette Williams—and filed with the Nevada Secretary of State this past March.

ClarkDems Chair Chris Miller is now working with NVDEMS Chair Roberta Lange to begin to untangle the hot mess that is the Clark County Democratic Black Caucus and Miller can dissolve their charter which may be his only option since Yvette and Damone Williams have completely ignored his legal authority and have dug in their heels threatening to scream ‘racism’ if he does anything at all to remove them and stop their fraud and their theft of donor monies from their cash cow/personal ATM at their Caucus!

No one knows where the money went; only those with subpoena power can unlock which Williams family pocket it all went into—however, there is also a substantial actual cash component that we may never know how much they’ve made off with over four very long years unless their banking records provide some clues.

The Clark County District Attorney, the Nevada Secretary of State, and the Nevada Attorney General all have statutory authority in this matter and all it takes is one out-of-state phone call, email, or donation to engage the FBI to investigate Yvette and Damone Williams’ four years long defrauding and theft of unsuspecting Dem donors in Clark County.

<–All that Dems in party leadership can do is apologize to donors, boot Yvette and Damone Williams from the party, and work with authorities to determine how grave the damage they have done to the party’s integrity truly is, and cooperate with authorities in the quest to put these two con-artist thieves in prison for as long as the law allows!!!

…as well as instilling ironclad protocols so that no one ever again does to the party and its valued donors what Damone and Yvette Williams have done to steal money from people with good intentions—most of very modest means—only to enrich themselves.

They’re truly despicable people and we Dems hang our heads in shame at what Yvette and Damone Williams have done to the Democratic Party here and it’s time to end it once and for all and get them into the prison cells they’ve earned.
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