Ralston’s ‘The Dem Dick Fluff Daily’ Fails!

Posted by Michael Zahara on Jan 27, 2017

<–This is ‘Heather with the Weather’!

Nothing says ‘serious news’ like Bimbo Heather Murren, huh? Hillary’s good friend you’ll recall and after her husband, MGM-Resorts’ Jim Murren, threw his weight around and got the MonoFAIL extended to Mandalay Bay instead of to the airport, and done after he decided to charge for parking and 86d his employees to a contractor instead!

Of course, a big hike in our World’s Lowest Gaming Tax is next, right?


Project Neon ain’t shit, so pipe down back there please!

The Great Wall; very nice if you like walls!  The Pyramids at Giza? Only the laying of a new SWGas pipeline down Durango Drive through the West Valley last year took longer to build than those nifty little Scheme Inspirations in Egypt.   I thought I had heard the government’s Worst-Cursed word pairing when ‘Urban Renewal’ was discovered to have renewed nothing except the contempt and derision felt by everyone all of this ‘renewal’ was supposed to have been helping feel so damned renewed!

But we’ve gotten a new Urban Candidate Renewal Project sure to fail effort.  A Jon Ralston ‘busy work’ Arts & Crafts, non-advertiser supported, none-interested-in-either project to get him out of the house and out of Jessica’s hair, called the woefully misnamed ‘The Nevada Independent’ which should be called ‘The Dem Dick Fluff Daily’ since its sole reason for being seems to be to revamp, rework, redeem, reward, reconstruct, rebuild, and reinvent Delirious, Desperate, Disparate, and Damaged Dems in a post-Barack & Hillary destroying the entire party in their new Trump-era reality!

<–Jon Ralston & Jessica Sferrazza (left) prior to their 2012 Italian/Hillbilly Wedding, these two crazy kids were like two dogs in heat back then, but I thought he whacked Jessica though cuz I haven’t seen her in ages!

Jessica, you looked great, thank you again for not stabbing me when you had the free and clear shot plus a thumbs up from Jesus to do so, and now that you’ve found something to keep your Grandpa Geezer Guy occupied until Heather Murren destroys it all for everyone and has all the staff slaves–including John L Smith–running around in MGM-Resorts logo Burqas and their jobs transferred to yet another contractor with plans to make them pay for parking too–-I’ve got a plan for you:  

Get yourself freshened up and ready for 2018, because both parties are in complete disarray with No Harry to Hate-On and you should be on our statewide ticket during this ‘Italian-American Spring Awakening’ Sheriff Joe Lombardo ushered in for fellow Guidos all over Nevada!

Ms Sferrazza, you are bad-ass and one tough broad and represent the Guido Gal’s Northlands Division here very well.  If Harry Reid weren’t such a complete total fuq and had people who knew ‘how to’ draw a perfectly legal gerrymandered US House District to include just your block in Reno and the rest of it in Clark County, you’d have beaten Nancy Pelosi for Minority Leader and sent Amodei back to playing ‘Howdy Doody’ in summer-stock instead of your having to stock up on Adult Diapers for your Geezer and with all those people standing in line behind you snickering!

My seeing Jessica proclaim the Coming of the Glory of her Lord’s new and cursed project on a non-advertiser supported/or at-all-interested platform was inevitable after his enormous local fuq ups when Jon became a Pimp Pariah locally being Roberta and Hillary’s local double-douche-bag to Progressives far and wide. Many, many, many say it cost him his job with PBS donors who are said to have threatened to pull their donations…and pants down too and no one wants to see Sheldon’s old guy ass again!


Trotting out his daughter Maddy wishing to become his son Jake as St Jon the Hapless was flailing about desperately seeking relevance and validation last year, likely went something like this:

Maddy:  Pop, I wanna get me a dick, you good with that?

Jon: Its normal to feel that way honey cuz you’re growing up!  Look at how well your late sainted mother did finding for herself a Dick with a dick!

Jake:  No you stupid fuqr, I wanna Tranny-out, the whole works, Reassignment and all!  Call Judge T Art Ritchie and make sure his favorite donuts are fresh—let’s bring him a gross of ’em because ewww, he’s so gross—and then tell him we’re coming over to get his approval for my surgery!

Jon:  Oh, that’s just terrific honey, oh, I mean Sonny!  I can save all of my old guy clothes and my Sansabelt ‘Polyester is Forever’ Slacks for you to wear now! Then I can write a truly self-serving, gratuitous, piece exploiting your decision and transitioning and Rachel Maddow, who thinks I’m a dyke, will love me even more for exploiting you, my own daughter/son in a sad desperate effort trying to revitalize my own lower than whale shit career!

<–Few know that Maddow covets Ralston’s beard/goatee toupee, and that he covets all her nasty-ass moles which is how they initially bonded!


Ralston’s exploitative salute to Sarah’s offspring will prove to be the entire basis the US Supreme Court uses and tosses all of Obama and Holder’s Tranny Expansion which because he’s a g*ddamn idiot and spells out within the Jake piece exactly why Transgender within CRA-1964 is completely unnecessary pandering to have ever been included in the Civil Rights Act without anyone else’s input given that HIPAA and workplace laws forbids anyone from even asking about it–and which is also why Obama & Holder went the ‘identifying’ route instead to declare all of this ‘to be valid by their edict’ without asking Congress or the Military how they felt about having this jammed down our throats.

Jon Ralston may not know or even care, but his own writing about Jake is now part of the efforts to overturn Obama and Holder’s extra-constitutional game-playing just like they both did with DACA using and abusing illegal immigrants for his political benefit when he could have passed both Tranny World and DACA when he had majorities in both Houses, but chose to play politics with both groups instead.

What Obama and Holder have done to Trans-gendered and to the DACA’s brought here to steal America’s generosity was despicable and the very worst conduct of both men done via Executive Order both guys knew was illegal from the start.

Jon Ralston is still in complete, absolute, total denial that his Geriatric Journalism was played out years back and that he’s been suffering under an acute case of a Gorman Mafia Curse ever since his flipping off Gangsta Gorman-Girl, Dana Resnik Gentry, his former producer who made him a TV star and cleaned his stinky, nasty, dusty-ass Buffalo Bullshit-self up, wiped the boogers from his beard, helped him sound out those BIG words, cut his caffeine down and then off, slapped him silly cheek-to-cheek like she was General Patton when he whined, and bolted and belted his sorry-ass to his studio seat so that when he got excited and went off the deep end, he wouldn’t bounce right the fuq outta his chair and hit the hot lights and ceiling over the set again!

Jon Ralston is an anti-professional female, paternalistic, chauvinistic, misogynist whose professional-life actions indicate that he doesn’t believe women are good fits in the newsroom, or in politics, and possibly within life in general.  He wouldn’t share his stage or his airwaves with anyone and especially not with an icky girl like Dana Gentry because he’s envious and jealous of her and others who are more talented and worthy than he ever was.

How many of us longed to hear Dana say, ‘Pipe down you little fuqn midget, I’m speaking now bitch!’ in banter between the two of them if only he weren’t such a possessive, jealous little twerp and shared his stage with she who tamed him for television!

That he had to turn to Elizabeth Crum Thompson of the sinking Nevada New Bureau and to Heather Murren to bail his post-NVDEMS Caucus mega-failure out, tells the whole story of a guy who can’t get hired anywhere because of his tantrums and Napoleonic Complex! Oh to be six years old and act like it again!  This new gofundme approach to ‘news’ is as silly as can be and all done to prop up a dinosaur who doesn’t belong on TV, in newspapers, or around any sharp objects.  The Media World changed and now he’s begging for change because he refused to change and is yesterday’s news.

We wait with eager anticipation for his stinging expose’ on MGM-Resorts!  Their first two Urban Candidate Renewal Efforts were Aaron Ford and Jason Frierson and they’re up next right here!


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