From Frierson & Ford: Shame & Embarrassment So Far– Part I

Posted by Michael Zahara on Feb 20, 2017

<—Speaker Jason Frierson’s  high school ID photo from St Pius X HS in Downey, CA which I went to visit during my Shitty Cities Tour of SoCal!  He did grow up in Compton, was the Shortie who washed his hero Dr Dre’s car, and was the guy who was the Secret Producer of N.W.A’s Straight out of Gardena debut LP!  

He’s twice the person I met over ten years ago. Literally!  I liked him then, still do, good manners, quick smile, he thought I was certifiable I’m sure because I remember expressing my deepest sympathy and condolences for his having to work under our very own Legal-Aid Bitch Barbie–and I think she was kind of standing right next to him when I said it too!

He married Abbie, they’ve knocked out a couple of cute kids, she needs to get him on a diet he can live with so he can continue to live because Jason Frierson would put gravy on his Corn Flakes if she’d let him, and cuz Compton ain’t got shit on hypertension and too much salt killing Black-American men in astounding numbers.

I’m quite confident Legal-Aid Bitch Barbie is no fan of mine, I couldn’t give a rat’s ass even if I had one to give regarding anything about her–she was that useless a politician/Speaker/person—when she served as the Worst Nevada Assembly Speaker in Human History before John Oceguara came along to worst her!  I’d been a Perkins fan since he was Speaker and I was very confident Speaker Jason Frierson–our first Speaker named Jason and finally getting that behind us–would exceed all who came after Richard combined.

That was until his 2016 performance as Hillary Clinton’s Ceramic Lawn Jockey while Aaron Ford was trying to remember where in UNLV’s award-losing ‘Driving Miss Hillary’, and him starring as a more bougie Hoke Colburn, he was supposed to ‘make water’!

I’m embarrassed and ashamed for both Jason Frierson and Aaron Ford for different reasons, both of them producing ‘The Protest Vagina Monologues’ is a low-point they both share though!

The political narrative story-telling presented to the public in recent weeks since the election about these two are more opposite then presented because it is Speaker Jason Frierson who is the more affable and truer intellect, smarter, more studious, a more natural a politico who has built stronger Brand for himself since giving up his childhood dream of tending to the late Senator Bill Raggio’s bed pan and banking needs while still a student at UNR hoping to become a doctor or candy-stripper, or maybe it was hooking up with that Reno stripper named ‘Candy’!

Speaker Frierson converting Raggio’s old bed pans earned himself acclaim during the recent Women’s March in Washington cleverly converting Raggio’s old bed pans into stylish Protest Vaginas because nothing shouts I’M OUTRAGED! like a Protest Vagina!

I’m wearing mine right now!

Of course, back in majority status for the 79th session, Speaker Jason Frierson’s top priority is to rid Nevada of our caustic anti-worker, anti-family, At-Will & Right-to-Work laws which ends any path off of minimum wage, destroys company’s investing in their low-wage status personnel, and attracts even more dead-end, exploitative garbage employers to come to Nevada and cash in, right?

Answer:  Well no.

Certainly, now Speaker Jason Frierson, a keen observer and aware student of SoCal history his own family was part of—then helpless as SoCal was continuously flooded with wave after wave of Illegal Immigrants depressing wages, devouring social services, and destroying quality of life issues—when Compton itself, was once an affordable, tight-knit bedroom community during/after WW II which serviced this former example of America’s once industrial might, I’m very confident, Jason Frierson is demanding a muscular, continuous federal Illegal Immigrant Purge here in Nevada to end the super-stresses on our schools, healthcare, and social services these unwelcome foreign-born parasites and their children, brought here to steal American generosity without employer fear of mandatory minimum federal prison time for hiring Illegal Immigrant Labor our Unions mysteriously aren’t demanding—and justified today with straight faces so that the Resorts, Culinary, and Laborers always have an endless supply of enslaved & dues paying marginal/exploited members to keep their own Union Brass’s bloated and outrageous six digit salaries & beneies, which rise annually born on their broken backs regardless of the economic realities-in downturns, their members suffer, but their Brass never does— in the Labor & Business market here, right?

It is fact the larger the labor pool, the lower the wages; with only about 3 million people in the entire state, Illegal Immigration harms our citizens more than bigger states since our legal citizen labor pool is undercut by those willing to hire those who will work for nothing.

Answer:  Umm, well no again.

Certainly Fake Dem Progressive Extremists Jason Frierson and Aaron Ford are channeling their inner-Hay-market History lessons and other Pro-worker, Pro-family past efforts where people died so that others could enjoy workplace protections today, and that’s he’s singularly focused on bringing to Nevada some of the biggest fines and other measures allowed under the US Code to hold unsafe employers civilly and criminally liable for workers injured or killed on the job site in Nevada, enhanced with fail-safe new state law guaranteed measures to ensure the federal end is strictly enforced.

Answer:  Nope, I haven’t heard jack-shit about anything like this necessary addition to the NRS, have you guys?

Certainly, Jason Frierson didn’t encourage naive, gullible, greener than shit, freshman Assemblyman William McCurdy II to champion a $15 per hour proposal the Resorts all hate and which could result in Gaming Inc here never again acknowledging he even exists, so as to remove a brash, younger, very popular newcomer who seriously threatens Frierson’s very precarious and shaky perch in SoNev Black-American politics, right?

Answer:  Oh fuq no! Jason, as a Dem Plantation Supervisor is all for William!

<—Yep, this is the infamous Bill McCurdy Election Truck–called a straight truck in industry parlance–now Sheriff Joe Lombardo paid to William’s Pop Bill, $20,000 to drive this truck with Lombardo’s livery on it, all over the county to secure Joe’s winning despite it being being pulled over and ticketed too and providing big laughs to Captain Burns’ campaign, and which like his 2014 outdoor signs media, had a photo of Uncle Joe snapped 20 years earlier!

Both Bill and son Young William are brother and nephew I think, of my old LVMPD favorite, now retired Assistant Sheriff Greg ‘The Bag Man’ McCurdy, who along with his current old lady Susana, never knew I once lived just a few blocks over from them while I also knew they were taking us for about $450,000 each year in combined salary and benefits from Metro and that was still not enuf for them, so they had an unlicensed and unregistered Travel side biz they never told IAB about either that I’d bet just about anything that a current LVMPD Deputy Chief boasting about his spending $20,000 on a 2017 luxury cruise for the family, used them to book it too!

While the son shouldn’t pay for the sins of the father (and/or Uncle), young William McCurdy II hails from one of the most civicly corrupted families this state has ever produced and Auntie Susana is still at Metro getting all she can get for herself still today but she will be fired by the next sheriff!

Old Pops McCurdy is probably literally salivating at the candidates he can put the BIG squeeze on for a BIG cut of the action under his inexperienced, naive, Uncle Tom, never-did-a-damned-thing for the Party son, as NVDEMS’ Chair.

Did theses racist and bigoted NVDEMS’ party people created by Harry Reid actually think no one would notice that they’ve set up newcomer McCurdy II who has never done any Back Office party building work and would become the youngest, most inexperienced State Chair in Party history to become the fall-guy instead of Harry Reid Inc, who is leaving the smoldering embers of a skeletal fake party apparatus 100% dependent on Voter Registration Drives of the most marginal voters every two years to win elections?  Has Harry Reid already engineered the hiring of the party’s new Executive Director instead of William and his new Board?  Did Catherine Cortez Masto actually lend her endorsement so that Young William takes the fall and gets all of the blame while he and AD 06 gets nothing in return so she gets to pretend she had nothing to do with it?

<—Look at her lipstick and what a shitty job she did putting it on again!  I think she may have a clot or something denying to her brain the oxygen it so clearly is in need of lately as she’s gone so very far to her Left. She’s facing potential disbarment for her recent comments about illegal immigrants seeing she was a former AUSA in Nevada and lied under oath accepting that assignment.

Catherine has accepted the role of ‘Harry Reid II with two X chromosomes’ in order that Harry can keep his hyper-corrupted iron-fisted grip on NVDEMS until he dies.  

That Dina Titus is just sitting there like a lump of shit as our senior elected Democrat not saying a word yet, calls into question whether or not she even cares anymore, or is just phoning it in these days!

Arguably, but getting my vote, Harry Reid did more to hurt and harm Dina Titus than any other Democrat in the state over his 30+ years of terror. I’m sure all who are Team Titus will remember that fact when they vote for State Chair March 4th.

NVDEMS has never had a Black-American State Party Chair or Executive Director, Young William can’t even look at an SCC listing which has members’ ethnic/racial background to assess the hard numbers of the very few SCC Black-Americans on it who would be assumed to be his base and only SCC members there for the Party Officer elections March 4th may cast votes, there is no proxy voting.

<—Go ahead, you tell to me what it is that Harry Reid and Catherine Cortez Masto are doing to this once promising and just newly elected Dem young man after neither one had ever thought for a second about engaging any Black-American about anything ever before in this state!

He’s happy Massa Harry even knows his name and will proudly Uncle Tom himself like a Fremont Street whore and accept having no power at all as Chair while Zach Zaragosa makes all the decisions he won’t be a part of!

It would have been helpful had Zach not written both Catherine and William’s copy and just changed the names, him thinking the SCC is that stupid!

Madame Senator, you are a bitch for having any part in doing this to Young William and I am disgusted with you and suggest you’re going to need a whole helluva lot of time in the Confessional at our parish for being so g*ddamn cynical and such a Harry Reid-owned tool fool playing to McCurdy’s ego, his vanity, and to his ambitionwhen you know that win or lose he’s going to crash very hard!

I hang my head in shame for championing your rise whenever and wherever I could though you’d lost my vote this past cycle, and you’ve not asserted as highest ranking Dem showing to the entire nation with your endorsement of William, that you are not at all your own woman and that Harry Reid is still your Master!

Aaron Ford and Jason Frierson know full well what’s being done to Assemblyman William McCurdy II by Catherine and Harry today, and certainly Harvey Munford and Moose Arberry do too because that’s the goal here of both men:  To take as much as they can get their hands on like their hero ‘Moose’, to not ever sit in prison which Moose should be doing today but is not, and not to ever be an honest and honorable guy like Harvey Munford seeing as what that got for him in the end!

Stepin Fetchit’s legacy is Aaron Ford and Jason Frierson in Nevada!

This is why Aaron and Jason have been so annoying and obnoxious these past months; in Black-American Democratic Party Politics various versions of this party infighting is about jockeying to be known, thought as, or perceived as the Top Ranking Black-American politician within a confined and defined area of importance to local, state and DNC Party goals and interests.  Steven Horsford proved to be dull, lifeless, vacant a functioning brain and became a bitter disappointment to Harry Reid Inc losing his NVCD04 seat and cast as far away from NVDEMS as they could get him and that’s what Ford and Frierson are fighting over now:  Which one can become the biggest Uncle Tom, Stepin fetchit, Black-faced toadie for Harry Reid!

But there’s the rub, it was former NVDEMS Executive Director Zach Zaragosa, the most incompetent boob and buffoon the Party (meaning Harry Reid) had ever hired who is solely responsible for the horrific 2014 bloodbath Dems suffered up and down the ballot. Zaragosa should have been fired for his 2014 abysmal failure but was not and Catherine Cortez Masto actually had the gall to hire Zaragosa for her Senate office to continue the Harry Reid Inc toxic poison upon us all! 

Jason Frierson deservedly lost his seat in 2014 thanks to Zaragosa’s gross incompetence, Irene Bustamonte-Adams should be the Speaker today, but Frierson sold his very soul to Harry Reid Inc to become Speaker, he had no problem at all rolling right over Irene and Teresa for the Speakership when he logged in 2016, the lowest vote totals of his entire caucus!

It was Zaragosa who orchestrated the 11th hour candidacy for State Party Chair of William McCurdy II so that Harry Reid can continue to control everything from hiring a new Executive Director to NVDEMS’ very lucrative pinstripe patronage contracts.  McCurdy has agreed to be the impotent Chair in name only because he thinks teaching his kids how low he will go as a Black man is important!


Though not yet Speaker, but acting then like he was King during October’s Special Session, the now Speaker said and did nothing as one of our state’s most obnoxious pieces of shit, Tom White of Laborer’s 872 here in town, long gorging on his union’s worker provided to him feast, pulled then candidate, now Assemblyman Ozzie Fumo’s union walkers for his daring to cross him on Sheldon’s now former Dream Scheme Dome.  The little fuqr made sure it got into the R-J what he had done to Fumo in a Truly Special Double-Teaming by union-White and anti union- Adelson against Fumo!  It was equally outrageous that neither Frierson nor Ford said or did a damn thing to stand-up and with their candidate against this sleazy union’s very public bullying and strong-arming of a highly regarded local defense attorney we’ve been trying for years to get to run for public office and since they’re both such strong anti-bullying advocates who have never explained to anyone why the schools, and now their own NVDEMS, has an ‘anti-bullying’ diatribe demand on its homepage!

<—We’ll delight seeing his tantrum when the Raiders get shot down by the owners and the stadium collapses right on him!  This is Tom White head of Laborers 872 who pays himself so well and dispatches hard-luck, living in his car stories about Californians imported by him to take Nevada jobs and just about making Aaron Ford cry too!

Aaron, you clueless bougie boy, you might want to consult someone before using one of Tom’s horseshit set-ups in your RJ quotes.

With that weak and impotent ‘Jason’s silence is his acceptance’ bullshit move, telegraphing to all that anyone can pull horseshit, low-rent public moves like that, and this current Speaker is gonna be just fine with his members getting publicly fuqd in the ass by assholes and Special Interests seeking favorable to them legislation.  He should have from his own account sent back to White whatever dollar amount 872 donated to Fumo, along with whatever they gave to him too, and done this donation return very publicly too, because since he did nothing and said nothing to stand with a then potential new member they wanted in their caucus, Jason Frierson looks and sounds and actually is weakened by his accepting the role of Speaker Patsy Pussyfarts!

Jason, you were the Speaker-designate; this was your candidate recruit and you let him twist in the wind and be publicly bitch-slapped, and by that asshole White?  Can you even imagine today the Mental Meltdown Magma Legal-Aid Barbie would have been spewing had someone pulled that kind of bullshit on her favored subordinate members?  

You stood there with your hands in your pockets playing pocket pool with your testicles again Speaker Frierson.

Assemblyman Fumo, I regret that no one in party leadership, legislative leadership, or even some random person was there to assist you because you did nothing wrong and Tom is an asshole, but as you also learned, so is your Speaker!

I wish I could say that either man was a traditional Liberal Democrat, but I’ve only seen these two Men of Color fully embracing Relativism and the ugliness of Progressive Extremism which in his mind, green-lighted Jason Frierson’s outrageous, paternalistic, chauvinistic, very public slap-down demotion of Assemblywoman Dina Neal–a Woman of Color and daughter of a Dem legend here–for her daring to vote against the very worst pubic financing stadium deal in American history, and cast it after her very best impassioned performance of an elected Democrat in Nevada we’d seen here in more than a decade!

What came out of her on the floor during the disastrous Special Session last October, was a bravura speech and the very best performance of any Democrat in either the Nevada Assembly or Senate, and I remain inspired by Dina Neal that there’s hope to recover and restore what it once was which made Democrats, Democrats, and not their current Progressive Extremist incarnation with which Obama delivered four election cycle blood baths in a row and decimated the entire party.

<—Ms Neal, you are the new leader of NVDEMS’ Black-American Wingnot Jason or Aaron—and your Pops must be beaming with pride; I know I am. 

You have the intellect and ability to control everything up there if you assemble a Reform Faction which will follow your lead. How to do that?  More on that soon, but you do have an older dude in your family who can advise you too!

The Nevada Colored Boys are perfecting their Minstrel Show antics rather than leading and that vacuum their incompetence created is yours to step into.

Part II:  Over to the Nevada Senate Sing-a-Long: Aaron & Berna Ford went all out selling out trying to get her a free seat on our 8th District Court bench last fall, but why are they even in Nevadastan when Texas-stan is the epicenter of the US economy and has been for years.  Their Political Dick Fluffing Efforts to date may have over-fluffed their fluffer-nutters!


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Michael Zahara

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