From Frierson & Ford: Shame & Embarrassment So Far– Part II

Posted by Michael Zahara on Feb 28, 2017

My disgust, disappointment, and severe dysentery over last October’s Very Special Sheldon Stadium Session and Aaron & Berna Rhodes Ford’s maneuvering to get her the appointment to fill the Judge Susan Scann vacancy in District Court–today. she’s lining herself up to also not get retired Judge David Barker’s former seat—was ballsy of them both–but its old girl who’s really got a HUGE set of ‘nads on her which did surprise me because according to the recent companion/spouse Dick Fluffing efforts done on Mrs Ford’s behalf—she needed much more length and substantially more girth much like her…—we were told in this Tall Tale PR Tidal Wave that she’s a Devout Christian‘, but of course she is!

However, we’ve confirmed with our friend Jesus of Nazareth that shouting, ‘Oh Lawd!’, and, ‘My Sweet Jesus, oh yes, baby, Yes!’, and ‘Gawd, Oh my Gawd! Ohhh my, my, my I’m caught up in the Rapture of Love!’ on cue, and done within the confines of the marital bed or atop the unbalanced load spinning within the marital washing machine, are not declarations of religious piety!   True ‘Christians’ don’t go around declaring how ‘devout’ they are like Berna did through the half-assed, half-baked, threadbare PR Press-assisted efforts being done for the Fords today.

<–I mean seriously, who the fuq poses for pix like this and then let’s them be published so that we’ll all know how tight she and Jesus are?  

Their Victory Missionary Baptist Church narrative is a nice touch too ’cause I know Pastor Dr Robert Fowler and if anyone can chase the Devil residing within this Ford pairing, its him!   

However, Victory being on the West Side and almost 800 miles from their south central valley home and having all sorts of Black people around there, made the always bougie and pretentious Aaron & Berna Ford remember that they too can be mistaken for being Black, even by their own kids!

You know, the Ford’s did live in Henderson before accidentally moving into a more ‘electable’ district after Aaron was caught losing to a Hardy Boy and there’s plenty of good, God-fearing Baptist Congregations down COH way too, so with all of this Brand Building the Ford’s apparently just embarked on one day, how Victory became the place for the Ford Family to worship over all the others in the County, certainly wasn’t just another constructed contrived narrative of this Aaron & Berna Telenovela Nutella they’re building with boogers and balsa wood for us again, right?

At least they didn’t choose nearby 2nd Baptist Church where one of its former Pastors and his old lady got themselves indicted and convicted a dozen years back and the old man gets home confinement but his old lady takes a two-year prison hit and who’s just standing there smiling—hands in pockets with his testicles even back then!—knowing he he did such a good job, was our now Speaker Jason ‘Judas’ Frierson, scoring his first political/church kill for the US Attorney here and who just happened to be our 16 years too long on the job current US Attorney Daniel Bogden.

Mr President, we’re waiting for a new USA here sir!  When can we expect Senator Heller to send you a name?

Victory Missionary’s Good Pastor Dr Fowler happens to be our valley’s#1 go-to guy–right after our Ouija, of course–when we all need forgiveness, Jesus around town more often, a stern lecture, a warm hug and embrace, or a friendly reminder that no, he’s not putting in Slots to increase attendance!  Both churches and several more within Las Vegas’ Black Bible Belt once played a more prominent role within Democratic Party Black-American Plantation Politics in SoNev,

That’s what Aaron & Jason are trying to tap into and exploit for their own benefit today!  However the local Political Preacher Paradigm has noticeably shifted away from the West side out to Westcliff Drive and then towards Lone Mountain Road.


Who on earth pushing up on their 50 year old marks, embarks on a Political PR Remake Whirlwind Tour the Fords are currently entertaining us with and which could only produce their own mothers who thankfully were both able to say something nice about their off-spring…this time?  Sorry ladies, I’m having the giggles something bad over this fact for weeks now and it has nothing to do with either of you women who are wonderful, but rather your knuckle-headed children who ran away from Texas-stan and ended up here for some reason—-and that reason would be the ease of getting elected by a brain-dead citizenry and a tiny handful of LDS citizens who are afraid of Black-American people here.

<—Off-the-rack, worn for weeks, slept in, and returned by the homeless guy who wore it and pooped in it just a little bit, and also with a new bow tie by ‘Farrakhan Designs’ Nigga Necks Next: Jew Hatin’ Jubilee & BowTies LLC’ $69.99 at JC Penney Big & Bougie Shop for Men—Aaron Ford wanted to make sure you all knew that!  

He also wanted to make sure that you all know that he sent his kid to a snooty, snobby, Eastern Boarding School because its a scholarship, dammit, and that there will be no ESA’s for you (read:  lazy, shiftless, dark-skinned, dusty, rusty, nappy, crappy, unhappy bitches) in Nevada who can’t afford private schooling though.  

Sorry bitches, better get for yourselves some scholarships, spend most of your adult lives in school like our SML, or find some Sugar daddies, or way better families then…or your stuck with our shitty schools product in Nevada!

<—You call those two a bust line? That outer-covering ‘Shroud of Blurrin’, a dress?

Where is Seamstress and Scheme-stress to Dem Dish Pan Hands Also Ran Deplorables, Derek Washington?  Derek, once told me that ‘I dressed like a bag-lady, but only sometimes!‘, which was the kick I needed to go All Bag-Lady Gonzo and really commit to it!

On his very worst day, he’d at least have placed some plates and silverware on that tablecloth she’s wearing and yes, I have seen that damned Blue Dress too and because she’s so ‘devout’ and all, I’ll  be charitable and speculate that there was a half-price sale on Blue Bunting after the election maybe?

I could walk to the copier right now, take a few sheets of 81/2 x 11 paper, then Scotch-Tape ’em together nicely, and doing that would create a frock more flattering to those Deflated Twins on her chest and bring those once nationally prominent child-bearin’, man lovin’ hips, back on National Tour right now!

Oh Jesus Christ will you just look at those sad-ass south-slidin’ Titties? Those Ford Boys just sucked the damn life right outta those badbut I really mean sad— puppies!  

<–She has weened all those little fuqrs including their rarely seen Gangsta-son Dweezel Ford (left), right?

…’member how perky and stylish and how many inches/feet higher those Texas Titties used to be way, way back in the day?

Berna, (pic above Dweezil’s & wearing table linens & a tiara) crowned ‘Miss Sorority Sister Soulja’ or something, I guess.  


It’s all been a Grand Theatrical Production from the two of them since arriving on the scene here! This entire Production by Aaron, Berna, Jason, Abbie, Pat, and Kelvin as the Beeve, and co-starring a cast of thousands of Illegals Immigrants is just so bad, first, and then doing ‘bad’, very badly on top of that coincidentally!

I’ve analyzed and then triple-checked on that which Senator & Mrs Ford have publicly stated, offered up in Political Public Deception Design, what they’ve Waved-off and Folded politically on or about, over there past four years.  Almost nothing they’ve put out there is quite the whole, complete, or entirely true story.

Like almost every other Dem in political leadership in America, private schooling is only OK for their kids, but if you can’t swing tuition, Aaron tells you that he’s always supported for you who aren’t of his ‘Black Privileged‘ status, school choice, but only from the Public Schools Menu, and that he deserves the private school option with all those degrees he reportedly has, and that you don’t deserve the same choices Aaron has, so of course Aaron Ford is the Dems’ anti-ESA leader and spokesperson and there’s Senator Michael Roberson beating Aaron every time they engage on anything for all of the time both have been in office!

Aaron wishes to begin Spanish Speaking Charter Schools here and Berna demands to be appointed to the bench instead of running for anything ever, to continue to pay the bills as the family’s dependable bread-winner.

Roberson (seen here starring for the Legislative Players Troop as ‘Tevye’ in ‘Fiddler on the Roof!’) hasn’t even brought up this duplicity about the Fords and their boys even though the boys are fair game and in-play because Aaron and Berna use their children as the political props they are to both parents,but they wanted us to know for sure that they did have ‘the talk’ with them about “My kids don’t sag their pants. My kids don’t wear cornrows … because I won’t let them in fear of the fact they’re going to be profiled in a sense,” Ford said to the R-J and playing to what he thinks Euro-White people want to hear, though most of us find such political bilge patronizing, condescending, offensive, divisive, racially-biased and prejudiced lecturing since that’s what it is.

Aaron, you little bougie buttercup, each and every cop throughout our entire galaxy would Profile you and your family as: Dr Steve & Mrs Laura Urkel and Sons!

I’m wondering how long before we find Texas-stan pix with everybody in wife-beaters, dreads, braids, acrylic nails, jail flip-flops, hair extensions and prison tats and BBQing in a sawed-in-half 55 gallon drum in the front yard?

You see readers, Aaron Ford’s ‘Black Privilege’ is that he believes that he is superior because he is a lighter-skinned, red-bone ‘scholar’ and the most important, gifted, entitled, deserving there is to own NVDEMS’ Black-American Wing!  Without question, ‘Lighter is closer to Whiter’ than a dark-skinned, shorter, plumper, ghetto-rat in Jason Frierson who can’t be trusted to not become Morse ‘Moose’ Arberry II  first and before Aaron does since he’s so dark-skinned, short, stubby, and undeserving!

When you boil it all down and condense it, this embarrassingly racist, sexist, and bigoted back-and-forth between Aaron & Jason is one giant pissing contest for who is Top Dog/Top Nigga among Black-Americans to terrify that remaining tiny contingent of Nevada LDS Leaders who are still afraid of Black people for some reason!

Please stop fearing folks who have more melanin than you do.  It’s not contagious you idiots!

<—Imna call Berna’s Moms later and ask why there are no pix of her baby girl in her wedding gown and ask if that dress too, was too ‘tablecloth?  

Then Miss Ford is getting a surprise call from me too, cuz I want to hear from her own mouth that she christened him ‘A-Ron’ as he calls himself, or was she going for the more traditional Old Testament/Hebrew/Slave name pronunciation?

If you’re going to Reinvent or Rehab yourself in politics we’ll have none of this nibbling around the edges bullshit as is being done with ‘The Dick Fluffing Senator Aaron Ford Project’, he who has told various versions of his life story, his political bio, and what he’d like his narrative to be for public consumption.  After his trembling, weak, shaking like virgin-at-a-prison picnic performance during the Very Special Sheldon Session where Aaron Ford showed to us no ability, no acumen, no political strategy, no skill-set, no wisdom, no taxpayer champion within, and no savvy  or smarts at all and sustainable winds strong enough to get those Red Flags about Senator Aaron Ford to unfurl and to flap &  fly. He began the 79th session getting all ghetto and ignorant shocking everyone on the first day 2/6/2017 which is normally for families, friends and Press; that’s how much Senator Michael Roberson has gotten into Aaron Ford’s empty bubble-headed head!

He had the audacity to state that if (when) his stadium fiasco dies a much deserved death, he’s going ahead with spending $400 million of the room tax raise to instead fund ‘infrastructure’.  Oh sure, Aaron’s going to make sure there are Tranny Hiring Quotas going forward too, this despite his crowing about his pet-project Community Benefits Agreement the stupid fuqr has no signed contract on today and neglecting to inform that Gays and Lesbians have never needed jobs preference hiring efforts here either!

Gifted lawyer?  Pffft!  Scholar?  Pffft!  Skilled Negotiator?  Pffft!  Taxpayer Champion? Pffft!  18,000 jobs?  Pffft! It’s all bullshit folks!

Berna calling all the shots? Oh hell yes!  Aaron pussy-whipped?  Damn straight!

Majority Leader Aaron Ford is no ‘leader’, he’s a follower and a ‘political pleaser’ there to shake that very last drop of piss from your dick at the urinal.  He’s been ‘Politically Play-Acting’; he playing to political-type assuming the role of ‘the Black guy in a White world’ is how he’s been doing this posing and play-acting all along, and if he hadn’t pulled his bullshit so soon trying to get his old lady comped into Scann’s judicial seat this past fall,  I’ll candidly admit, I wouldn’t have taken a second and much closer look this soon!   In his affected, crafted & created, cartoon-character political personality, Aaron speaks very much like the Director/Undertaker of the Community Funeral Parlor; slight tilt then shaking in agreement of his head, oozing oodles  & oodles of empathy and understanding of all thingsexcept: Economics, Principles of Business, Accounting 101, Law, Hooked on Phonics, Common Sense….

Local lawyers who hate on Aaron’s fake-ass, incessant play-acting pointed all that out to me.  That he is Black Aaron’ around Black people, and Lighter/Whiter Aaron around White folks and Asians—and as Bougie Beige as can he can be speaking Spanish, isn’t anything new in Black-American Dem politics. Black-American politicians on the lower rungs of value have always done this; one would be hard-pressed to be any more Beige than Senator Aaron Ford is–we’ll no longer be indulging the pretentious ‘Dr’ title because that too is a Dick Fluff as he’s an ordinary Academic; nothing special at all, nothing worth publishing came out of him. His advanced degree is in Education Administration, though the impression he leaves calling himself ‘Dr Ford’ is that his PhD is associated with his JD law credential when he’s just a JD and the legal profession loathes the moniker ‘Dr’ as pretentious even when one does possess a better than JD PhD in law which Aaron Ford does not.  

His current firm may wish to revisit this Dick Fluffery their Black-American ‘partner’ is using to enhance his credential.  It’s cheap, it’s sleazy, and its unethical.


We’re Stuck with this Schmuck Aaron Ford until the Dems realize they’ve chosen a dumb-ass Aaron ‘Steve Urkel’ Ford complete with thousands of juvenile Shakey’s Pizza/Nation of Islam/Barbershop Quartet bow-ties to show to us his non-conformist bad-ass self…and he got himself so worked up over us knowing and liking Jason Frierson long before Aaron and his old lady blew into town, so that on the eve of the 79th Session, he wore his very first normal, adult man’s straight (clip-on) tie like the rest of us grown-ups wear and which didn’t help—he still has no idea what he’s doing, Senator Aaron Ford’s as Dumb as a Donut, and he can’t formulate ideas or public policy.

It’s no wonder to me General Wesley Clark flamed out seeking to become our president after assessing the ‘bookish’ now Nevada Senate Majority Leader. Everything since Senator Mo Denis cut and run on us and earning my giving him a dirty look right now, is all regurgitated Dem Talking Points. Everything!   Yes, its that bad folks!

Gee, thanks Mo; expect your ears to get bent when we next run into each other!

I’m confident you’ve all read Ford’s Splendor in Cliche: ‘The Nevada Blueprint’! I  had thought it was written in maybe Esperanto, or maybe it was Russian or perhaps Gibberish..that was until the waitress brought me a fresh set of crayons with my IHOP breakfast coffee with a side of Captain Crunch–very dry–as a chaser.  Turns out a fifth-grader named Erin Ford penned it…and in crayon too!

I’m no lawyer and thankfully I’m also no ‘Dr’ Ford, but I know that in five minutes, I would have him crying and begging for his Moms and his Xbox in College Station Texas-stan, just over his Minimum Wage SEIU, DNC snot-rag drivel.  This laughable ‘blueprint’ from that fifth-grader, seems to me to be more the ‘how-to’ practice MS PowerPoint run you get when you purchase Microsoft Office Suite! Truly awful and embarrassingly so too!

<—In a super competitive, super-talented Texas Legal World Market and no partnerships to become the Token Black Partner were forthcoming in Texas, so we got stuck with him here in Nevada.

He’s got no connection to any Nevada college or university program either though he claims five degrees.  I’m told his kid never considered our new Medical School and the others have no desire to go to college here either, so why are we listening to this guy about anything?

He’s an out-of-state poseur and Texas interloper who feels entirely comfortable living by a different set of rules than he’d like to impose onto the rest of us!  We’ve had his type blow into town many,many times before and he’s long since overstayed his visit here, don’t you think?

How on Earth did this guy become the Democrats’ Senate Majority Leader in such short and record time?

Said Harry Reid Inc, ‘We like him because he’s not one of those scary Negro fellas and our family is just plain terrified of those guys, plus, you know, he’s so ‘articulate’ too!’   

Think I’m kidding?  For all the finger-wagging, diversity lecturing, condescension which is Harry Reid’s do-as-I-say politics, NVDEMS has never had a Black-American Executive Director, very few paid headquarters personnel and none long-term, and will elect March 4th its first Uncle Tom ‘Yassir, Yassir Boss’ Black -American State Party Chair with a young, 100% inexperienced, newly elected to the Assembly Dem, who has agreed to be the Stooge and Stoolie Moolie prop for TV and let all the decisions to be made by a supposedly retired Harry Reid who won’t let-go and wishes to continue to control everything, not the least of which is the very lucrative multi-million dollar Party pin-stripe patronage contracts!!


By his thoughtless, clumsy rhetoric when they first began his contrived political life here instead of his native Dallas Texas, his mother was made out by him to be some sort of Reagan years ‘Welfare Queen’ complete with a water boiling narrative because she just couldn’t pay the natural gas bill in a state where gas is cheaper than a side of fries at his first job and compared to what we paid here at that time.  Though her first marriage fell apart and she remarried, Aaron Ford’s life was not at all absent of those who loved and cared for he and his brothers; they may have longed for and wanted some of the finer things then and which produced for today the Crass Conspicuous Consumption Senator Ford is absolutely obsessed with still today as his territorial markings and declaration to all of his statusin his own mind.  

<—I can’t believe my own brain is requiring me to key this very sad fact: Maggie Carlton really is the smartest Dem in Carson City!  Jesus Christ, we are fuqd!


Somehow relaying to me through his Psychic Friends Network gal-pal Dionne Warwick, was who I have long suspected was smarter and brighter than all the muthafuckas in our Cirque du Bougie Black Vegas combined, one Sherwood Howard, who telepathically told me that, I tried to fuq the stupid outta him, I really did, but there’s just too much g*ddamn stupid and I gotta go to work too ‘ya know!’

<—Yes, it’s apparently true! After embarrassing himself, his family, his neighbors, all of humanity, a District Court judge, complete strangers on the street, and even that crazy bitch at the bus stop, Kelvin Atkinson and Sherwood Howard (left) are already divorcing and the wrong man is still Majority Leader of the Nevada Senate because we failed to do any due diligence on Aaron and Berna Ford!

I don’t know about you, but I want my fuqn Cuisinart gift back even though I gave the boys the gift I always give:  Corn-on-the-cob holders!

Just over two years and they’re kaput?  That’s it?   Wtf?  Was this all Performance Art Politics to get gay marriage passed?


<—Trumps hair is troubling but not this guy’s hair?

Aaron Ford’s leadership team has him and two Black-Americans and a tired old Euro-White woman as Co-Majority Leader along with Spearman, Joyce Woodhouse, who turned 119 last year and was brought on-board for a bit of anti-color and because she can and does pass as a Tranny, and a Finance Chair Tranny too!  Then bougie, gay, stupid, and clueless Kelvin Atkinson as Ford’s #2 as Assistant Majority Leader and done deliberately to make Aaron Ford look like a g*ddamn genius compared to Kelvin the Kluster Fuq!

That was no accident at all, Kelvin does make Aaron not look and sound like he’s Kelvin! 

Leader Ford very thoughtfully sat Kelvin as Potty-Chair with Pat Spearman on the Commerce, Labor & Energy Committee so Spearman could help him not touch his genitals as much this session too!  

In a state which is 8% Black-American in population, Aaron Ford’s Senate Big Four is 75% Black-American!

Thankfully, I’m no ‘Dr Ford’, and apparently the WIKI folks are confused too because he’s actually gotten their Infamous Disclaimer from them atop his page:

‘….This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. (Learn how and when to remove these template messages)<—Dumb-asses at Aaron Ford Image Rehab fuqd up on those damn details leaving this for the whole world to read on WIKI!

A major contributor to this article appears to have a close connection with its subject. (June 2016)
This biographical article is written like a résumé. (June 2016)
This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. (June 2016)…’

When WIKI yells at you and you leave their lecturing up for all to read, tells to all that though someone is trying to rehab & refurbish your funky narrative, they’re doing a really half-assed job of it!

He holds the title of Token Partner at his firm but he does Product Liability which to some is a half-step higher than Ambulance Chaser, Divorce, or Traffic Ticket attorney!  He’s not only the firm’s only Black ‘partner’, but likely its only Black employee and may be he only Black person who ever came in there; so much for the ‘diversity’ Aaron finger-wagging lectures and demands of others about at every opportunity, but ‘White as a Blizzard’ at work is just fine for him–he stands out more!  Their Senior Partner has a seat on NVDEMS’ SCC which is unusual for a firm thinking itself among the Top Tier here and they also put up GOP partner Artemus Hamm for AD 05 but he lost, though he has a rich, deep, legal background and his family’s community efforts span decades, not days like the Fords.

<—I don’t know that I’d ever seen such an insecure, vane, narcissistic. political man poseur and playa, so photo addictedposed, candid, media super over-indulged–Google Images has tons of ‘Aaron Ford in Pictorial Study’ of his every emotion and reaction…in addition to his own uploads of those same types of pix!  

Go ahead, open his Google Images and then split the screen and bring up your own fellow Assembly and Senate members—rather audacious isn’t it?  It’s like he’s got his own Ansel Adams/Cecil B DeMille-like production team with him at all times propping up his legislative incompetence, his lack of political skill, and his posing as a politico!

When you attempt to use the Media to Fluff your Dicks like Aaron and Berna Ford are attempting this past year or so, you’re gonna be Busted for your Bullshit.

I just happened to be tuning in last summer to his FB Fake-Ass Media Programming and he was telling us how sad he was that his Grandma passed away and he was headed to Dallas to bury her, but not with sons Huey, Dewey, & Louie in tow?  Great-Grandma dies and the kids were too busy to attend her funeral?  Not sure which Paint-by-Numbers tableau he was trying to BS us with there, but while in Dallas he meets up with his brothers and they go to City Hall and interject themselves into the Black Lives Matters blessed murders of their 5 police officers last summer! Obama reluctantly misses a few rounds of golf and goes to Texas too–but Aaron is implying that he is some sort of confidant to the former president when he is not and that his presence in Dallas is somehow helping it heal from the murder and mayhem Aaron and Berna are blessing with their unconditional support of Black Lives Matters killing our officers to Black-Americans here in Vegas and back in Texas via his Facebook posts.

Our precious little petunia, the ‘devout Christian’, Berna Rhodes Ford, is running her mouth on his FB about how she ‘fears for her boys and their getting killed by Metro’!!!….and those were my, I’m gonna fuqn puke Trigger Words last summer with Aaron and I jumped in via Messenger back and forth with him because Aaron Ford had used his own kid to fan the flames of our Black Lives Matter bigoted and seeded ignorance and testify, “I feel that I shouldn’t be scared to walk home from my neighbor’s house after it gets dark,” said young Aaron II in the RJ in 2015.  

How that effort was born and what Aaron & Kelvin first attempted wasn’t what the RJ reported and it took our skilled Lobbyists to bail both incredibly incompetent poseur politicians out with a total rework of the bill you heard/read nothing about!

I kept my cool with him reminding him last July that Aaron and Berna Ford were nowhere to be found as I was writing about Metro collapsing under the previous sheriff, about how we once unloaded 600 rounds into a perp and my asking rhetorically, ‘How dead did you guys want this guy?’ to great laughs when I used it publicly, and having to finish the line I never intended to be a punchline, reminding that our laughter was caused by our then HUGE disconnect as a community with our own police department.  My public outrage dates back to Suave Lopez and continued through Trevon Cole, Eric Scott, and Stanley Gibson.  

Aaron and Berna Ford, Jason Frierson, and both their entire Democratic Caucuses then and still today, were nowhere to be found and they said and they did nothing at all!  

You, young Mr Ford, need to know that today.  Absolutely nothing!

Aaron II known as ‘Deuce’, I wanted you especially to know that your parents were nowhere to be found when Metro was disintegrating young sir!  I believe that although your Pops used you as a political prop, that you were willing, and that your concerns were/are genuine too.  I also believe he didn’t bother to tell you why people like myself and America’s police officers in the high 90 percentile believe Black Lives Matter to be the Hate Group that it is.  Do you even know young sir that USDOJ came in and asserted here because ‘leaders’ like your folks and all the others, refused to do so?

I wish you had been with your folks when they finally met your neighborhood’s Area Command Captain Roxanne McDaris after 16 on-off years of being here and encourage you to go ahead and call her and tell her you’d like to stop by say ‘hello’, 702-828-2843.  She is one of the most accessible and most competent Commanders in the Department and you’ll like her and you’ll appreciate her candor.  If she’s busy, I promise she will return your phone call young sir.

Your Dad told me he’s got all sorts of Cop friends and that surprised me given the both sides of their mouths your folks were talking out of last summer; I don’t believe you can have that toxic and that strident an opinion of police officers as your mother and father have, and then call any Cop your ‘friend’.

Son, the next time your old man wants to trot you out for his political gain, you need to be better prepared to run a number of questions his way, first!  

Call or email me anytime and I’ll assist you in anyway that I can!


Aaron Ford, first elected to the NV Senate in 2012 and by lunchtime, he was already Minority Leader and with the Dem take-back this past November he’s now our Senate Majority Leader.  What we do know from the Ford’s Pick and Choose, Create and Construct respective bio bullshitting, is that it is not correct to call Aaron ‘a single-father struggling’. His mother even if she had Gone Postal there, she couldn’t even be fired for setting people on fire at the USPS and I wonder why he didn’t characterize himself as ‘a ‘Professional Student’ comfortable letting his old lady pay the bills while he studied or played XBox all afternoon’.

If he was struggling after he got a partial scholarship to Texas A&M, it was self-inflicted because of the pussy he wanted but was too Urkel to get, or that basketball, Game-boy, &  Xbox, were more important.

He never showed a smidgen of legal acumen or intellect during the Special Session and none this current session and he is just embarrassing himself and all of Texas-stan in the 79th session and that could be why this Dick Fluffing of Aaron Ford was deemed so urgently necessary!

The other day, Aaron’s media-hogging again against President Trump about state & voter approved Weed and Trump wishing to crack-down which is his prerogative because Dope is a Washington matter under the Commerce Clause and other federal assertions over Federalism.  Nowhere does Senator Aaron Ford state that President Obama had ordered his DEA to not Reschedule Weed this past August of 2016, because he didn’t want his legacy to be that of the president who decriminalized and normalized Weed, that’s how much of a two-faced phony-ass bitch the former president was. He didn’t need approval from Congress, DEA is Executive Branch is under Main Justice and AG Loretta Lynch never said a word about it, did she?  Obama never did either, its was just unceremoniously announced by DEA in August of 2016.

Senator Aaron Ford–a lawyer so he tells usdidn’t see that as anything of significance even given all the money politically connected people here in Nevada have invested in Rec Use Weed and its dispensaries.

<—Hey, he never said a word about the blood-soaked streets of my hometown he is no longer welcomed in either, so I wasn’t surprised.  

When Obama pulled that bullshit move last summer, I began to tell all pro-Weed folks to get and keep their Medical Marijuana Cards as the only possible buffer against an aggressive federal response.   Go ahead, ask anyone, that’s exactly what I’ve told everyone.  Aaron Ford apparently didn’t tell anyone jack-shit, this self-described ‘scholar’ apparently not knowing that Weed had to be Rescheduled to make all of the State efforts lawful.

And somehow I think and know we’ve all been had here, we’ve been sold a political creation and contrivance, and we’re still being sold today!  How this perhaps only average guy dick-fluffed himself up so much, we Dems bought it because he’s Black and some here are still fascinated by that, speaks to how easily con-man and con-artists have plied our politics in Nevada and now all we can do is work to contain the damage he is intent on forcing upon Nevada until he’s finally shown the door like so many before him!

Part III:  I know, I can’t believe it either, but there’s so much more to inform on, Part III deals with something I had never witnessed in my 37+ year political life but did in 2016.  I still can’t believe it occurred and that no one said a word!

Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!



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