Cheers to Bob Beers!

Posted by Michael Zahara on Mar 15, 2017

‘If that were true, he’d be driving a much nicer car!’

—–that was me, Mike Zahara, last week in response to Fake-ass Phony, Fraud, Bought and Paid for Ward 2 Interloper Candidate Steve Seroka who has been running his ignorant-ass mouth saying Bob Beers is in the pocket of developers, while Seroka is hiding behind his military credential because though he claims that he does, Steve Seroka possesses no integrity at all, he’s a FRAUD, and he has his head shoved completely up his own ass too, so of course he’s running for office this year!

What a fuqn loser this Steve Seroka guy is!   Jesus Christ, what an asshole!

Click the link below to see if it gives you the Heebie-Jeebies too!  I asked him point-blank in correspondence if he was suffering Parkinsons or had some sort of neurological disorder, or perhaps was riding in a helicopter when he filled out this form.  He failed to respond to me!

Parkinsons Patient 3 2017 Ward II

<—The best pic Bob Beers ever took in all of human history and illustrating for us that yes, Bob Beers can and does read too!



<—Local skank, mega-bitch, and very bad neighbor, Community Cancer Christina Roush (left and looking very skanky again), is truly something to behold!

She’s claiming the ‘outsider’ mantle and her ‘not being’ a career politician, but has the temerity and audacity to go off and hire former Nevada Assembly Speaker & Always Dependable Human Garbage, John Oceguara!  You’ll remember him from 2014 too, he’s that asshole who robbed the other half of the 2014 Clark County Sheriff’s raceCaptain Larry Burns—of some $22,500 per month was it, then failed to go on TV or radio at that obscene amount, pocketed almost all of it, and cost Captain Burns the Office of Sheriff he barely lost by a handful of votes–then he goes off and he literally steals Burns’ proprietary donor/mailing lists and uses them for his failed 2016 attempt to become the Dem nominee for NVCD04!

<—Christina Roush’s name badge last night at the Temple beth Shelley Berkley forum!

Las Vegas Ward 2 Phony-Fraudulent Slum Lord Candidate Christina Roush, thought that those were just the Consultant Credentials she wanted and needed for 2017!


<—A beloved longtime regular Ward II reader and leader who loathes and detests Christina Roush and calls her ‘Bullshit Bitch’, sent me this pic of Ms Roush’s Whore Shoes but I’ve not yet confirmed the footwear she’s been using in her ‘Bullshit Bitch 2017 Campaign’!

As we’re seeng with these fake-ass Ward II candidate challengers who will say and do anything to Whore for Votes, there is absolutely no integrity in so many phonies like Seroka and Roush.  Trust that we in the West Valley are perhaps more adverse to these carpet-bagging, sleazy scum candidates than any other part of the valley especially if they’re from Californiastan!

Coincidentally, if not ironically, I just about filled my pants with shit reading who our now Clark County District Attorney, Steve Wolfson, chose as his most recent Consultant Cretin too, and that choice solidified my point of view that Finance Chairs are a must for some offices in this state and we’ll get into that again by the end of he year in prep for 2018. You see, Wolfson has had my respect and affection for years because he was my very first Las Vegas City Councilman for Ward 2 after moving here full-time. This is my ‘hood, these are my people, this place is where I do the things that I do and I call it home.  Since 1980 when my Grandparents bought their final home steps away from Duragno and Westcliff Drive, I have watched this area come together and build-out through mulitple visits each year for those 37 years.  I came out that winter for the Super Bowl and to give my approval to them as was requested from both, as we stood atop a mound of construction debris and looked up and due slightly to the northwest and saw the beautiful ‘Angel’ nestled resplendantly within a crevass in the mountains above for which ‘Angel Park’ is named!

I met up this past summer with Metro Superstar Captain Brian Greenway, who Sheriff Lombardo surprised me by assigning to him to be the Commander of our newest, Spring Valley Area Command, very near to Cimmaron & Sahara which covers band of land from I-15 stretching all the way west covering some of the poorest crime infested areas on its east side, to some of its wealthiest in the Western Arc of the valley and a big chunk of Ward 2. We will also have up next from Metro when the sheriff can staff it completly, Summerlin Area Command, but that’s a ways off yet!  I told to Captain Greenway that he’d soon learn to appreciate the residents in  the eastern portion of his new Area Command over the pretentious and often obnoxious, demanding and insufferable Californiastan transplants on the western end which includes a lot of the human garbage involved in this Badlands Golf Course Debacle the rest of us have been watching unfold these past two years or so and hoping that all of their homes burn to the g*ddamn ground!


He asked me to join his effort for US Senate and of course I was flattered, honored, and gassy telling him that ‘it wasn’t my life experience to know anyone who had 50 million bux to piss away on a US Senate race’ and he responded, ‘that’s good because you still don’t!

He has a wonderful sense of humor inherited from his late mother Pat!  We see eye-to-eye on almost everything and he is a lifelong Republican and I’m a lifelong Democrat.  Said one very prominent Democratic Party operative held in very high regard and esteem in SoNev, ‘If you don’t like Bob Beers, then you don’t know Bob Beers!’  

Amen sister!

Admittedly, my nose was a little bit out of joint; he’s never asked for my help or advice for his 2017 re-election campaign as Las Vegas City Councilman of Ward 2. Perhaps he thought I’d just be piping in anyway, so why even bother asking?—OK fine, I have piped in so maybe he knows me too well, but he also knows I don’t wish to step onto the toes of others my having an unnatural fear of bunions and all.  Some of his campaign aesthetic is rather dull and boring, but then again, so is Bob Beers—his city business card should readBob Beers: Dull and Boring City Councilman-ing Ward Two!

<—Hand to God, Bob Beers has never told me what this child’s name is, so I’m calling her ‘Twinkles Beers’ because when she’s coming into town or he and Sarah Beers are going up to some God-forsaken place called Medford Oregon, I think, Las Vegas City Councilman Bob Beers becomes a g*ddamn delight—Grandpa Twinkles!tapping his fingers with nervous anticvipation, a little bit jumpy and anxious, like a little kid waiting for Santa Claus, full of nervous energy—and I can’t believe my brain is requiring my fingers to key this, but its adorable!  

He is so damn cute doing his Grandpa Twinkles thing I had to tell him that that baby has turned him into a big bowl of mush!


Regular readers should remember that Queensridge is where former Congresswoman Shelley Berkley lives along with Dr Larry Lehrner whom she spanks his naked ass with a fly-swatter every Sunday evening after ordering Chinese take-out in an effort to keep it fresh and real for these two crazy kids who have desecrated every square inch of that development like two horny teenagers…but who’ve kept their distance on the Badlands Golf Course matter fueling rampant speculation that Rochelle-y as I call her, has her eyes firmly set on becoming the next mayor of Las Vegas and she would be a very formidable candidate-–but then Michelle Fiore throws her brassiere into this year’s Ward 6 race upsetting that little apple-cart, her own ‘people’ candidly admitting to me she’s all about winning the mayor’s office and they see her path to it as completely unobstructed but I think they’re forgetting that there can only be one Queen Showgirl at City Hall and that its inconceivable that Carolyn Goodman would ever find Michele Fiore an acceptable successor to her throne!

Oscar’s health looked to everyone to be in a precarious state at the State of the City and no one daring to even publicly speculate what Carolyn would do should Oscar’s health further decline and he need her to come home to care for him.  Well, first, she’d move into their homestead every healthcare Specialist she could grab up except Michele Fiore’s now defunct ‘Always There’.  Everyone sees Fiore’s win on April 4th as being very disruptive and very harmful to the mayor’s agenda and the smooth running of the City Council at a time when things are looking up for the city on a number of fronts and the mayor is tending to hers and Oscar’s Legacy Garden very carefully if you’re paying attention.

<—That’s Bob’s father Frank Beers on the left and his son Shaquille or Dwayne, or Buford, or Kyle or something like that!

As obnoxious, despicable, unreasonable, and tedious as these Queensridge/Badlands people have been getting on everyone’s last g*ddamn nerve with their demands on all of the rest of us in Ward II, I have never seen Bob Beers work so hard at compromise and resolution, nor have I ever seen the mayor and the City Council work so well and in tandem with one another to broker a final deal—and still these assholes are not satisfied and want even more!   I know each of them very well and I am most impressed with their handling of these truly obnoxoius Queensridge people and their truly obnoxious demands upon the rest of us!

Of course we’ll be re-electing my friend Bob Beers back to City Council to represent us out in the West Valley because we’re both lucky and grateful to have him as our champion at City Hall!

‘We’re blessed, better than blessed’ as the song goes!  And I just wanted to say Thanks Bob’!  You’re a good friend and fierce advocate for all of us and I just wanted you to know that we truly appreciate that about you Councilman!


Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!




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