Half-Time Report for Sheriff Lombardo—Part I

Posted by Michael Zahara on Apr 11, 2017

I’ve tried to cheer the boy to better results, tried to make him laugh, tried to suggest better navigational routes for more desirable results, tried not to remind him that former Metro Lt Randy Sutton has become a bona-fide national Cop Celebrity and a credible threat to his re-election should Sutton decided to test the political waters he grew like a journeyman plumber while also becoming the midwife to pregnant felines he didn’t know, who stopped by his bedroom and had a litter!

Obviously, the Randy Sutton Family bedroom is a batshit crazy place to lay one’s head, but Lt Sutton, an old Metro favorite of mine, carved out thousands of national fans by addressing cop concerns during a three year plus full-assault on America’s Peace Officers conducted by the former president and Main Justice, Sutton providing a national conduit and forum on Blue Lives Matters platforms as their national spokesman, to address officer concerns about their burning issues of the day as Black Lives Matters members killed cops with pathological, reckless abandon.

<—Lt Randy Sutton may not be a Lt Juanita Goode body ‘n looks wise, but I’ve told him that I think he’s done his very best police work since leaving Metro by authoring, speaking, leading, commenting and is now in demand nationwide when folks are looking for a little bit of ‘good cop interview’!  

His engagement with officers, their supporters, as well as their detractors these past couple of years, made the LVMPD look and sound better than it has in years and Sheriff Lombardo should send him a thank-you note for covering his ass so well when publicly, he had nothing to say to our cops in Las Vegas as cops were being mowed down all over the country!

It’s not that Lt Sutton was trotting out his former LVMPD credentials or even name-dropping the department nationally, he wasn’t ever doing that, but that he came from here carries a cache all its own and its firmly attached to the ‘Mystique of the Clark County Sheriff’.


My most popular piece of 2015 was the very last one, ‘Some Damn Good Sheriffin’ was about that whack-ass crazy bitch who ran down all the pedestrians in front of Planet Hollywood and doing it during the Miss Universe Pageant where pot-head host Steve Harvey set off an international incident by crowning the wrong honey, Miss Columbia, instead of Miss Philippines, as Miss Universe!

That was 11 months into his Sheriffhood and Lombardo’s first major public media engagement with citizens in Las Vegas.  He’d been hiding in his office those prior 11 months and needed the practice with live Media, that much was clear, which prompted my very silly piece!  

<—Sheriff Lombardo has continued to wobble like a Weeble, ‘member those guys?


Let’s begin by stating that I hadn’t yet named anyone or thing of many positive things for 2016 at Metro as having earned a public shout out here and though I’m two months late on this report, I wanted to categorically shout out Metro’s entire Detective Corp as being 2016’s ‘Officers of the Year’!  Sheriff Lombardo had ordered all of his Detectives to take on some regular Patrol duties to fill in still chronic gaps in coverage thanks to the CCBC and Chair Steve Sisolak cutting 450 positions under the former sheriff and leaving the entire county and our 40 million plus visitors that much more vulnerable There was some grumbling at first, but they all stepped up and got the job done and all credible indicators are that they enjoyed reconnecting with their Patrol roots and ‘the streets’ where all police work begins and ends. I’m calling this decision by Sheriff Lombardo an unexpected success as we’re currently solving Homicides in the 80 percentile, far above the national average, and they’re getting better with each type of crime resolved here and are doing it at a sharpened, quicker pace too!

Very nice work ladies and gentlemen Detectives!  You’ve all stepped up your games out there and the local news would be much worse had you not done this so well these past two years.  I hope to hell Sheriff Lombardo has shouted you folks out internally, but I know him to not be a hand-holder or boo-boo kisser and that continues to hurt him internally across the department!

<—Detectives, your next assignment is coming from me, your Imaginary Undersheriff: Please go out and find out for me what happened to the enormously popular Coffee with a Cop?   

I know, sometimes I just wanna take him by the shoulders and shake the shit outta him too!


I fear my cheering Undersheriff McMahill may have caused him some damage that would not have him ‘anointed’ as our next sheriff because in a few days it will be 18 months since he and I sat down for some chow and conversation though we have maintained our texting Bromance the entire time.  I saw him just once in 2016 at Sgt Seifert’s services and they were old friends and fellow Broncos fans and he gave a terrific eulogy.

Just so you all know in advance, I will have a shit attack if he does not ascend to the Office of Sheriff because no officer has adjusted more to his realities on the ground here, no LVMPD officer enjoys the level of faith and trust of the USDOJ than McMahill, who has logged more Frequent Flier miles between Las Vegas and Washington DC than any other officer in department history.   Should Sheriff Lombardo be entertaining notions of someone else succeeding him as sheriff, I’ll lay it all out for loyal readers, the Resorts Chairmen, their presidents and vice-presidents, as well as their Resort Security Directors who are largely former LVMPD Brass, should that become necessary when the time comes.

<—Sheriff Joseph Lombardo has enshrined former LVMPD Lieutenant Juanita Goode (left) and her magnificent postier, permanently as the highest ranking Black-American woman in Metro history that she has turned into a body-building empire which I’ve dubbed ‘The Cutie Bootie’ for her possible 2018 campaign for Clark County Sheriff!

I told Lt Goode that I’m available to design and manage her effort if she would allow me to present my credentials and campaign concepts to she and her daughter!  That offer is for everyone really but Nita gets the top slot cuz she and I got off to a somewhat shaky start when we first met not being what the other expected of the other.  

We’ve remained in regular touch throughout as my respect for and friendship with her hit the jackpot last year as she returned home for a visit and home is Virginia!  BINGO!  I had never thought to ask where she was from prior, and the last and most important piece of the puzzle about Nita Goode fell right into place for me and absolutely would for voters too!

If you are Black-American and your family hails from Virginia, you are indeed blessed because Black-Americans from this former Capital of the Confederacy are some of the best performing, most productive, best educated, most dependable, marketable assets the State of Virginia has to offer to the rest of the nation and to the world.  For more than 35  years I’ve been of the opinion that something happened in Virginia after President Lincoln died for our sins at the Ford Theater which did not occur to anywhere near the degree anywhere else as it did there!  There’s God, Family, Church, God again and His boy Jesus, and then Family again, oh, and did I mention God and Church and Family and Jesus?

Virginia born and raised Lt Goode was an excellent LVMPD hire way, way back when we were hiring Women of Color and she rose to Crown Princess within Metro’s now all but extinct Black-American Officer Wing which the two previous sheriffs had set out to dismantle and were quite successful in doing so…and which has made recruiting young Women of Color that much more difficult today!

That stated, I also saw former Deputy Chief Al Salinas at Seifert’s services and I didn’t even recognize him standing right next to me with a few pounds gone, a new goatee and hairstyle, and looking the best I’d ever seen him which like Lt Goode, is what happens when everyone leaves Metro!  I’ve heard that DC Salinas is considering a run for Clark County Sheriff and stupid me, forgot to ask him for his contact information so I’ll state it right here:  Chief, yes, I’ve been all about Kevin McMahill & Kathy O’Connor, Christopher Hoye & Juanita Goode—and have encouraged them to give running some serious thought for very different reasons—but sir, if you throw your hat in for 2018 or beyond, you’ll have in me a loyal supporter if not an endorsement here for many reasons and also because I still can’t believe Sheriff Lombardo did not take the opportunity to promote you as the Department’s first Latino-American Assistant Sheriff especially after what he attempted after you left and who he tried to promote to AS of the Jail last summer after CCBC Chair Sisolak suddenly found the money for a new Assistant Sheriff position in the county’s sofa cushions…and done after Sheriff Lombardo popped him a $1,000 donation check to his campaign last year and Sisolak also canceling a request that the LCB begin researching the funding formula for Metro which he would not have requested or pulled off of without the consent of the sheriff.

<—This is Maria Hank, gorgeous, huh?  

She of the LVMPD First Wives Club, Domestic Violence Survivor Division and she’s some kind of Polynesian, Filipina, South Seas, Hawaii lovin’ Goddess, Southwest Airlines veteran, and their union savvy and accomplished, highly valued employee who managed to raise two terrific young men I code named Krispy & Kreme and still have the hand-written legal pad note of the first call from a Maria ally when I was briefed about everything in near to real-time as the Hank marriage was disintegrating and she was being beaten by him and intimidate by everyone else Nevada law states should have come to her aid but did not!

I thought for sure then that JoeLo would not run for re-election because the man he chose for that new Assistant Sheriff position last July couldn’t have been a worse choice which opponents would clobber him daily about.  The position went to new Assistant Sheriff Tim Kelly who was trained by the man Lombardo wanted to seat instead. notorious officer Deputy Chief Charles Hank III.  Old time readers will remember Hank as the man who while Captain at Convention Center Area Command in 2010, almost brought the entire LVMPD down during an exceptionally bitter and very violent divorce from his first wife, Maria Hank, who spent 18 years with him, cleaned up his dusty, nasty Chicago street bullshit, got him passed and into the Academy, produced two handsome sons on the verge of young adulthood today and who we’ll never read about on the Police Blotter. They put the BIG heat on Mrs Hank #1 and intimidated her into not filing charges and former DA David Roger personally handled the Domestic Violence case of Charles which is nowhere to be found though he was said to have arranged for Charles to take an on-line Anger Management course in lieu of arrest which the NRS called for.

I have always believed that Mrs Hank#1 was moments away from calling infamous Hollywood mega-bitch Divorce Attorney-to-the Stars, Gloria Allred—Mrs Hank #1’s network as the wife of a highly sheriff-favored Metro Black officer was impressive and they kept me informed about how bad it was for herand had Maria called Allred, the entire department would have imploded because her top-tiered, highly paid investigators would have found out a whole helluva lot more than what was occurring in the Hank marriage.  In the same 2010 time frame, then Sheriff and Mrs Gillespie, though not divorcing, were having alleged Domestic Violence issues of their own we would soon learn about when police who were dispatched to their Henderson home were told by the former sheriff that they had no authority to arrest him…and they didn’t.  Only The District Attorney, the state Attorney General, or the Clark County Coroner can arrest a Clark County sheriff!  The FBI was all over Charles Hank III at the time with me quipping back then he had an FBI file as thick as a Manhattan phone book!

Charles Hank III never copped to what he did to Maria Hank, he never expressed any remorse or any regret for how he mistreated the woman who made him what he is today, and spent 18 years with him, and raised two terrific sons who are not ‘cop kids’!  I called Maria Hank ‘Bad-ass and one Tough Broad’ earlier this year and knew she’d survive but I was genuinely concerned about their kids because I saw what Cop Domestic Violence did within my own family and to my little cousins.  Domestic Violence is the dirty little secret of the Law Enforcement profession that it still struggles with today all across America in departments of every size, shape and scope.

<—This is a pic of our newest Assistant Sheriff since last summer. Tim Kelly, a 26 year veteran of the LVMPD who has never been on my radar or that of the department’s Staff Photographer either I guess, cuz this is the only picture of him I could find in the public realm!

She and I spoke for the very first time last year and were supposed to meet one another just after New Years 2017 which I postponed until I got this Lombardo piece finally done!  Nevada was very often the #1 state for Domestic Violence and the year before the money was found for this new Assistant Sheriff position in 2016, Charles Hank was on insecure wife number three and my writing that his fourth wife was recently born!  I hope that Sheriff Lombardo remembered the sacrifices and indignities, not to mention the beatings Maria Hank suffered for Metro, when he made his final decision about who it would be that became the ‘highest ranking Black-American officer of the LVMPD’ last summer, and not about the fatal political damage if he did not change course as he did.


Politically, Sheriff Lombardo had a very bad 2016 making decisions which will haunt him going forward and apparently done without without even Assistant Sheriff Todd Fasulo’s input too.  Fasulo, the darling of the CCBC who I think Susan Brager wants badly, is very good with those people, but not as astute politically as he thinks that he is, but is still the among best in the Department on local political matters along with Deputy Chief Brett Zimmerman who I was surprised didn’t get the Assistant Sheriff slot either given that I don’t think any other officer in the joint is as bright, able to pivot, and loyal to Metro as he’s been under what is it, 5 sheriffs???. and politically perceptive Legislative Ace, Sergeant Michele Jotz who also was elected as PMSA’s first woman Chair last fall without official comment or congratulations from Metro but rather an unnecessary and hostile public belt in the mouth by the sheriff to Chair Jotz and her Police Managers and Supervisors constituents who had elected her just weeks before. More on that in Part II.

I’ve never thought Joe Lombardo would run for re-election and that he would be fine cutting and running at 30 years of service when his current term ends despite how badly a single-term made his buddy Bill Young look to his adoring public.  I’m not yet convinced Lombardo’s doing a second campaign for another four years of not enjoying himself at work as sheriff.

<—Sheriff Lombardo just doesn’t look like he’s enjoying his job when the minicams swarm around him!  

When he’s moody, cranky, crabby, itchy, bitchy, twitchy, and not-so-fresh—which is more often the longer his first term goes on—he has no poker face and he continues to repress his inner-Guido Guy so we haven’t yet seen him lose his cool publicly which because he’s Italian with a known history, everyone expected of him and he would suffer no consequence at all for a tirade or even an F-bombing!

I think that this is one of the very best pix of him because his face tells you he’s pissed off and we expect our sheriffs here to be pissed off from time to time!

Over a dinner of Double-Whoppers with cheese, large fries, and Diet Cokes for everyone before Christmas of 2016, he told the fellas he’s running again in 2018.  I had also told to him in correspondence last fall to not bother even polling and that Black Lives Matter had already re-elected him and other elected Law Enforcement around the country but that is a precarious perch with each passing day as BLM realizes they elected President Trump and have pulled back their murdering of our nation’s cops.  Just within recent weeks, the Trump Administration has shifted and is attacking Metro’s handling of Illegal Immigrants here lead by Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Sheriff Lombardo was caught flat-footed and ill-prepared, enough so that both Lombardo and Sheriff O’Connell in Los Angeles were summoned to Washington!  For week three of the Trump attack on Metro we were not listed as being uncooperative with ICE and Sheriff Lombardo took to his Facebook page for the first time since last July and announced it this past Saturday morning!

That’s how important declaring a victory about something has become to the sheriff during year number two now three. He declared in a year end interview last year that PIO and Metro’s Media efforts are just wonderful and I really have no idea what the hell he’s talking because Metro’s Media is a g*ddamn catastrophe from my seat out here!  Do a simple Google Search of him and all of his Media stories has him basically saying the near-to-verbatim same thing he had already said in previous media quotes these past two years.  That’s inexcusable. He should be being prepped before engaging the Media about what it was which he had already stated in previous interviews.

His stone silence as FBI Director James Comey delivered a public critique about Metro ‘de-policing’ last year, then agreeing with Comey in a later interview, stunned far more than me and served to reinforce among rank and file and line staff at Metro that Sheriff Lombardo does not have their Sixtheir backs—and this has been talked about openly by a surprising number of young officers especially, who feel he doesn’t even know them or want to know them either. That’s the unkindest cut of all to any sheriff and believe me, it stings Lombardo, but it’s also a function of his personality and his repressing his emotional reactions publicly which hasn’t served him well at all.

One young woman from Patrol during the Holidays called him ‘Sheriff No Six’—Sheriff Does NOT have my back—and that was very sharp and on point of her and funny too, and I’m quite sure he doesn’t think so reading this though!

<—Equally surprising to me is how Undersheriff McMahill’s already blue-chip stock has soared with these young officers topped only by Assistant Sheriff Tom Roberts (left) who I’ve not yet heard an unkind thing said about him and the affection for him is genuine and he’s also said by some officers important in the department to be considering a run for Sheriff in 2018!

Sheriff Lombardo did his best plying the political waters in an effort to get as many new cops as he could get including meeting with James Murren of MGM-Resorts and others which after he had secured MoreCops under the stadium proposal and done separately, but for the first time, committed a percentage of those new hires to the Strip and to Downtown which is something no sheriff had done before because of the perception that the Strip gets the department’s resources over the neighborhoods.  In fact, we still have no idea what policing the Strip really costs because extra-coverage and over-time is parceled out to available officers department-wide and where those extra officers are charged off to is an often fluid and fictional enterprise.  And as if he caught his own error by stating that, he pre-announced the future Summerlin Area Command to be located along 215 out there somewhere when he could probably cut a terrific deal for taxpayers buying LVPPA’s ‘Dave Kallas Palace’ headquarters on Lake Mead Blvd in Summerlin to serve as a sub-station of Northwest Area Command on Cheyenne.  LVPPA may wish to relocate closer to downtown and to the MLK Metro Mothership and their current location is the most conspicuous for a very often demanding citizenry in Summerlin.

Summerlin and the entire Western Arc of the valley has long complained about lack of Patrol in their neighborhoods and these are some of the valley’s highest income tracts in developments behind walls and gates with winding streets, and bucolic lower-intensity street lighting which makes Patrolling all the more challenging, but more violent crime appears to be occurring more within the Eastern Arc of the valley which includes longtime hot-spots like the entire Boulder Corridor and in locations in Winchester, Whitney, Sunrise Manor and Paradise Townships.


Sheriff Lombardo has all sorts of little fires he started burning all over the place, each and every one of them are political cannon fodder to any credible opponent of rank and stature, internally, none so important as Gangs being ‘disbanded’ and put back recently but matching them with Vice now?  What?

The sheriff and his executive staff have been stressing badly about our Homicide rate and are getting the political heat about it because they are stressing about it so much and so publicly.  As a native Chicagoan whose hometown saw more than 800 murders last year, and a mayor who doesn’t know that Chicago mayors have always also been Police Superintendent despite them also having one of those, our 166 last year though not acceptable, is more digestible to me.

In recent months, Stabbings seem to have come into high-fashion here among our Degenerate Class of Complete Total Fuqs and no one seems to be chatting that up!

I supported the Gangs disbanding for another reason I didn’t mention in the piece I wrote about it because if you didn’t already know, it wouldn’t have been helpful to you for me to write about it then.  Now that things are coming back to more how it once was, Metro’s Gangs Unit and its former Vice and Narcotics Bureau which Lombardo headed and told me was always his favorite assignment, have hated on each other for many, many years. Gangs and their supporters have never stopped firing directly at Sheriff Lombardo at every opportunity ever since he ‘disbanded’ them.  They knew he was pulling rank wishing to deconstruct aspects which often didn’t step on, but rolled right over Narcotics and the former sheriff allowing for this and never asserting, but enjoying the show all the same, then shit-canning then Deputy Chief Lombardo and everyone else but one Lieutenant when the Trevon Cole OIS imploded, was something an officer like Sheriff Lombardo was never, ever going to forget about.


Part II continues next with some more ‘Inexplicable JoeLo’ and the many opportunities to shout out the good things happening at the LVMPD the sheriff and Metro Media Werks failed to capitalize on in his sophomore year last year!
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