Halftime Report for Sheriff Lombardo—Part II

Posted by Michael Zahara on Apr 18, 2017

Continued from Part I

“Anyway you look at it, Sheriff Lombardo is way better than the last guy, no question about it!  He’s the sheriff and gets all the bows and applause for the good things happening at Metro and that’s just the way that it is here.  That he’s fixated on Homicides at the expense of everything else, indicates he may have forgotten about the good things he should be chatting up too!”—–Mike Zahara February 2017

Over these past two years as Sheriff, Joe Lombardo tried to limit his sometimes ‘Frankenstein at Prom’ public qualities by going on vacation…a lot which has only served to have him less prepared for his Metro Media duties and appearing today to still be wobbly.  He needs a Chief-of-Staff Executive Officer helping him to run the day-to-day of the Office of Sheriff  and perhaps another Executive Officer helping him to run Joe Lombardo Inc too.

For almost the entire time since being elected, I’ve wondered out loud where the hell was George Knapp assisting the new sheriff with his patented Sheriff Whisperering Gifts no one matches from this untrained and not journalism educated Metro Executive Officer Cab Driver.  And not a moment too soon, last week George continued his Vice/Det Baughman story coverage and interviewed Sheriff Lombardo, but had his response in quotation marks just three times and the simple word ‘no’ in BOLDED reply from Joe in closing the piece.


JoeLo being removed as the Deputy Chief over Metro’s former VNB—Vice Narcotics Bureau after the Trevon Cole OIS in 2010 was one of Sheriff Gillespie’s best decisions which the public supported as being an appropriate response,  but which also in November of 2016, produced for now Sheriff Lombardo, the biggest political dividend check ever given to any LVMPD officer when Channel 8’s George Knapp broke the story of a major scandal at Metro Vice, because it gave to Joe Lombardo a high-level of plausible deniability regarding former Vice blowhard-showboat  & garbage cop, Detective Chris Baughman, whose breath-taking arrogance was chronicled in two published books he wrote and lots of self-congratulatory, as well as self-generated media showing and telling to us how wonderful an asset to the LVMPD he was ‘and that he was God!’ in hyperbolic rhetorical diarrhea fits!

And no one at the LVMPD the time, just a few years ago, thought this unusual conduct for a Detective within a Unit where a high level of discretion and operational invisibility, even from one of its self-proclaimed ‘stars’, which would seem a logical, prudent policy of professional conduct?

Missing from Knapp’s always excellent Taxicab-Journalism-In-An-Uber-World, former Det Baughman had permission to write them and to publish them which he did in 2010 and it would only be then Deputy Chief Joe Lombardo, the Office of Undersheriff was temporarily unfilled at the time, and then Sheriff Doug Gillespie, who could and did grant that permission and both would have every right to end those tomes to protect the integrity of VNB, its often intertwined investigations, its stings, shakedowns, and fuq-upsand most important, its very lucrative Asset Seizures of our predatory pimps, poseurs, and pretenders plying SoNev’s ‘Dark Vegas’ underbelly to the tune of tens, if not hundreds of millions of untaxed, free-flowing even ‘Darker Money’ which lubricates far more than the Bars and Clubs of the Resort giants who closed and shut down their own efforts and sublet those spaces to outsiders so they could plausibly deny’ to Gaming Regulators that they knew anything at all about what was going on inside of them.

Along this same way of thinking, a situation recently developed on an RTCSNV bus on the Strip right in front of the Bellagio/Cosmopolitan Cluster Fuq-ster taking some four hours for Metro responders to figure out that it was a Strip bus filled with stinky-ass foreigners from Europe and all of whom are to be sacrificed for any reason the coach operator sees fit under the NRS!

Sheriff Lombardo has still not recovered from that damned bus and is showing signs since then of his first Sheriffin’ Nervous Breakdown and may have been seen at the Bellagio with a pack of matches trying to change the headlines, all those dangerous double-decker buses are headed for the scrap heap, but months before all of this, LVMPD’s Traffic Bureau began the cover-up processes for the RTCSNV’s contracted slave-wage paid drivers one of which fell asleep at the wheel and killing a woman at a bus stop on Trop near I-15.  I visited and determined at first sight that that little fuqr was in Deep REM sleep and far over his driving hours maximums under federal law.

Metro’s Traffic Bureau and the media which refused to do the logical follow-up story, are all trying not to upset MGM-Resorts’ Jim Murren I guess, cuz he’s got his new arena and the Hockey thing happening there and that’s just over the Tropicana overpass over I-15.

<—Along with these little scamps who caused all sorts of shit at Murren’s Aria and Motel Sex, oh, I mean 6 on Trop & Koval, we didn’t learn about for over 80 days afterward, the LVMPD is still covering for the Resorts who are not Partners in Policing with Metro, or the rest of the community and it’s high time we turn that bullshit from them around!

The sheriff and I disagreed about his participation October 6, 2016 at a symposium at the Mob Museum with Sheriff Bill Young and John Langley, the producer and owner of the COPS TV franchise, about the TV show COPS and its Vegas Strip and Vegas Jail incarnations.  I thought it was too risky and too provocative with Black Lives Matters burning so hot nationwide and COPS playing a role in Trevon Cole being killed by Detective Bryan Yant in 2010 which resulted in the largest settlement Metro and taxpayers have ever paid out.  The sheriff made it a point to correct me when I wrote to him that COPS played a role in Cole’s death stating to me that they were not filming that day which is correct and was mentioned in court if I recall correctly.  But the sheriff didn’t know that I would meet Detective Yant on September 30th of 2016–one week before the symposium–because I didn’t know that I would meet him either when I accepted then brand new LVPPA Chief, President Steve Grammas’s invitation to stop on over and when I did, Detective Yant was on duty and I made it a point to speak with him that afternoon and Grammas, Yant and myself even went out to lunch afterward and to a place without a drive-thru too!

LVMPD and “Cops” Reality Series Discussed by LVMPD Sheriffs at Mob Museum Oct. 6

This is one of the reasons this piece has been so long delayed.  All due respect and props to Mrs Cole, but I liked Detective Yant and he made a very positive impression upon me. I entered his office unannounced and extended my hand and introduced myself and told him that I wasn’t going to apologize to him but admitted that I was an asshole for laying Trevon Cole all on him an that he owed a personal debt of gratitude to his then Captain, Brett Zimmerman, for defanging me by telling me after it was all over and settled and after he was also reassigned out of VNB, ‘Mike, he’s (Yant) not a bad guy.’  I never wrote or spoke of or about Cole or Yant again that’s how valuable Brett’s candor with me is, and I wish to publicly thank Deputy Chief Zimmerman for bringing me back down to terra firma about Bryan Yant with those six simple words to me; I had no idea how much I needed to meet him and finally get the closure on that tragic outcome story laid to rest.

And Sheriff Lombardo though technically correct, failed to acknowledge to me that the Trevon Cole arrest was in the VNB pipeline for a long time and was aging very badly and the long delay in his arrest was because of the COPS filming schedule. Yant volunteered this information I already knew without prompting from me too.  Why this is important goes to the tactical operations of VNB as those men and women, once a decision is made to make an arrest, are going over it in their minds over and over again.  Detective Yant told me he believed he acted correctly and if I were a juror, I’d have to give him the benefit of the doubt and vote to acquit despite the contradictory testimony and his history.

Bryan Yant is a different man today, he’s lost a lot of weight and looked great, had a couple of new tats, and is not hanging around LVPPA headquarters like he pulled one over on all of us because he didn’t.

So, though JoeLo wasn’t fibbing to me or to anyone other than himself about the back story with Trevon Cole seven years ago, he was called on the carpet this past January for Metro’s reporting of violent crimes under the FBI standard UTC reporting platforms, and because he changed an entire Bureau’s name from Robbery to ‘Theft Crimes’ and also because ‘Property/Theft Crimes’, not violent crimes, are the number one reason people are in prison, not jail, in Nevada today...and the majority of those incarcerated at NDOC are Euro-White and not minority and that Metro is one of the major players along with the 17 District Attorneys, the judges, and Parole and Probation who are managing ‘Prison Populations’ for the State of Nevada! 

The Sheriff of Clark County’s job has turned into managing the Public’s Perception of Policing across the entire state, not just at Metro too.  This is the primary reason I’ve long said that Metro Media is any sheriff’s primary function and navigating that well, and not just satisfactorily, is what all sheriffs going forward here will be judged on—it’s that important to everything not only that Metro does for us, but for the Economic Health of the entire state.


This would have been yet another avenue for the sheriff to pursue getting off of the amping up of the Homicides for the Media and the politicos because I thought USDOJ was coming back here this year to cheer us up about our CCDC Resort Jail at the sheriff’s  invitation, cuz he had scooted AS Tim Kelly off of the jail in favor of AS Todd Fasulo there instead today and I don’t recall hearing anything that Metro relayed what DOJ may have said other than , ‘Jesus Christ, what is that smell?’  

Progressive Extremists in Carson City have been bellowing about Judicial/Police/Jail/Prison reform and though getting their asses kicked in the legislature in 2017, will embrace this ‘reform’ more fully preparing for 2018 mid-terms.  Metro had better be ready for anything being thrown its way which makes what USDOJ may have said about the CCDC Resort all the more important to get out and in front of before the Progressive Extremists do and control the narrative by beating the sheriff to the punch. That Assistant Sheriff Fasulo is assigned there indicates he’s implementing whatever it was they suggested we do.  The silence of the Office of Sheriff on this is inexplicable to date.

There are 3,145 counties across America and elected Sheriff’s run jails and other duties in all of them including here in Clark County.  We’ve known we’ve had a problem with over-crowding and over-incarcerating those who should never see the inside of the CCDC Resort for all the time I’ve lived here full-time and to his credit Sheriff Lombardo is no longer jailing every jay-walker or those in warrant for ignoring their $190 jay-walking citation!  The $190 fine and how we arrived at that figure is where I’d send those American-hating Democrat Bigots in the Nevada Legislature and Metro has a weakish, rather wishy-washy Carson Critter Agenda so far but went Gonzo on that crack-pot, crackhead idea to become a Sanctuary Shit Hole and Sheriff Lombardo himself OIS shot and killed it with his own firearm because he hates that ‘Sanctuary’ word so much!

He hates ‘Sanctuary’ so much because:

  1.  It gives retired Deputy Chief Al Salinas 50,000 votes the moment the 2018 Primary polls open!
  2.  It gives retired Captain Burns 50,000 votes the moment the 2018 Primary polls open just for his speaking Spanish!
  3.  It gives retired Deputy Chief Kathy O’Connor the 2018 Primary and General WIN she would have had in 2014!
  4.  It gives retired Patrol Officer Laurie Bisch 50,000 votes just for trying again, the moment the 2018 Primary polls open!
  5.  It gives retired LVMPD Lieutenant Christopher Hoye, 50,000 votes the moment the 2018 Primary polls open!
  6.  It gives Political Guys like Mike Zahara a chub just thinking about the possibilities!

But the real reason he hates ‘Sanctuary’ so much is because of the Trump threat to remove Metro from the Federal Titty Spigot of its Federal Grant-Granting powers the LVMPD and every other police agency in America is 100% dependent on to help balance and stretch their budgets which have these USDOJ grants built into their budgets along with cost of living increases for the life of those grants!

You all saw their hysteria after Homeland Security cut a piddly little 6 million from us when Bureaucrats visiting spotted Langley Productions’ Vegas Strip filming here and there wasn’t a damn thing Harry Reid could do about it either, that’s how powerful the unlawful Fourth Branch of Bureaucrats have become and is one of the primary reasons I voted for President Trump!


Lombardo himself told us that Gangs is not why our Homicide rate has been climbing and has been since the last sheriff and he was correct in that statement and his adding that 30% of Homicides were Gang-related after having previously told us in another interview that 50% were and that leaves 70% of them outside of Metro’s Gangs Unit’s reach.  

Then in the Knapp interview he goes off on a tangent after starting out very well but feeling the need to further justify marrying Vice with the Gangs Revival and calling it some type of ‘reform’ measure in response to the FBI in active investigation of Detective Baughman though that is already years back since he was an officer here and looking like an unnecessary Dick Fluffing done by the sheriff for the sheriff’s own dick!  He placed Captain Devin Ballard over this new hybrid Vice/Gangs Unit and he’s got a Gangs background but he may also be a part of the Mormon Mafia Wing his name just sounding LDS, and the sheriff may have thrown to them the political hot potato if more bad news from Vice is forthcoming.

Unless of course, Sheriff Lombardo is concerned that the LVMPD is completely cut off by the FBI on its investigation which is most unusual here and even more unusual, is being done by the FBI’s Public Corruption Unit and also involves a veteran member of Metro’s Elite Intel Unit Metro’s most secretive and sophisticated with capabilities I’ve previously written are no less than equal to those of New York and Los Angeles.

<—Metro’s very first Vice Captain, Uncle Fester, aka Brian Greenway, is now at Spring  Valley Area Command and also saw him at the Seifert service and we talked for a bit and I relayed a gas station pimp story about how pissed this pimp—nasty-ass gold teeth, new car with Cali plates, shitstain who is living here—was at Greenway and his Vice crew for ‘locking up all his bitches’–four of them for Memorial Day weekend last year—Nice work Captain!

Detective Chris Baughman was a weaselly little piece of shit veteran officers had long complained about and who reported to then Deputy Chief Joe Lombardo and Joe may be concerned about what Baughman may say in exchange for leniency should he become more a Subject of Interest to the FBI. What is known fact at this point however is that the LVMPD looks very foolish and negligent in corralling its own subordinate officers.

What is perhaps the safest bet in town is that two notorious pimps Baughman helped put away, are headed for new trials or freedom because of his recklessness, show-boating, and alleged sexual relations with victims/witnesses/and the prosecutor while still married to Teresa.  What makes no Operational or Political sense is Sheriff Lombardo retreating and pulling back on one of his best decisions as Sheriff: Placing Vice as its own stand alone Unit with its very first Captain in charge for the very first time in Metro’s history and I cheered him loudly and repeatedly here for doing so!

Years and years overdue here and the Sheriff elevating his Man Friday, now Captain Todd Raybuck this past fall—a longtime very trusted subordinate for years at VNB under Lombardo—but placing him at Organized Crime instead of keeping Vice a stand alone unit with Raybuck instead of also new Captain Sasha Larkin who upon promotion was at Vice, and then she wasn’t, which was the right move because Vice here demands a very well-seasoned hard-ass veteran Captain which Devin Ballard fits much less comfortably than Todd Raybuck does with his VNB street cred.

<—That’s now Captain Todd Raybuck with the sheriff at Take Back the City in 2015 after I had sent over to them a voluptuous Black showgirl for their viewing pleasure and Joe trying his best to suppress laughing

I also told Raybuck, who was Joe’s Driver Lt Man Friday then, to go ahead a pop a couple of caps into Joe’s ass if he was giving him any lip about keeping him on schedule and to go ahead and call in SWAT if he was giving him too much grief!  He did laugh!

I still have no idea what Metro’s Organized Crime Unit does all day not having a publicly admitted arrest in more than a decade, but I do know that no one is assigned there without having any sheriff’s complete and total faith and trust and then Captain Al Salinas did a tour there once too which if he’s a 2018 candidate, could make things itchy for Sheriff Lombardo.  Operationally, it would seen Gangs would be a better fit being married to Organized Crime, in fact, one could marry Gangs to any other unit with some level of justification, but what no one is asking is why Gangs needs to be married to anyone at all?

<—-My dear friend and flawless LVMPD source as well as their Cleaning Lady, I call Butterfly Lombardo, has graciously volunteered to marry her LVMPD Cleaning Crew with Gangs if that will help the sheriff better explain why he’s rolled back Vice as its own stand alone unit which was a substantial and major and very necessary reform he instituted upon being elected!

Mr Sheriff, the ball’s in your court sir, so give Butterfly a call because you don’t look like you’ve strengthened Vice, but that you’ve weakened it again!

Those LVMPD Gangs guys are some really funny fellas too because though they are a very powerful Wing within Metro which intimidated the Sheriff to now having his tail between his legs publicly and have their very own PR and big, huge annual Gangs Conference and they all wear really cool green jumpsuits. I told the sheriff and others that we could issue to a new graduating class of rookies from the Academy, those same cool green jumpsuits, put ’em out on the Strip on their very first day on the streets, and they’d have the exact same effect as the real Gangs Unit guys do when there’s a big fight in town or sporting event our nation’s beloved Gangbangers want to come here to see!  Now we’ll also have a brand new Gangstas & Gambling NFL franchise too and anyway that you slice that, it’s going to be a major headache and cluster fuq for the LVMPD especially if the Raiders are having a winning, potential Super Bowl bound season, we’re going to look back at this time and wish we had brought the Detroit Lions here instead!   More on that and other negative consequences of the Raiders moving here are coming up soon here!

A big part of his current troubles about the Homicide rate is that they keep talking about it!  Having toned down Homicide’s lieutenant being the spokesperson for sensationalizing murder in the valley, today they seem to be letting Lt McGrath speak and he is not amping up or glorifying this violence and he’s sufficiently boring, dull, and dry for this task.  Some murders are so outrageous and so heinous that yes, the undersheriff or sheriff himself must be the go-to guys, but what Sheriff Lombardo is not hitting his marks on is that we need to hear from him about the mundane and lesser of crimes more broadly, and then about Metro’s efforts out in the field that is Proactive Policing and I’ve got two Captains that the sheriff should have singled out when headlines offered him the opportunity to do so and he instead took a pass and left the Google Search record to look as though all he knows or cares about is the Homicide rate and that he’s saying ‘how far?’ when the Resort giants are yelling an screaming at him to ‘jump!’

The Sheriff has not embraced that his entire job is Media in a new media age. He had a snippy little exchange with an LVRJ reporter I may have once sent him a briefing about, and Joe taking issue with him about two Homicides which were not in Metro’s jurisdiction and looking mighty small making it a point to make it a point in that interview.

<—In 2015, I specifically went to Take Back the City at Cashman to track him down and to thank him for wanting retired Sergeant Ray Reyes at DTAC and on his Team.  I stepped up to the DTAC table extended my hand and said ‘Hello Captain Wa—‘

‘Oh, I know who YOU are!’, said Captain Walsh to me.

‘Oh Jesus Christ, damn! He’s gonna whack me and then surprise, surprise, Lombardo makes him a Deputy Chief next week, that little fuqr!, said the thought-bubble above my head!

I’m hearing that it was Captain Walsh’s idea to snare a potential serial killer downtown by putting out a little bowl of Purina Serial Killer Chow and just waiting!

<—Sargent Reyes you are missed and we all hope you’re settling into retirement and getting a big beer gut!

JoeLo must have thought that testy little reporter engagement wasn’t so bad because this past February regarding two murders which were in his jurisdiction and which resulted in the most extraordinary police work and talked about Attempted Murder arrest in many years here when superstar Captain Andrew Walsh and his men and women over at Downtown Area Command, once the Purgatory of Metro assignments not that long ago, nabbed the son-of-a-bitch who took a hammer and bludgeoned to death two sleeping homeless guys very near to downtown on two separate occasions and repeating his MO to the degree that rather than high-tech, Crime Clouds, computer models, and hand-wringing, they went old school and low-tech a bit and placed a dummy under a blanket, set up surveillance and taping equipment all over the place and two officers round-the-clock dug in and just waited him out!

…and that little fuqr—Defendant Shane Schindler—tried bludgeoning to death the g*ddamn dummy—which was not Assistant Sheriff Fasulo playing the dummy btw—and they got the little fuqr who is now under psyche evaluation and DA Wolfson with a challenge trying this case too and I hope that Steve Wolfson takes First Chair and let’s his Chief Deputy Mark DiGiacomo take Second Chair on this difficult to try case.

DA Wolfson, a DA who wishes to be governor some day would choose to prosecute this case himself not to gang up on the defendant, but to bring all of the DTAC officers hard work full-circle.  You too need to get in front of this because as officers spread out among this hard-to-reach and connect with population, they hit pay dirt and I went up there and spoke with about 50 homeless in March, who most had Metro officer business cards with them and dog-eared already and all of them emotional and animated about the DTAC outreach effort to warn them of a killer… and then them learning they caught the guy was a Magic Moment for these marginal among us people here!  For me, I feel blessed to hear their recollections and their feeling that someone cared about them, from them!  

and of course, inexplicably, Sheriff Lombardo was nowhere to be found and silent on something he should have been celebrating as the very good news it was making headlines all over the world!  It was an extraordinary effort by them all in a never-ending effort of trust bonding & building, reaching out, building bridges and above all else, listening which is any Detective’s best friend, but this is being done there with regularity by officers of all ranks at DTAC under LVMPD Captain Andrew Walsh!

Sir, I am in awe of you!  Happy as all hell you left New York and came here to the LVMPD!

It would be nice to see Sheriff Lombardo and Undersheriff McMahill pay a visit and just stand there in the back of the courtroom when the time comes and your acknowledging them and the DTAC officers being there too Mr DA, because ironically, our Gangs Unit guys have done this very effectively for years here to telegraph to judge and jury that this case is very important to them. Mr District Attorney, you need to do this same telegraphing that this is important to you too by taking that First Chair sir.

Listening to days of bar stool chatter about this case, I believe you have a strong jury pool here who will convict him, and that the men and women at DTAC with their sheriff and undersheriff behind them, will be what delivers a unanimous jury verdict!


Part III  The sheriff has a clunky and funky episode regarding his Captains and the LVPMSA and another Metro Captain who stepped up for a beloved reader here who suffered a violent encounter and had the very best of LVMPD’s efforts to assist her in bringing to justice her assailants and helping her to heal!

Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!




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