Halftime Report for Sheriff Lombardo—Part III

Posted by Michael Zahara on Apr 24, 2017

Continued fr0m Part II

<—This is now United States Marshal for Nevada, former LVMPD Lt Christopher Hoye, and he’d make a robust candidate for Clark County Sheriff and I’m not the only person who’s told him that either!


The sheriff seems adverse to shouting out his Command staff and lower ranking officers publicly and what Captain Walsh and Crew did capturing a Serial Killer with a dummy is pro-active policing, this is Community Policing where good stories and effective cooperation are still few and far between, but the DTAC effort is consistent, credible, and all-encompassing and they’ve moved the chains and turned another corner at Downtown Area Command!

Sheriff Lombardo has to be given the credit as sitting sheriff for having adjusted internal Metro enough to allow his subordinate officers to be this creatively ‘old school’ and this forward thinking about crime-fighting in Las Vegas and Clark County.

<—Still the Most Beautiful Woman in the World today at 167 years old, Sophia Loren (left) has agreed to play former New Yorker now Las Vegan thorn in Brian Sandoval’s ballsack, Angel DeFazio, in a Lifetime Television bio-pic, ‘Angel: A G*ddamn Pain in the Ass and Ballsack!’

Another pair of Captains at Metro stepped up for a longtime reader here, Nevada State Pain-in-Brian’s-Ass, Angel DeFazio, the arch nemesis 0f our Public Utility Commission who suffered a violent, armed carjacking within Enterprise Area Command in the southwest valley last year, and Metro officers just happened to be right there along with God and Jesus too, and they nailed the little fuqrs! The EAC officers outperformed themselves, along with their Captain Roxanne McDaris-Berke, but when it came time to sue her attackers, Angel tried to Process Serve them on her own and failed, so she contacted Metro’s all-star Captain Rich Forbus, chief of Metro’s Civil/Constable Unit at my suggestion, and those 19 retired Deputies appointed by the sheriff, got it done right away!

I hadn’t thought about it prior, but 21 year Metro veteran Captain Forbus has the most broad-based Law Enforcement experienced staff of any Constable office in America now and they served her attacker within hours of her coming to them!

In this same time frame we would learn that the former Constable, complete total fuq John Bonaventura, was indicted as predicted here long ago, but his indictment included the very rare ‘triple’, three counts of wire and mail fraud which is what everyone goes down for on federal charges and the Office of Sheriff was inexplicably silent on the matter when he could have showcased his Civil/Constable Unit’s progress since being incorporated into Metro when the CCBC dissolved his office because of all of his bullshit!

Assistant Sheriff Roberts (far left & far right ) was a rare pic with JoeLo though I think he has an abundance of talent with his Deputy Chiefs and Assistant Sheriffs and AS Tim Kelly for instance, has been promoted since last summer and despite his being in charge of the neighborhood Area Commands under the Community Policing Division and everything visitor-related under the Tourist Safety Division, there is precious little from him or his subordinates so far, but we did learn through a simple Google Search on him that he enjoys Girl Scout Cookies!

<—That’s terrific for Assistant Sheriff Kelly who may not realize that he’s become Clark County’s biggest, baddest, Blackest, bad-ass Girl Scout who has thousands of these little Cookie Sales Monsters as Junior Assistant Sheriffs to him as the new guy!

Why not a big bad ass ‘Black-Irish’ guy as he’s be called in Chicago with that surname, taking these girls under his wing with the goal of planting some recruitment seeds in these young female minds?

Mr Assistant Sheriff, congratulations for having Providence grant to you the rest of your career-life path with maybe two additional titles before you cash in your PERS chips.  I look forward to meeting you sir, and please, step outside of the box in your new duties, in fact, burn that damned confining box to cinders because we’ve got to think of new ways across the entire Department—recruiting is just one of the major rethinks necessary to do—and your position affords to you the public visibility necessary to try some new ideas and approaches!

Of course, the comically-minded among us could call your assignment the Dawn of ‘Blame the Black Guy’ at the LVMPD for all that ails it, but I have faith that Joe and Kevin have faith in you!

<—Still unknown to us is if Sheriff Lombardo billed NVDEMS for his officers at the 2016 Dem Caucus Catastrophe, or if he comped Harry Reid a freebie on taxpayers’ backs!

The 2017 79th Session here produced a half-baked, half-assed bill to Primary instead of Caucus but did not move all offices to Primary on the same date too which kills any proposal—that’s the contempt our legislature has for all of us!


<—-Metro’s public face is still very much an Old White Guys’ Gun Club portrait with the Women of Metro making coffee, tidying up, and looking gorgeous as the new contracts require, I guess!

Sheriff Lombardo has promoted four women to the rank of Captain after starting with none since being sworn in and if he goes for re-election in 2018, he can proudly state that retired Lt Juanita Goode is still the highest ranking Black-American woman in Metro’s history!  Metro has had only two women rise to the rank of Deputy Chief and retired Deputy Chief Kathy O’Connor is still the highest ranking female in Metro’s history!

Next door in California, 25 cities have a female Chief of Police and our California transplants notice Metro’s lack of women first by their complete and total absence in the Visual Media here and this has gotten worse under Sheriff Lombardo until literally just the other day when new Captain Kelly McMahill, the Undersheriff’s spousehe too must call ‘ma’am’ just like everyone else must!’, conducted her first TV Press briefings regarding Officer Involved Shootings she is now the Commander over with her new Captain rank!

<—Retired LVMPD Lt Junaita Goode remains the highest ranking Black-American women at Metro today!

Metro did not publicly announce any of these four women to their new ranks under Sheriff Lombardo and only Captain Roxanne McDaris-Berke has had any Press and that was like more than a year after she became Captain. So here are the other three women who rose to the rank of Captain in Metro’s continuing effort to repair the damage 10 solid years of Metro ignoring that all of the women were either leaving or retiring and nobody doing anything about it!

They are: Captain Sasha Larkin, Captain Nicole Splinter, and Captain Kelly McMahill!

Metro loves to emulate the LAPD except on Media which no Department in the US does it better than they do.  The LAPD new website is a smash hit and they roll out their PR Machinery bigtime to announce promotions with three classes of Captains and two classes of Lieutenants.  This is something I had hoped Sheriff Lombardo would jump head first into, but to date, he has not.

LVMPD’s Facebook is now a cluster fuq of each Area Command having their own and their own Twitter accounts too instead of them feeding their news into MLK and distributed out of the company’s main accounts.  The Department’s website still sucks badly, but is still the main platform of information distribution and Metro is in competition with the LAPD over who has the most FB ‘likes’ and that isn’t producing good and consistent Metro Messaging either!  This must be addressed but no one seems to be advocating for that to date!

<—Lt Misty Pence (left) decided to not ‘test’ for Captain recently which is probably a good thing since we really have no credible formula and standard for testing our Captains anymore at the LVMPD!

Women are not better or worse officers than men, but they are different because men and women are different from one another in how we process things. Metro at one time had 10.3% female commissioned officers according to the FBI and are down to 8% and that’s simply unacceptable.  Los Angeles PD has 19%, New York 17% and both departments make a BFD about their commissioned women and maintain historical archives which track their ascent within each department right on their websites!

The LVMPD is failing badly in recruitment and retention of female officers and addressing this failing has not been a top priority for Sheriff Lombardo though as Assistant Sheriff, he did promote to Lieutenant, the largest class of females in department history, two of whom achieved the rank of Captain under his command: Larkin and McMahill.   I was pleased to learn that Lt Misty Pence did not wish to ‘test’ for Captain and she stayed at the Academy as a trainer there, and that’s OK, we can’t force people into career lanes they’re not ready to commit to or are not interested in and that’s the grave damage ten full years of not paying any attention to women and minorities has left our police force dealing with today.

That doesn’t just look bad, it is bad!  The sheriff is very vulnerable on this point heading into re-election.

<—This ad is extraordinarily effective and perhaps the very best ad that Metro has ever posted and I would pair this with Sheriff Lombardo’s pic and personal invitation to join the Department and its pre-application programing right away and would roll it out in print Media from tiny school newspapers, to college papers, to major print media, it’s that good an ad—and on the company website—LVMPD.com—too which is still a travesty of 1990’s approaches in a 2017 world!

I don’t know if they came up with it at the LVMPD or stole it from another Department or pro-Cop publication, but its amazingly current in that its also addressing the Equal Pay canard Progressive Extremists have been trying to peddle for most of the last decade plus.

Whomever birthed this baby for the LVMPD, take yourself a much deserved bow, because this is Superior Work!


How do you recruit women and minorities effectively when Metro Media is an all-male public Media presentation?  The very gayest ‘looking’ of Las Vegas Gay Bars and Spas is right there on MLK! Who knew?  Including females in Metro’s Media Werks is a fuqn no-brainer and the Department has women of the rank of Sergeant and higher more than capable of commenting or being a part of Commenting Triage Teams. Frankly, I’m very surprised the women serving on the Clark County Board of Commissioners haven’t publicly pointed out to the sheriff that his Metro Media Presentation is All dick, All day these past two years!

Which makes another misstep the sheriff made in 2016 stand out even more. After LVPPA and PMSA inked new and affordable contracts without public media comment from the sheriff last year and when this would be considered good news for the sheriff to share with us. he decided he wanted to bring Metro’s Captains ‘in-house’ to be appointed by the sheriff like the Deputy Chiefs, Assistant Sheriffs and the Undersheriff currently are. Captains are currently the highest rank of Civil Service and what a lot of officers have as a career goal at the LVMPD. There’s not many of them, 31 or so, I think, but the sheriff filed an Action with the EMRB last fall looking for them to bless his making our Lieutenants the new highest level of Civil Service by pulling the Captains into appointed status without any reason given.

<—This past 2016 Christmas season, PMSA Chair, Sergeant Michele Jotz (left) and Captain Sasha Larkin (right) had themselves surgically conjoined at the head, they’re such good friends and Metro Team Mates, and Captain Larkin even decorated Chair Jotz with Christmas lights!

This idea of his lingered on for a number of weeks and no current Captain was said to be supportive either.  This is where Sergeant Michele Jotz comes back into play last year. She had just won a decisive victory becoming the first Chairwoman of the LVPMSA last fall with a 17 point win and the sheriff pulled this inexplicable shot on her because the Captains are under her union.  It looked to observers including me, like the sheriff was beating up on a girl and I couldn’t see what value pulling the Captains into appointment would serve either Lombardo or future sheriffs.  He decided to drop the matter entirely, also without explanation, before the EMRB had put it up as an agenda item.

The most likely reason he pulled this shot on Sgt Chair Jotz and his Captains is because we’re promoting to Captain at Metro now without any credible criteria for them to reach or achieve anymore and the last three Captains , all three I’m very supportive of their promotion to Captain—Todd Raybuck, Sasha Larkin, and Kelly McMahillsimply had to know their names, how long they’ve been on the force, and then do well in the Swimsuit Competition it would seem.

The process has always been subjective and no one is going to achieve the rank of Captain without the sheriff being OK with it which is why both PMSA and the Office of Sheriff should be able to work this out and recreate a viable testing platform which is fair to all aspirants who can only come from the LVMPD’s vaunted Lieutenant Class and you’re not going to achieve Lt ranking if the sheriff doesn’t want you there either, so this dillydallying about a Captains rank testing criteria is another inexplicable position from Sheriff Lombardo.

Mr Sheriff, have your 31 sitting Captains write the testing questions for future wannabe Captains!

<—-Sexisim is alive and well in Law Enforcement today including at our beloved Metro and this perky former LVMPD Patrol Officer, our gal pal, now retired Laurie Bisch, has a chapter all to herself for her ground-breaking 2006 race for sheriff which tapped right into a voter rich artery back then and had Jerry Airola not been in that race, PO Bisch would have defeated Doug Gillespie in the 2006 General Election.

Ms Bisch is dating the most dateable, eligible fella in the state—no, not me, Dr Dale Mitchell Carrison—and she mentioned to me not too far back that she’s giving strong consideration to another try at the Office of Sheriff.

Can you even imagine for a minute Sheriff Lombardo debating Deputy Chief Kathy O’Connor (left), Lt Juanita Goode, and Patrol Officer Laurie Bisch?  They’d all look like they were beating up on a boya Guido Boy!  

This photo would make the cut for Outdoor Media consideration if I were running DC O’Connor’s race.  I love this picture of her and so do many, many others in Clark County!

The Lefties would love it in 2018 too when they will all be starving for red, bloody meat, politically!  Democratic voters are the big majority in Clark County and they’re going to want to hear something new, from someone new  in 2018!

The time is right for a number of LVMPD firsts including our first Latino and Black-American as well as a trio of female candidates and maybe a guy from North Carolina, which is one of the few benefits Black Lives Matters have brought to the electorate from coast-to-coast as a significant, if not majority portion of Americans are looking at Law Enforcement in their own back yard and assessing what it is that they’re seeing.

What they’re seeing from Visible Metro however, is working against Sheriff Joe Lombardo’s re-election today because its an All Male Revue in the Media!  This past Saturday, the sheriff sent his second Tweet of the year announcing his visit to Swadeep ‘Skip’ Nigam’s floating Asian-American Club and Crap Game!

Chair Jotz is no rookie or newbie at 20 years of LVMPD service and has built up for herself significant ‘brand’ in her former LVPPA and now PMSA duties and is an all around pleasant, approachable, knowledgeable, seasoned, and experienced police Sergeant and now union Chief I’ve known since the lead up to Lt Williams’ 2006 race.  She enjoys across the board support with the Nevada Legislature and all of the other political franchises our police unions interact with.  Along with President Steve Grammas over at LVPPA, Jotz and he are ano drama, no bullshit’ pairing in that their members like them both and every indication is that we’ve entered into a productive period of cooperation between our to two union locals and the Department after a few years of a number of psychos always looking over their shoulders for whomever was going to stick a deserving knife into their backs, and who departed, but don’t let me leave an impression that Jotz and Grammas are joined at the hip, they’re not, and are very independent of one another as their unions have different goals and objectives.

<—JoeLo needs to redo and re-shoot everything because this picture of Sheriff Lombardo from 35 years ago, or was it from when he was 35 years old?, doesn’t capture the modern, contemporary Guido Guy we’ve all come to kind of, somewhat, maybe a little bit, vaguely and distantly, know these past two years!

On ‘Cornflakes & Roughage for his Colon Health with Lombardo’ on Channel 8, he’s showing up for less and less they tell me, Todd Fasulo guest starring for Sheriff Lombardo was just so happy to be a guest with me tuning in last July, he was great but just too damn happy talking about Domestic Violence and he was actually twinkling! 

No shit, a g*ddamn Assistant Sheriff ‘twinkling’; get the YouTube from the Smithsonian’s Fasulo Institute Archives and see for yourselves! Just so you all know, Assistant Sheriff Kelly has never ‘twinkled’ even about Girl Scout Cookies, though he did Twerk with the Obama girls, and Assistant Sheriff Roberts is looking up synonyms for ‘twinkling’ as you’re reading this because he has no idea what Twerking is and its best that he never learns according to Mrs Roberts!

Fasulo is every Chubby little Cherub you’ve ever gotten on a Valentine from that bitch who’s stalking you again!  He’s telegenic and enthusiastic—everything JoeLo is resisting to date—and he should have commented, not JoeLo, on the 2015 Miss Universe fuq-up now that I think about it, and several readers will suffer heart attacks reading this, but I think AS Fasulo had a great 2016, he also answered my very few questions right away too, and no, we still have not had any libation together, the little fuqr!  

AS Fasulo continues fighting the Battle of the Lasagna Layer all Bonanza Hgh School male alumni had before their chests exploded leaving him the only known male survivor of his class today!  Judge Amy Chellini elbowed both Fasulo and Lombardo out of her way and assumed the mantle of Chief Clark County Guido Girl—The Godmother!—in charge of all matters involving Italian-Americans in SoNev!  I thought that would be a Call to Action for JoeLo, but it wasn’t.

Every indication today is that Sheriff Lombardo is attempting to clear the way for Assistant Sheriff Fasulo to succeed him as Sheriff and that’s going to run into some significant opposition though I’m less troubled by the prospect than I was even a few years ago.  I still don’t think he’s ready or that enough of his haters have retired, or left the Department, got whacked, or died of natural causes yet.  If Fasulo were to become the ‘anointed one’ and Undersheriff McMahill bypassed, I think the Resorts would have significant reservations since McMahill is doing things as Undersheriff running the day-to-day operations which none of his predecessors had done…and which I intend to remind the Resorts about too.

Fasulo serving as McMahill’s Undersheriff-they are best friends and McMahill even told him when the return flight was departing and brought him back home from Australia once, instead of leaving him there with the Dingos looking lustily at his Lasagna Layer—makes much more sense if JoeLo is departing at the 30 year mark in 2018.  Some at Metro have suggested JoeLo will run for re-election and then suddenly retire a short time later to have the CCBC appoint Todd Fasulo sheriff until the next election in 2020.

I can’t imagine Joe Lombardo pulling a shot like that, but it does give one pause because he’s really not gearing up for re-election and has a lot of soft, mushy spots for opponents to hit like Desert Sky and his great-grandma or former sister-in-law of whatever she was, Liesl Freedman, Metro’s lackluster General Counsel, who remains a drag on the sheriff’s re-election because she doesn’t have sense to leave after delivering such a shitty performance. Another is his angering 2nd Amendment voters again, and his never appearing together with his Undersheriff for interviews, or as I once suggested when the profession was under siege nationally, to bring with him for TV appearances, young rookie cops to reassure us all that as sheriff, Joe Lombardo does have their Six-their backs, which still isn’t always clear to voters from him on Metro Media!

<—-This is Captain Kelly ‘Ma’am’ McMahill (left) who just in the past month has become the LVMPD’s top female TV personality under Sheriff Lombardo with her two TV and YouTube performances about Officer Involved Shootings!  

‘Ma’am’ is helping Metro Media not look like two-for-one drink night at the gay bar its looked like for all of the time JoeLo has been sheriff!

Behind ‘Ma’am’ is one of the LVMPD’s new SUV’s which are replacing the old four-door sedan cruisers which really sucked for officers and the SUV’s have changed Patrolling significantly in that officers have a 1000% improved field of vision and are sitting about 30 feet higher than they were in the old cruisers with big ass-dents and officers without a Lasagna Layer can see the Grand Canyon from them!

Many, many readers report a big drop in insane, Type-A, aggressive driving by Metro officers in SUVs which is another thing Sheriff Lombardo could shout out about the LVMPD!  I’ve noticed it too!

Right now, the Undersheriff’s old lady ‘Ma’am’ is tracking very well to hit Deputy Chief and perhaps become our first female Assistant Sheriff too and that sound you just heard was a retired officer now in Michigan, fainting reading this because she loves playing the accordion and Polka music so much!

I guess I may have started a storm by suggesting that Kevin McMahill would be a good fit over at United States Marshal now held by Obama appointee, former LVMPD Lt Christopher Hoye, for whom I blew up a couple of logjams to get his appointment moving for him—he is serving us very well as our USM today!   President Trump and Senator Heller are dragging their feet on whether or not Hoye will remain at USM and Hoye would also make a very credible candidate for Clark County Sheriff in 2018 and beyond too!  I suggested to Hoye if he does run, to not run as ‘the Black guy’and to let us figure that out for ourselves!  Same thing for retired Deputy Chief Al Salinas to not run as ‘the Latino guy’ either because both men are eminently qualified to grab the reins of the bucking bronco Metro and its 5,000+ staff have always been!


All of this said, we’re very much a Second Term state and routinely give officer-holders a second term so long as they’re not setting their employees on fire and if they have a really good reason to light the match, even that’s OK with voters here!   More than three years of relentless attack by the USDOJ, Black Lives Matter, and the former failed president on the Law Enforcement profession nationwide done solely for Obama 11th hour legacy building, has both strengthened and weakened Sheriff Lombardo with 18 months to go for the 2018 election.  Had Captain Larry Burns run and lost in 2010 instead of taking the XO Lt bribe Sheriff Gillespie seduced him with, he may have won in 2014!

If he’s really running again,  Sheriff Joe Lombardo needs to step up and make his case now.  To date, he’s lacking on this front!


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