She’s Not Going Away…Ever!

Posted by Michael Zahara on May 18, 2017

<—General all around pain-in-the-ass, fellow National Treasure Camille Paglia (right), surfaced after a much too long unexcused absence from the National Conversation in a story within the rusty, dusty, ragtag, has-been, washed-up, completely irrelevant gay publication ‘The Advocate’! 

Their reader comments were salted with gems like this from a Vagina Hat wearer, the ambiguously named ‘Jess Lopez’ regarding Ms Paglia:

‘She’s exactly like Susan Sarandon. But ugly and talentless.’   Ha! Take that you bitches!

Ms Paglia, an actual Leftist Intellectual of the Italian-American Guido Chick variety, tore up the 1990s just honking the hate-drenched Militant Lesbian Gulag Feminists off for her not conforming to their microscopic dark, moist, vaginal world-view of some of the most dog-shit stupid, intellectually bankruptcy ideas and concepts doped-out, drunken dyke die-hards like Naomi Wolf and Gloria Steinman could puke out!

Oh, and her take on one Hillary Clinton has no equal! 

No one in America has such a splendid track record of calling out Hillary Clinton as the sociopath, poseur, and pretender prima donna she has always been; the antithesis of Feminism!

<—This book made made her a star when published in 1990 and also made her a pariah to the DNC’s Militant Lesbian Feminist Wing who had declared 1992 to be ‘The Year of the Women’, but not for the six female US Senators we would elected that year, but for the new president’s horribly unqualified spouse they had already decided would ascend to become our first female president after her husband had completed his two-terms!

Mind you, this was all decided by this then very powerful and evil cabal within the DNC long before a 1992 vote was ever cast!  Camille Paglia would have nor hear any of this nonsense and laid Hillary’s lying bullshit out with surgical precision!  Remember at this time there was no Democratic Resistance, no reply, or rebuke from any of our thousands and thousands of aggrieved sub-groups.

Before Hillary Clinton on 60 Minutes claimed the mantle of the most reviled and detested, sort of female-resembling person our nation had ever produced since Mrs Paul sold her first fish-stick without explaining where she was finding these rectangular-shaped fishes, Camila Paglia was hated on something fierce by Home Depot’s Dyke-America Dysfunctional Dipshits for committing the greatest sin known:  Hating on Hillary Clinton and then calling she and all of her bullshit out perfectly and consistently, every single time she chose to comment or write about her! Paglia wrecked them all so badly that those silly savages over at the Advocate can’t muster up even a clever, biting response calling Paglia ‘pathological’ in her intense hatred of Mrs Clinton the other day!

Ouch, that sure hurts, dammit!

<—In 1995, Camille deconstructed Sexual Harassment in the workplace and further championed on the side of men on the issue and Militant Lesbian Feminists were apoplectic that their chosen ‘Blame Men for Everything’ narrative was being discussed and challenged at all!

Paglia was a darling of many including gay men who loved her, then hated her when the Scary Dykes they never liked threatened to whack ’em all with Hello Kitty AK-47s, if they didn’t fall into line and tow the company line!

Orlando-stan and the Muslim done massacre at the club was an inevitability because those gay men cowered to their power way back then! 

Paglia back then, had also inadvertently chronicled the forthcoming Death and Total Destruction of the Democratic Party in 2016 assassinated in cold blood this past November by Hillary Clinton!  She’s returned with a new book and is once again upsetting the living shit out of people within the GLBT Fascist Hate-Spewing Industrial Complex!

Free Women, Free Men: Sex, Gender, and Feminism

But this is the recently published interview that set America’s GLBT Hateful and Hate-Filled Fascists off:

Camille’s timing couldn’t have been more perfect for me because since the beginning of this month I’ve been observing the Clinton Tent Revival and all I can say is that nothing these two were ever going to do would be graceful and gracious.

Ever hopeful, I had hoped that after wasting more than 25 years of our time and hers and blocking by body slam any other females, that after her much deserved humiliation last November, that Hillary Clinton would settle into alcohol-drenched bitterness, a rocking chair, and a comfy extra-large adult diaper.

I said ‘hoped’, but I also just knew that that bitch would be back again for our daring not to love her twice now,  Gosh, we are bastards, aren’t we?

I can only imagine election night 2016! After listening to Rahm Emmanuel again regale those of us gathered there in Chicago one evening in 2008 about the hell he lived through going head-to-head with her on everything during her husband’s presidency, I accepted then that this broad was a nonredeemable hella-bitch and that everything everyone had ever said about her was true and not at all embellished.  You can’t redeem sociopath tendencies in politics, the real you bleeds through no matter how good an actor you believe yourself to be.

No truer words were ever spoken about her than when William Saphire called her a ‘congenital liar’ in 1996!  Yes, it really has been 21 years since he wrote the political line of the century and nothing about her or within her changed at all.

What she’s doing today is her ‘Reconstruction Tour’—not to ever be confused with a more typical ‘Redemption Tour‘ in politics because she feels no need whatsoever to redeem anything at all about her corrupted self and her corrupted staffers, where very mature and grown up-like, she stated she was taking ‘absolute personal responsibility’ for her loss for the very first time in her life regarding anything.  Her very unique to her way of taking personal responsibility was to blame James Comey and Vladimir Putin, sexism, misogyny, three French hens, two turtle doves, and a partridge in a pear tree!

Political people in both parties and their Helper Monkeys like to schedule and plan their campaign calendars for certain things to happen as certain days and dates are reached.  This is done to help give the Campaign Back Office its structure and internal discipline to achieve goals and benchmarks desired at the 30 day, 60 day, 90 day point etc…It tends to also give a nice clean timeline of events and milestones within a campaign and then Senator Dale Bumpers of Arkansas had taught this planning technique to Bill Clinton when he was new and green and first running for state office down there in the 1980s.

Hillary Clinton is doing the exact same thing today coming out to talk at the six months past November point and the media and DNC she controls everything on, is even stronger today than before the election because the opposition won the White House in 2016.  What she is currently doing is a kind of political signaling to dare not even attempt to challenge her preeminence and superiority as the party’s leader and next president-in-waiting; she is in fact running again in 2020 irrespective of what creative lying she and her husband and daughter are all saying to the contrary right now.

As we all learned in Sunday School as taught to us by Jesus and Bill Clinton, never ever believe anything any politician says—especially a g*ddamn Clinton!—because with them, what comes out of their mouths has no connection at all to the truth and never did!

I watched the DNC meetings this past March in bemused delight as Hillary rolled all the Progressive Extremists like the pro she is in that regard.   She would step hard on both her grand-babies and crush their throats to get a fuqn stick of gum outta you and has no idea what their names are (Donald and Daisy) and doesn’t give a rat’s ass what their names are either!  Didn’t she look remarkably ‘cured’ of whatever it was which was troubling her last year that was not chronic diarrhea from all that liquor?  Apparently having been double-dipped in the nation’s top shelf, very best embalming fluid and with a tanker truck of Jack Daniels to get her through her morning shakes and DTs, she is back!

Perez is her Party Chair, nothing was even mentioned about reforming or outright ending Super Delegates, by time 2020 arrives, she will have had yet another Political Epiphany and say she came to the realization that she wasn’t a good listener because that ‘g*ddamn n*gger foreigner’ threw her off her game in 2008!  Birther was her 2008 baby you idiot Progressive Extremists she is quite familiar with the ‘n-word’ and is well-practiced in its use! Ask anyone who had crossed her dark path these past 40+ years!

How any Black-American could have cast a vote for her in 2016 speaks to a particular and peculiar dysfunction among this bloc’s voters!  Let’s call it Political Stockholm Syndrome!

Had Camille Paglia been out in public, I don’t think Hillary Clinton would have beaten Bernie Sanders; Paglia, working on this current book, was not public in political performance for the 2016 cycle and claims she cast her Primary vote for Sanders and General for Jill Stein.  If the DNC’s naive and ill-prepared Progressive Extremist Wing of Bigots wish to end Hillary Clinton for good, everyone’s going to need a healthy supply of wooden stakes and to give to Camille Paglia a personal plea and invitation to be their candidate’s Attack Dog!

She’s that damn good at getting under the skin of the Democratic Party’s Pimps, especially its High Priestess Pimp, Hillary Clinton, and she will fuq that bitch up real bad, as the kid’s say in Sunday School these days!

That former FBI Director James Comey was unceremoniously fired just had to piss her the fuq off and throw her into psychotic rages again too.  The whole phony Putin Election Interference narrative, while downright delicious coming from her of all people, if it were to be even fractionally true, would certainly cast the entire Obama Administration and presidency as the most inept, incompetent, unaware, brain-dead presidential apparatus in US history and I’m stating this knowing full well how poorly the current president is faring unable to control his Tweeting while Masturbating Addiction for which there is no 12-Step program or Express Elevator option toward a cure!

That the USDOJ and AGs Holder and Lynch were not told of the existence of her server and that email traffic from government secured servers were being rerouted secretly to an unregistered, unknown server over at Hillary’s Hideaway would be a colossal breach of National Security, but is an impossibility because such breaches are required to be reported to the highest level of DOJ when discovered.  Had they ever been under oath or even casually questioned, would they actually have said they didn’t know?  Would they risk what saying they didn’t know meant to our national security interests?

It strains to the breaking point of credulity and insults even the very stupidest people in our Republic to not just assume, but to actually know, that all of this Vladimir Putin nonsense is a HUGE canard to affix blame for her loss to Putin via Trump, when she and her unlawful server breached national security and Putin read every single email in real time because though a frosty little fuqr, he headed the former KGB, now the SVR for years and is a brilliant master spy who had no trouble at all getting those emails from her unsecured personal server!

One doesn’t rise to head the former KGB by being the guy who brings the good donuts in for the girls in the office on Friday or by flirting with the fat chicks at the water cooler so that’s what everybody is attempting to play to their advantage today and no, even the Special Prosecutor will find no wrongdoing because yes, Trump knew about all of this and used it to his advantage before being elected and there’s nothing illegal about doing that.  He’s a billionaire and bought all that he knew then and knows now but Flynn and others were not in the loop and took unacceptable risks but which will not result in presidential impeachment, but Trump’s obnoxious threats to Comey could, but that would mean Comey would have to expose his role he keeps getting nauseated over according to him.

James Comey looks the very worst of all of them today, another indicator nothing at all will become of this Political Drag Show!

Left completely unanswered by the Comey directed Faux FBI Hillary Emails Investigative Effort was who knew what and when did they know it because by the time we mere mortals learned about any of this bullshit early in March of 2015, she had already completed her Obama Admin time as USSOS during his first term and had gotten herself the hell out of there after the 2012 election…free and clear she certainly had thought.

<—Reviving his Emmy and Tony Award winning break-out role as Lurch Addams for the US House Community Playhouse Players, Rep Trey Gowdy (R-Dickhead SC) had a loaded pistol pointed right at Hillary Clinton’s colostomy bag in 2016, but preferred the FBI’s James Comey pull his trigger rather than his dick which he’d been doing since becoming FBI Director in yet another Obama Admin Catastrophe with Consequences we’re mopping up today!

To understand what it was that actually happened here, you have to know when it began and what a lot of people have completely forgotten about was that the US House accidentally stumbled upon her unlawful server doing its Trey Gowdy Committee work looking into Benghazi!  When they realized what it was they were actually looking at, there was no way a grand jury would ever be sat, no way the FBI was going to be the entity which brought down the first Black-American president and both his Attorneys General, and also end the White House quest of who it was supposed to be as the first female president.  Rep Gowdy, all full of piss and vinegar and also a true political rising star…but equally capable of directing his Committee to the very same conclusions he preferred the FBI provide instead, simply would not pull the proverbial political trigger and moving by escalating his investigation of Hillary to the Speaker to send to the Judiciary Committee which would review and bring charges against Mrs Clinton, Huma Abidin, and some smaller players who did the covert installation and maintenance work as well as the illegally erasing of 30,000 emails under subpoena and the scrubbing of the server which despite Barack Obama publicly lying though not under oath, claimed he knew nothing about, though the FBI leaked that he most certainly did know!  And so did Eric Holder, and so did Loretta Lynch!

And Hillary Clinton knew that they would not move to seat a grand jury too but her phony veneer began wearing very thin with she under intense pressure and everyone in the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch in the know literally holding their collective breath hoping and praying she would assassinate herself and end this gigantic pile of shit she personally dumped onto the nation she despises for it not loving her twice while it was blowing Bill in a broom closet since the 1990s!…and she almost did losing her psychopathic composure in front of the Committee stating ‘What does it matter now?’ and refusing to even attempt to walk that back!  That was an emotional verbal exasperation and could not be the impetus to move her EmailGate crimes forward.  What they needed was her to publicly perjure herself which did not materialize and thus, no one did anything at all about her crimes, we never got any answers and a timeline of events, and James Comey looked and sounded like the stoolie he truly is carrying her dirty bath water!  Trump should have fired him, actually, Obama should have fired him, but because he knew Comey had the goods on his phony lying ass too, he did not!

Because other dynamics were in control of outcomes, not the least of which was a ticking away clock on the Statue of Limitations depending on what type of crimes and what conducts left paper and electronic trails not for a grand jury which is very easy to secure indictment, but an actual trial jury.

Or what is almost certainly what was driving everyone’s hesitance is if time had already expired long ago when most charges on this type of corruption need to be discovered within a three year window.   While that would free Hillaryzilla theoretically, it would also end her 2016 campaign because her retarded rationale for having the server installed in a cabinet next to the commode in the basement of her New York home, was revoltingly insulting to everyone’s intelligence!  She needed to have it and it was essential to our National Security to have the super-secret server next to her while she was crapping in the basement over in Chappaqua!  

However, the Espionage Act contains no such crapping exemptions!

She went so far as to blame Colin Powell while hiding behind her nine fuqn lawyers!  Nine lawyers, most given immunity, and Hillary herself not deposed under oath?  Huma Abidin not charged for never signing her Confidentiality Agreements even after HRC departed and being closely associated with the Muslim Brotherhood?  

It absolutely was a Conspiracy of Silence and no one is pure, both parties are fully complicit, the former FBI Director a proven fraud and liar concerned only with protecting the Political Class of both parties which is why I demanded here after the election that the president-elect clean house at USDOJ.  While I know AG Sessions is highly qualified, I would bet that the president’s people wish he had heeded my house-cleaning advice today!

President Trump is not understanding the urgency and necessity of a wholesale removal of dozens and dozens of bureaucrats at USDOJ who failed in the mission and ignored their oaths long before he started running his stupid-ass mouth shooting himself in the foot so often these past only six months, he’s down to stubs below the ankles now!

And there was shitstain now former FBI Director James Comey playing the lovable Mrs Riccardo eating the chocolates rapidly coming off the conveyor belt to uproarious laughter from the audience—I was laughing so hard I was crying this lying was so g*ddamn entertaining!and his also not being able to keep his fat trap shut, continuing to break his arm patting himself on the back for his role in all of this his being so pure and ethical and all, but who should have never had any association whatsoever with this faux email investigation because he personally blew up all Bureau ethical standards and protocols taking the role when his own brother is cemented in partnership with the Clinton Foundation and husband Bill, and wow, that really is so ethical of you Mr Comey to forgive yourself so selflessly by never bothering to mention to anyone, any of this absolute conflict of interest you believe that you never had!

You accepted the role of Political Pervert Mr Comey, you made your bed and you’ve gotta know by now she’s gonna whack you like so many others before you who displeased her!

So, welcome back to public life Ms Paglia!  Your particular skills are needed by your country today to be the burr in that bitch’s britches because your fellow Progressives are just too stupid to know they were sold out by Bernie who chose to continue living and not being whacked by Hillary Corleone Clinton…and doing so in yet another new multi-million dollar home which just appeared one day like he lives in Brigadoon Vermont or something!

Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren is another truly phony bitch who just couldn’t wait to sell-out to Mrs Corleone Clinton so don’t concern yourself with other candidates Camille, because your mission is to take that bitch out and you have the verbal and rhetorical dexterity and skills to do so and an anxious nation awaits your return because today, nothing and no one stands in HRC’s way to deny her the 2020 Dem nomination all thanks to one complete total fuq named James Comey who makes our Fremont Street crack whores here, all look like nuns!

Call me Camille, come on out here and stay with me a few days and I’ll even cook for you—whaddya want, huh?  Lasagna? Sausage and peppers? Tuscan chicken?—and we’ll develop the game-plan which will place yours as the fifth face on Mt Rushmore when you successfully complete your mission!

Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!





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