The Sad, the Bad, and the Fugly!

Posted by Michael Zahara on Jun 18, 2017

I’m still trying to get my arms around just how bad and plug ugly the 79th Legislative Session in Carson City really was from our Progressive Extremist Bigots here in Nevadastan. 

I don’t think I’m ready yet…or that you are either!  Maybe next week!

<—WatchdogWag Exclusive—I regret to inform that his very first bill and his Signature Legislation as the undeserving, soon-to-be-dumped-in-a-coup for being a super-sexist, racially biased and hyper-bigoted portly little fuqr, Speaker Jason Frierson, was about Diaper Changing Stations being a now mandatory item to include in public Rest Rooms!

Kind of makes you wonder where he and the Mrs have been shopping for the last 30 years these things have been in every Public Shitter in America, doesn’t it?

What he didn’t tell us is that its for Adult Diaper Changing Stations to satisfy both his and Senator Mark Manendo’s (left and throwing a chub awaiting his fresh diaper!) In-Public Diaper Changing Perv!

Brace yourselves because I think Mark Manendo tried to diaper a duly horrified R&R Partners mega-partner Peter Ernuat in the Legislature’s opulent Men’s Room, while Undeserving Speaker Frierson watched and panted waiting his turn, and which may be why this investigation is taking months and years

Peter, you’re a big, powerful muckety-muck here and I’m so sorry if it was you who was violated by Senator Manendo!  Dammit!  Lets get some counseling for you good sir!

I’m waiting for this now YEARS LONG ‘investigation’ of Senator Mark Manendo’s ‘Pervin’ for the People’ to conclude seeing that we’ve learned about it the first week of May, also learning along the way that Senator Aaron Fraud Ford doesn’t know his own asshole from the one that he married apparently at the point of her own two-barrel shotgun which is why there are no wedding pictures on Google Images according to one of the still distressed about it who were there and may be claiming to be someone’s mother, and that Senator Fraud Ford is and always has been a horseshit, 5th rate attorney who lives to fondle once-a-year, Berna Rhodes Ford’s Sliding South Titties, by playing the Race Card and that these Ford Family Fraud Fuqrs will die a much deserved political death very soon because that’s what a no-talent, racially biased and prejudiced bigot like Senator Aaron Fraud Ford deserves as his Very Unhappy Ending here!

This type of investigation really should be done by the police if its Harassment and/or Sexual Assault so why haven’t they’ve been brought in since Aaron Ford’s mysterious, incompetent, and billable hours attorney ‘investigating’ couldn’t be any less interested than he is?


<—Yep, Mr Schreck Isa Dick (left) looked like a big ol’ bag of shit way,way, way back in the 1970s too!  

That’s my buddy Stretch Armstrong he’s holding rather unflatteringly to Stretch I might add!

My arms just aren’t big enough or long enough yet to get around our Carson Critters!  I may have to call in my old friend Stretch Armstrong to help except that some Colossal Asshole Attorney named Frank Schreck Isa Dick was rumored to have removed Stretch from the market by the Consumer Products Safety Commission in the 1970’s–425

Whatta fuqn dick Mr Shcreck Isa Dick is really!  He’s been one of our town’s infamous Flatulence Friendly Farter Fuqrs for years now and he lives at Queensridge Slums and deserves to meet an untimely departure along with all the rest of them that this part of the West Valley was famous for way before the first shovel was ever turned over for Peccole Ranch and Summerlin—the area being the former top choice of Outfit Friendly Farter Fuqrs to leave their old mattresses, kitchen appliances, and deceased former associates for the buzzards to snack on!

‘…misty water-colored memories, of the way we were…’   I appreciate the old ways of the olden days more and more with each passing day here, don’t you?

That’s a Ms Streisand something-or-other that you’re hearing in the background and who stopped over to sing for us while I created this piece for you loyal readers!  Go ahead honey, wave to the people, and keep singing bitch cuz Daddy’s not paying you to stand there like those ignorant-ass Queensridge Slums people!

I’m requesting readers help in finding out for me which nationality the Shreck Isa Dick surname belongs to, and until I do learn, I’m calling him Basque and to butch this little bitch attorney up a little bit, I’ll also throw in calling him a Basque Separatist quite a bit too just for shitz and giggles!

<— Standing amid the always dead grass the Badlands Golf Course was world famous for because no one wanted to ever pay to fuqn water it, is owner Yohan Lowie who also lives at Queensridge Slums!

My problem with Queensridge Slums have been many since about an hour and a half after moving here full-time in 2003 and stretch back to 2000 when I blamed 9-11 on Queensridge Slums asinine homeowner Nazis back then, and my opinion of these horribly obnoxious people has never changed!  I lived across Charleston in the old Camden Slave Quarters in the best place I’ve ever leased here with the best staff and the #1 Maintenance Man in all of human history!

I still sincerely hope that all of their homes burn to the g*ddamn ground and have for 17 years!  I have also requested my new friends from Cali–fire, earthquake, race rioting, and lava—to do what they must do to make these little fuqrs really feel at home for bringing their Californiastan bullshit here to Nevada!   Tidal Wave said it couldn’t get past San Bernadino unless its assisted by Mars impacting the Pacific Ocean, so they sent their regrets!

Black Lives Matter has been personally instructed to bring their mayhem to Queensridge Slums and ISIS’s new Las Vegas home is right off the 14th Fairway but they’re kind of shy and don’t want a lot of Press just yet!

Hasta La Vista you little Queensridge Slums Bitches!

I love renter-resident Brad Jerbic who is retiring as the City’s longtime ace attorney soon and of course Dr & Mrs Larry Lehrner aka Shelley Berkley Inc and Yohan Lowie doesn’t look tanned and in-shape enough for these Plastic People at Queensridge Slums, so I can bond with him too…if he’s buying!  There’s a political back story here too in that Rochelle-y wants to be our next mayor and Brad is starting his own little firm upon retirement and is expected to become our town’s newest billionaire the following Tuesday!  

He knows everything about everyone ever born who lives here now, where all the bodies are buried and who it was that buried them… and more importantly, why!  I’m going to just go out and retain Brad not because I fear being whacked and buried, but because its just good business not to be on the Bad Side of Brad Jerbic!

<—-My main issue with Queensridge Slums is the two imposing stallions at their Chaz & Apple Way entrance which aren’t just geldings but dickless geldings too! 

Who does such cruel statuary?

Frank Schreck Isa Dick lead the Queensridge Nazis in their Little Bitches Revolt over their stupid-ass, dead grass golf course and succeeded in beating our friend Bob Beers for re-election to his Ward 2 City Council seat which was disappointing to me and to tens of millions of others of course, but on November 17, 2016, the LVRJ ran a story of the City Counsel meeting where these spoiled brat—again,way too many of these assholes are from Californiastannone of them worth a damn, a shit or a fuq really and all of them, every single one of these Queensridge Slums Pieces of Shit, initialed their purchasing agreements about the golf course—and that would include Attorney Asshole Frank Schreck Isa Dick!

Why would any concern ever again hire this man and his over-priced firm to do any legal work?  If you’re so incompetent a lawyer as to not understand what it was you initialed when you purchased, how could you ever represent any other asshole needing a lawyer?

It was going to be a steep uphill race from that LVRJ story going forward running against ugly people with ugly demands thinking anyone gives a fuq about them and their demands!

<—Bob Beers’ iconoclastic father, 84 year old Frank Beers (left), channeled his feelings on Election Night at the corner of Town Center and Covington Cross realizing too late that his son needed both Ike and Omar Bradley to put down for good these Queensridge Slums Nazis!

So this was all about how little Mr Shreck Isa Dick dick really is and how embarrassed and ashamed he is that he’s so incompetent a lawyer with the Badlands Golf Course being cited as the reason years long clients of his firm are expected to go shopping for other actually competent legal representation.  And in the most delicious of ironies in the best case of Be Careful What You Wish For here in years, this golf course bullshit will fester for years to come with an incompetent bought and paid for boob afraid to touch an actual boob, in Steve Seroka who has no idea where his own asshole is despite being a big one himself who manages to find his own dick to pleasure himself to the Internet Porn he loves so much!

The snickering and giggling at Council meetings is expected to be deafening until he’s defeated in four years even though recall efforts have already begun and his current spouse is expected to dump his sorry ass as she is the butt of so many jokes about her not being able to satisfy him either his preferring his hand to her pussy—and she’s Asian yet too, poor thing!

<—This Pulitzer Prize winning photo has been circulating for weeks courtesy of a fine publication called ‘Old Gay Guys’ with regard to Councilman-elect Steve Seroka—Dick Puller who is not gay…or straight either apparently and may be our very first Tranny-totally into-Himself councilman!

‘Councilman-elect Seroka—Dick Puller, masturbating during City Council meetings is not allowed’ is the expected Press Release from Mayor’s Office before he’s sworn in next month.  Steve Seroka playing with his dick all day and night has been all anyone in SoNev has been talking about for weeks and the whackin’ off jokes at his expense will never stop!  

<—Councilwoman Lois Tarkanian suppresses bustin’ out in uproarious laughter as Carolyn Goodman checks her Writing Team’s work delivering for them both the Jag-Off Jokes which are expected to make future City Council meetings worth the price of admission until Steve Seroka’s current wife divorces him and he is recalled by voters!

Many of you are too young to remember when Lois used to do Stand-up and opened for Sinatra, her repertoire was jam-packed with Dick Pulling jokes years before she met and married Coach! 

Few know that Frank preferred Lois opening for him rather than Rickles!  I will join Lois’s Writing Team gratis next month in anticipation of nonstop skewering of the Adolescent Dick-Pulling Boy Wonder!


Mayor Goodman already has her team of top-notched writers producing a shitload of double-entandre Mae West inspired jag-off jokes about the jag-off and I for one can hardly wait until Lois delivers her very first joke at Steve-Seroka—Dick Puller’s expense!  I know you can’t either and that will be a helluva lead story on the 11 o’clock news, huh?

I just wanted you to know Mr Seroka that ever since your wife shared your fun Dick Pulling story, all everyone is ever going to do when you’re speaking or have the floor, is think about you whackin’ off all day and all night!

<—Thankfully brutally defeated in the Primary, douchbag Christina Roush took a moment at her Queensridge Slums pool with gal-pal Rosie O’Donnell to commiserate about her career as a infamous Vegas slumlord and saying this about Steve Seroka-Dick Puller,

‘Can you even believe that I lost to that little muthafuqr who really is an actual jag-off playing with his fuqn dick all day and all night? 

G*ddamnit!  Hey, you single honey?’, she said to me as Rosie was farting like a Teamster trying to get the Jacuzzi effect going in their stylish pool!


Oh well, that’s politics isn’t it Mr Shreck Isa Dick?    You did no due diligence at all on your boy—literally a 14 year carpetbagging no-talent, dick-pulling boy it would seem—and bought for yourself a Porn Addicted Chronic Masturbator!   Terrific work there Frank!

Jesus Christ do you look bad and it couldn’t happen to a better asshole than you Mr Shreck Isa Dick!  And no asshole, we’re not going to buy you and your friends the golf course with public money which is what you’ve always wanted all of the rest of us to do from the beginning!


People like Bob Beers and Heidi Almase are disappointed for a bit if/when they lose they lose but both are in political public life because they don’t need politics to fill some void or emptiness in their lives like Cara Campbell and Steve Seroka absolutely do.  Campbells’ sad-sack husband has long been RJC rumored to not be at all interested in her anymore, and Grandpa Twinkles went right out to Medfordstan, Oregon to hang with grand-daughter Twinkles Beers—that’s what’s really important to him these days and that’s why he’ll be back in public office and so will Heidi Almase!

Cara Campbell is predicted by many to be collapsed in a heap in the fetal position sucking her thumb and crying again, near-to-suicidal before Christmas with the boredom, repetition and monotony of her newly won seat.  Campbell believes she’s going to be able to lock up everyone who comes before her bench including her allegedly disinterested husband and USDOJ has polar opposite views.  Her Political Pimp is Tom Letizia who is Clark County’s new ‘Judge-Maker’ with his eye on every single one of maggot consultant Dave Thomas’s clients who’s proven twice now that he will pay any price to buy a judicial seat for anyone!

Next up for Pimp Letizia may be Monti Levy who whored herself like a pro for Campbell on FB to show to him how loyal she is and so that he wouldn’t beat her, I guess! She didn’t deny it when I brought the subject up in that FB thread!

Now its just a matter of who of Thomas’s stable of judges Tom will go after for Monti! 

<—Bob and Sarah Beers will not begin their lifelong dreams of become annoying street Mimes hustling tourists for tips, the clearest indication that Bob will seek and win another office very soon!

As an added bonus, Tom got rid of the insufferable, ineffective, lecturing Hindenburg bigot Anita Wood in NLV Ward III!  Thanks for offing that bitch Tom, now go out and poach all of Dave’s clients including his spouse victim Nancy!

Another irony is that Heidi Almase will become a District Court judge eons before Cara Campbell will!  Bob Beers will become our next Governor, win his seat back after Seroka is recalled or indicted, try for Miss Universe again, become Chancellor of UNLV, or become Construction Superintendent at the new 9,000 unit Badlands Golf Course redevelopment after the Queensridge Slums race-rioting and fires burn everything to the ground!

<—Oh, and Michele Fiore won her race and ended the Ross Family nightmare for all of us in SoNev!


Coming up soon:  Which Dem won Racist Bigot of the Year in Carson City during the just concluded worst session in decades!

Mike Zahara Siganture
Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!




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