Adios Congressman Kihuen, Hello Commissioner Kihuen

Posted by Michael Zahara on Dec 5, 2017

Yes, I’m pissed off at Ruben Kihuen but not for the reasons most people are today, disappointed is better than pissed off really. Surprised, no frankly, I wasn’t surprised. His ungentlemanly misconducts with a female subordinate was as reckless as it was thoughtless given his elected position.  Ruben attracts both genders and is actively chased which is always flattering to men except when it isn’t, but that he’s allowed himself to ever be alone with anyone of any gender is amazing to me in this caustic, corrosive day and age.

I remember him at party headquarters when NVDEMS was at Maryland Parkway just east on Vegas Valley Drive and across the street from the most shoplifted and now closed Walgreens within their Nevada territory.

We became instant friends upon meeting one another, he was a star–already a superstar really— and a celebrity in his own right and his aura was present and bleeding out of every pore on his body.  Handsome, intelligent, polite, reverential, respectful, curious, and aware.  He he did not aim to flatter me nor appeal to my vanity and that of other political people which was noticed immediately and appreciated very much by me.  That was in 2003 and by 2005-2006 when now retired Metro Lt Ron Williams asked my assistance in his race for Cook County Sheriff, I agreed in small part because I also knew that Ruben Kihuen would be launching his political birth and life running for Nevada Assembly in 2006 in what became the worst kept secret within the party for a year prior.  We all knew that he had the Old Man’s affections and that those affections were the real thing and Harry Reid and I had not yet deteriorate to our present mutual Hate-On one another society.  Ron and Ruben also became fast friends and we campaigned often together too.

It is of no comfort at all to me that I was correct about Harry Reid all along and that he is still today the toxic poison within NVDEMS ordering people around and about like a a Third World dictator is a most profound regret for me that I was not able to persuade enough persons allied with me that we had to assert and if he were to linger on even after retirement as our Fearless Leader, he would bring the entire State party down because no one was ever groomed as heir or heiress apparent—none of us statewide ever met his approval including his own son Rory Reid, and this was always Harry Reid way of operating in his blurry little world.

I still cannot fathom that Dina Titus or Catherine Cortez Masto did not assert to take over NVDEMS internal operations through their political apparatuses after their 2016 elections.  I still cannot believe and remain profoundly disappointed today that Congressman Ruben Kihuen did not assert for one or the other experienced women to take control of the reins of the party’s internal Ops at this year’s state convention. but instead folded and followed Harry’s direct orders to him resulting in electing NVDEMS’ very first Black-American Chair in ghetto-gangsta-playa-pretender-poseur William McCurdy II—the Black man in Black face StepnFetch It fella—who is dreadfully unqualified, easily flattered, not at all able and/or ready, and in way over his head for the the very difficult job of running a state party operation even in what I’ve always called our tiny Tumbleweed State no one gives a rat’s ass about in the other 49 or at DNC headquarters in Washington DC.

Erin Bilbray is not the Chair of NVDEMS today and there never being a time since my moving here full-time in 2003 when I thought that she wouldn’t someday ascend to become State Party Chair despite she and I feuding at one time. She would back then and would still today, have my support, my vote, my strategic advice, anything at all that she needed to help achieve that chairmanship of the party because she’d earned it the hard way doing the grunt prep work and as one of our DNC Reps for consecutive terms.  That Ruben Kihuen could have but did not stop the travesty which was NVDEMS’ May 2017 Convention where Harry Reid subliminally told every Dem in this state to go fuq off, and that he ‘wasn’t going anywhere in retirement you little bitches’, sealed our party’s fate for 2018 and possibly 2020 too!

Ruben Kihuen was one of a very small, select group of Democrats statewide who had the gravitas and street cred with the State Central Committee to appeal directly for them to look toward tomorrow and strongly advocate for Mrs Bilbray-Kohn.  Even if championing for Erin proved an impossible task for Ruben for some reason, there were others with the experience we could have begged to come in as Chair to assist during transition from a one office-holder, brutal, dictatorial Totalitarianism under the Reid Ragtag Regime so that we could become a matured, political entity in Nevada capable of choosing our own leadership—-Shelley Berkley and Tom Gallagher came to my mind for their abilities to unite our always squabbling selves—to guide the ship of party Ops through the very rough waters they brought on themselves in 2016, through the ever rougher and much tougher seas ahead with 2018 Mid-terms less than one year away and Chair McCurdy is a guaranteed Media disaster for us nationally because the DNC is crumbling to dust and soon to fail and self-destruct since William the Playa ranks among the very dumbest of dumb-asses in the entire Democratic Party nationally.  Mrs Bilbray-Kohn would have handled the upcoming 5th in a row national loss for Dems much better and that Rep Ruben Kihuen didn’t see that as being a very high value he was willing to lay it on the line for at the 2017 convention, and to his  great detriment as the news broke last Friday, is also immensely regrettable to me.

In fact, no one who could make that move would move at all–Chris G, Tick Segerbloom, David Parks.…some select others, but Ruben being the best known of the pro-Hillary Harry Reid blessed bots who even the old-line, old-school, old-age Rurals would have listened to and followed his lead.  I’d go so far as to say that had he done the right thing by Erin Bilbray-Kohn earlier this year, she would have been on national television not forgiving Ruben’s trespasses, but directly instructing Leader Pelosi—who had just told America that 297 year old Rep John Conyers was an ‘icon’ in his old guy drawers in front of females in his House office no less and only hours earlier—that ‘Though her opinion is highly valued as Leader, that it would be she as Nevada State Party Chair, along with her State Central Committee, would not be abdicating any matters involving Nevada Democrats to anyone else to decide what is the best course of action regarding Nevada Democrats.’

That’s the internal politics of it that both women would have likley discussed together well before Media engagement.   Erin would have needed to show and come across as a strong and resolute State Party Chair, and Leader Pelosi would not only have understood that, but fully concured that that’s how the resolution phase of ‘Ruben: The Musical’ needed to appear publicly at its conclusion.

Anyone who knows Erin including Ruben, knows that this is very much how Erin would handle an embarrassment brought to the entire party by one of our Electeds.  Today, now five days past this news breaking nationally, NVDEMS Chair McCurdy still has one finger stuck up his nose and his thumb jammed up his own ass too and hasn’t spoken publicly afraid of his own shadow and is not asserting as State Party Chair not at all aware of his duties here or even how to assert without Harry Reid holding his dick for him at the urinal again just like the day he was elected State Party Lap Dog for an Old White Dude with a sudden crush on a Black Dude and his Dick, and also probably because of ‘some pussy he’s in it for’ and he’s got his eye on to hit up and push up on, has his attention now and is much more important to him than Ruben’s bullshit!

McCurdy’s ghetto-gangsta personal life has always been thought to be an unexploded land mine waiting to be stepped on by someone out there.  He’s said to have been though everyone in the neighborhood, on the corner, at the store, at work, at school, at church, and at those boring-ass SCC meetings….with William, the females have always been ‘Good enough to bed, but never good enough to wed!’ and that presents built-in problems for the entire state party and moving Mark Manendo down the list as he has no children to embarrass and shame with his behaviors and no rejected females demanding ‘Coochie Reparations and Dick Damages’ from the current NVDEMS state party Chair whenever one of them figures out what amount Chair McCurdy is willing to pay to them for their silence as some enterprising females have weaponized sexual relations with men to very lucrative successful outcomes for themselves.

American politics in both parties is just one of many options for such focused and determined women; they always conclude their business privately and with a satisfactory to them ‘consideration’, never a settlement, paid to them.  We men folk certainly are pigs, aren’t we, but some of you ladies and gents sure do love your bacon, huh?

Ruben misstepped and did great damage to himself within the party’s agitated and aggrieved Progressive Wing and condescendingly patted them all on the head and lectured them about ‘unity’ and meaningless bullshit like that.  The result is few in the party’s internal structure are standing by his side tonight, he hasn’t expended his own political capital for anyone else yet either and very much like Dina Titus, has never done anything for anyone with her political power, she fearing a Palace Coup would unseat her, him being too much about him to do much of anything for anyone else needing a boost from his Political Celebrity!

All of this said, Ruben’s misconduct is not fatal to him because he is unmarried with no children—but it has to and must be fatal for his NVCD04 seat because Pelosi is still lingering on after four cycle losses and the fifth one on-deck, and her saying stupid-ass shit about Conyers just hours before Ruben’s news broke!   I have it on good authority (my friend Jesus!) that no women, men, tranny, or living organism, has ever wanted to see—much less ever fuq—Rep John Conyers’ bony little saggy, Black, 247 year old ass, walking around in his smelly, shit skid-marked drawers in his House office suite cuz his nasty-ass OG (Old Guy) balls needed some fresh air! ‘You know how it be‘ is what pervy, really old fuqr Black dudes would say when caught/noticed walking around like that at work—in the United States House of Representatives!

Did you all hear Conyers ordering about his Michigan voters today that his son will be replacing him in Congress?  Term Limits NOW, this instant dammit! get on board to rid us of this Cancer of Congressional Corruption which must be killed off as soon as is possible and only with Term Limits—12 years and then GTF out—will things ever change!


Here’s how you conclude this Ruben:  Take the step-down Ruben as what a gentleman would do, accept it, and publicly and briefly apologize without tears, and I’ll even come down there and stand with you or write your speech for you because you are my friend whose been blowing off my advice and you were/are listing way too far to your Extremist Far Left to be politically viable in the long-term without your turning into a Loretta Sanchez or Luis Gutierrez parking lot carnival side-show which is unworthy of you and your political brand and your being being in the House minority while Pelosi is out losing offices all over the fuqn place for us, is no fun, is it?

Look for another 12 years in the minority too Ruben like Dina Titus should be doing since 2014 as Nevada’s oldest State Fossil.

In many ways Ruben, you’re also the very first ‘victim’ of the May convention and you should sometime after New Year’s reappear and announce for Chris G’s County Commission seat because you can beat Tick pretty easily really since this seat, along with Marilyn’s should have a Latino-American’s ass already sitting in it, and our 2nd most powerful Board in the state with more than 8 billion bux to control, has been absent a Latino-American on it since Dario and some have even called you Dario II this week and that is both funny and bitchy and nowhere near to being truthful as his sins were much greater and far more self-destructive than yours are.  He was an out of control, self-indulgent, self-absorbed satyr and you’re not there….yet.

Oh, and by the way, why this harassment shit keeps popping up over and over again and why it was perhaps the stupidest thing your girl Shrill Hill did bringing Trump’s BS up at all given her particular enabling of a super-predator herself—and that is the reality and acceptance that women have been forgiving we men folk since the beginning of time and they do so with remarkable, dependable, and consistent regularity despite the Political Class giving to them every tool we could think of since at least the 1970s–its so dependable and predictable Ruben, that you of course must be sincere, but your female voters will give you one pass if you leave the House and reform and redirect yourself to another much less Media prominent office like the Clark County Board of Commissioners instead which lacks any national TV interest and no Latino-American on it for ridiculously too long, and allows you to correct this out locally and not on the national stage in the open sewer jammed-packed with human turdage which is our nation’s capital!

I also regret that you and I have never had the Congressman Wilbur Mills talk probably because I also regret that I am old enough to remember that very first to be publicly reported US Congressman taking a dip in the Tidal Basin with a stripper named Fanne Foxe in 1974 and splashed across every newspaper in America and all three networks for the first time too!  Mills, like fellow perv Bill Clinton, was from Arkansas and was also the super-powerful chairman of Ways and Means shepherding Medicare into existence and the ATM which President Trump just shit-canned with his new tax reform.

You’re nowhere near as smart and politically savvy as Mills absolutely was and who left the House and his chairmanship for this woman. I bring this to your attention Ruben because he would have wished he had your good looks and Latino charms with young women and much too young for you Girl Groupies following you around like you’re Ruben Bieber or something.

Let’s just tell your voters that your ‘Gentleman Gene was completely absent and that you truly regret that your misconduct was the cause of Ms Samantha’s discomfort to the extent that she felt she had to leave your employ for it to end.’  That your hearing ability was also absent caused your crash Congressman Bieber.  When you touched her leg that ended your being NVCD04’s Rep and delaying your departure has you looking like John Conyers instead of yourself—let’s wrap this up and get your exit as an ‘On the Road to Reform and Recovery’ work in progress going right now my friend.

Washington DC is not a good fit for you at 37 years old and not yet settled down.

You’re Roman Catholic too, you  know what Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa is and you also know the time has arrived to do yours and do it correctly too.  You’re embarrassed and ashamed of yourself now that this became public and you feel you’ve brought dishonor and shame to your family and of course you’ve also done that too!  They’re wonderful people, they’ll forgive you, and so will Las Vegastan because sex is the very Coin of the Realm here and nothing drives more dollars into more pockets here than our freaks, our lusts, our desires and our fantasies.

Anyone politcally grand-standing and giving us fake-ass sactinmonious bullshit about you on what they think is your political grave Ruben, do so at their own immense peril because you are my friend, I’ve got your Six, I’ve got your back and always have, and no one fuqs with my boy!  So let’s get this mess you’ve made cleaned and mopped up right now bro!

I really think that this is a blessing in disguise especially when you announce for Chris G’s seat next month and then win it because the Progressive Extremist Left has already lost 2018 for Democrats with their nonstop Trump hating-on and may come close to the magic 60 seats in the US Senate too. However, you will win the County Commission seat you need to reform and redeem yourself with voters your still being in relative good standing with voters within it and whose turnout will not be spectacular or ground-breaking and will be downright pathetic to even ponder it will be so low!

NVCD04 wasn’t a good fit for you Ruben with too much Rural for your too Urban sensibilities.  I know Councilman Stavros Anthony pretty well and he is one of my very favorite politicians in this state–2nd favorite GOPer after Bob Beers—who surprised me going for CD04 when I still see him as our next Republican governor starting in 2018, he’s that good a public servant and will do well as the District’s next House Representative.  He and the GOP cluster fuqster are up next on the Dawg!

Steve Sisolak is disastrous as Chair and the new 2018 Board with him finally gone the CCBC needs fresh blood and ideas too— this is very do-able for you Ruben, call me and let me explain further in person!

It is without question your Redemption Office and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Tick change his mind and drop out with your entry because in his rush to get Weed passed and doobies rolled and spliffs fired up, he’s left a hot goddamn mess to clean up, first being his having no Rescheduling Lobbying effort at all with Obama who has royally screwed thousands of investors and business owners across America when he did nothing at all when it came up in August of 2016.  This is fact and helps you be elected to Chris’s seat in return too because though our 79th Session was all bill draft ideas taken/stolen from other states, no one even considered anything like Cali’s state bank idea to help protect Weed investor’s big cash flow the Political Class is forever dependent on now after just six months of sales here!

That’s how fuqn stupid, and hyper-corrupted, and solely self-serving Aaron Fraud Ford really is and who’s only benefical quality is to make the rest of the Nevada Senate look like a bunch of g*ddamn geniousess in comparison!

It is simply outrageous that we are going into 2018 without a credible Latino-American candidate running for the CCBC.  Tick let Aaron Fraud Ford roll him when he or David Parks should be Senate Leader now, they both actually knowing what the fuq they’re doing and having earned it.  Tick saw opportunity with Manendo’s political suicide when Mark would have beaten Tick soundly because Tick has said, done, and Tweeted some remarkably stupid-ass shit.  Tick would cower to your challenge of him because it also reminds all of us about his White Supremacy and his Super-White Privilege in a part of the valley which has a robust and ever growing Latino-American population and your own Group always forgives we men first and always starting with its women!

No Latino on the statewide ballot or running for the Clark County commission given the demographics here in due time forgives your sins and allows you a chance to stick around and regroup, you just can’t do that in the US House anymore and if you don’t try for and win Chris’s seat, you’re done until you reach your 50s to come back into politics.  I think that would be a shame for the guy bouncing a soccer ball on his foot when we first met.  You fuqd up which we all do and it wasn’t as bad as it could have been and I’m not at all forgiving or rationalizing your misconduct—its your Redemption move which matters most now and I’m here to help!  It still must be taken seriously by you and you can survive this and politically survive in our Super-Democratic county, you just have to have a strong constitution these next 60 days until you announce your next office.

Don’t drag your departure out Ruben, announce it today and get this shit behind you now and get out of  DC and we’ll see you again in January 2018 for your comeback to a more appropriate for you local office!

Mike Zahara Siganture
Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!