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Minneapolis Cops Walk Away Free Men

Posted by Michael Zahara on Jun 5, 2020

Russian Hoax, False Impeachment, Corona, George Lloyd.  We haven’t even started Fire Season in Cali?  What the fuq, I need me a big ol’ forest fire in Cali, don’t you?

Their Seven Years Bitch is the worst Cancel Culture Black-American Citizenship Drive that PBS ever held!

Chronic Toxic Wasted Black-American Hatreds are the Neo-Nazi Democratic Party run urban cities where no one there knew or suspected anything was afoot in their Police Department ranks?  More importantly, NO  ONE did anything to help these poor Refugees from Reality about all this Systemic Stupidity poisoning of Black-America?

No one there knew that President Trump was correct that America’s Black Capital of Racist Hatreds, Baltimore—one of America’s oldest cities with our best natural harbor—really is a shithole and that Freddy Gray there was all Black-American in culpability, fault, and responsibility?

There is likelihood that all the Minneapolis officers were acting as they were trained by their department and that the criminal charges against the officers involved, may be withdrawn before this matter is concluded because the hyper-racist biased and bigoted Minnesota Democrats are already caught and exposed for lying about there being Neo-Nazis and White Nationalists there stoking animus and hatreds in the streets of the city which proved false because several private groups as well as the FBI keep names and files of every single member they’ve identified and that’s a list you don’t get any good time credits toward your release from it.

Cuz you’re never released from it, is the reality for those involved in such groups.  This is when you ask to read their department’s policy manuals about their policies and procedures which most departments from tiny suburban or rural to gigantic urban city ones keep because lawsuit crazy people sue police departments for sport and incidents like Mr Lloyd’s in Minneapolis need them too.


Sidebar:  Minneapolis has never been under a federal consent decree regarding its police force despite officer misconducts which should have triggered a USDOJ inquiry at the very least and which makes USDOJ also complicit in Minneapolis officer misconducts for DOJ never having asserted over the department to reform its Use of Force policies. 

This all but guarantees everyone involved walks on this because Main Justice is adverse to ever admitting their failures and selective enforcement for its Toxic Progressive political goals.  In our region, their lying and misconducts involving the late and very powerful former US Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska reverberates still today, it was so corrupted and cancerous to civic virtues in weeding out public-sector corruptions, that FBI Agents and US Attorneys, and AUSAs should still be serving their federal sentences today. 

None of them were ever charged with anything by their employer, the USDOJ

As a consequence of Main Justice’s horrific mistreatment of Senator Stevens, we in Nevada got stuck with dog shit mob-approved if not owned by them US Attorney Nicholas Trutanich, who turned a blind eye to New York organized crime families owning of our FBI Bureau and US Attorney’s offices in Las Vegastan, and our Clark County District Attorney’s office and Clark County Sheriff’s department too


Mr Lloyd’s family is already making fatal legal decisions regarding how much pressure to put onto and maintain on their elected county prosecutor, and he’s upgraded some charges, added to some others and expanded the number of officers under investigation.   That Mr Lloyd has a rather long career as a felony criminal in Texas he sat for five years on in Houston, seems to have slipped everyone’s mind this past week to mention in the Toxic Agenda Media. 

The family is now demanding everyone be charged with first degree murder which is near to impossible for the very best prosecutors to secure and win.  Acquittal would send Toxic Progressives into looting faked outrage again, but this time with persons protecting themselves and their properties with their 2nd Amendment powers they have every right to use correctly and freely.  Their outrageous demands aren’t grief over-ruling reason, its GREED not GRIEF because they believe first degree murder charges increase their settlement take from Minnesota taxpayers.

But most damning for George Lloyd was the toxicology report of his being ‘intoxicated’ on Fentynal and ‘recent use’ of Methamphetamine and the case against the three other officers under a Field Training Officer means that they walk away free men with this information and returned to their jobs when this is done.  The newbies split off from Ofr Chauvin in court Thursday and as rookies, that was just good legal advice they chose to take.

The New York Times was ecstatic about the rookies as they continue their quest to have their publisher and their  journalists finally and deservedly publicly assassinated and making the rookies’ departure a major  component of their Propaganda Production, and its nauseating to read.

Prosecutor Freeman is just a fuqn degenerate dog shit six term fat and happy Toxic who’s looking at what he’s got and ‘doesn’t got’ insofar as evidence, so he’s gambling that indulging the family and all his Toxic Progressive friends up there, that he’s bought re-election insurance for himself regardless of jury verdicts.  What a piece of shit this guy is, I mean really, come on asshole stop being an asshole for the cameras and do your job


That Fentynal is some wicked shit and can be 15 to 100 times stronger than Meth depending on the size of the user and Mr Lloyd was a giant-sized man and any jury in America is now highly unlikely to convict even Ofc Chauvin who displayed no animus toward the perp during the ordeal, they knew each other and had worked together as bouncers nearby.

To juries, maybe especially to sequestered juries, no visible or audible officer agitation, racist verbiage, or screaming is going to be very important to them which is why the Media has ignored it.

I just wanted you all to know this because the elected prosecutor in Hennipin County—Mike Freeman—is a complete total fuq as are the attorneys representing the family, because by time this gets to trial  if it ever does, this video will also free the officers.  Lloyd is recorded dropping a bag of white dope from his left hand as he sits down on the walk with officer assistance:


Again, no animus, unkind, disrespectful or discourteous behavior from one of the other officers who was also inexplicably charged.

That this information is known and out there and not shared by print or video Media with the public is morally reprehensible of all Media involved in this deliberate withholding of information to affect a desired political goal of all involved.

Even that mayor guy from Petal, MS was it, who commented about breathing and though poorly timed and insensitive, was correct, if you can speak,  you can breath.  That’s the Science here and throw in the way the Coroner—A publicly paid Scientist by definition—wrote  their conclusions, any good defense attorney has that expert testimony wood-chipper out back they simply have to flip on and start feeding each expert witness into it.

Maybe I missed something, but I don’t see any reason why the three officers of lower rank were arrested and charged with anything, and neither will civilian juries who are more apt to be furious at prosecutor Mike Freeman who each juror in the pool will know as a corrupted Toxic Progressive Elected, many will have cast votes for him too, and like all Black-Americans in Minneapolis, they have been willingly casting their votes for their own oppressors there for 75 years!

Only two single-term GOP mayors in 1973 and 1961 were unable to reform anything and the office of Mayor of Minneapolis is how the rest of America came to know a butterball of a little racist rat bastard named Hubert H Humphrey who would become a US Senator, a Vice-President, and the Democratic Party’s nominee for president no one in America wanted to vote for in 1968.

Despite his strong liberal bona fides, like all liberals he was also a hypocrite and a slippery little fuqr who as a loyal foot soldier for Lyndon Johnson who helped dilute the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and which should have always been a stand alone Act remedying only Black-Americans.

160 years strong of systemic Democratic Party Civic Terrorism and Racism against Black-Americans, has never relented, has never subsided, and has never paused or slowed down either. 

Each and every police brutality matter in America has occurred in a jurisdiction where Democrats run the whole show, control all budgets, approve all contracts, hire and fire all personnel 

Every single one of them.

<—Dog shit from Day One:  Hennipin County Prosecutor Mike Freeman has been prosecutor for six terms and never mentioned Minneapolis police needing Use of Force reforms because he instead has used his office to harass and terrorize police officers which he lists on the offices website.

He has authority to investigate Muslim bigot and racist Rep Ilhan Omar’s USDHS Marriage Fraud too, she having married her own brother to commit fraud and  ensure his citizenship here. because the phony marriage happened in Hennipin County, but he’s too busy I guess.

This guy’s a lifelong Toxic Progressive Democrat, he just hates Black Minnesotans his record would indicate, but they keep electing the fuqr!

In Minneapolis. Prosecutor Freeman is a showboat bigoted dog shit Elected having never once championed or even suggested Use of Force reform protocols there because he’s mastered using his office charging police officers and making big deals about minor matters—in fact ‘churning’ such cases to feather his political nest as a rancid politico in various positions for decades therethe very last thing he’d ever want to champion are police Use of Force reforms which would remove one of his Political Performing Arts stages.


BLM and Antifa have once again proven both are Domestic Terrorism and Hate Groups and the USDOJ not naming them that, shows we’ve quite aways to go Purging the Poison of Barack Obama at the Justice Department.  That reprehensible muthafucka commenting about communities needing to review their Use of  Force policies only shows that the millions of Americans who can’t wait for him to be gone from this world and back in Hell where he came from, have an ever growing legion of people joining their ranks by the hour.

When the charges are dropped against all four officers or they are acquitted and the haters return to terrorize you and your businesses.  Know that they’re on their way and exercise your 2nd Amendment rights next time so that they may all know we will not be bullied by Toxic Progressive Democratic Party Neo-Nazis and that all Urban Terrorists are to be immediately killed who carry Molotov cocktails and fire arms into peaceful protests.

These BLM and Antifa Urban Terrorists lives have never matter to anyone, so no longer cower in fear of them because the law is on your side, not theirs!

Officer Shay Mikalonis, we here in Las Vegastan love you young sir and your being shot in cold blood by Toxic Progressive Democratic Party racist,  biased and bigoted hater will be avenged cuz we’ve got your six young sir!     We will extinguish these toxic haters from this earth!

May God bless you and your recovery!


Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!



…An Adorable Deporable!