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No one ever said ‘Barry, You’re being a Big Jerk’

Posted by Michael Zahara on Nov 4, 2010

I’m just a few days over two months older than President Obama and even though I was raised by two parents with a stay at home Mom and grandparents living with us, I don’t think I would be qualified to run the country.

Barack Obama however, apparently always had such delusions about himself because no one ever told him he was ever wrong about anything or that he was acting like a big jerk, or being too self-centered and too self-absorbed.

Ego is a very necessary component for the presidency but ego without wisdom or without the hard knocks of life’s failures to gain that wisdom and perspective tends to leave one isolated and dare I say, aloof.

Judging by his post-election trouncing behavior where it took him about an hour into his press conference to even address the bloodbath in the US House, he is both isolated and aloof.  Barack Obama suffered the worst party setback in 62 years and that fact seemed bothersome, not a cause for concern to him

The man who told us that he would steady the seas and heal the planet seems so ordinary a politician today and we have to assume that he really believes in his specialness, his uniqueness, his superiority, and in his own sense of self-importance after Tuesday’s stunning national slap down of his and Congress’s arrogance.

Obama’s arrogance and conceit is a product of our times where instead of educating our kids and teaching those damned tests that delivered to us the most educated kids in human history, we now do nothing else but esteem building instead of giving to youngsters the tools necessary for character building too.

Learning from ones own personal failures is the most important element of character building that Barack Obama has never had to do before now.

Barack Obama is the first American president from the generations where everyone got an ‘A’ and everyone also got a trophy so that their tender feelings weren’t ever hurt and so that they were never, ever disappointed, especially with themselves!

And like it or not, failure does build character and nurtures future success; it goes to the most basic of our human instincts: Our own survival.  Whether or not that includes our current president is the question of the hour, if not the ages.

I don’t think he sees Tuesday night as a failure, much less his failure.

Consider how tough it was for him to grow up in a single parent home and being mixed race at a time when America simply didn’t know how to deal with a little kid in such circumstances. Indulged by his mother, grandparents and extended family to blunt the cruelty of others, he was treated with kid gloves even as a young adult and has never really learned how to interact with others because of it.

He was an island as a child and is still an island unto himself as an adult today.  He uses the ubiquitous teleprompter as a crutch, terrified of a misstep or of misspeaking—you know, of being a mere human being—and he looks and sounds not only mechanical, but disassociated and insincere because of it.

A younger Barack Obama was literally submerged into the perfect Petri dish for all of the misguided do-gooder Educrats who just instinctively knew that he needed their help and guidance to succeed—their version of success, of course— because he didn’t ‘fit in’ anywhere, couldn’t relate to either race, and because he changed his name to ‘Barry’ instead of Barack to better fit in as a gawky adolescent and as the only black kid in the classroom.

He was shepherded through private schools where he stood out even more and needed even more coddling and esteem building by the bureaucrats who made him what he is today.

Those who can’t do, teach—indeed!

He never so much as worked a single shift at the local Dairy Queen because in their view, he was already carrying too many of society’s burdens and needed to have reinforced to him every single day of his life how special and how gifted he is.  He never so much as took a single Management course because everyone told him that he managed everything so well.

Off to college and he was a lefty admissions social engineer’s perfect pet and project too; the perfect representation of American—or how it should be in their view—so he was fast tracked into law school and seemed genuinely miffed in his adult writings that he and his wife had to bear the awful burdens of student loan debts.

‘Special’ people deserve special privileges like free college is the message that he sent to us. Everyone always told him that he was and is special and that’s the only thing that he has ever known.

Every boo-boo needed to be kissed and every one of life’s indignities needed to be salved; there are no pains and no burdens for someone who really hasn’t known any over his entire sheltered and protected life.

That has left him elitist, tin-eared, and sluggish, lashing out now at those who aren’t embracing his greatness and specialness as their being ‘too hurt’ to know any better that what he’s doing for and to them is really for their own good.

A conceit of magnificent proportions!

It’s always everyone else’s fault; not ever his.  He was never told that anything he did was wrong or that he was being a big jerkuntil now and during yesterday’s press conference he was reacting like a spoiled, coddled, and petulant child rather than as the leader of the free world—or as a grown up person.

Katie Couric’s ‘great unwashed masses’ may be clinging to their religion and to their guns, but Barack Obama continues to cling to his own omnipotence and to his self-image of superiority and seems genuinely struck that we just don’t see those qualities in him too.

Condescension drips with every word he speaks now; President Obama for the first time in his life is being told to stop being a big jerk and he doesn’t like it at all, and he has no idea how to adjust to the real world where things aren’t ever bathed in soaring rhetoric and lofty platitudes; the only two things he has known since he was a toddler.

We’re witnessing President Peter Pan suffer his first pains of growing up at 49 years old and that witness is coming to us via a 24/7/365 news cycle under the microscope of the American presidency.

It’s both fascinating and disturbing to witness and only time will tell if all of that high-end education and a lifetime of sheltered existence allow him to do what all great leaders who are truly special and gifted always do: Adjust to the realities looking at them square in the face.

The prognosis isn’t good for he was never taught about failure or ever allowed to fail and was never told that is was even a possibility for him.

He appeared and sounded clueless at his Wednesday press conference.

Tuesday showed to all of us that he’s failed miserably by losing independent voters all across the country and the upcoming potentially veto-free lame duck session will demonstrate to us if he’s even bothered to notice or if he waves it—and us—all off  yet again.

His post-election press conference seemed like he was waving it all off to me; exactly the same way that a child reacts to rebuke and criticism.

Exactly what President Peter Pan would do?

Eventually Barack Obama is going to have to grow up because Executive Branch immaturity is something we’ve gone through with the previous two presidents and I don’t think America can suffer a third.

Mike Zahara Siganture

Mike Zahara