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Americans Worship at the Altar of Violence 1/11/2011

Posted by Michael Zahara on Jan 11, 2011

Why should Congress be immune to America’s fascination and preoccupation with violence which has been an ingrained part of our culture since the birth of our nation?

The US House of Representatives itself was a very violent body in the 1800’s—sort of like today’s South Korean Parliament or Israeli Knesset—one of the most violent periods in our history when we took up arms against each other in Civil War!

We celebrate our blood soaked battle fields, the Wild West, the Depression Era gangsters, and cheered wildly when during Will Smith’s 1996 blockbuster movie ‘Independence Day’, the White House was blown up! 

Most didn’t even pause briefly after the planes hit the towers in New York to consider how those cheers resonated world wide; our culture is exported and is devoured around the world.

Within an hour of the rampage of a psychotic gunman in Arizona, political types were themselves ‘gunning’ to take political advantage of the situation—without any facts being known—to advance their own political agendas while the survivors were fighting for their lives.

That’s not funny, that’s sick and we are a very sick culture.

This colassal asshole, Congressman James Clyburn of South Carolina–a member of Democratic House leadership no less–exploited the Arizona rampage to demand that he and other members get a free pass from TSA at airports!

24 hours hadn’t even passed when South Carolina Democratic Congressman James Clyburn—normally one of the House’s more thoughtful lefties—chose to extrapolate from the shooting of Rep Gabrielle Gifford, the killing of a US judge, a little girl and others, that the TSA give he and fellow members a pass at security checkpoints at airports, ostensibly because he feels so unsafe there when airports are second only to courthouses in the amount of heavily armed security people present:


Representative James Clyburn was absolutely disgusting in his attempts to capitalize on the bloodshed for his own personal comforts and was roundly fried in blog responses to his thoughtless, outrageous demands of the TSA. 

He hasn’t apologized.

Idiotic Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik piped in with a stern lecture to the media, also without possessing any facts about the shooting at all! 

Equally disgusting was the left’s attempts to blame the rampage—and that’s what it was; it is incorrect word usage to call the rampage a ‘tragedy’—on Sarah Palin’s PAC’s use of gun sites over targeted congressional district, not targets on members, this past cycle though that has been used for years by both parties along with all kinds of military/war political rhetoric and Sharron Angle’s ‘Second Amendment remedies’ when the gunman had pictures of burning flags and listed Mein Kmaph and the Communist Manifesto as his reading materials! 

That’s hardly right-wing stuff from a very disturbed gunman whose family is 100% responsible for his rampage for their failing to notice any signs of his delusions and mental illness, and therefore doing nothing about it.

Democratic West Virginia Senator Jim Manchin took his gun and actually shot the Cap and Trade bill in his 2010 campaign ads, so he caused  the Arizona rampage, right?

Did anyone say anything about his provocative ad?

Yes, they cheered him!  And he won!

The once highly respected Southern Poverty Law Center became one of America’s premier hate groups in the 1990’s and their spokesperson proved it again on MSNBC after the Arizona rampage!

But the most disgusting exploitation came from a jerk named Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center who astoundingly claimed to fascist nincompoop MSNBC sports guy turned leftie marm Keith Olberman, that Ayn Rand’s ‘We the Living’ was a cause of the rampage and that the ‘radical right’ is to blame, without one iota of fact to back his claims up!

Will the SPLC fire him?  Nope.  Did MSNBC fired Olberman?  Nope.

Ayn Rand caused the Arizona rampage according to the Southern Poverty Law Center; amazing since she’s been dead for 29 years, and no one called them out on it! 

Sidebar:  MSNBC was the first to set up shop to nationally broadcast all of their shows in the parking lot where the rampage occurred; joyfully exploiting that to try to up their own very poor ratings!

Standing right in front of the actual blood of the victims to boost their rating!

Nice, huh?

Did any leftist groups or left controlled media report or express any outrage at all over eight years of like minded groups and people calling for the actual assassination of President George W Bush almost every single day? 

An actual federal crime? 

Not a single one! 

One British idiot named Gabriel Range actually made a film in 2006 called ‘Death of a President’ about a years after investigation of the assassination of Bush— this while Bush was the sitting President of the United States!—and viewers at international film festivals were actually applauding this crap.

I pitched a bitch in 2004 at our Nevada State Democratic Convention that a private vendor was selling ‘Kill Bush’ t-shirts along with his other political do-dads. 

No one else said a word because it’s OK to call for murder, assassination, and mayhem against the right, but it’s a threat to mankind if the perceived threat is against the left. 

My all-time favorite call to kill then President George W Bush came from a Nobel laureate no less, named Betty Williams from Northern Ireland who along with a woman named Mairead Corrigan won the 1976 prize for their group called—of all things—the ‘Community of Peace People’ promoting a peaceful resolution to the bloodshed in Northern Ireland.  This is what that stupid bitch was quoted saying in 2007 about George W Bush:

The dowdy housewife on the left is 1976 Nobel Peace Prize co-winner Betty Williams who 35 years  later morphed into the stupid old bitch  on the bottom who publicly said this about then President George W Bush and no one said a word about her ‘hate speech’:

“I mean right now, I could kill George Bush, no problem. No, I don’t mean that. I mean — how could you nonviolently kill somebody? I would love to be able to do that.” Nobel Peace Prize laureate Betty Williams, July 2007. 

No one on the left or in the media said a single word about it!

It will be months before we know what was going on in this young man’s disturbed mind, but that didn’t stop people from assigning all sorts of theories before the sun even set that same day, and that too is a product of our national instant gratification addiction which completely disregards thoughtful analysis in favor of hyperbolic pronouncements in our 24/7 cable news cycles.

It’s also the residual affect of people like Saul Alinsky who demanded that his leftist adherents (Count Hillary and Barack as cult-like followers of his) to immediately demonize all of their opponents as bigots and racists and homophobes and tyrants and fascists etc…the very definition of how the always hateful, always hate-filled Progressive Extremist elements in America operate each and every day because they can’t win their arguments on their merits alone and the right has been using this intellectually dishonest tactic since at least the election of Bill Clinton too.

Can their political conduct unhinge the mentally unstable?  Sure, but anything could unhinge them and the reflexive calls for more legislation on hate crimes, campus hate speech codes, threats etc…is exactly the wrong thing to do when you’d want bright, full sunshine on these kinds of people, not them lurking in the shadows.

Bastardizing the First Amendment is not the answer to offensive or radical free speech; more free speech is!  And until we admit that all violent crime is hate crime, we won’t move forward one inch. 

I’ve said the same things about President Obama’s personal safety and security and those who would bring harm to he and his family in one of this blog’s most read pieces ever.

Yes , Keith  Olberman really is the Worst Person in the World, so is his buddy and  co-equal counterpart in ‘hate speech’, Sean Hannity!

If  both were shot dead today, the world would be a much better place, right?

It’s just too bad that those of any political or media persuasion who would politicize this senseless rampage—or any other similar incident—weren’t the gunman’s targets last Saturday, isn’t it? 

But this is America where violence is glorified and then we feign outrage and shock when people actually act violently when our entire culture churns these people out like an assembly line, so maybe there is hope that the current day political and media ‘rampage exploiters’ will be the next victims of a mad man.

Doesn’t our violent culture demand this? 

I wish I could say that I was shocked or even surprised at what happened in Arizona, but I’m not.  My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and with the shooter’s family who are bearing enormous guilt today, but I was a little boy in the 60’s and I remember the bloodshed and the assassinations; my youngest brother was born on the day of the Kent State murders. 

So I’m desensitized, if not immune to any real emotion on such matters anymore—admit it, you are too and so is everyone else—exactly the by-product of our worshipping at the altar of violence in America.

It shouldn’t be this way, but it is what it is and this will be forgotten soon until the next rampage occurs, and occurs again, and occurs again and again and again… 

It’s the American way, so stop pretending that it isn’t.
Mike Zahara Siganture
Mike Zahara