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The Battle for Undersheriff Showed Sheriff’s Weakness

Posted by Michael Zahara on Mar 25, 2012

It was the best local show that no one knew about except LVMPD insiders.

<–This ‘lil guy had some very strong opinions about ‘The Year without an Undersheriff’ and he said he ‘didn’t give a shit who’s Undersheriff anymore a**hole’ and then he told me to ‘go f***-off Mr WatchdogWag’…which kinda surprised me ’cause we were in church!

<–His little sister was kind of a bitch too and is well on her way to making some man miserable!

The media had no interest at all and failed in their community reporting duties to us all.

When former LVMPD Undersheriff Rod Jett retired out in 2010, badly failed Sheriff Douglas Gillespie had an internecine war on his hands because as per usual, he didn’t refuse to lead, he simply didn’t know how to lead and that’s why he’s the very worst police chief in America today.

The way Metro’s internal Ops were set-up by the mob, the Undersheriff—the number 2 position in their Chain-of-Command—came to be the person who runs the entire department because our sheriffs had to be both Chief Executive Officer and Public Relations face of the LVMPD more so than most other departments around the country.

Some of our sheriffs were better than others and to this day, I speak with grown men who literally get teary-eyed harkening back fondly to Sheriffs Moran or even Keller. Because all police departments are para-military in structure, a strong, involved, and most of all competent leader at the top is a critical necessity—no one except those dependent on his patronage and protection would ever use ‘strong, involved and competent’ to describe Gillespie.

<–This big fat retired Metro Captain called me up and invited me over to tell me how upset he still is that Sheriff Moran retired and he kinda creeped me out so I just left.

He’s been bawling his eyes out for 17 straight years!!!

Weak, sniveling, paranoid, and suspicious are words better associated with Doug Gillespie.

You have to be able to manage staff and crisis sometimes at the same time and Douglas Gillespie could barely manage ordering paperclips and toilet paper when he was Undersheriff under drunken skirt-chaser Bill Young.

In comparison, LVMPD rank and file gets symptoms of explosive diarrhea when even mentioning Sheriff Douglas Gillespie and his abysmal failures; he’s the wrong man in the wrong job having paid out taxpayer money in excess of 2 million dollars over recent years to a guy named Rick Culley who along with his old lady Lavra, runs the Institute for Executive Development to help ‘coach’ and to ‘man up’ Doug Gillespie and help him overcome his intense paranoia, incompetence, and feeble-mindedness.

<–Score this attempt as a major failure for the Drs Culley!

Doug Gillespie can’t even take a crap (he’s seen here crying his eyes out again because he just can’t poop again!) without their very expensive input and guidance on the intricacies of pinching out a loaf or two which most of us can handle without consultation of others.

When everyone in the department was looking for the sheriff when unarmed Stanley Gibson was killed December 11, 2011, it is believed that Douglas ran to Culley again for comfort and a shoulder to cry his beady little eyes out on rather than leading his subordinate men and women and Command Staff.

<- Former Assistant Sheriff Mike Mc Clary (left).   Lesbian-look Assistant Sheriff Ted Moody (center). Normal looking Ted Moody (right).

When Undersheriff Rod Jett retired out, it left a vacuum and dysfunction only Doug Gillespie could have delivered because it is his view that if officers are content and productive and performing well, then their superiors must be failing, so he stirred up shit and fostered an intense one-upmanship and rivalry—born of suspicions, lies, and falsehoods told to the various players—that left the two men always the only finalists to replace Jett—now retired AS Mike McClary and current AS Ted Moody—to battle it out and neither one got the position which was Gillespie’s intention all along.

Gillespie never liked either man and wasn’t man enough to tell them but he was delighted to string them along from the moment Rod Jett announced his retirement plans.

The rank and file along with some of the Resort Security Directors preferred Moody; Keller and others preferred McClary because in recent times, the US is best positioned to become the next sheriff and Keller has owned McClary lock, stock and barrel for years

<–McClary is the top ‘Jerry’s Kid’ and will settle into some lucrative position and consulting nirvana!

Neither McClary nor Moody liked each other; they had been rivals at the LVMPD for most of their careers.  Douglas Gillespie played his passive-aggressive self and there was no way he was ever going to be even more subordinate to former Sheriff Keller—I wrote that he would wet his pants or get an erection when Keller was sheriff—by choosing McClary as Undersheriff and Mike was smart enough to know early on that he had lost the games that Gillespie insists on playing with his Command staff.

No Undersheriff running the joint had Assistant Sheriffs, Deputy Chiefs, Captains, and Lieutenants scratching their heads, rudderless, leaderless, and looking at each other for direction because Doug Gillespie wasn’t stepping into the post-Jett vacuum he himself created!

<–Former Undersheriff Rod Jett (left) took a moment before parking his red and yellow to mentor and guide an officer at the old ‘Tower’ on Stewart Street a few weeks before he retired out!

Rod Jett’s name was literally scrubbed from the place within hours of his retirement and no honor for him being the highest ranking black person over a 32 year career was publicly offered.  It was a disrespect for service and accomplishment reminiscent of the Bolden days at Metro and Jett deserved better but got his shots fired directly into Doug Gillespie’s back in the RJ expose’:

‘…Rod Jett was a Las Vegas police officer for 32 years until he retired in 2010 as undersheriff, the department’s second-in-command. While proud of his fellow officers, he said he left in part out of frustration over the department’s unwillingness to face up to its shortcomings.

“I think the vast majority of (Las Vegas police) officers are well-trained, competent, and come to work each day to do the right thing,” Jett said. “But that doesn’t absolve the agency from identifying potential problems or trends that are adversely impacting the community. It has been my experience there has been a hesitation to acknowledge that fact in a way that leads to substantial change…’

Say what you will about Rod Jett—he had about equal supporters and detractors—but the guy knew to cover his own ass and hold everyone accountable trying to keep the place running while Doug Gillespie was seeking out very expensive private taxpayer-paid mentors to tell him he really is a wonderful guy!

<–In one of his final major acts before retiring, AS Mike McClary–seen here nekked with his pee-pee showing– literally fell on the sword and is said to have deliberately rearranged some pertinent facts and circumstances involving former Lt Steve Menger’s possession of major amounts of Schedule II narcotics which everyone in the corrupted Homeland Security Division missed until brought to them by DEA.

It was an uncharacteristic move by Mike McClary who is not absent ego or self-importance, to protect a subordinate officer and deflect a major department embarrassment in a Division he himself f’d up by not possessing any management skills or innovation. The department’s ‘fair-haired boy with a platinum horseshoe up his ass’ made a choice he knew ended his shot at Undersheriff and I have to begrudgingly respect that though I was never a fan of his.  Which came first is harder to call; saving Lt Menger or losing the US position.

Either way, the result was the same.

The Feds signed off because various players involved in the Menger mess are/were part and parcel of other investigations they are/were hot on and it all went away for Lt Menger who AS Ted Moody wanted to hold accountable and that insistence killed his chances for Undersheriff right then and there too if he even had a shot to begin with.

<–It may be sinking in that that defiance by Moody has already ended his career as the retarded chessboard that is our police department has him already set up to be forced out; had he kept quiet over Lt Menger he would almost certainly be the Undersheriff today and that went to Jim Dixon who sold his very soul to get it and became something he never was in his earlier career!

‘The Tower’ has that effect on too many at the LVMPD. Not many expect Dixon to run for sheriff when Gillespie retires out and he gets the prize of the title and pay for trumping McClary and Moody and being in the right place at the right time and playing his hand so well though he has lost so much in the bargain. He is now viewed with deep suspicion and mistrust though he once had many supporters and admirers and his kid involved in an Academy scandal that he ‘fixed’ soured some of his closest allies.

There’s not too many good public shots of Deputy Chief Jimbo Owens who was the choice as Undersheriff for four candidates in 2006 and PO Laurie Bisch in 2006 and 2010.

He’s one of Metro’s good guys highly respected across the entire department so of course he’s shit on a lot because of that!

Had Douglas been a competent manager or even an average one, he’d have named highly qualified Deputy Chiefs Owens or McMahill as Undersheriff to show his acumen and strategic placement abilities; but neither man can be bought and sold and the thought never entered Dougie’s mind nor did how reassuring either man would have been to the entire department; both men and several others would have boosted internal morale exponentially.

<–Douglas loves his mind games more than anything else however!

It may be the only way he can get even a semi-boner these days!

Moody wouldn’t play Gillespie’s games and McClary played them too well and neither man became Undersheriff and we went many months without one as the LVMPD drifted further and further into the abyss of dysfunction.

That’s how it goes on every single day at the LVMPD under Sheriff Douglas Gillespie; the very worst police chief in America today!

Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara