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‘Black Lives Matter’ Except To Other Black Lives in America–Part I

Posted by Michael Zahara on Nov 9, 2015

Mike Zahara motto WatchdogWag 2015

’80 Shootings Over 80 Hours’, was the horrific 2014 headline in Chicago and not a word from the fake-assed group, ‘Black Lives Matter’.

It was  actually 82 people shot, 16 killed, in the bloodiest, most violent July 4th (of 2014), Chicago had ever witnessed, but not a word about it was uttered by ‘Black Lives Matter’ 

Just last week, also in Chicago, gang violence had for the second time. lured a little nine year old boy, Tyshawn Lee, into an alley to be assassinated by rival gang members of his father.  Not a damn thing said by ‘Black Lives Matter‘ on this killing either...nor by the President of the United States by the way, and whose bougie bullshit, pretentious, sorry, tired-ass will retire to a swanky home about 4 miles north of Tyshawn’s assassination location back home which is in walking distance of the carnage on Chicago streets he’d never lifted a finger to resolve now seven years expired and all of us just so tired of is shit passing its fifth year mark too!            

  Magruders Huey with exact correct message for Black America<–My friend Aaron McGruder’s alter-ego Huey, is our most dependable Black American intellectual, and he happens to be a cartoon!

‘Black Lives Matter’ is just one the newest, and most revolting of America’s ever-growing ‘Hate Groups’!  It’s sole reason for being at all today, is to leave a trail of some crumbs for historians to research when they begin to dissect the very empty carcass of this badly failed president, self-declared long ago in happier times to be, America’s ‘first post-racial Administration’, who has it turns out by default, become its most racist, biased, prejudiced and intolerant US presidency since the 19th century!

Bill Clinton was 1,000 times more our first Black president than Barack Obama could ever dream of himself being and his stunning failures excreted from his stunning arrogance which assisted and birthed ‘Black Lives Matter’ in Trayvon’s debris field and as a consequence of the American Progressive Movement’s latest and most dastardly, hate-filled attempt to rearrange the facts on the ground, if not to outright invent them, to fit a specific political agenda to their specific liking, extending their hyper-racist, Black-Only Welcomed, Euro-White Bashing and Hating, hashtag’s power now to Fast Food workers in San Francisco?


What pray tell, does that have to do with George Zimmerman being rightly acquitted by a Florida jury of his peers in 2013 which was the stated initial reasoning for the Group’s formation in the first place?  Well, absolutely nothing, which they were already telegraphing to all of us what was next for them while joyfully exploiting that boy’s death, just as badly as his Birth Bitch Female, sociopath Sybrina Fulton had done, she proving herself to America to be anything but the mother of and to Trayvon Martin, she MIA for 14 of his 18 years, but then her trademarking his very name her very first action upon learning of his death at his father’s complex 235 miles north of her Miami home she had kicked Trayvon out of!

That is one icy, below-absolute-zero, frosty, cold-assed bitch!


Liar in Chief Obama co opted BLM to help save his historical ass 2015<–Barack Obama’s been a huge, profound disappointment to me and to millions of other Americans who are now ‘former’ supporters and he’s failed me by my most important yardstick: Has this president moved us along forward as a nation, or as a people?

Of course, he has not!

We are standing in the exact same place we were on the day before the 2008 election, except that Black American men have slid even further behind illegal Hispanic immigrants and pan-Asian men for on a good day, maybe being in 4th place in the ‘pecking order’.  In SoCal and NY Metro, Chinese, Korean & Filipino new arrivals have in some instances, pushed these endangered men within a segment of Black America, much closer to 6th place in some metrics.

Tell me once more, to whom is it that ‘Black Lives Matter’?

Plus today, there is no net statistical difference in the horrific sociopath violence extinguishing Black male lives in our urban areas resulting in an ongoing, stunning reversal of the Great Migration of the 20th century and forcing Black families tired of burying their young men and boys, to send their boys to relatives in the more rural Deep South, thus instead of being parents, also dumping them off and onto other relatives and spreading their family’s societal carcinogen onto other communities too and further spreading this plague.

Amen racist Black Lives Matter exposed as phony bitch rip-off 2015Predictably, the more rural Deep South has suffered a corresponding uptick in its violent crimes statistics with this back-flow reverse migration done with the prayer of parents that they are saving lives and in the in-their-faces realization that Liberalism and Progressivism has failed all of us, but the Black American family far worse than any oafish idiot in a Klansman’s bed-sheet attire could have ever dreamed of doing, and that anything Democrats have been doing has failed under exploitative Free not Fairer Trading with Economies of  Similar Living Standards and then there’s our insanely self-defeating, counter-intuitive US corporate tax-system which rewards Off-Shoring American jobs and has done so for all of my adult life.

It was ‘Black Lives Matter’ which you shouted to and at me, right?  

To whom does it matter to again please!

You Group founder people are too funny with that slogan conveniently co-opted now by the president’s political operatives for Emergency Legacy Building for him on balsa wood and boogers, any semblance of a successful record and at the exact time it dawned on everyone at 1600 that they had failed to do anything about this nuisance ISIS or ISIL or whatever they’re calling it today, or to do something other than cancel Keystone and its giant payroll and Project Purchasing which will now go to China or India via Canada instead.

Good looking out for America, Mr Failed Presidency 2009-2017!

blue-lives-matter-billboard Anti-hate campaign against haters BLM 2015Progressive Extremists and faked-assed Groups like the nascent Hate Group, ‘Black Lives Matter’ are delighted believing that this is their Call to Arms to extract even more money for every conceivable societal ailment from poor schools to ‘global warming’, and predictably entering from stage left in 2013 was this contrived and co-opted ‘Black Lives Matter!  Read this bullshit and then you tell to me that this has any relationship whatsoever to traditional Democratic Party Jeffersonian and Jacksonian founding principles.  This is verbatim from the Hate Group’s own WAKI WIKI BULLSHIT page, highlighting/bolding is my emphasis:


‘…The organization’s website states that Black Lives Matter is “a unique contribution that goes beyond extrajudicial killings of black people by police and vigilantes” and that “Black Lives Matter affirms the lives of black queer and trans folks, disabled folks, black undocumented folks, folks with records, women and all black lives along the gender spectrum.“[15] Founder Alicia Garza has summed up the philosophy behind Black Lives Matter as follows: “When we say Black Lives Matter, we are talking about the ways in which Black people are deprived of our basic human rights and dignity. It is an acknowledgement Black poverty and genocide is state violence. It is an acknowledgment that 1 million Black people are locked in cages in this country–one half of all people in prisons or jails–is an act of state violence. It is an acknowledgment that Black women continue to bear the burden of a relentless assault on our children and our families and that assault is an act of state violence.”

Garza went on: “Black queer and trans folks bearing a unique burden in a hetero-patriarchal society that disposes of us like garbage and simultaneously fetishizes us and profits off of us is state violence; the fact that 500,000 Black people in the US are undocumented immigrants and relegated to the shadows is state violence; the fact that Black girls are used as negotiating chips during times of conflict and war is state violence; Black folks living with disabilities and different abilities bear the burden of state-sponsored Darwinian experiments that attempt to squeeze us into boxes of normality defined by White supremacy is state violence. And the fact is that the lives of Black people—not ALL people—exist within these conditions is consequence of state violence.”[16]


racists marching to hate on police and kill them 2015<–What the fuq is this above TRIKI WIKI bullshit and what’s its value to anyone other than to this psychotic bitch & phony Group ‘founder’ Ms Garza?  

Couldn’t you just about puke and just smack this ignorant bitch upside her stupid-ass head?  It’s appalling that tens of thousands of Americans actually believe this nonsense to be factual and not the political pablum it truly is!

These Progressive Extremist elements having hijacked the national Democratic Party, are now expunging and deleting forever, any reference or connection whatsoever to Presidents Jefferson and Jackson, the  whole reason the Party came together in the first place, and there is little to no outrage except from guys like me furious they stole my party instead of forming their own, just like the Tea Partiers did to the GOP!

We are a Lost Nation, and we are a Disintegrated, and Dying Culture and I for one, am just plain exhausted from attending funerals of young Black men when the majority of people I know are Euro-White like myself. Younger people I know, or hang with, or provide an ear or shoulder to, guidance, advice, coaching or cheer-leading as well as yelling at loudly and repeatedly occasionally too, are 90% Black or Brown-skinned young guys who no one in their lives was then or is now, putting a boot up their asses by even trying to get through the concrete which blocks young male minds at earlier points in our lives.

No one has ever been there for these kids, those young men I come upon daily who are wayward, despondent, and directionless...and you Ms Garza, you dare to bitch to me and pitch to me, that ‘Black Lives Matter’?

Good men and good women dont come out of the box, and off-the shelf that way as babies at Good Citizens R Us, it takes a shitload of lifetime effort to get them to even remember where they live, where the washing machine has been all of their lives and how to turn it on, as well as their own Grandma’s birthday most times!

SLOGANEERING 2015<–This baby propaganda prop is just darling, isn’t it?

I just wanna barf a barrel full, its so damn cute!

‘…and horrifically patronizing and condescending too and amazingly destructive to any society of decent people wishing to advance itself by discouraging through social programs, this American Genocide’s starting point: Out-of-Wedlock births!

Can you see where our dying society has derailed just within this group’s dogmatic doggie doo-doo?

I’m going to have to take a pass on this Sister Reach’s outrageously bullshit suggestions which would only serve to continue to enable and to embrace this cultural, ethnic, and racial extermination of our Urban Black young men  because stupid decisions their own Moms’ keep making guarantee their deaths in the streets everywhere in America today before they even reach adulthood…and again, not surprisingly, not a damn word from ‘Black Lives Matter’!

And conversely, I can’t trust some Black women to not be Planned Parenthood’s largest per capita Abortion Products/Services Consumer base making their own wombs, truly, the most dangerous place To be Young, Gifted, & Black and residing within, and then…

…missing from this  truly repulsive but perhaps well-meaning Sister Group’s condescension and outright orders to us:  How about a g*ddamn husband–not a ‘baby Daddy’–or a life-partner in a committed relationship with you, before you even give up your Coochie, before you hit the sheets with every fuqn loser on the corner dealing dope with no job, and Nuthin’ going on but the Rent…oh, and then, how about perhaps your children all being sired by the same fella…or test tube even?

EFFENDI GARCIA JR EVERYONE DISLIKES MISTRUSTS 1998George Bush 43’s infamous, though brilliant SOTU line about ‘The soft racism of  low expectations’ has dogged me ever since Trayvon’s truly evil Momma, Sybrina Fulton appeared;  this is representative of Black Urban America’s reality on the ground today where there are no expectations of anyone anymore other than to take their place within the Gang Violence Circle of Death and await their turn...certainly not a word from ‘Black Lives Matter’ again either, how about a thought, or even a misdirected brain fart from the current president?  

Oh, fuq no!

But everyone’s OK with this outrageous Obama National War on American Cops bullshit?

Nuh, uh, not this guy you’re reading today cupcake because I was very often this state’s leading and loudest critic of its once disintegrating largest police department’s indifference over its own once utter incompetence in dealing especially with its violent, predatory minority criminal elements.  During the preview creative works for this current Blog as well as from its 2008 birth going forward, I also kept raising the questions no one was asking of Mrs Citizen of Clark County, such as: How is it we as a community are expecting our officers to act in intense interactions with people young and old and who were raised by the TV set, ignored by their family and their neighbors and who possess no morals, no character, no values, no belief systems, no standards, or any empathy at all-or from millions of American born and bred to become Black Sociopath Urban Terrorists now 50 years post Civil Rights Act, these misanthropic American Urban Terrorist Killers finding that their assassinating 9 year old children is acceptable and any of the 321 million of us looking down our noses at any other nation or its people about anything, while this malignant community cancer has continued for all but a few of all of the months I’ve resided on this Earth, wouldn’t be right.

Mike Zahara advice from The LordThis human vermin doesn’t come out of the oven this way at birth, this savage predatory behavior is not a natural or latent human instinct kicking in either; they are learning that this is socially acceptable conduct from their own mothers, grandmas, aunties, and sisters who each further enable them and their Civic Terrorism, then also from their own extended families, from their own neighbors who voluntarily choose to sit in darkened silence valuing instead of human life and a more peaceful existence for all of us,  their cars, cellphones, TVs, PCs and other vulgar consumption being only what they’re all about and what’s to be protected at all costs–and that’s it too bro, there’s nothing else from any of them for these 51 years and counting every day after blood soaked day for 51 years…the very last vestige of hope for this failed segment of Black Americans–the church–has all but completely vanished from their lives.

..so go ahead, tell to me again bitch, who it is that ‘Black Lives Matter’ to anywhere in our great land?

Parts II & III:  The cynical ploy to take this contrived & phony anti-cop, Black American manufactured outrage and turn the failed president into a champion for Black Americans for the very first time in his political life, and at its very twilight and who he’d done nothing for prior.

His protectors in the media all but apoplectic that a Dr Ben Carson on a 2016 GOP ticket could fully extinguish any phony Legacy Lies said and done to revive the failed Obama presidency and currently still being directed in abstentia by former failed US Attorney General, hyper-racist Eric Holder…and then how the USDOJ and the American Association of Counties insidiously created a Rube Goldberg national city and county court systems model which is precisely why Ferguson happened at all and lasted for decades, and why each county court system in every state is nearly identical to Ferguson…and was created with USDOJ encouragement too!

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