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RTCSNV Has Improved…Your Shot At Being Shot or Run Over By a Bus

Posted by Michael Zahara on Feb 15, 2016

Mike Zahara advice from The LordIf you’re not in any particular hurry and possess no standards and few to zero expectations, then the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (aka: Those Assholes!) has developed a Public Transit System specially built just for you!

But then they threw a curve to us I think it was sometime last year and created the second best decision in their entire history introducing their App www.RTCSNV.com where riders can now see their coach and its position when its GPS is on and know when their Coach Operator has stopped to chat up the hookers on this corner, buy himself a 40-oz of Malt Liquor & some weed on that corner, stopped to take a crap at this location or that one…my returning to Public Transit in 2014 for a two year stint was required of me as Reigning King of Clarke County to coincide with the 2016 10th Anniversary of my coronation as ‘Rider of the Millennium’ I think it was, and getting perhaps the best pic I’d ever taken on the cover of their rider publication ‘We’re Better Than India’s Buses, But Not Much Better!’

Faster than a Cow Transit Mumbai 2016<–These happy little fuqrs, all multi PhD-holders in really hard-assed disciplines only they’re interested in knowing about anymore really, and since UNLV is still not hitting even 50% graduating sometime before their natural deaths occur, these fellas (left), came here with all of those brains they’ve got and formed ‘The Vegas Smoke Shop/Vape Cartel’ known in some circles as ‘The OPEC of the Sub-Continent’…but just for Cigs, Swishers, Vape, & Weed pipes according to my old pal Jaspal’s spot-on Intel for two years running!

Five years ago last month, I wrote a rather scathing critique of the RTC and its now fabled Bus Rapid Transit and the ugly-Euro chic coaches they purchased at something nearing 1 mil per coach if memory serves and they’re still ugly and unbelievably uncomfortable to ride in though they no longer smell as much like our European BO–supa-stankin’ German tourists and the scant local public riders and the major show attendees are now used to riding them and are so far, only borderline suicidal to date these five years later!

SDX BusStuck at grade-level with the rest of us, they are pricey and ineffective distractions for we folks interested in the entirety of what makes up Transportation.  That said, the Sahara Express is a rousing success with dedicated lanes I rode 94 times in 2015 which splits off at Sunrise to A & B routes to Lake Mead and Vegas Valley respectively.  Boulder performs as well but only Psychos, Pimps, Fiends and Fuq-ups ride the Boulder Express scaring off a lot of riders who would use this line into Henderson’s energetic community from the Bonneville Transportation Center.

The RTC has nursed and nurtured a system with their client base of riders here possessing no expectations at all of the RTC and their absolutely filthy bus stops and often sociopath drivers though also during these past two years assessing the RTC, I would meet the very best Public Transit driver I have ever encountered anywhere in the United States who you’ll meet her here one day coming up, and then also last year, I accidentally boarded the wrong coach only to meet a guy who I had met and befriended in 2006 who had needed an assist after a stay in our prison system and who asked my help during my tenure on NVDEMS’ Executive Board and my being tight with the former ATU Union guys Rick Valero and Tommy Vukdolich, I told him everything which he needed to do–then we fell out of touch soon after, but he actually did everything that I had suggested and last weekend, we all went out to dinner to celebrate his 9th Anniversary as an RTC Coach Operator; seeing him in 2015 after nine years and seeing his great success coming from the West Side near MLK & Carey and some time at NDOC, made my entire year!

Bad Bus for cities in USA 2016 RTCSNV<–Tourists love ’em and locals do too but they’re still an avoidable tragedy just waiting to happen since the RTC bought even more of them and they’re no longer just on the Strip but on routes all over the Valley now, then they’re going ahead with a ‘stretch’ extended coach version coming up too on a coach which can’t cope with and wasn’t designed for modern heavy-use urban traffic!

In some conditions, they are near to completely invisible at night to riders and other traffic because of their paint coloring and its exterior lighting which is identical to the sodium vapor overhead street lights causing a ‘mirage’ effect and we’ll get into how this can be mitigated in upcoming pieces here which RTC staffers should have caught before they released their first Purchase Order!

Double Agent Moms for Mikey 2016<–Double-agent Jaspal’s groovy Moms with her grand-daughter little Mooli Madka Mae at Red Rock yesterday!

However, the Double-Decker bus isn’t the type which ran over an RTC rider on Tropicana recently and killed her, but rather the more traditional articulated-type and we went to the accident site after Brunch at the Trop last weekend and determined instantly that the driver had fallen asleep and lost control of the bus.

What Metro’s Traffic Bureau is waiting for declaring the same result? I have no idea.

The two companies running the drivers of our coaches are allowing their drivers to cheat on federal hours ‘on duty’ reporting and the RTC is looking the other way allowing scheduling them in such a way which fails to rest them accordingly, thus gravely endangering the riding public and other drivers in our insane local traffic, 24/7/365 per year now.

Contract negotiations have now become a years long proposition in SoNev, all thanks to the RTC and resulting in lack of pride in professional operator performance, zero connection to their companies running them like dogs, and unacceptably high driver turnover rates inviting a full-blown USDOT federal investigation of the entirety of the RTC’s deliberate complicity in this occurring and resulting in the deaths of passengers and the endangering of the general driving public too.


Chubby Chinese Couple Vegas 2016<–This hella-horny chubby Chinese couple had to consummate their marriage right there in Terminal 3 at McCarran because Clark County Aviation has no signage in Mandarin and they couldn’t figure out how the fuq to get out of there to their Honeymoon Suite at the largest Slum Landlord in Nevada, Steven Siegel’s ‘Siegel Slum Spots’ right up the street!

Clark County Aviation has delivered to us a long rumored to be ‘international airport’ which is remarkably deficient in any signage at all in other languages!

I’ve been an invited guest at CES for most of the time I’ve lived here and what our visitors do care a lot about is the RTCSNV trying to fuq ’em down at McCarran with their ticket vending machine rates of $8 instead of the normal $5 for a 24 hour pass one pays after boarding the bus currently stopping at the shittiest bus depot area of any airport only barely besting Gary, Indiana and Lagos, Nigeria which both have airport signage in Spanish, German, French and even Swahili while the RTC has suddenly gone ‘Hey, English Only Bitch’ at the airport while failing to mention to these foreign arrivals they’re over-charging that these 108 & 109 routes go right through the very heart of Nevada’s very worst Slum Lord, Steven Siegel’s Ghetto Slum Spots here and that along with the airport itself, UNLV is the only University in the entire world where they basically began its footprint on raw, barren desert land…and then a gigantic local ghetto grew up around it.

My Doctoral Dissertation: How the Fuq Did That Happen? about how UNLV is the only American State University campus with vacant land and shuttered or near-to-dead businesses directly across the street from its front door despite that very street being the very busiest bus route in the entire state, while absentee, out-of-state-or-country landlords combined to make the campus and its surrounding neighborhoods some of the most dangerous, chronically crime-ridden areas not just in the Southwest US, but in the entire country, when the polar opposite should have occurred giving us a UNLV Corridor teeming with life, energy, and idealistic young people which are normally found of campuses all over American but which are noticeably absent UNLV’s dull, dank, lifeless Warsaw-Pact looking campus and surrounding slum neighborhoods.

Is it really any wonder then that we don’t graduate even half of those attending UNLV?

Bullshit company LV 2016

Quick Quiz Kids: Who is it who couldn’t make the grade at Metro, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Boulder, the CCSD, the Park District, UNLV, NHP etc…and their staff are pretty resentful about it too, but whose out-of-state based, Third World-caliber employer is now inhaling a very big chunk of public dollars including from the RTC of SoNev?  

That would be the fuqn psychopaths over at Allied Barton Shitty Security Services  who’s iconic motto:We’re A Bunch of Fuqs & Profound Disappointments to our Parents’ who’ve already killed one guy on the bus system here and they’ve somehow have gotten it into their fool heads that they are Top Secret Peace Officers here under the NRS too when most of them barely qualify as members of the human race.  Their employer’s only criteria according to what I think that I saw on Craigslist where all serious, driven, ambitious people’s Hopes and Dreams go off to die some time after they finish voting forBernie–Obama’s Crazy-Cracka Great-Grandpa’:

‘No Felonies Unless They’re Cool Felonies!


No Psycho Crazy Bitches

Unless We’re Dating Again Baby!

 –You’re Hired!’

we sux like this guy Allied barton

They are so lazy, but slick liars nonetheless, that this guy, ‘Mr Allied Barton Fuq Up’ (left) is superimposed all over their company propaganda which ‘claims’ a dedication to training etc…which simply isn’t true. Pennsylvania-based Allied Barton, a voracious and predatory consumer of our public dollars, didn’t even create a local Nevada LLC to run their overtaking our entire state with very poorly trained, very low paid, non-union workers starting here at $10 per hour with no benefits while Allied Barton pockets huge profits here far in excess of their operations in other states!

Not a word about this hyper-exploitative company from any of our Dem Leaders anywhere in the state either!

…and they’ve gotten a toehold within our parasitic and predatory Resorts now too, this while MGM-Resorts has taken 600 now former employees off of their books and exported them to the private-sector with thousands more to come all over the industry here, this while our political leaders tremble at the very thought of raising their World’s Lowest Gaming Taxes here which are subsidizing their operations all over America and the entire world.

Hillary Clinton, dining with fellow super-bitch Heather Murren–the same super-bitch married to MGM-Resorts’ Art major Chair Fuq-up, Jim Murren and who she personally destroyed the Nevada Cancer Institute and who Hapless Harry also had wished to run in CD03–doesn’t have a problem with any of this?  

Parasite Heather Murren 2016<–How tin-eared can Hillary Clinton be dining with this obnoxious, parasitic super-bitch, rather than with the 600 now former MGM-Resorts workers kicked off of their payroll in just these past few weeks?

Hillary, a Democrat my dear, would have jumped on an RTC bus and said ‘hello’ to her voters before ever sitting down to dinner with that particular parasitic super-bitch!

This is also why Bernie Sanders is doing so well and is also why she is less and less likely to become the 2nd President Clinton; the Trailer Trash Family of Fuq-Ups which sold the very soul of the Democratic Party to Wall Street in the 1990s and who dismantled all of the Depression-era laws designed to prevent the 2008 global meltdown too?

All of this too while no one here holds Allied Barton to any appreciable standard of conduct regarding their own employees, from the RTC to the Clark County Library District, no public enterprise in Nevada which engages this truly awful company ever holds them to any standard at all!

Coming up:  Hold on to your wallets folks, the Multi-Modal fantasies of Light Rail, Desert Express, the Monorail, and other Fuqn Fables & Falsehoods they’re peddling to us!

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