Let This Be Nevada’s Final Caucus

Posted by Michael Zahara on Feb 19, 2016

Who cares about 1st in West 2016 WatchdogWagI hate caucuses; loathe them really.  

They’re the most undemocratic thing the two major parties can do to their hard-assed partisan voters by denying to them their franchise–their right to cast a voteorchestrated and precision machined by the Bosses, Entrenched Politicians, Union Thugs, Corporate Titans and anyone else in either major party who cares to disrupt the ‘will of the people’, caucuses have been dead for decades and even venerable Iowa detests them and would just as soon convert to a Primary where the real political action takes place!

Want to see real political attention?  Media Moguls, would you like to see your ad revenue really climb to 4 or 5 times your billings of this year?  Nevadans of all persuasions, would you like to see the exquisite attention a South Carolina gets? A New Hampshire?  It was always All About Harry our becoming First in the West when Colorado is the Capital of the Inter-Mountain West and Arizona along with Colorado, have far more people than Nevada does anyway.  How about just in Prez years Nevada doing its Primary the last SUNDAY in February?

Trump bad hair 2016bernie sanders and wife._thumb[5]<–Bad hair is the only thing which we know will prevail in November from our February perch today!

Then beginning in the 79th Session in 2017, let’s get a movement going to Primary from here on out and really make our voices heard by everyone!

In 2008 NVDEMS knowingly placed 40,000 ineligible persons onto the Clark County voter rolls, me, as a then member of its Executive Board, filed a formal complaint with then NVSOS putz boy, Ross Miller whose then Deputy of Election Matt Griffin,–yes, that little Matt-said there were no violations, however the Clark County Election Department subsequently canvassed off of voter rolls…well I’ll be damned 40,000 voters!

The Republican bullshit here was so convoluted that Ron Paul supporters here are still pissed off about their 2008 & 2012 results.

Yes, we’ve all heard from hard-assed partisans in both major parties and from the voting public at-large of all persuasions that we want Nevada to become a Primary state and to dump the Boss Controlled Caucus Catastrophe in Nevada after we finish this cycle.

Nevada Smoke Filled Rooms 2016The first real sign of the movement toward that goal had Sandoval’s 2015 GOPers kicking around holding a 2016 Primary over a Caucus this year and that died where all good ideas go to die:  Both Houses of the Nevada Legislature in 2015!  With Harry Reid finally retiring, though he is not going quietly and plans to stick his big nose into NVDEMS’ affairs forever it seems,  unless Dem partisans act and cleanse the Party and choose a new leader to follow here immediately, the very moment the polls close November 8th.

Will that be Catherine Cortez Masto or Dina Titus?  It should have been Shelley Berkley but she ran a really shitty Senate Campaign with no locals advising her and all that cash going elsewhere–I regret to inform that Sister Mary Catherine Cortez Masto is on that same mistake ridden road today and every message coming from her campaign today is this entirely about this upcoming Senate Class together with pleas for other candidates around the country from Harry, but not about we here in SoNev or the Northlands!

Queensridge giant horses have no balls 2016That would be Rochelle-y Berkley–Nevada’s favorite Drag Queen!–smiling to herself while she’s spanking Dr Larry with a new spiked flyswatter and a hell of a lot more these days since they both have a lot more time for foreplay according to their Queensridge HOA’s new anticipated lawsuit over their suburban geriatric sex-stuff frolicking fun!

Dina’s prepared to pounce and declare NVDEMS as hers to rule over! She has a fair argument she being 94 years old and being around forever, ‘cept the rest of the state can’t stand that she’s in the same state with them and still with a House seat for life for her, she still has trouble enjoying her Highest Ranking Senior Nevada Dem Female status while in the House minority and hating every second of that and no sign of the Democrats having even a prayer to recapture the House until 2022 after the 2020 Census perhaps loosens the GOP’s grip on the US House and the Electoral College…or not.

Shelley Berkley 2016 WatchdogWag<–Former Rep Shelley Berkley got herself some new tats, some new, bigger tits, and much bigger biceps from spanking Dr Larry so much since losing to Dean Heller including my vote and I love her, instead of staying in the House and on the mucho-powerful Ways & Means Committee!

Oy Vey!

That was a Very Special Delivery just for Dems from Barack Obama who gave the whole country over to the GOP these past eight years and now his supporters have rediscovered their ‘Racism’ battle cry regarding his ‘legacy’ despite the past 24 years having had two two-term Dems eating up 16 of those 24 years and eight years of Obama have turned America into Apartheid South Africa according to them and Hillary pandering her little heart out said here in Las Vegas that there’s ‘systemic racism’ now she’s just noticing, I guess.

Dina-BambinaPeople aren’t listening to what these Race-Baiters are actually saying, and SC Rep Jim Clyburn who I had once really respected, lost that with me over his Gabby Gifford bullshit which would have been called out as the outrage it was if said by any other person than a Senior Black House member. I’ll revisit the phony race issue much more this year too.

If Catherine wins in November, then she as US Senator would outrank Dina in the House in most partisan minds and Cortez Masto would be much preferred by Gaming, Mining, and everyone else to lead NVDEMS over Dixiecrat, Bureaucrat, Educrat, Dina Titus.

I’m rather dumbfounded that no one in this state–or even nationally at Politico or the Washington Post is even touching the fact that once Harry retires off to Searchlight to play Granny-dress up out in the desert with his pals, NVDEMS will be lead by a woman!   Yes, I know Harriet very well and love her, Allison, not so much loving her shit, etc… but a woman rising high enough to run the entire State Party politically as Harry Reid has done so selfishly and to the exclusion of others for decades, is upon us this year. 

A new era is about to dawn and debut here for Dems and no one is even whispering about it?

Though I have no issues with him besides his being Harry’s chihuahua lap dog, Zach Zaragosa has used up his time and free passes and its time to put his shit in a couple of empty Xerox paper boxes, show him the door and wish him well in Texas which seems a good place where he is needed!

Mike Barfing 2016Will a woman leading NVDEMS after November 2016 finally place the person who has earned the title and position so many times over its not even funny–Jesus Christ, how we Dems preach and never subject our own selves to our party ordered hair-brained speech, behavior, and opinion control fascist agendas!--let me pause a sec here to barf!

I will enthusiastically and very publicly support either Catherine or Dina depending on who is first to state definitively that Roberta Lange will become the new Executive Director of the Nevada State Democratic Party early next year! 

I love Roberta and love making fun of her foibles and she’s all good with that though she’s surely crying her little eyes out in the Ladies Room as she’s reading this!

She loves a good cry dammit!

Zach-Zaragosa-running-from-Naomi-150x150<–Regular readers remember I published this shot of Zach (left) running away screaming when he first met Naomi at headquarters. 

$532,000 in intensive therapy later, he’s much better today!

I met Roberta and Ken Lange in 2003 upon arriving here full-time, and then in 2004, she and I worked together on Tom Gallagher’s then CD03 campaign against Jon Porter and saw her immense value each and every day.  She knows what she’s doing people, one of only 12 people statewide who knows what she’s doing about anything too!  She knows how to run BIG SHIT!  She knows her party and her state’s peculiar electorate in both parties!  How is she in her 129th term as State Party Chair and no one in Harry’s Blurry World had ever even thought to ever consider Roberta Lange as ED of NVDEMS?


Back to topic, sorry for meandering off again!

That all said we Dems should send Hillary home packing and deliver Nevada to Bernie Sanders who though 186 years old and never having held a real job, at least he comes much closer to Traditional Democrats with his hair-brained, ‘Nobody Pays but Everyone Gets Free Shit’ rhetoric than Corporate Shill Hillary Rohdam Clinton  who’s still carrying Wall Street’s water and steadfastly refusing to reinstate the Glass-Steagal Act which her husband shit-canned and by doing, so caused the 2008 Bush43 Global Depression which has Nevada still trying to recover from its convulsions now 8 years later after suffering the nation’s highest unemployment rate–and Harry Reid dickin’ around with benefit extensions time after time after time…

I’m Feelin’ the Bern too so please don’t forget what the Clintons did to our Party when you Dems caucus.

2008 happened for a reason: Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich dismantled all of the Depression-era safeguards which lead to George Bush 43 running with the ball they left for him thinking it was supposed to be Al Gore’s ball in 2000, I guess and GW Bush became the first president in American history to go to war–in two separate theaters no less–without raising a dime of taxes while enriching the Haliburton’s of the world on a Saudi and Chinese backed credit card.

Jesus rep Las Vegas 2016Bush 43 raised the debt to ten trillion and Obama doubled that for you partisans in both parties with poor memories.  No one is pure here, the entire county is broken down and beyond repair which is why we Dems are apoplectic about Donald Trump doing so well.  Trump’s first ‘Quality Kill’ was offing Jeb Bush who is the only one in that silly-ass family who knows how to run shit like a Big Giant State of Fuq-Ups called Florida.

Remember that little brother GW almost bankrupted MLB’s Texas Rangers and we elected him twice.  Bernie, like Barack, has never held a real job for those wishing Obama II, at least Trump can Bullshit with the Best of ’em out there and managed to get himself hundreds of millions in Big Bank financing for his little projects including my new spot, Trump Vegas!

Said one Trump supporter in South Carolina according to the LA Times, ‘I’m voting with my middle finger’

Amen Brother!  You sir expressed the 2016 Exasperation of an Entire Nation with that rather flippant remark which will live on with the great lines of past national elections this current guy and his particular, if not peculiar bullshit, has just exhausted all of us.  In recent weeks and months protectors like the Congressional Black Caucus are blaming his presidential failure on that old tried and true, ‘racism’, this despite Obama for the very first time in his presidency admitting to the LA Times 2/11/2016 that he could have and should have done more to reach across the aisle.  

No shit dude?  Just now is this crossing your mind in February of 2016 at the ass-end of your shit you shat upon us Mr President?


Mrs Bernie Sanders 2016Caucus for Hillary knowing before you cry ‘sexism’ we’ve been ready for quite some time for a female president, just not this one as a consolation for her husband getting Monica’ed and lying about that and everything else for eight years.  Caucus for Bernie cuz I’m feeling the Bern badly just for the material here since he’s never had a real job just like the current guy and has no clue whatsoever how Economies work either just like the current occupant too!

And know that its just killing Hillary, Bernie, the Establishment GOP and even the DNC, that all indicators point to Donald Trump beating both handily because we as a nation are in a ‘fuq you’ kind of mood nationally and this is the natural residual byproduct of Dem identity politics and policies since at least the late 80s.  I’ve seen big samples of his numbers nationwide recently and they’re scary-good–he’s drawing the old Reagan Democrats in as well as anti-War Peace-niks hatin’ on Obama’s many fibs in the Wars Issue arena.

$10 bux says Trump pulls another slick move and names a female VP such as a Carly Fiorina even though he called her a ‘horse-face’.  If we go with ‘corporate asshole billionaire’ in November, he knows he wins with another Executive Board Room-er like HP Assassin Fiorina at his side. and those of you feigning indignation in either party about Trump, just pay attention to all of the assholes on your way home tonight, and you’ll see why he’s ignited as a candidate–Donald Trump is America today: course, crude, vulgar, he’s every mothafucka you flipped off on the Freeway this morning and he’s tapped directly into their Voter Arteries so far!

That guy from South Carolina nailed itWe’re all voting with our middle fingers in one way or another this year!


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