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Want My Vote? Here’s What I Need To Hear!

Posted by Michael Zahara on Feb 26, 2016

This little girl knows HRC's bullshitI’m with this little girl whose face is conveying ‘Quit lying bitch!’ and what the entire nation is feeling about the pandering, lying, racist bitch on her right!

Hillary’s ‘winning’ the Nevada Dem Caucus showed to all of us, if you’re paying any attention at all, how incensed especially the print media is over Donald Trump’s steep ascent toward becoming our next president, and it’s all in their Headlines, the most important component in their printed arsenal for if they fail to snag their reader with a juicy headline they want to read, you’ve just wasted a bunch of print and on-line space.

Political pros tend to their media contacts like delicate, almost extinct flowers…they feed ’em, booze ’em up, flatter them, bed ’em, wed ’em, even Grateful Dead ’em, broker ‘exclusives’ and access to their candidate–but piss ’em off, and you’ll not forget a single vile word shouted at you over the phone or in person.

Two Bigots in a Pod:  Lifetime racist Hillary Clinton invites sociopath Sybrina Fulton to join her on the Clinton Plantation where all of Clinton’s bigoted supporters gather to remember that Black Lies Matter, especially with South Carolina and Super Tuesday coming up and with all those Black American votes up for grabs!

two lieing whores Hillary & Sybrina 2016

Bubba was in fact our first Black-American president, Hillary has been a hardcore racist all of her life.  Remember last time out when she attempted to talk ‘street & ghetto’ when she was campaigning down South?

And Black-American voters eat that bullshit up when none can name a single thing either Clinton had ever done for them, but the list of things they’d done to them is hundreds of feet long beginning with the crushing lifetime debt students at our HBCUs are especially suffering because Bubba gave up students and parents being able to discharge Student Loan Debt in US Bankruptcy court in order to get the Direct Loan Program up while he was president!

This is the Democratic Party in America todaypandering, racist, bigoted, identity politics at its very worst!

GOP 2016 Prez Field<–The 2016 GOP field!

Those ancient Printed News Devices aimed their fire directly to get those most important ‘political pot stickers’–something which ‘sticks’ in reader minds and which others will also parrot regardless of accuracy, facts so to declare it to be over with, she’s the winner based on our shitty Dem Caucus this past Saturday which it took the Associated Press, and not the RJ, RGJ, or the Sun, until 5:15PM last Monday evening to declare that there was a huge turnout drop-off from 2008 to a paltry 84,000 voters out of nearly 500,000 registered Dems, with no idea how many unlawfully registered as illegal immigrants, under-aged, or out-of-state Caucus Helper voters this time around, which was 40,000 unlawfully added here in 2008 down to 14,000 this year and NVDEMS stating that 41% of participants were ‘minority’.

And how would they know that since ‘racial and ethnic profiling’ is not a part of NVDEMS’ caucusing criteria?  Well, they stated this because in a phony-assed, highly corrupted caucus system, results have already been pre-determined by the Bosses and their underlings.

The problem today for we voters is that ‘Information’ is everywhere but its also sticking to nothing anywhere–we Americans are in an Information Ultra-Overload mode which has produced a citizenry more ill-informed and out of touch since before 19th Century German emigres decided to impose onto us a public schools system which doesn’t work anywhere and calling into question today who it was who actually won World Wars I & II!

Sue Pilut salute 2 23 2016None of the candidates in either party is speaking to solutions for that which is ailing us as a people, a country, or its institutions which are in tatters with each president since 1988 doing irreparable damage to the Office of President and to the nation as a whole. So today, I’m beginning to write about what’s on my mind and of those folks I speak with about the sad sorry state of the nation’s Body Politic.

Washington is beyond redemption and repair; this is our government you’re talking about when you’re expressing your aggravation, exasperation, and frustration with  our gigantic behemoth federal bureaucracy and in order to truly change some things, we will have to Amend our Constitution to wrest control of the government back from the pimps and poseurs in Washington and return it to the People!

This is just a smattering of what’s bugging me this cycle:

SLM THE WORST OF THE WORST 2016Will you by Executive Order if necessary, allow for Private Credit Student Loan debt to be discharged in total in US Bankruptcy Court, thus ending the most outrageous giveaway to lenders in American history with no credible reasoning why this Consumer Debt should remain the only such debt disallowed for discharge under the US Code?

Will you return the hosting and control over the national presidential debates back over to The League of Women Voters and remove forever the toxic poisonous tone and tenor of them since both parties conspired to take the debates away from the LOWV?

Will you immediately shutdown and move all essential functions of the Department of Veteran Affairs temporarily to the Department of Defense, fire every VA employee & bureaucrat, and establish a Commission lead by your Vice-President to rebuild a new VA which has never worked since created by President Reagan?

Will you forever end the dickin’ around of our Vets and create Medicare Military for former service members and their families and baring any medical service provider, including those providing Mental Heathcare, from refusing to treat anyone under the new Medicare M?

Will you support the Federal Term Limits Amendment limiting to twelve total years for each body, any person serving in the US House or US Senate for a total of 24 years maximum?  In this same vein, will you support raising US House terms from two to four years on a US Senate-like staggered three Class I, II, & III drawn randomly until all 435 member seats are assigned to one of the Classes over 3 present two year cycles as a companion Amendment?

Will you support the federal  No Lobbyist May Touch Amendment baring any lobbyist and anyone not employed directly by any member of Congress to in anyway whatsoever interject themselves into the actual creation and writing of federal legislation?

Sandy back home WatchdogWag 2016Will you support the Federal Mandate Rules and Regulations Vote Requirement Amendment requiring all 535 members to register a Yea or Nay vote by any means necessary regardless of voting rules in each body, on all mandated Rules and Regulations written by federal employees and created for the federal bureaucracy in which they each have a vested interest in self-preservation no less than equal to the 535 members not wishing to be publicly attached to theses never voted on details of the measures they pass while leaving the details to non-elected federal employees?

Will you support the No Exemptions, No Exceptions Amendment dissolving all previous federal legislation in which Congress has exempted itself and barring all future Congresses from passing any law which exempts them from also following the laws that citizens must follow?

Will you abolish the McCarran Ferguson Act and forever deny insurers the right to fix prices and enforce Sherman-Anti Trust and force them to compete in all 50 states, the ‘missing link’ in all of the previous  phony reforms which served only to skyrocket premiums while still leaving ten of millions of Americans without Heath Insurance?

Will your Justice Department sue Nevada’s Gaming Cartel to break up the Strip Giant’s Cartel which since the sale of the Mandalay Bay Group has stunted competition, saddled stockholders with tens of billions in debt, driven down wages, and served only to finance the Gaming Cartel’s operations in 40 other states and Communist China at the expense of the citizens of the State of Nevada?

Will you support the Line-Item Veto for the president to employ at his/her discretion as Governors in 44 states have to help balance their budgets?

Will you try former Vice-President Dick Cheney for Treason and execute him when found guilty, for his role in America going to war against Iraq and his withholding information from President Bush to make informed decisions as Commander in Chief?

Hillary in black-face<–Auntie Tom, Hillary Clinton does her very best Black-American Improv when the South votes!

Will you try hyper-bigoted Attorney General Eric Holder for the murder of American police officers after his deliberate lying and igniting racial discord post Trayvon Martin & Ferguson and will you name the racist Black Lives Matter as the hate group and Civic Terrorists they are and try and execute their supporters who killed American police officers?  And will you prosecute Sybrina Fulton for fraud and incitement?

Will you close American military bases in Western Europe, Japan, South Korea, economies we compete with, who refuse to pay for their own defenses and severely curtail USDOD & CIA operations around the world?

Will you support expelling China from the WTO and send their Ambassador home permanently since they steal US patented products and dump them back onto our market and will you support a 100% excise tax on all Chinese goods sold in the USA? Will you bar any Chinese investment in American companies and their purchase of our debt now exceeding 20 trillion dollars?

More to come as we count down to November and try to heal from these past 24 years of the wrong men in the wrong job who each drove the country backward, not forward!

Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

A National Treasure & Pleasure!



Michael Z in Michael Kors McCarran 2 27 2016