In Like a Lion, Out Like A Lamb…With An Attitude!

Posted by Michael Zahara on Mar 26, 2016

Was Bill a good boy or very bad boy to get this gift<–My personal view about this very cool dune buggy gift Ellen Spiegel bought for her husband Bill was not that he was a very good boy, rather that he was a very naughty boy, though I haven’t asked for a confirmation from either which is truer, preferring instead to leave it to my active imagination!

Ladies it is a truism that we boys do love our toys and someone in my life bought for me a Tonka truck a couple of years back and I played with it all Christmas Day (and long after too, so shhhh!)

Spiegel & Speigel 2016:  I love Bill & Ellen Spiegel, she of the NV Assembly ticked off at herself for losing the seat and then doubling down and winning it back doing the very necessary basics of the Retail Aspects of Politics and doing it consistently and even when she’s not in campaign season.  She sends notes, stops by to say ‘hi’, helps with issues not necessarily part of her job up in the Assembly; she tends to and nurtures her ever expanding base of voters in both parties and they respond with support and votes at the Voting Booth!

This ‘Builds Bank’, so to speak, with your constituents who will be there when you need them and will also be there when you’re ready to move onto another office!   State Senator Mark Manendo is also superior at doing this and few candidates here are even willing to put in the very necessary sweat equity which makes candidates winners on Election Night!

That’s how its done kids!

Ellen One 2016Ellen Two 2016<–I love her livery!  Its so Ellen!   So is the crazy shit big hair and suburban spouse & professional woman doing the grunt work of her own campaign look, and which she does so well!

I especially love the two different fonts and her surname italicized because italics always convey ‘movement’ and ‘change’–yep, even little things like your font choice is messaging to us lots about you and what you wish to do–details do matter–the lilac coloring adds a feminine touch too; it all works very well for her but these tiny signs take a big beating in our Spring hurricane-like Santa Ana winds and look much better on her bigger 3×6-ers!

You big dumb-asses, pull Ellen aside and ask her what she’s doing and how she’s doing it if you wish to be successful because NVDEMS ain’t worth a shit and most of our consultant class is predatory and do nothing to make you better candidates and are only concerned about your checks clearing the bank!  Ellen & Bill do it all on their own and she’s finally being recognized and feted for her efforts in Carson City and for her savvy out on the hustings which I’ve been cheer leading her on since we first met though we still haven’t had that long ago promised lunch and that was my error!

Thanks El for being a good politician and leader for your constituents, you’ll always have a very big fan in me lady!


3 22 2016 Zahara WDWDamn!  A quarter of the year has passed already, where does the time go?


Metro Legend Sgt Norm Jahn:  Now in my 5th year of knowing him but having kept our relationship as email-only to better understand him and for me to better understand Metro’s internal bullshit under the last guy, I finally decided to pick up the phone last month and call him and heard his voice for the very first time and it wasn’t squeaky!

Norman’s up next in a piece all his own too!


three amigos 11 2014 Joe Lombardo LVMPDMr Lombardo Files:  I knew of Sheriff Lombardo’s late father from early 2013 on, no one had told me he worked at Metro until then and it wouldn’t be until Election Night that I met him along with his buddies and Joe’s Aunt Susie.  I had met Joe’s super daughter Morgan at the St Pat’s parade in 2014 and offered my apology if anything I had written was hurtful to her, told her I would endorse him in May and asked her to keep it between us, and gave her solid advice on what to expect from her Dad as the campaign wore on, his likely to become moodier, crankier and crabbier, why that would occur, and that that was when she should ask for a new car!   Lt Laz Chavez was orbiting very close by and ready to take me out!

My guessing then that Uncle Laz had his orders, though he and I talked for quite a bit that day too!

Joe’s Dad was different.  I kept missing him during the campaign and finally had sometime together with him on Election Night and I introduced myself and told him that I took quite a few written smacks at Joe here, and he asked me to call him ‘Joe’, and I responded, ‘No sir, I can’t do that, that’s just not the way I was raised, it feels wrong to me too, my friends don’t address my folks by their first names either cuz I’d punch ’em, and Joe will be the Sheriff-elect in a couple of hours and he and I are all good, so you’re Mr L, Big L, Big Joe, or Mr Lombardo, anything but ‘Joe’.  He was good with that request from me.

Joe Sr on his device 11 2014<–He was quite savvy on his device too and it was the coolest thing seeing him and his buddies really diggin’ all that was going on that night!

We continued on with small talk and he paused, looked at me and said, ‘I want you to know that my Joe is a good boy.’ Yes sir, I’ve come to know that about him, and I think he’s gonna be a very good sheriff” I replied.  It was a very quiet, rather sweet little exchange and a bit emotional for us both with a touch of ‘Field of Dreams’ within it and I felt oddly an intruder feeling the soon-to-be sheriff-elect should have been there outside with us to hear his Dad say that, and I’ve never gotten the chance to tell Joe about it and having lost my friend Joy Riley just prior to Mr Lombardo passing, I knew I couldn’t keep it together for his services and did not attend.

Joe with Joe 11 2014<–This is Mr Lombardo with Metro’s ‘other’ Joe Lombardo; seriously Metro has another Joe Lombardo who is no relation to the Sheriff and is a very good guy himself too!

The odd thing being is that had I met Mr Lombardo back in 2013 when I first heard about him, I’d have never needed to do the whole 2014 Sheriff’s Race Only focus here because I know Italians very well and love all of ’em in my life, and they’ve been a HUGE part of my life for all of my life and pre-dating my own birth!  With the Lombardos, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree or even fall from it at all, and was still firmly attached to the bough between father and son; Joe is the man he is today because of his Pop; its an Italian thing!

Mr Sheriff, if there was ever any doubt in your mind that your father loved you very much and was very proud of you, I’m here to tell you that he did on both points and he told me so himself on Election Night 2014 and which was one of the top highlights of the race for me and the very capstone of the whole damn thing tying it all together for me too!


Gorgeous Cortez Masto 2016 WatchdogWagSister Mary Catherine Cortez Masto Files:  I just about fell off the chair and filled my pants viewing Catherine’s introductory TV spot!  Superior work!  No critique from me at all of any of it!  It was bright, lively, interesting, very well shot, edited and produced; the candidate looked gorgeous and likable as did her family!

That’s my fellow parishioner and the Catherine and her family I know and told her the very day we met that ‘you ma’am, are a United States Senator’ and she certainly thinking I was/am a psycho, I’m sure, but I really do have a Sixth Sense about this kind of stuff and have rarely been wrong over 35 years of this political stuff!

What’s coming up for Catherine is going to be truly awful and I hope she heeds my advice about something I helped affect for her because she’s going to need the assist this fall and  I know Dr Joe Heck to be a good man–though a g*ddamn knucklehead for entering this race–and the PACS supporting him are going to unload on her something fierce, but she gains absolutely nothing and loses credibility and damages her own brand making her race about what’s wrong with him, rather than what she wants to do for us!  He’s an Army General soon to be named Emperor, I think, why elevate him even further?  Plus, she’s going to tower over his Vertically Challenged self and $10 bux says he’ll do anything to never be photographed standing next to her and will push-back hard to not debate her standing up!

SMCCM 2016 2 Zahara<–Sister Mary Catherine Cortez Masto and some schmuck named Paul she picked up one day at a bowling alley near Syracuse University, I think, and who gave the very best eulogy I ever heard when her Pop passed and stupid me getting separated from my family at his Mass at our parish, St Joseph, Patron Saint of Children’s Aspirin at Tenaya & Sahara and leaving me sitting between Wayne Newton & Steve Wynn and that completely messing my head up for months afterward because I couldn’t stop myself from staring at Newton’s bad hair plugs and my believing the Outfit was gonna pop me for doing so!

Stevie Nicks Alladin Las Vegas 1980s Zahara meet up<–I liked Newton’s old Aladdin where I stayed a number of times and met Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks (left) who was playing dollar slots at 3AM down in the casino one night and she asked me in reply ‘are you some kind of weirdo?’ when I told her I liked her and I said ‘well yes I am, but what does that have to do with anything?’ 

She laughed and Newton’s ‘people’ didn’t rough me up!

I’ve never seen the value of even mentioning an opponent and counsel all who ask that you’re only serving to elevate them and diminish yourselves and I think voters mentally check you off their lists as unworthy of their vote when you’re unloading on an opponent rather than telling us about yourself and what you wish to do for us.  

This approach works; trust me on that!  It also dilutes the caustic and toxic which have become commonplace in American politics.


3 23 2016 WatchdogWagKathy & Rox Files:  Then out of the blue, my crush and former LVMPD Deputy Chief Kathy O’Connor decides to become my FB friend and after I fainted, died, saw the Bright Lights and was brought back to life, my own Enterprise Area Command’s Captain Roxanne McDaris popped in via an email exchange about something which was occurring with me in early March and I didn’t need to be revived because I had the nitroglycerin handy when that happened!

How cool!

I will meet up with Captain McDaris at one of those First Tuesdays coming up if not sooner and am hoping to meet Chief O’Connor too because had she been interested in running for Sheriff in 2014, she’d have smoked everyone, no offense to Joe or Larry meant, but she was the reason they essentially tied and I want to tell her about my conclusions before I write about them here for you guys!

Kathy O'Connor LVMPD<–Looking like Stevie Nicks a bit herself here, no one could have beat DC Kathy O’Connor and if any of the boys had suggested she’d be their Undersheriff too, he’d have beat ’em all too!


Aaron & William Files:    Oy!  These two knuckleheads are very good men, are or were in Dem elective office including William being my Assemblyman and despite my not recalling anything of note he did for our District, he won my support for judge by never having been indicted!

2 23 2016 Horne & Ford FollyBoth reacted to the phony Klansmen at Cimmeron High School during the GOP Caucus here completely wrong and missed several opportunities by choosing towing the Dem company line about Trump being a heretic, instead of using it as an opportunity to educate younger Dems and roast these idiots with derision for their playing ‘dress-up’ trying to stir up shit here!

First, being two Black guys themselves, they could have informed that the KKK survived and flourished because of the Democratic Party’s Dixiecrat Wing of Southerners and we Dems are responsible for 100 years of Jim Crow because of that Dem Party tolerance of the KKK’s intolerance, which is precisely why, second, we don’t expunge Presidents Jefferson and Jackson from our party’s history because they were both slave owners and our own current Intolerant Wing–our Progressive Extremistsdemanding their being expelled over one psycho kid shooting up a church in South Carolina, ignores our party’s own sins which took the 1964 GOP to correct by their passing the Civil Rights Act of 1964 for us and which would have never passed with out those GOP senators doing the right thing only 52 years ago!

Aaron Ford & SonThen third, has everyone forgotten the Clinton’s bullshit from 2008 already?  I’m shocked so many of my friends of color have forgiven that so easily but will candidly admit the choice this year on either side is a horseshit choice to begin with!  Then fourth, this was the Ted Cruz campaign’s playbook and he had just come out of Iowa having his operatives spreading the falsehood that Ben Carson was dropping out!  That rumor was documented across Iowa too!  Cruz, who is the scariest of all the candidate to me, is the racist in the GOP campaign and Trump is the sexist.  Trumps comments may be bigoted about illegal aliens, but they’re not by definition ‘racist’ and it strains credulity to assume he’s a racist when over 30 years of public life and dealing with New York’s touchy political types, that no one has ever sued him for Sex Discrimination or for racism. 

That none of his thousands of former employees has come out of the woodwork to tell us all about this evil side of him to date, is very telling too!  It tell us that the Democratic Party fears him most because he’s hitting things which are bothering voters regardless that he’s uncouth and a bully!

Bitch claims she is entitled 2016My informed conclusion was that those fake-ass KKK little fuqrs in Las Vegas was Cruz’s campaign’s doing it to diminish the front-runner Trump post-Cruz’s Iowa win and to gain traction here if you know anything at all about the people involved on his behalf here and who was supporting Cruz statewide here too, and Cruz himself who is actually the very worst of the candidate this cycle everyone should fear his getting any traction!

Who has the most to gain from making Trump look bad here is where investigating this kind of shit must always begin! 

That’s the Politics 101 of it, pure and simple!  Who benefits most is always where you start!

Minority Leader Aaron Ford especially knows this, knows all of this, and his towing the company line for the Democratic Party is unworthy of him and of his political brand and I’m disappointed in him taking the cheap and easy routes, rather than taking the time to inform voters of what’s at play here!  I look at Aaron and Berna Rhodes-Ford and their boys not as the ideal Black-American family because I’m really trying to dump racial and ethnic identifiers in my writings because of all the damage they have done for 40 years to my party, but as the quintessential American family ideal we should all be looking up to and emulating.  He and his wife have strong families who loved them and gave to them the tools necessary for their successes today which is why his taking the easy route and towing the party line is so unworthy of him and disrespects everyone’s intelligence by doing so.

Our party is just as messed up as the GOP; Obama has lost for us all of our elected officials from coast-to-coast with his arrogance and Imperial Presidency and Ford and Horne should be among the leaders guiding us out of that morass, not wading within it!


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