Shit at Home so I can Shop at Target Again!

Posted by Michael Zahara on May 1, 2016

Shelley Berkley 2016 WatchdogWagThey would have gravitated toward any mammal with a pulse, a day job, and a car under 5 years old in 2016; there was no way they’d ever vote for the guy in the pants suits who really was Tammy Wynette ‘Standing By Her Man’ as she famously lied to 60 Minutes she was not doing  in 1992.  ‘You’re getting a ‘two-fer’ was the very comment which permanently soured a significant portion of the American public and she never to be redeemed.  Husband Bill was the Democratic Party Pariah who every member of the DNC wanted to personally kill in 1988 for his hours long Keynote address to the ’88 Convention which solidified along with our worst nominee in Party history, Michael Dukakis, how out of touch the Democratic Party was with mainstream America.

..and still is today!

We’ve devolved, not evolved, since the passage of the landmark signature legislation of the Clinton presidency:  The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1994.

Want Special Status 2016Now we’re fighting over whether people who ‘personally identify’ as the opposite gender or as no gender at all–should be able to crap in which ever public Rest Room they please.  I’m embarrassed to be a Dem, embarrassed that this failed president is championing this outrageous indulgence of psycho-sexual confusion equating this as both a ‘disability’ as well as a ‘special status’ which needs protections under either the ADA or against discrimination under the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

This deserves no ‘special status’; there’s no need for us need to ever ‘reasonably accommodate’ this ‘personal identity’ self-indulgence either because if we do, where does this ever end?

We’re all disabled and all deserving of ‘Special Rights & Status’ then, right? Every fetish, every anomaly must then be indulged and given co-equal status!  321 million little tiny islands of conceit and narcissism must be protected against discrimination?

Are you fuqing kidding me?

Here’s an idea:  Why don’t you take a shit at home so I can shop at Target again?

Just because your vanity and narcissism has you running around the neighborhood in a cocktail dress when you have an actual cock, doesn’t mean I have to ‘accommodate’ you as the Americans With Disabilities Act requires for you are not disabled, you’re just unbearable and insufferable too!  Does anyone seriously expect us to include ‘gender identity’ under the landmark Civil Rights Act?

People who have uglied-up their bodies and their faces with tattoos are in a similar lane demanding in some states that they not be discriminated against either!

Here’s a real ‘two-fer’:  How about we remove the doors off of all of the stalls in public Rest Rooms?  We’ll resolve two major current issues born under the gross incompetence of our current president.  One, we’ll end strung out junkies passed out or dead in public shitters, and two, we’ll end these attention thrill-seekers demanding your undivided attention as they’re getting off on the sexualizing of their taking a crap.

It’s turned America into Obama’s Scat Follies: A Vaudeville of Emotionally Needy Cripples!

But the Nevada Supreme Court inadvertently assisted us some time back, their ruling that Public Rest Rooms may in fact have video taping and monitoring equipment maintained by law enforcement!

How about Target take those stall doors off and also install video monitoring within its Rest Rooms?

This is how over-the-top they are in Washington consumed with concern since 2012 about Obama’s ‘legacy’ as the failed president who wouldn’t work with the GOP, nor within his own party, and he recently dared to lecture us about how the rest of the world would view a Trump presidency?

I am soooooo tired of this guy’s shit, he can’t leave Washington fast enough for me and for tens of millions of other former supporters of his like me!

What an asshole!  Nearing 8 years now he hasn’t lifted a g*ddamn finger to end the violence and bloodshed in his adopted hometown of Chicago which is on track to exceed 500 murders in 2016, but they’ve packaged and prepared for his ‘legacy’ that ‘Black Lives Matter’ to him most of all!

I’m calling ‘bullshit’ on that and scores of other ‘Obama claims’ coming up this year!

He doesn’t do a g*ddamn thing about Las Vegas and Metro–about 1.7 million under LVMPD’s jurisdiction–under his phony USDOJ’s COPS Initiative, but he slams down hard with all of the weight of the hyper-racist, super-corrupted Civil Rights Division on teeny-tiny Ferguson Missouri, population 21,000?

…and no one questions any of this except me?

Harry a Granny Tranny<–Senator Harry Reid stars as Granny Clampitt in the UNLV production of ‘Ellie Mae Wants To Grow A Dick: A Gender Identity Musical Mess!’ back in 2014!

Target Corporation–‘Come, Let’s All Shit Together!’was once the Minneapolis-based Dayton-Hudson which was a former, major client of mine and the companies I worked for in Transportation and which rarely paid its bills on time, but never missed an opportunity to lecture anyone who would listen about the importance of us all ‘getting along’ while holding hands and swaying back and forth singing Kumbaya together!

What a bunch of insufferable assholes they were and apparently still are!  Hey, how about paying your fuqing bills asshole? Those trucks and trains I booked for you aren’t free, you little fuqrs!  This is an extension for them of their hyper-extremist Scandinavian Progressivism having me quip back then that everyone is blonde in Minnesota, even the Black people have blonde hair!

Within the ‘I Wanna Shit Wherever I Wish’ cult, Hate Groups like the Human Rights Campaign are attaching their own specific political agendas to a concept called, ‘Relativism’ where anything goes, all values and morals are fluid concepts of equal value which is why Europe is inundated with Muslim immigrants demanding Sharia Law and the United States is under invasion of no less than 12 million illegal, mostly Mexican National immigrants, demanding birthright citizenship when it would be as simple as Congress passing national sovereignty legislation which would settle once and for all, what is required to attain US Birth Right citizenship.

‘…for matters of children born onto US soil, and that of those born onto US Territories and Military installations around the world; no person or their descendants who are within the United States unlawfully, has a claim, nor a right to petition to seek redress, or to gain a cause of action to demand citizenship, and are therefore not lawful citizens by birth with all of the benefits inherent within, beginning one year past the passage of this Act….’

No more Anchor Babies!  Amen!  Of course, those Anchors on our Economy prior to the passage of this necessary federal legislation are already in and exempt, we don’t have to continue the bastardization the Civil Rights Act of 1866 as well as the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution deliberately led by the corrupted Mexican government to extract benefits for their citizens illegally here in the US.

revolting 2016<–Revolting, isn’t it?

Or we could treat Mexican illegals in the US the exact same way Mexico treats its illegals from Central America; the howls from the Thief, Taker, and Demander illegals here would be deafening, wouldn’t it?

The same goes for ‘Gender Identity Industrial Complex’ in the US which only a generation ago under the Clintons, was not a part of Gay and Lesbian Rights efforts but which co-opted them and like the parasites they are, included GenderQueer to be their co-equals snuffing out 4 decades of nature versus nurture, ‘we’re born this way’ arguments to the all-inclusive ‘relativism’ we’re suffering through today!

Again, as a matter of law, when one chooses to chemically and surgically reassign their own ‘gender identities’, then like Bruce Jenner and Chastity Bono who are longtime friends of no one on staff at WatchdogWag Worldwide, they may tinkle in the Rest Room opposite the gender they were born within.  Yep, it’s just that simple.

That Black-Americans whose ancestors suffered under Slavery here, followed by another 100 years of Democratic Party ensured Jim Crow, are sitting on their hands today and even sometimes welcoming and applauding illegal immigrants and transgendered as equally oppressed as their ancestors were, is simply outrageous!

Dumber than Shit Kelvin Atkinson NV Mike Zahara WDWThat we in Nevada fall all over ourselves to applaud an praise the stupidest, most ignorant Black man in Kelvin Atkinson for being Gay, Black, and Stupid, but who married another Black man who apparently possess no standards at all himself, as having ‘come a long way baby!’, shows just how far we have devolved since the Clinton years!

That Obama threatened to cut billions in federal spending for North Carolina, but said and did nothing to states, counties, cities which declared themselves to be ‘Sanctuary Cities’, shows just how hyper-partisan he is, and what a poor president history will remember him as being and how much he himself further devolved our great nation.

While we all wait patiently for Kelvin to announce his gender reassignment surgery, coming up, we’ll share just how powerful the Bernie Sanders voters are this cycle if they’re smart enough to use their power!


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