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Dina Titus Divided Us, Not United Us

Posted by Michael Zahara on May 10, 2016

Eric Holder Barack Obama legecy 2009-2017Barack Obama and Eric Holder’s toxic poison upon the nation and its people and their mutual contempt for all of the rest of us, is shown each and every day of this failed presidency!

This is Progressive Extremist America by definition, this Bigotry is the Democratic Party in America today!  They immediately retreat to the name-calling of ‘bigot’ and ‘racist’ because they are both terms by definition of their own conduct and rhetoric, policies and arrogance, the very definition of both words, and none of us are paying any attention to any of this?

The GOP is clueless on how to attack back, the little stupid fuqrs!  You use the ‘politics of personal destruction’ Hillary Clinton invented in the 1990s you big dumb shitz!  The Saul Alinsky 8 Levels of Control Playbook!

If there were to ever be a credible candidate debate in NVCD01, my very first question would be about the insufferable little bitch today over at USDOJ’s super-corrupted Civil Rights Division–one Vanita Fuq the US Congress’ Gupta ordering about the State of North Carolina incorrectly telling to them that they are not compliant with federal Civil Rights laws when the former hyper-corrupted and super-bigoted AG Eric Holder simply ‘declared gender identity to be protected’ when he had no authority to self-amend a 52 year old Act of Congress!

Period; it was simply his 2014 view and his interpretation which either must be upheld by the courts, or affirmed and added by Congress, not by Bureaucratic Fiat from an ignorant little bitch within the bureaucracy.  Then NC beat ’em to courtgood for them for doing that forcing  poor old sorry sad-ass AG Loretta Lynch–a NC native–to compare Holder’s weak-ass stunt of 2014 to Brown v the Board of Ed and her Obama handlers unleashed a counter-suit but the media is nearly absent that they were in fact beaten to court!  This whole administration is made of of pimps and poseurs at least since Van Jones and it is racist to not call this shit out for what it is simply because Obama is a Black-American president.

Dina's conjoined twin 2016<–This woman, Levitra Viagra Cialis of NVSD20, voluntarily conjoined herself to Dina Titus trusting she would take care of her every want, need, and desire for the rest of her life!  The other three females are pretending to be happy for her, but she pushed them out of the way and latched right onto St Dina of Titus!

Dr Tom Wright was reported to be saying, ‘I’m not happy, these fuqn conjoiner chicks hangin’ around here are a g*ddamn pain-in-the-ass and they’re not as fun in the bedroom as you’d expect!’

Obama’s greatest and most successful program since first being elected was to further erode the Constitution and greatly empower the bureaucracy churning out some 4,000 pages of new regulations per week, and he’s an alleged ‘Constitutional Scholar’ who has never tried or defended a single case, to boot!

‘…Representative Titus, you’re a well-known, insufferable Windbag when some unaware fool puts a nickel into you lady, how do you feel about an insufferable little bitch bureaucrat within the most hyper-racist Division within a Cabinet-level Department, USDOJ, doing your constitutional duty as a Congress creature?

‘…to continue Madame Windbag, do you plan to roll-back any of this arrogant Imperial President’s exuberant expansion of the federal bureaucracy?…’

I’m being facetious of course; Dina Titus loves government way more than she loves her own mother, and her time here in the NV Senate was an unmitigated disaster with the exception of Red Rock, that and her out-living Bill Raggio, were her only two goals cuz there ain’t jack shit else!

Dinesh Titus of Mumbai 2016<–Dina’s little brother Dinesh Titus!

..and its the very verb ‘identify’ which sinks this obscene expansion of bureaucratic imperialism and tosses the whole g*ddamn crazy concept and you wanna know what?  The slippery little muthafuqrs at USDOJ know this and that’s why they’re putting the muscle on NC attempting to Intimidate by Bureaucrat and Bully by Bureaucrat at the same time!

I ‘identify’ as a very handsome, multi-billionaire, multiple Pulitzer Prize winner, but that doesn’t make it so, does it?  ObamaCare and Medicare both cover Gender Reassignment, so if you’re without hormone therapies and surgeries scheduled…what is it again that you are demanding that we do what to indulge which about you that is ‘protected’ under the US Constitution?

‘Identifying’ as something other than you were born, is too ambiguous, wishy-washy, and built on a foundation of Jello if one can ‘identify’ as one thing one day, and something else on another, and expect that the US Constitution allows for this, is patently false, but there’s Loretta Lynch on TV yesterday declaring this to be true!

This while Secretary of State John Kerry was telling to the world this corrupted administration’s brand new view that they have enshrined George HW Bush’s ‘New World Order’ to be official US Policy by his declaration that we will now become a world without national borders or sovereignty too!

I’m serious!  That ketchup-coated stupid fuq must be hittin’ the sauce hard again!  Google it!

All of this occurring in just the past few hours and little to no outrage at this hour when Lynch and Kerry should now both be impeached, tried for Treason, and executed based of the Oaths which they swore and then shit-canned in just the past few days with the most outrageous and dangerous unconstitutional rhetoric of my entire lifetime!

race hustler and pimp<–If you’re Black, Gay and Stupid like Kelvin Atkinson, this little fuqr makes things much more difficult for you!


‘Titus Unite Us!’  Remember that one kids?

Yeah, right!  One of the most divisive politicians this state has ever elected is genetically unable to unite anyone or anything.  Her Georgia Dixiecrat racist worldview is appalling small and myopic, dependably Progressive Extremist, intellectually bankrupt and permanently disabled, her equally appalling track record and remarkably barren cupboard of accomplishment in her adopted Nevada has her in a constant state of looking back today and me asking why we keep electing this Crazy Bitch when her body of work done for us is so, well, shitty!

Stavros III<–She chose the wrong state to come to when she fled Georgia fearing prosecution for being a Bleak Greek, and not a cool Greek-Cypriot like Stavros.!

As I have my cocktail and dinner chaser, I’m ‘identifying’ as Greek-Cypriot, therefore ‘I am’, right?

Had she chosen Texas. instead of Nevada, she’d have been Ann Richards before Ann Richards was Ann Richards and would have drank that entertaining bitch, right under the g*ddamn table!

She famously told to PBS’s American Experience that she’d have loved to be Miss Mushroom Cloud, Miss Radio Active Twat, or Miss Atomic Titties or something along those lines, she looking and sounding like the most fish-out-of-water character (… and the biggest retard with most viewers thinking Miss Lillian was long ago dead and had never come to Las Vegas!) in that 3-part masterpiece about Las Vegas–at the time of its airing, she was already here for over 85 years and still had that annoying Prissy Heights, Georgia Greek Geek Twang Thang of hers!

Dina Titus on Ameican Experieces Gas<–Dina Titus on American Experience on PBS!

The vast majority of Nevada residents would have happily strapped her condescending-ass to any device the Test Site had to offer!  Her irrational, ill-informed, hysterical opposition to Yucca Mountain, denied the matter ever going to voters, and denied them the opportunity to receive a royalty check very similar to what Alaskans get for the pipeline there, which in today’s dollars, would have been a tax-free $3500 per adult person residing here for at least ten years, over 21 years of age until age 50!

She has no ability to dream. or to look forward and to the future and she never did.   Being a Progressive Extremist, her gig is to micro-manage everything in everyone’s life because people are fuqs and she’s much more qualified to run your life than you are!  She part of the party which has an answer for everything but solutions for nothing which is also my party I’m name-changing to: The Sally Hemings Digs A Big White Dick Party! to remind Dem Plantation Overseers like Plantation owner Dina Titus, of the peril of expunging former presidents from our party’s history!

Sally Heming Jefferson 1804<–Sally Hemings (left) was the original Ms Jefferson, NOT Isabella Sanford, and she liked her dick big, White, and presidential!  America’s Progressive Extremists have a HUGE issue that President Jefferson really loved this woman and she knocked out a couple of hundred kids for him! 

She was his ‘bitch’ as the kids say today, and they’d go dancin’ and drinkin’ in town every weekend and no one near Monticello gave a flyin’ fuq even back then and this flies in the face of Progressive Extremist Hate Speech Narratives, so they kicked his ass out of the very Party he inspired!

Dina Titus, a Poli-Sci PhD, said and did nothing!

I once wrote of her that every day, Dina looks as though she has never had a day of joy in her entire life.  She telegraphs this all over her face–always a challenge for the Maybelline Wing of NVDEMS–for she has no poker face.  I actually appreciate that quality in her.

She has to be asking herself, ‘Is that all there is’ with Peggy Lee playing repeatedly on the old Victrola as she orders Dr Tom Wright, her husband, to ‘knit your own g*ddamn scarf, bitch!, as she rocks her rocking chair into wearing grooves permanently into the carpeting thinking of what ‘may have been’ if only she wasn’t an insufferable, over-bearing, lecturing, finger-pointing & wagging, racist Dixiecrat with no Black or Brown friends and sitting today in the very seat representing the most ethnically diverse district in the state, and she, a tired, spent, haggard old-ass White woman who hasn’t had a good idea except retiring from ‘Professor-ing’, in eons!

10 years after her truly horrid 2006 run for Governor,  ‘I’m not happy’, I was a part of that fiasco.  I made a big mistake and I chose the wrong candidate in 2006 and knew it one Sunday afternoon during the campaign as I sat for services with a congregation in Henderson with the then mayor and also candidate for Governor, Mayor Jim Gibson to my right, and LVMPD Lt Ron Williams who I was running is Sheriff campaign, to my left, and me quipping to both men, ‘What’s a Christian (Ron), a Catholic (me), and a Mormon (Jim) doing in a place like this?’

I got a good laugh out of both men though I don’t think even today, that Mayor Gibson knows who I am, that I am a National Treasure, or my opinions about him and son Bryn Mr Mayor, you are the very best mayor this state has ever produced and we are a lesser state because you were not our nominee for Guv in 2006, and I regret my small part of that today because Dina Titus’s very high opinion of herself is the sole reason we’re trying to undo the horrific damage her hyper-divisive 2006 campaign ended up doing to Nevada under the Political Laws of Unintended Consequences she’d left in her enormous debris field then.

Dina Titus, better than anyone else in Nevada, knows full well that misguided ‘Progressive Extremist’ efforts like Affirmative Action benefited her as a White women, more than any other ‘minority’ groups combined.  That’s why she always looks and sounds so morose and so unhappy; we were supposed to love her and declare her like super-fuq Eric Holder had done with ‘Gender Identity’ in 2014 as a new protected group, ‘to be’, simply because she was Dina the Divine Dividend!

We are suffering a horrific Dem Party bloodbath today up in NVCD04 because Dina Titus feels herself entitled to sit in the very seat she has no business at all sitting in today and pimp and poseur Susie Lee who has never lifted a g*ddamn finger politically in her entire life, is now so bored to death with her life, her marriage, and her family and those tedious, truly awful Ladies Who Lunch meetings and thus feeling she is first in line and equally entitled to go to the US House!

Really bitch?   This overwhelming ‘entitlement right’ is 100% all the Democratic Party’s doing to benefit White women and has always been our party’s very best bigotry displayed and disguised as access, expansion, and participation.  Black voters in Nevada are stunningly silent today, doing their duty bowing and scraping to ‘Missy of the Main House’ and all of the bilge which is Hillary Clinton at her very core.

Are you seeing the self-serving pattern in these women yet?


Sidebar:  Bill Clinton was our first Black president, he liked Black people, was comfortable with and around Black people, he really loved a Big Bubba Black Sista with a big ol’ booty who’d ‘fix him a plate’ when he was in the neighborhood and cook up everything she had in the damn house…and he ate it all on his way to his first by-pass surgery!

Bill Clinton Drag Queen Moms<–I can now confirm that his Moms, Drag Queen Virginia Kelley, screwed every single Black man in Arkansas 22 times ’til Sunday!

Chances Bill Clinton’s Pop was a Black guy?  100%!

Everyone in Little Rock back then was like, ‘Well, you sure do eat like a nigga Mr President and we therefore ‘identify’ you as being our nigga, my nigga!’

I heard this from folks at least 1,000 times in the 1980s and 90s while Hillary was on the Wal-Mart Board, skimming Rose Law Firm revenue, and having her Grand Dragoness attire dry-cleaned all while blowing Vince Foster from time-to-time and ensuring she was never, ever photographed with a Black person because that simply isn’t allowed in all-GOP Methodist Park Ridge!  I grew up 18 miles south of Park Ridge; I know Park Ridge and it’s always constipated residents very well! 

Needs a good healthy shit HillARY nvdems 2016<–Hillary hasn’t taken a shit in years; trust me on this!

Neither has Dina Titus!

Hillary Clinton is even more uncomfortable, explosive diarrhea-like uncomfortable with and around Black people than Barack Obama is!  It’s just isn’t within their life experiences to be comfy around Black folks!

bill clinton secret black son photo<–This really is Chelsea’s brother and Bill’s son, and they still haven’t publicly acknowledged this on Hillary’s orders, so why are Black voters OK with this 16 years after his presidency ended?

Why are none of you asking her about this and her orders about his own son?

The Hillary Alinsky Playbook of Hate is in full swing over Trump; if she’s so damn special, and he’s such a fuq, why are they so insanely off-the-charts regarding a guy who’s not the brightest crayon in the box politically, but who knows the score about what these Progressive Extremists have done since overtaking the DNC?

I think I just answered my own question, didn’t I?

Where are the questions?  What did they do to Elizabeth Warren who is far superior to Hillary Wynette?  They bet they could beat and beat up and old Jewish guy from Vermont–he is the only Jewish guy in Vermont by law btw–but his Political Viagra has him walking around campaign stops today with a BIG Chub!  Why is that?

Again, why are none of you questioning anyone about anything this cycle?


They’re silent next door in California too under their ‘Jungle Primary’ which unacknowledged by these Progressive Extremists, has finally killed off Black California for good and we’ll begin to see California unraveling in 2020 Census Data, which the LVMPD has been seeing here since a new migration and corresponding Crime Cloud from there to here, began in earnest around 2014 because Cali is a Dead-Zone now if you’re Black, the welcome sign yanked by the Pro-illegal Immigration Extremists who passed ‘Jungle’ in favor of ‘Get the Fuq Outta Here Nigger’…and they’re coming here because there is nothing there for them anymore by deliberate design!

Does anyone really believe these Progressive Extremists within the Pro Illegal Immigration Wing of the Democratic Party designated it ‘Jungle Primary’ by accident or coincidence?  This was deliberately engineered and passed to prevent further Pan-Asian expansion of their political representation power in Cali, done at the deliberate expense of Black Californians, with the blessing and full orchestration of the Progressive Extremists who have overtaken the Democratic Party nationally, flushing our most dependable constituency in favor of Latino illegals.

No one should vote for HRC WatchdogWag 2016<–No one can fuq fast enough to even catch up and ‘out-baby’ these Anchor Babies and so far, Black-America is silent about what the DNC and Hillary and Barack has done to them in California!

Eventually, they’ll get how badly both have fuqd Black-Americans politically but not in time to prevent this human catastrophe from entering the WH again, I fear!

Dina Titus, given her background and particular gigantic chip on her shoulder, should have been the one demanding here, NVDEMS sue the reapportionment map under the Voting Rights Act, but being a dutiful Dixiecrat, she wouldn’t touch it when there is so much wrong with the final NVCD04 map we have to live now with until at least 2022.  She could have delivered a final map product that enshrined her as a Party icon willing to do the right thing for those coming up behind her she has never backed or stuck her neck out for before.

Please name for me any politician who Dina Titus mentored, nurtured, and bestowed her patronage to their getting elected in Nevada...besides Dina Titus!


Back in 2006, we were in the very front row as invited guests of this congregation whose name escapes me today; Mayor Gibson was being honored by this flock for his hands-on approach with them and to the city he lead better than any other mayor had done anywhere else in the entire state’s history!

Complete with a visiting Preacher from LA wearing a purple suit and his fingers and neck adorned with golden jewelry, I told Ron we’d be there for four plus hours and it was expected of us to stay the entire time, and to break bread together with the congregation after services ended.  He was cool with it, so was Mayor Gibson, we left at the end five hours and 35 minutes later!

Dina would have bitched and moaned the entire time had she been invited.  She was not, and she wonders still today why it is no one likes her, she is welcomed nowhere outside of a small group of equally aging badly Starlets in their own Minds!

At the ClarkDems County Convention at the Golden Nugget that same year, I felt a hot rush of fear after I accidentally came across a Team Gibson member in extreme medical distress in one of the Nugget’s many little nooks and crannies for Romantic Interludes Between Consenting Adults!  She needed assistance and I had worked in our Community Hospital while in high school and was confident and competent and able to revive and sustain her if necessary until the paramedics arrived–I’d done this kind of thing many times before!

Mayor Gibson’s team members looked at my tending to their fellow member as if I were Satan himself!  This poor little female had to tell them what was going on for them to even retreat their stance against me!

That’s how poisonous and toxic Progressive Extremist Dina Titus made 2006 for all of us Democrats!

Senator Annie Sullivan Ann Bancroft 2014<–She could have pushed his boney little ass off right off the Hoover Dam and no one would have noticed he was gone for months!

Thanks for missing that opportunity to take an opportunity Dina!  Where was your head woman?  You’d have become a national heroine, parades, all sorts of shit named for you…

Mayor Gibson made it a point to find me before the convention concluded and personally thanked me for coming to the aid of his volunteer and personally apologized for his volunteer’s overreaction to me doing so. I truly appreciated him saying that to me because no one had ever looked at me or treated me that way, and I said to him, ‘Thank you Mr Mayor; if we’ve deteriorated to the point where we’ve lost our humanity and don’t know we must come to the aid of our fellow man in distress, we have much, much bigger problems than George Bush as our president or either you or Dina as our nominee sir!’

He agreed and shook my hand.  Mayor Jim Gibson always knew how to use power; now Congresswoman Dina Titus never knew how to use it, and still does not!

In a few short months, Harry Reid is finally gone (I’m already doing my Happy Dance!) and I’m telling Dina Titus today, she’s not the head of NVDEMS and its organization within Nevada when Harry’s finally gone for good!  You had your chance and you blew it big time Dina.  You are too hyper-divisive a politico to ever entrust the reins of the Party here to you.  Dina, you have proven disastrous to long-term planning and have never developed or nurtured a newbie to successful election, and you haven’t mentored or guided a single person to political success here.

You did however, pass Lon West Enright to a UNLV Poli-Sci degree and his producing the very worst political campaign in all of human history right here in Nevada!!!



Gorgeous Cortez Masto 2016 WatchdogWagThis party is Catherine Cortez Masto’s to run with an iron fist, I hope because we have to expelled and expunge the racist and bigoted Progressive Extremists who invaded our party, kicked Presidents Jefferson and Jackson out of, who abhor the Constitution as a nuisance, who believe the US Attorney General can invent laws he likes, ignore those he does not.

This is where we are today, and I for one will be double-dipped in shit before I stand silent and ignore the flames of Progressivism consuming our nation and party and we’ll be helping voters to better understand their incredible power this cycle to do a number of things to get us back on track.

One great idea is to flush Dina Titus permanently and consider Chris G take CD01 for a term or two while we transition back to where we should be post-Harry’s Reign of Terror on Nevada and the country which will be an enormous effort for we Dems, but quite necessary for us to do!

I believe I can bring a sizable number here over to my point-of-view coming up soon here!
Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!



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