Barack Obama Is A Pussy President!

Posted by Michael Zahara on May 15, 2016

Eric Holder Barack Obama legecy 2009-2017<–Progressives are the most bigoted Americans today!

Read and reread the definition of the word ‘bigot’!

Over a little more than one week, we’d gone from the hyper-corrupted Obama administration demanding North Carolina bend to its will over it’s weak view that the US Constitution affords special protections under the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964 to those who gender ‘identify’ as the opposite gender or as no gender at all. 

Last week it was just Target Corporation’s ‘Shit Wherever You Please’ policy for its stores nationwide.

That bizarre psycho-sexual indulgence was bad enough, but USDOJ, and now US Dept of Education are horrified that a state dared to fight their Law By USDOJ Bureaucratic Bullying, took it even further Friday and via a White House directive, ordered the nation’s school systems and our college and university systems to allow the same repulsive ‘Relativism’ nonsense for hormonal teenagers in locker-rooms and school bathrooms nationwide. threatening tens of billions in taxpayer funds if they don’t bend to DOJ’s hyper-bigotry and fascism and Edicts Without The Electeds in Congress doing their duty and voting this up or down, so USDOJ will do it for them…and not ever chance a certain ‘no’ vote in Congress by forcing their will onto the ‘several states’ as we 50 are known.

Eric Holder Barack Obama legecy 2009-2017It’s called ‘Piling-On’ because USDOJ is terrified they will likely lose in court, so they want to inundate the courts with hundreds, if not thousands of lawsuits.  They’re in fact bullying and intimidating the Judicial Branch to not oppose their Bureaucratic Edicts by tying them up for years with court proceedings during which, USDOJ’s never voted on edicts stand until struck down or upheld.

It’s pseudo-law making by Bureaucratic Fiat which is unconstitutional; ‘Piling-On’ and intimidating the Judicial Branch to dare not oppose them is not unlawful though.

Percentage of adults claiming they’re transgendered: .03 of 1%!–about 700K out of more than 321 million–and they’re attempting to enshrine this under the Civil Rights Act without a single vote cast in both Houses of Congress!

Where is the outrage from Black-Americans?

It is however, cheap, sleazy, unethical and a cynical raw exercise of Executive Branch powers and manipulation when it chooses to by-pass Congress as this administration has done more than all others before it had done thumbing its presidential nose at both its co-equal branches–the epitome of the Imperial Presidency!

This bullshit from an alleged ‘Constitutional Scholar’ who has never tried or defended a single case, nor has he ever released his Law School grades and transcripts, the only Harvard Law student in history to have never bragged about his class ranking!

He’s never tried or defended a single case…and yet he calls himself a ‘Constitutional Scholar’?

Barack Obama detests the very Constitution he swore an Oath to uphold, as being an outdated nuisance and annoyance.  He should be impeached for that very Oath he swore to uphold and disregards daily but the Congress has been burned and is burned-out on impeachment proceedings having turned the serious into circus with Bill Clinton’s perjury impeachment, enough to ignore Vice-President Chaney who should have been tried and executed for treason.

Harry Reid had the majority to convict Chaney, but he wouldn’t touch it.   Harry, you poisoned the US Senate and are the very worst Majority Leader in its entire history too!  It was you who started your shit with Mitch McConnell, not the other way around…history will concur with my views that you are a garbage politician capable of only spewing more garbage.

Tom Daschle of tiny, shitty little old South Dakota did more for his state in a few years as SML, than Harry Reid had ever done for Nevada in all the years he’s been poisoning America with his vile bile and bilge from Washington.

This ‘Progressive Pimp Piling On’ is the legacy of Barack Obama, the worst president this country has ever elected…twice.

Eric Holder Barack Obama legecy 2009-2017<–This is the very definition of America’s Progressive Extremists today!

He is a Pussy, and just as with the 100% unnecessary ‘Immigration Reform’, he had the votes during his first term to get that through, and the little muthafuqr wouldn’t allow it to be introduced, so he tried some more Executive Orders safely in term two, but that was turned back by the courts.

And 12 million illegal immigrants were OK with that when the laws on the books are more than enough to rid our nation of these human vermin, parasitic invaders and their Anchor Babies.  Enforce the currents laws and no further legislation is necessary. We’ve done Amnesties twice before and that only emboldened more to come after each one.

We didn’t separate families, they did that themselves. 

We owe these people nothing.  We should bill their home governments for their costs for education, feeding their kids three meals a day plus Food Stamps, and for their medical care.

But back to this Pussy President’s wishy-washy ‘Progressivism’ bent goes directly to the Articles of Impeachment this Congress should pursue against him because this ‘gender identifying’ mythology is former hyper-bigot AG Eric Holder’s opinion and is not ensconced in law.

President Pussy is end-running the Congress and they’re allowing for it…so far.

The Imperial Presidency has been around since at least LBJ and even further back to FDR expanding the Supreme Court without authorization, and each successive Congress has abrogated its Constitutional duties by allowing for it to occur.  They don’t ever want to say ‘no’ which is why I’ve proposed a Constitutional Amendment to require all members of both Houses to score a ‘yea or nay’ vote on the Rules and Regs bureaucrats write and no one ever votes on.

I hope the idea gains traction and support nationwide because we’re arguing about stupid shit like universal access to rest rooms and locker-rooms for minors when this deserves no special status or rights and seeks only to invite an already clogged national court system with even more damaged and aggrieved parties looking to cash in on Lawsuit Lottery!

Eric Holder Barack Obama legecy 2009-2017Lawyers lawyering up the US Code courtesy not of Congress, but by Bureaucratic Bullying no one has ever voted on!

From the LVRJ 5/14/2016:

‘…It says schools must allow transgender students access to all facilities, and may not require transgender students to use individual-user facilities if the same requirement is not applied to other students. Schools, however, may make the single-use facilities available to any student who voluntarily seeks additional privacy, the guidance states…’

‘…There is no obligation for a student to present a specific medical diagnosis or identification documents that reflect gender identity, and equal access must be given to transgender students even if it makes others uncomfortable, according to the directive…’

Lovely huh?  This White House directive of last Friday is a lawyer’s wet dream come true!  No standards at all, simply ‘identifying’–a verb–is enough to guarantee enshrinement under the Civil Rights Act of 1964?

From the same story, here’s bigoted fascist Ann McGiley of UNLV’s Boyd School of Law:

‘…Such a decision should not be left in local hands, countered Ann McGinley, a professor of law at the William S. Boyd School of Law at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

“It’s an absurd argument to say this is a local decision,” she said. “Maybe you locally decide how to comply with the (directive), but there’s nothing local about whether transgender students have equal rights.”

There’s nothing lawful about this phantom equal right either, you stupid bitch!

As for compliance, McGinley predicted a variety of decisions in schools and districts across the nation. Some will be considered legitimate, and others not so much, she said…’

And this final gem from this Educrat Bureaucratic and Bigoted Bully Fascist, Professor Ann McGiley:

“We will have this patchwork of decisions all over the country, and ultimately it will end up going to the (U.S.) Supreme Court,” McGinley said. “There will also be plenty of school districts who just comply, and that will take the fear away for others…’

No you stupid bitch,  if they’re complying for fear of federal retribution, that is not how we create law in the US!

You’re a professor of Law and you should be fired immediately!   The Board of Regents should not be given a single dime more of taxpayer money until this fascist bigot, Ann McGiley, is rightly fired by UNLV!

Funny how these Obama pimps and poseurs waited until Alito died to pull this unconstitutional bullshit knowing that a tied court let’s the Bureaucratic Bullies win too!

Eric Holder Barack Obama legecy 2009-2017They’re assuming a tied SC though.  How any SC Justice allows for ‘verb-ing’ a right to exist within the Constitution is a gamble itself.  ‘Identifying’ and ‘transitioning’ give Justices nothing to grab onto.  You are either transgendered or you’re not.   This White House directive requires nothing of the individual, no therapies, no SRS, Sex Reassignment Surgeries, just simple a declaration that they ‘identify’ under multiple new terms invented by the bigots over at the Human Rights Campaign who hijacked Gay & Lesbian Rights machinery as their own when this has nothing at all to do with sexual preference.

And the Gays and Lesbians allowed themselves and their agenda to be co-opted by the GenderQUEER fascists trying to Bully by Bigoted Bureaucrat today!

All this acrimony in less than two years based on one 2014 opinion of super-racist, hyper bigoted former Attorney General Eric Holder’s opinion which again, does not make his opinion the law Professor McGiley!

That the Obama Administration’s Pimps and Poseurs are attempting to Bully by Bureaucrat this atrocious affront to the US Constitution knowing the Supreme Court is evenly split until a new Justice is confirmed, is as cynical as it gets, while doing absolutely nothing about this issue until 2014 and their Obama Hates Cops post Trayvon & Ferguson fiascos still rippling across the country’s Urban centers aflame today with a major spike in sociopath violence including here in Las Vegas, is Barack Obama’s horrifically failed legacy as he exits with his tail between his legs as the very worst president this nation has ever had.

The phony little fuqr could have done all of this Social Engineering when he had his majorities but he waited to spring this bullshit on us until the SC was tied after Alito’s death?

Eric Holder Barack Obama legecy 2009-2017He is a fuqn Pussy President, plain and simple No backbone at all because he stands for nothing at all. He stuck his neck out for nothing from ObamaCare, to Illegal Immigration, to American cops under siege, to his brand new legacy topper of special rights and status to the transgendered declared by Bureaucratic Bullying with absolutely nothing required of them at all except to simply ‘identify’!

‘Constitutional Scholar’, my ass bitch!  ‘Hope and Change’, my ass bitch!

The political fall-out of this will be that either Trump wins comfortably this coming November, or should he lose, the US Congress is going to go far to the right with GOP super-majorities in both Houses determined to paralyze Hillary Alinsky Wynette, and block everything it is she wishes to do before her impending indictment is unsealed.

As ye sow, so shall ye reap!  Americans will turn this back one way or another this year!  November will be the month of reckoning for the Progressive Extremists who hijacked the DNC and Bullied themselves to extinction directed by Barack Obama, the Pussy President!


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