Here’s The Real Deal With Light Rail, Stadiums, & Rooftop Solar

Posted by Michael Zahara on May 18, 2016

There are no degrees of separation at allthis is a poorly woven con job being shoved down our throats involving Harry Reid, the Brookings Mountain West Delightfully Delusional, the RTCSNV Fuq-ups, the LVCVA, Sheldon & the RJ, MGM-Resorts, Broadbent’s Monorail Fuq-up, the NHL & NFL, Al Quida/ISIS and the Cab & Limo Industrial Complex here!

I just can’t find that little fuqr Kevin Bacon in the mix yet, but he’s gotta be in there somewhere!

Las Vegas Light Rail 2016 Brookings West WatchdogWAG<–It sure is pretty tho…and a pretty damn expensive a new thrill ride for the Resorts at taxpayer expense the idiot eggheads at Brookings Mountain West barfed out for us!

It’s a terrible idea for Las Vegas, and a terribly expensive idea at that…even for the Strip!

Commissioners Chris G and Mary Beth Scow also want the Strip to become a pedestrian mall!  How ‘pedestrian and uninspired’ of both of themChris G has the filthiest District, bar none, and does nothing about District housekeeping but paints the same g*ddamn graffiti wall down the block from her house every time a camera comes around!

Her Mt Charleston neighbors all hate her and hated her late husband, Gary Gray; I’m serious, all of ’em!  She can bitch and moan and whine about chickens and their stinky shit near to her Vail of Vanities trailer up there better than anyone, but she can’t empty a garbage can and won’t take out the 3000+ little cardboard Heroin Villages she let’s flourish in her own District.

Mt Charleston Las Vegas wathdogwag 2016<–Mt Charleston hasn’t erupted since AD 79 and is long overdue and may blow when the San Andreas finally sinks SoCal into the Pacific this summer, but Chris G would rather bitch about chickens thereby pissing each and every neighbor up there off when they’re truly worried about lava flow and shit!

Yes, I was serious about finally Dumping Dina for good and sending Chris G to the US House to help improve things there like she doesn’t do in her own District here!  More on Chris G for Congress coming soon btw!

FYI:  Light Rail is never ‘essential’ as Harry Reid mouthpiece & oral fellatio buddy Robert Lang chirped for two hours without background or credential to back it up from the Brookings Mountain West Delightfully Delusional Wing of Harry’s blurry world!

The RTCSNV wishes to install Light Rail in the UNLV/Maryland Parkway Corridor too; an even worse idea brought home this past Friday when I decided to assess Route 109’s fitness for conversion by riding the route north from Trop the the BTC downtown.  Bad mistake taking 49 minutes in light midday traffic!

It failed:  It is the worst possible place for Light Rail because this is the State of Nevada’s busiest bus route with every fuq up and fuq ‘tard with scooter chairs, shopping carts, shopping bags, old hags, duffle bags, Boz Scaggs, & everyone wearing dirty rags.  Some folks carry hundreds of pounds of shit with them everywhere that they go on Route 109.

Bad Bus for cities in USA 2016 RTCSNV<–The RTCSNV’s Route 109 smells like a filthy boy’s locker-room where the toilets and sewers backed up, where that weird, non-Trans kid pukes his guts out every day and which is never cleaned up!

Sidebar:  The RTCSNV’s now ‘old’ Max line along LV Blvd north through NLV was finally yanked after nearing a decade and not single person ever paying their fare to ride it!

I never did!

Poo-poo and pee-pee pants are an every bus, every day on Route 109 occurrence we revel in sharing with our UNLV students who are just passing time and less than 50% ever bother to graduate despite the failed Millennium Scholarships which redistributed to illiterate students, much needed Tobacco Settlement dollars going to EduCrats instead of to Medicaid, and who don’t give a rat’s ass about their students, only ever-expanding our failed college and university system here.

elliot anderson las vegas 2016Assemblyman Elliot Anderson, you’re in the right church, but the wrong pew son...step further back and look at the Franken-University-stein System these little fuqrs created since Kenny ‘I am a total Fuq’ Guinn got it started!

Begin by Stopping UNLV NLV ASAP and you will become a Statewide Treasure to go along with your new Lawyer Lizard cred!


OK, I need you loyal readers to follow me here because I’m going to write this out in somewhat sequential order so you’ll have to forgive my lack of proper sentence structure!  Ready?  Here goes:

Part I

It was a dark and stormy night…

In late 2013, Warren Buffet buys up NV Energy with the change in his pocket and is seen as a Solar Messiahwrong, he loves cheap coal and he’s gonna love it even more in a minute.  Then Obama outright kills American coal and its jobs after killing the pipeline too claiming both were creating too many jobs!

tranny-claus brian sandoval 2016aA short time later, the Mormon Mafia here realizes it no longer is the power which controls electric power here and they freak out and give the state away to Tesla and Faraday via ‘Transitioning Tranny-Claus’ Brian Sandoval which will consume all the power we generate in Nevada when they turn the lights on every day!  They will never open because no one in the RTC’s Bureaucratic Boondoggle Wing ever thought to consider building a spur line from the BNSF in AZ into SoNev within their 12 billion—meaning 100+ billion just to open and read their report–Transportation Investment Business Plan boondogglealso meaning Nevada will continue to pay the nation’s very highest freight and rail rates since there is no competition to the price-gouging Union Pacific here.  Wait until both companies analyze the cost of moving goods in and out of here which is the number one reason companies don’t want to come here and how one knows both are frauds who haven’t done their due-diligence.

Education is important, ranking far below cheap power and multi-modal Transportation infrastructure which is much more important!

Cost of the public/private-sector BNSF Spur Line into the Eldorado Valley and connecting to the UP in SoNev: $138.43!

Nope, they’re not going to do that because it would drop freight rates here 40+% and we can’t have that!  Coal moves cheapest via barge on water; there’s no water here and the harbor at Lake Las Vegas is no Shanghai either bro!  So Harry got them all together without Buffet and said ‘let’s get those Brookings Bonehead stupid fuqrs to propose Light Rail’ which will consume the output of one new power generating station per day while LDS’s new Pro-Enviro Wing floods the Net with dead birds killed by wind turbines and also flash-frying extra-crispy-like everything from pterodactyls to pigeons in a cautionary tale about the evils of Solar so that we can barge-in more coal here for Harry’s New Adventures In Coal which is ironic because coal is made out of long dead dinosaurs and Harry is a Nevada State Fossil!

‘Then we’ll create our own LDS-only electric company again, so there!’, said Uncle Harry to some other asshole at the meeting!

PUC said Fuq and followed his orders grandfathering no one because we can only have one Grumpy Grandpa at a time here and to shutdown Solar power for good!  Well, not really, just not as generous which was off the charts too generous to get the whole ‘Green-iac, I Love Solar’ shit lies out for Obama in 2012!

Transgendered Mega-Data companies like ‘Switch’ and all of the Resorts too, all want to leave Buffet’s now non-LDS, non-transgendered,  NV Energy (Drink), and run a big three-pronged extension cord into AZ behind that new Mosque that’s coming to Boulder City soon and which they don’t know about yet!

If there’s anyplace in Nevada which needs to be all Mosqued up, it’s all Black-Jewish-Transgendered-‘Rican Boulder City; sort of the Dearborn-to-be of SoNev! 

That’ll teach those little fuqrs down there not to ever fuq with my bro, Chief Conger again!

Parasite Heather Murren 2016Then Obama rewards Retarded Feather-light Socialite Heather Murren with an appointed position on one of his useless Boards and effete Jim Murren spends 100 million for fuqn landscaping his bullshit here and then he breaks his arm in nine places patting himself on the back for being such a good steward of stockholder value.

They didn’t have Whack Ass Crazy Shit Vegas sex to celebrate because they just don’t do that sort of thing, but they did look in the general direction of each other’s genitals according to MGM-Resort’s Gov Affairs Fun Factory!

Sidebar:   Instead of hiring me to run their PR Lies Factory, MGM-Resorts broke all of their previous number of visits records combined here these past 90 days after I informed all of you to getcha-selves a lawyer like Assemblyman Elliot Anderson to sue MGM-Resorts each and every time someone fuqs with your car since they’re charging you to park and are therefore responsible for your car’s happiness and for its ‘transitioning’ into a much better make and model too!

Boy, they sure walked that one back, didn’t they?…Which is also why Jimmy and Leather-y Heather-y have decided to build a shrine to me and are changing the Monte Carlo into the new WatchdogWag Resort!…

which is nice and all, but I’m ‘identifying’ as needing a title of no less than Sr VP, a company car, a 24/7/365 suite over-looking the Empire, all the company’s buffets comped, and a limo at my disposal!

Jim, how come we’ve never talked about me becoming a VP and taking Alan Feldman’s old spot?  He was your company’s single best employee in all of human history telling to me once over several cocktail products we were enjoying together that we can’t possibly raise the Gaming Tax here because it would ‘stifle innovation’!


This while no-talent Heather Murren is still a Bitch who had famously killed off the Nevada Cancer Institute when 2 million people moved here specifically to die of cancer from all the plutonium in everything from Ding-Dongs to generic Doritos here which is why UNLV’s Theater for ‘Tards got such a good deal on both, and why opposition to Yucca Mountain is such a trite delight too!

No company in Nevada misses Yucca’s employees and its enormous payroll here more than MGM-Resorts’ btw!

Hang in there readers! Take a big swig of really good bathtub Gin, wipe your mouth with the back of your hand old-West style, and reread what you just read again so you know you’ve got it!

Part II

It was a dark and stormy afternoon…

Vegas Villians Hockey 2016OK, so then the Clark County Board of Resort Commissioners which normally moves with the speed of a 122 year old granny whose legs were amputated, insists on a new elevated roadway at 200 million, but meaning 750 million like the RJC by lying to everyone that it is a critical need because CES visitors can’t get to the airport in under and hour from the Strip less than 2 miles away!  I’m serious!

The NHL appears to be a done deal for the Murren Family Fuq Ups and that will tank after two years because Canadian visitors barely care about Hockey in Canada interrupting their drinking, but they like myself, do support Hockey with Guns here, which is why Guns and Hoses failed when those little fuqrs didn’t include gunfire in their competitive outings between cops and fire-fighters here!

LVMPD cost to NVDEMS is a secret 2016 watchdogwagDEM 2016 NevadaSidebar I:  Had NVDEMS’ Chair Roberta ‘Fiore’ Lange popped off a couple of hundred rounds into the ceiling of the ballroom at the Paris during their convention this past weekend, that bitch would have would have put the fear of God and Guns into those assholes demanding a fair, open delegate selection process which would have really pissed a ‘transitioning’ Harry Reid the fuq off!

Live and learn Roberta Gustave Eiffel Lange, my old friend!

5 16 2016 Oh my this is true WatchdogWagSidebar II:  Michele Fiore would have scored all of the votes in NVCD03 if I were advising her and she took my advice to just show up with a camera crew and shoot an impromptu campaign ad showing Dem hysterics and hatin’ reaction to her and her simply saying to us, ‘This is what I do to these batshit crazy fuqn Democrats, imagine what I’ll do to them in Washington with your vote!’

I’d have moved into the District to vote for her too!  I’m serious, that’s exactly what I would have advised her to do!  Voters would have ate that shit up, big time!

But she never called me, oh well!

OK, so everyone thinks the minute the NHL says yes, that the NFL will also say yes and allow the Raiders to move here and thus extinguish the ‘stigma’ of  Sports Gambling done by American Athletes here forever.  Then Sheldon buys up the RJ scaring everyone but alarming no one and even the Mormons don’t know wtf that’s all about and their allies with the Resort Commissioners ensure that little fuqr gets a Monorail stop at the Sands which had deliberately excluded him because he does not have good Nevada political hair, he’s an icky Jew not and not a blind but better looking Jew like the guy across the street is!

So Sheldon’s KibbutzDome is getting closer to reality but there’s the half-assed Monorail which still starts nowhere and ends nowhere, so now they want to crash that into Mandalay Bay now instead of to the airport and force taxpayers to pay for it which was the original Broadbent con way back anyway!

Remember too that that MonoFAIL was supposed to have gone down the center of the Strip long ago, but the Resorts wanted nothing blocking their marquees!   Today, there’s so much infrastructure under the Strip that anything subterranean would have to go deep down into the Earth’s mantle–at least 35,000 ft down–to by-pass all that bullshit!

Go ahead, take another big swig and repeat…that’s OK, I’ll wait!

Part III

It was a dark and stormy evening…

effendi garcia jr 2015 Fat Sis<–Motel 6’s Great-Granny Gums ‘Ya, eldery zoftig Geriatric Porn escort/actress/human mattress, Ovelinda Garcia, of Encino Falls!

Soooo, Sheldon wants the new domed stadium no matter what anyone including him says, but far, far away from his empire when it should go right behind the Riviera on that big huge lot!  Instead he wants it right on that eyesore empty lot where Blow Jobs are still $5 from Great-Granny Gums ‘Ya! and so was born the elevated roadway boondoggle to skirt the new stadium and reduce that awful airport commute from the Strip from 10 minutes to a thrifty 8.5 minutes…and at 200 mil=750 reality mil!

Al Davis Cali Dickhead 2016 watchdogwag<–In a state packed to the rafters Full of Fuqs, Al Davis is Fuq of all Fuqs in California, hated both North & South because he’s a bigger fuq than all the rest of that Fuq state’s Fuqs!

Son Mark Davis is a Davis Junior Fuq btw…getting past the other NFL owners to approve Las Vegas…not gonna happen!

Remember too that this County said fuq no to over one  billion in federal gas taxes we paid in this county for 215 so that Las Vegas Paving could have all that then Chair Bruce Woodbury could possibly give to them back then, and not have to hire any Black or Brown skinned people!  So they didn’t and no minority set-asides in Clark County still today and which are part of USDOT projects everywhere but here!

Black & Brown-free Las Vegas Paving gets it all and will get this Elevated Roadway skirting the KibbutzDome too!

Mime Terrorists Brussels 2016 atchdogwagThen later, I attend my Al Quida/ISIS Mime Terrorist Training Class on Russell Road, conveniently right across the street from Terminal III at McCarran and they declare a couple of Fatwas on those fuqrs at UNLV, Mark Davis, the NFL, UNLV and the KibuttzDome, but they do it quietly and make the Steve ‘I’m a Fuq’ Sisolak Memorial Elevated Roadway and the new stadium Target #1 on their 2016-2020 Great Satan Tour of Shit Which Offends Muslim Maniacs!

Muslim Maniacs’ 7th Century Inspired Las Vegas Goals:  1.  Crash Virgin Airlines London-bound 747 into KibbutzDome with 80,000 Raider fans and thus topping WTC 9/11/01  2. Rebuild San Bernie into Mecca and Medina, but with more Drive-Thru Titty Bar spots  3.  Build GIANT Mosque & DaySpa in Boulder City


It was Bright Sunshine which has these rats and roaches scurrying now…

This isn’t about the NHL.  It isn’t about the NFL, no one expects them to come here.  This is about Warren Buffet’s audacity taking NV Energy away from LDS, that little fuqr, and buying up bankrupt ‘Green Energy’ concerns the second Obama leaves and all the outrageous subsidizes disappear next January.  It’s about getting a stadium as far away from the Venetian and Convention Center possible; someplace like Boise!  It’s about Las Vegas Paving getting every single road contract here and no one questioning them or holding them to any standard at all.  It’s about getting the public to pay for the MonoFAIL.  It’s about MGM-Resorts wanting a new thrill ride called Light Rail because Jim Murren is tired of playing with his dick on the New York, New York roller-coaster.

Trust me, this was my profession before Chippendale’s; when Transportation people deliver a report that is in excess of 2500 pages, they’re spending your money on their own masturbation fantasies. I was a liaison for my industry with former Dem Chair of the House Transportation Committee, Lipinski the First in the 80s & 90s, we’d have laughed at this sad, sorry, bullshit effort for a long time before pitching it into the recycle box!

As with everything here, always ask who benefits most and conveniently, it’s never taxpayers, or ratepayers, or even dragon-slayers, but rather it’s always the entrenched, the connected, the corrupted, and the conflicted.

Look around, the rest of America has caught up to us, when I used to think we were so far behind the other 49, now we’re leading America’s Corruption of the Connected like the old pros we are at this!

Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!