Sanders Voters ‘Identifying’ as Trump Voters

Posted by Michael Zahara on May 20, 2016

bernie sanders and wife._thumb[5]I’d have been with you Sanders guys had Nevada had a 2016 Primary which I’ve advocated for since the 2008 previous NVDEMS disaster.  Had we not been a bunch of total  fuqs in this state, even this year if we Prez Primaried on June 14, 2016, we’d have been nationally loved so damn much coming up after The Bernie Berns Bitch Barbara Boxer Rebellion as he takes Cali in a walk next month!

We and the District of Columbia would have voted last this year and both parties would have voted us Prom Queen unanimously, every football player would have paid big bux to fuq us under the bleachers, everyone would have wanted to be our date, but no one would have wanted to be our Baby’s Daddy!

Know that there is no value being a Caucus state.  Know that being ‘First in the West’ is a Rebecca Lambe contrivance born of Harry Reid’s Vanity Insanity!

Know that Caucus/Convention is always a Party Boss fixed proposition.  Electing DNC delegates by Congressional District on the Nevada Primary Ballot, ends all of this stupid-shit acrimony.  It needs a change in the NRS which unconstitutionally dictates to NVDEMS how its internal party delegate selection process must work when the State has no business whatsoever in the mechanics of internal party matters.  This blatantly unconstitutional NV law has never been challenged, so like thousands of others, remains within the NRS when even our corrupted Supreme Court would have to vote unanimously that it is indeed an unconstitutional State interference in internal Party political processes.

This is what the First Amendment is all about kids…and why it’s First!  ‘Free Speech’ protects ‘political speech’ above all else, because the Founders wanted to be able to call King George III a stupid fuqn idiot and not lose their powdered wigged heads over it!  This is also why I support Mandatory Civics Classes from the moment of conception until natural death for all Americans too!

I also think we should require all candidates to wear powdered wigs!

Morse Arberry Jr NVCD04 2016 WatchdogWAG<–Dem Phung Fuqr, prison-bound if Judge Sullivan ever gets off of her g*ddamn ass, Morse Arberry, is campaigning for NVCD04 in a powdered wig and has powdered his pubes too  according to the LVRJ, cuz Phung Fu loves the look on him!

Moose, you little fuqr, you should be in the Fish-tank at Indian Springs now with your plea deal and probation revoked since you have the bread to run for NVCD04, you lie like Trump’s cheap toupee does on his head, and the ‘Jects at Canyon Gate ain’t cheap! 

What are you driving these days cowboy?

Mr US Attorney, where the fuq are you on this bullshit?  You said and you did nothing as Moose bartered the Urban League and UNLV Daycare to fake-ass psycho bitch Steven Brooks to buy him an AD seat, while Kelvin Atkinson held his dick, scratched his balls, and sang show tunes!

The most important post-conventions questions for both parties nominees for me is not who is your VP going to be, but who is your choice to be US Attorney here…and why!

No-one-should-vote-for-HRC-WatchdogWag-2016-300x257And I’ve been thinking for months now about how g*ddamn smart these ‘old white guys’ were who created this little mess we call the United States of America today!  Back then, whomever was the loser also became the winner’s Vice-President because a party system hadn’t yet materialized and those little furs who kicked Thomas Jefferson out of the DNC are still pissed that he was the very first Democratic-Republican Party candidate, that little fuqr! 

Go head, look it up, I’ll wait!

Can you even imagine a President Trump having a Hillary Clinton as his VP and she plotting his assassination by her stabbing him at a State Dinner with a rusty 17th century butter knife she stole with all the rest of the shit she stole during Bill’s Dating Years at 1600 during the 1990’s

Or vise-versa!

Donald Trump:  ‘Oh Jesus Christ Noooooo, not that crass, cranky bitch; she wouldn’t even suck Bill’s dick, dammit!

Hillary Alinsky Wynette:  ‘Oh thank God Donald is my VP, now there’s someone who makes me look better than the big ol’ pile of dog shit I really am! 

I know, I’ll get bubble-headed dipshit Debbie-Wasserman-Schultz to suck his little Doorbell Dick with the Toupee’ for Pubes instead of me doing it again!’


I think Bernie Sanders ‘gets’ what he must do going forward; I don’t think many of his supporters ‘get it’ at this point though because they’re cranky, demanding, and petulant as if they think they’re Democrats or something, those little fuqn Socialists!

He’s not going to win the nomination, the DNC Rules & Regs Nazis–all Gay & Lesbians & Trans in both parties btw–became exactly what they railed against in Miami in 1972 when those Crazy Bitches lead by nationally renowned Crazy-bitch Rev Jesse Jackson, wrested control of the DNC from the Big City mayors and southern racist Dixiecrat cats back then.

If you can channel Dem Fem Gem Harriet Trudell, she’ll regale you with stories of this magical time which gave to us complete total fuq George McGovern as our party’s nominee!

The DNC is now run by a Lesbian Politburo and the Gay DNC dudes do all the cooking, cleaning-up, floral arranging, and hair, and every Big City mayor is now Gay, Lesbian, Trans or all of the above, and the Dixiecrat Racist Wing has been replaced by the bigoted HomoCrat Wing!

lying bitch 2016In order to cleanse the Party again ala 1972 and give it the political high colonic it needs, it must come from Democratic partisans and Bernie Sanders knows this and he knows his voters must hold their noses and vote for Donald Trump to drive the wooden stake into the place where Hillary’s heart should be, and perform the Exorcism necessary to purge the party she and Bill sold to the highest Wall Street bidder which began with their good pal former Rep Tony Coelho who took the very first checks to the DNC Wall Street ever wrote to us.

This is fact the Clinton-istas don’t want you to ever talk about buster!

They sold State secrets to China and stole the White House furniture!  Bill personally shit-canned all the Depression-era Regs which made the 2008 global collapse a certainty.  He traded no Student Loan discharge in US Bankruptcy to get the Direct Loan program up.  George W Bush took it an outrageous step further and protected Lenders on Private Credit Student Loans with the same deal, resulting in Student Loan Debt dwarfing all other consumer debt combined today under Obama who did nothing but whine and issue Executive Orders about Illegal Immigrants and then this year, he grabbed Transgendered ‘Indentifying’ and ‘verbing a protected right’ into existence without Congress calling it the other day a matter of ‘dignity’ when the slippery little bastard didn’t say or do shit about it for his first 7 years in office.

HRC converts to Islam for BHO 2016<–Is it just me, or is lying bitch (right) in a trance channeling her ISIS pals in Benghazi at their new Cracker-barrel opening soon there?

Now Corporate-ists own us too; there is no difference at all between the two parties…we are both owned 100% by Special Interests, not by regular people, rank and file voters.  The Clinton’s are Vulgarians, especially Hillary!  They’d both stained the White House and with far more than a spooge stain on a blue cocktail dress!

It’s all broken, every g*ddamn thing federally is smashed to smithereens; Bernie Sanders’ voters must vote GOP at the top to Stop the Insanity!

The media is possessed and obsessed with hysterical, irrational, comical opposition to Trump, but I don’t see people lining up to be her VP, do you?  She has no other choice but to go with Bernie or Elizabeth Warren as VP.  He’ll say ‘no’, Warren will say ‘yes’, lose in November as her springboard to the 2020 Dem nomination while Bernie deconstructs the toxic DNC over the next four years of much needed internal party reform!

Trump has to choose a female VP cuz he’s trying to out-do Bill Clinton being the nation’s foremost Serial Sexual Terrorist and Predatory Misogynist! 

NJ Gov Chris Cristie 2016 GOP Tranny VP<–That female is Rubenesque NJ Gov Chris Christie (left) who is ‘identifying’ as a big fat tub while ‘transitioning’ into becoming Christie Todd Whitman-Bailey Hutchinson Christie!

Sanders voters and all of America will be bombarded with anti-Trump shit like we’ve never seen before.  Don’t buy the bullshit ‘First Woman President’ cuz we’ve been ready for a female Prez  since August 9, 1974 and Georgette Herbert Walker Bush was sworn in as our first female Prez on January 20, 1989!

More to come educating Bernie Sanders’ voters the incredible power they have to really effectively change things this coming November at the DNC and nationwide by holding their noses and voting for Donald Trump and giving Bernie the time he needs to flush all those little fuqrs who have corrupted our party from the Clinton Wing of Wanton Corruption!
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