Minddie Lloyd Should Be Indicted

Posted by Michael Zahara on May 24, 2016

Minddie Lloyd cover up 2016She’s run her entire GOP 2016 AD 09 campaign from her office in Judge Bill Kephardt’s Chambers.

Minddie Lloyd has been in intense cover-up mode since I first ran with her 2016 deception perpetrated against GOP Primary voters on May 13, 2016 and no more reference to her is on Catherine Cortez Masto’s phony SEIU/AAPI Support Group which attacked opponent Dr Joe Heck who was Metro’s many years long in-house Doctor.

She doesn’t give two-shits about our officers despite her being married to one. 

It’s All About Minddie as you’ll learn when you finishing reading this piece.

Removed without comment from either Catherine or from Minddie; this is how fundamentally dishonest Minddie Lloyd is at her very core and how unfit and unworthy of Public Office she remains 11 days later!

There were several attempts to hack my site apparently to remove that story too.

Sigal Chattah Threats for Minddie Lloyd 5 13 2016This from Minddie Lloyd’s close, dear friend and owner of the Chattah Law GroupSigal Chattah— via FB Messenger to me 5/12/2016:

I’m not Minddie, I’ll have you buried in a NY Minute asshole“.   

Along with a corresponding Nevada Bar complaint seeking her disbarment, Ms Sigal’s threat to me on Minddie’s behalf is also on its way to investigators.  The NVSOS has wide-latitude to subpoena all of Minddie Lloyd’s improper use of County computers and its servers, as well as her personal devices, her husband’s, and those of her cohorts in crime this election like the vile Ms Chattah.

Minddie spends her entire day on Social Media from Clark County Information System’s publicly owned servers and has posted onto Facebook during her normal shift hours when she should be working.  She is a Social Media & Internet Addict which is not recognized in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and therefore not an ADA eligible excuse for her ripping-off Clark County taxpayers to fund her 2016 AD race by stealing payroll time from them.

Balloons for Dying 2016<–Sea Turtles think balloons are jellyfish and they die ingesting them!

Thanks a bunch Minddie, you’ve killed at least 24 Sea Turtles according to the count on this pic you posted onto Facebook!

(copy and paste below into your browser)


So narcissistic and far gone is Minddie Lloyd with her Social Media and Attention Seeking Addictions, she ran a completely tasteless Facebook photo of she and her husband shopping for caskets this month for her allegedly dead Grandma who she told me lived in LA, followed by an implied balloon release and more See and be Seen’ Minddie Lloyd Social Media splurging in Quezon City outside of Manila in the Philippines earlier this month!

Tasteless Pic Minddie Lloyd 2016<–Who does this truly tasteless indulgence of ones own vanity just for votes and sympathy? 

Who asks someone to snap a pic of them Casket shopping for Grandma?

‘…Honey, let’s get a truly tasteless picture of us up on Facebook showing to the entire world how lovingly concerned we both are choosing Granny’s final resting device!

then we can go to Carmine’s!…’

Funny though, calls earlier this month had the Judge’s Clerk relaying to me that Minddie was on duty at the RJC at the very same time!

I’m surprised that there’s no video footage yet on Facebook of Minddie throwing herself onto the casket and then into grave, she soooo consumed with grief of course, but then cocktails with the girls and other typical Minddie Mourning behaviors were also posted by her to FB.

Minddie Lloyd feels she is entitled to be Kathy Augustine for 2016 and that Clark County taxpayers should foot the bill for her salary as well as for her doing all of the details of her AD 09 campaign on taxpayer’s dime!

Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske will investigate for her consistent, daily violations of the NRS since she filed her phony candidacy on the very last day of filing March 18, 2016.

Judge Kephardt has no choice but to fire her for trading on his popularity while doing little to no work for him, while running her campaign from his office suite and directing her two private fundraising concerns at the same time.

I was her guest in that very suite and saw with my own eyes, her flagrant violations of the NRS and sent to her an Urgent Plea when I got home to stop channeling Kathy Augustine and at least do this campaign activity from her own laptop while on duty, but that opens up another avenue of issues regarding Attorney/Prosecutor/Juror Privacy issues Minddie Lloyd apparently is dismissive of too.

She blew me off and she believes herself to be above the NRS Judge Kephardt, who I admire and fully support, and I exchanged pleasantries that very day outside of his office as I was sitting across from her desk.  He has no idea what his own JEA has done to him and to the integrity of his courtroom and that there are multiple pleas from me for Minddie Lloyd to at least consider what her gross misconduct is doing to him and to her husband, Metro Lt Erik Lloyd.

All of my emails and texts to Mrs Lloyd are to be given over to NVSOS investigators, the Nevada Commission on Ethics, and to her opponents.

It’s all ensconced on the County’s servers; there is no ‘delete’ as her accessing non-work related sites, her private email accounts, and her texting from her own device is permanently embedded for investigators.  Any attempt by she or her co-workers to destroy evidence, opens up a whole new series of potential now criminal, as well as Civil charges against her.

Unlawful Sign Posting 2016 Erk Lloyd<–This and dozens of other campaign sign postings in AD 09 are unlawful because the directional sign itself is Clark County public property! 

Minddie Lloyd completely ignored attempts by me to have her Hawaiian Separatist consultant, Aloha Consulting’s Johnny Jackson, stop doing campaign sign postings like this one at Hualipai & Sahara, because she truly believes she is above the law everyone else must live under!

She is the RJC’s resident ‘Queen of Gossip’ according to her many detractors there.  She picks and chooses what the judge will take on and what he won’t.  She has a disturbing alleged connection to former Judge Earl’s caseloads including a bizarre case involving an Estate in New Hampshire where the Eighth District Court or Justice Court here has no jurisdiction.

Chief Judge David Barker has no choice but to open an investigation to protect and ensure the integrity of his subordinate judges and their Support Staff.

Minddie Lloyd’s fraud is evident in her phony ‘Bamboo Bridges’ where as its ‘President’, she having never disclosed substantial monies raised and how and to whom they’ve been disbursed…if they were disbursed at all.

Minddie Lloyd Fraud 2016<–It’s not even opaque; it’s a Black Wall of Total Darkness at Bamboo Bridges denying any transparency to donors and recipients alike. 

Though the IRS allows for such fraudulent efforts to non-disclose, why would the spouse of a Metro Officer of Rank not disclose every penny of this phony ‘tireless’ effort?

Why with two Nevada Bar members as Bamboo Bridges ‘Board Members’, would this phony Board insist on Total Darkness instead?

Why has their never been an organization calendar?  No Speaker’s Bureau schedule?  No minutes or agenda ever published?

Is she charging off her cellphone and SUV costs to it too?  All of that is allowed by the IRS believe it or not and all State, Federal, and Local Law Enforcement considers Foundation Fraud to be a given and to be rampant as a simple way for Schemers and Scammers like AD 09’s Minddie Lloyd to avoid Sales Taxes and charge-off personal use items like home computers, laptops, cellphone billings, and other goodies!

Much more disturbing, where is she getting her alleged Sex Trafficking victims from?  Sex Crimes victims’ privacy is scrupulously protected from exposure by the media and law enforcement to shield them from Predatory Exploitative Organizations like Bamboo Bridges appears to be.

This directly calls into question issues of integrity of her husband and her many LVMPD friends; with zero-accountability to anyone about anything, Minddie Lloyd has exposed her own self and her husband to intense scrutiny because of the fraud she is perpetrating on AD 09 GOP voters in 2016.

They’ve never Accounted for a single thing they’ve claimed to have done; not one cent raised or disbursed has ever been accounted for and Minddie Lloyd is its Founder and its current ‘President’?

Yet her phony AD 09 campaign states that she hopes to be a Voice of Common Sense’...not that she is a a voice of common sense currently.  ‘Common Sense’ would indicate an awareness that ones own efforts at faux-charity work be as transparent as is possible.

Her two-faced duplicity and deceit are already very well-known by AD 09’s GOP partisan voters and she was summarily excluded from any consideration at all for endorsement since they were burned so badly in 2014 by incumbent David Gardner.

Johnny Jackson threw a BIG Facebook hissy-fit yesterday and is said to be inconsolable!

fake-ass award 2016But what truly sickens me besides the photos to the national media she also took photographer credit for while being the photo subject herself, and then she personally distributed them regarding fallen Officers Beck and Soldo, is that she disclosed on her Financial Disclosure for 2016, that she is skimming a salary off the top of IPOF’s efforts for our officers!!!!

‘…The IPOF is comprised of sworn law enforcement officers from each of the member agencies. Each agency has one primary and one alternate representative. These officers volunteer their time and are appointed by the Chief of Police of their agency, or in the case of LVMPD Officers, the Sheriff of Clark County…’

There is no provision for a cop’s spouse as Executive Director as she calls herself; there’s nothing to Executive-ly Direct…the volunteer officers can simply deposit monies and disburse them all by themselves.  They could engage any of 1,000’s of NV CPA’s to do this gratis for them too.  Sheriff & Mrs Moran began this valiant effort in the 1980’s and every dime raised was also donated off, but there’s Minddie Lloyd today, stuffing her purse full of cash well-meaning local donors give to this effort thinking that their hard-earned money is all going directly to our injured officers.

Not before Minddie Lloyd takes her cut to do nothing buster!

Minddie and Erik Lloyd must be removed by Sheriff Lombardo to protect the organization’s integrity and ensure that false-overhead expenses like paying a cop’s wife for non-work any volunteer cop can do, doesn’t ever again interfere with Sheriff Moran’s original intentions which Minddie Lloyd bastardized and took a cut of for herself, which is ensconced clearly on their website. See for yourselves:

(copy and paste into your browser and read the entire website–thankfully, we have few injured officers here today!)


Minddie Lloyd Fraud 2016 WatchdogWagAbsolutely despicable conduct by Minddie Lloyd even if she’s working for $1 a year.  She fails to disclose her salary at IPOF and didn’t claim one for the phony Bamboo Bridges despite full-metal fundraising since she created it in 2008 as a political tool to get herself some more unearned publicity like she disgracefully had done with Officers Soldo & Beck, her hogging for the media then as our own Fake-ass Mother Teresa of LE.  Her campaign website makes a mockery of all of that too cuz she never discloses there that she is quad-dipping (?) and filling her purse full at Clark County taxpayer expense. 

Three full-time jobs and an AD 09 campaign this year too?

WatchdogWag 2016 AAGWhere does she ever find the time?

Her CCE’s are due and I’ll audit them for you too as soon as they’re up!

*****  They just posted her CCE’s and astonishingly, with over 30 very expensive A-frames at over $50 per month rent for each, plus the expensive printing costs of the vinyl ‘sheets’ with her livery on both sides…plus the non-union printing costs of her ‘walking piece’ and hundreds of yard signs, plus t-shirts and other swag, she’s falsely claiming no expenses today, and only $2779.00 raised!   Estimated cost for what she’s spent to date:  $20,000

Johnny Jackson and I do not appear on her CCE’s either

Only three donors, and not even a loan to her own campaign at over $200,000 of known household income paid by taxpayers?

Secretary Cegavske, you have yourself a Kathy Augustine II investigation personally handed to you by AD 09’s Minddie Lloyd this morning at 09:08 according to the Aurora System. 

Barbara, you live out this way and you were my State Senator for years, surely you’ve seen with your own eyes that Minddie Lloyd perjured herself this morning when she filed her false CCE!

Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!