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Let’s Do Some Tough Broad, Bad-Ass Endorsements! Part I

Posted by Michael Zahara on Jun 7, 2016

I began this delightful review calling out Metro Sgt Michele Jotz as being Bad-Ass and a Tough Broad and she’s running to be Chair of the LVMPSA and you can’t vote for her unless you’re a Police Manager, but you’ll get your chance one day in the future if you’re not one, I’m pretty confident in predicting!  Also on my mind for their Bad-Ass, Tough Broad cred this year with me is Erin Bilbray-Kohn!

Oh sure, you’re all saying ‘Didn’t you have a big feud with Erin, you little fuqr Mike?’  Why yes we did and it resolved and we’ve evolved and kept in touch and John Hunt is still a piece of shit and nowhere to be found today, and I’m still here, and so is Erin who is a whole new woman today toughened and steeled by the hatin’ so many poured onto her this cycle and she survived it and she’s triumphed because she adjusted and she took the blinders off, shit-canned the mindless party cheer-leading and learned that her value to her party is that she has values!

Today, for all the bullshit she’s gone through which was difficult for me to observe despite our former adversarial positions, Erin’s Built Brand–Big, Brawny, Bad-Ass Brand too! and is one of the most valuable Democratic brands in the entire state now.  There will be no more patting Mrs Bilbray-Kohn on the head when she’s suggested for the US House, State constitutional office, the Clark County Board…the Assembly and State Senate and now too small and unworthy of the HUGE political edifice she’s built.  The most likely office and the one most tailored for her role as ‘Mom’, is the CCBC, because it affords her the flexibility she needs raising her daughters with Noah.

Take the two-steps back and look at it all–very impressive stuff!-tell me, wtf is going to beat her for the CCBC; the second most powerful Board in this state?


Let’s state the obvious right out of the gate and inform that no one campaigns better than Ellen Spiegel and Suzan Baucum in this state.

Both women are my friends and are my pleasure to observe their continued growth in Public Life which is no picnic in the park or day at the beach and takes considerable, consistent effort in order to become as damn good as both women are today!  Both women had disappointments early on, both women shook it off and took a good hard look at themselves and they didn’t whine and pout, they doubled-down and they adjusted.

I am so damn proud of both ladies, I will officially christen today, Suzan Baucum and Ellen Spiegel to be both Bad-Ass good, as well as two Tough Broads!

Ladies, you inspire me and I’d like to thank you both for doing that!

I had quite a bit of time recently with Judge Baucum at her Tivoli Village Meet & Greet with Judge Bonaventure who was late and ill-prepared but he had baked some cookies he brought in his little Tupperware thing and I was standing away from the event at a shop across the way and caught Judge Joe walking up to it alone with his little Tupperware thing getting his first eye-full of Suzan’s advance work!

The Thought-Bubble above my head read:  ‘Thank you both God and Jesus for your great gifts bestowed onto me today!’

Judge Joe seeing the Baucum Team’s work, facially expressed and Thought-Bubbled, ‘Oh fuq, I am fuqd!’

Then his head turns a bit, and he catches me with a BIG Cheshire cat ear-to-ear grin watching him!

The Thought-Bubble above Judge Joe’s head reads: ‘Oh fuq, I am soooo double-fuqd now with that little fuqr watching me!’

Sensing danger and fearing he would pivot and run, I scooted right over to him and stuck my hand out and small-talked him off the ledge because though like everyone else in town, I detest his monster-bitch girlfriend throwing his weight around the RJC like she’s worth a shit or a damn on her best day, but I like Judge Joe very much and consider him a good jurist in need of protection from that evil little bitch!

Brother Sonny Bonaventure doing the new Dad thing and working hard on shedding his pregnancy weight gain, also helped keep Judge Joe engaged and talking up his voters and Joe survived!  But Judge Bonaventure is socially shy and is uncomfortable campaigning and he couldn’t have been matched that day with a better coach and teacher in Judge Baucum, because when she first appeared to me as a vision at the ‘Lourdes of Political Campaigns’the Italian-American Club–I thought to myself, what a lovely statue!   Given that there were all these Italians around, I thought maybe she was a Mime or Impressionist doing her best Venus DeMilo, but Suzan had her arms in tact and was running for judge…and she just standing there!

Not a good thing to be doing when I’m present, isn’t that right Judge Ron Israel?  Oh, and Mrs Moody said to get your ass over to her shop Ron cuz you need a haircut and she’s got a very busy summer ahead!

Suzan was Gary’s client, she liked him, but he wasn’t good at the retail training aspects and I gave her a bunch of pointers and took her around table-to-table being my silly shit self knowing everyone in the room and it clicked within her and she’s never looked back!   Me and her husband Todd–a rare gem in politics in that he is a willing, very valuable asset to her campaign’s Back Office and I really like that guy–got hung up chatting-up two old dizzy biddies waiting in line to order and whose Teacher’s Union masters demand they walk in lockstep with and forbid them from ever voting anything but Dem.  Suzan, a traditional, home-grown Western High School Republican, would have none of that nonsense and after I relayed to her our contact with these women, she marched right over there and took the bull by the horns and I believe won over two old broads with her own Tough Broad cred that morning!

Awesome to behold!

Judge Suzan Baucum’s courtroom is one of the very best, if not the best run courtroom in the entire system!  That is no exaggeration by me and attorneys love her respect of their time and she demands the same from them too.  I met her support staff who had no idea who I was and we Bad-Ass Bonded as they relayed to me Suzan’s management style and her appreciation of her crew!  Judges at any level in this state, how Judge Baucum runs her court should be studied and emulated by all of you, she’s that damn good!  Check your egos at the door and pay attention to why it all works so well for her and for our community!

She had the case of America’s oldest living Grandpa Gangsta Geezer107 year old Flava Fla–Big clock and all and she treated him with respect and he respected her right back and she didn’t fall apart about a 3rd-rate washed up celebrity in her courtroom, nor did she ham it up and hog for the media just to get noticed or press mentioned either!

When we got around to talking about the future and what’s next, it was husband Todd who lit me up like a Christmas tree suggesting something I hadn’t considered and its been on my mind ever since because he’s right!  Maybe that will occur when the girls are finished with school and I’ll be right there too because this Suzan Baucum woman is just so damn good and such an asset to our bench and to our community, I want to shout that out to the whole world because I have a lifetime of material about all the fuq-ups here, but being along with Suzan from the beginning has helped me from losing my mind knowing that yes, we do produce outstanding people in Public Life here too and Judge Suzan Baucum is one of them!

And you know what’s really great? She didn’t have to be there because she has no Primary and isn’t on the ballot until November, but she knows the deal and the value in tending to her ever-growing legions of fans, admirers and supporters!  Simply put, that’s how its done folks!

Judge Suzan Baucum has earned and deserves your vote this fall!

Next up Ellen Speigel and some more Bad-Ass, Tough Broads including some guys!

Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!



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