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Tough Broad, Bad-Ass Endorsements II

Posted by Michael Zahara on Jun 8, 2016

AD 20s Ellen Spiegel and husband Bill and I will sit down to a long delayed lunch after this silly Primary stuff is done. Ellen tied with Suzan Baucum for Best Campaigner in Nevada at the pageant held at Planet Hollywood after Miss Universe!

Ellen drew a knucklehead named Darren Welsh who’s repped by Exploiter of His Sister’s Rape for Votes, super GOP shit-stain Tim Williams, who used to carpetbag all over the damn county shopping for elective office he will never hold in Nevada.  You really can’t make shit like this up and guys like me spend most of the day shaking our f-in’ heads wondering where people’s heads are at sometimes cuz Tim Williams is icky, tricky, and sticky and he’s a regular swimmer in Lake Creepy Shit here; he’ll say and do anything possessing no standards or ethics at all!

Ellen will roll this Welsh guy and beat him down badly cuz she’s a Guerilla Campaigner, never missing an opportunity to take an opportunity!  Maybe its the Bad-Ass red hair, but I’ve always known that in a bar fight, I’d always want Ellen Spiegel there on my team!  She’s done some campaigning with Sen David Parks who’s a good guy and I wonder whats next for her because the political world is her oyster today!

Ellen Spiegel is a Bad-Ass, Tough Broad to me and many to many others who know her well!

Her GOP opponent will be non bad-ass, non tough broad perennial candidate Carol Linton who’s good if you like voting for office-shoppers and time wasters but who wasted no time in telling me she will be a GOP candidate for NV Gov in 2018, she apparently not getting the memo that Dean Heller is coming on home and has already been anointed for the spot!


I also cast a vote for Tough Broad Jose Solario who I like and who is Trish Palm’s latest love interest and he told me she was going to try again for judge this cycle but she never filed. No more votes from me for 100% useless and ineffective Dem Whiner Alice ‘Dina’ Titus who should step aside and go elephant riding with Dr Tom in Poland after lecturing them about all that they’re doing wrong by not conforming to her Progressive Extremist ideology which produced nothing for Nevada citizens except a lot of gas and indigestion.  This seat should have a Black or Latino sitting in it after the next census but she’s an entitled feeling White Woman and won’t go away quietly and is quite content and very happy to take the mantle of Most Hated Dem in Nevada with Harry’s much celebrated retirement!


NVCD04 is the hot mess of a cluster fuq it is because Lucy Flores has ants in her pants and in her Coochie and Susie Lee is seeking to buy herself the Dem nomination after having never done a damn thing for the Democratic Party over her entire lifetime.  I’m balls-to-the-wall for Tough Broad, Bad-Ass Ruben Kihuen who’s done all that was asked of him and more since he first appeared at NVDEMS with a soccer ball under his arm and orders from his Moms never to marry Lucy Flores!

I’m concerned for Ruben’s success this cycle because that crotchety Old Blind-ass Bitch from down in Searchlight isn’t delivering as promised to him and the Early Voting turnout is so abysmal in the District, and that favors the females in the race.  If Ruben loses, Crescent Hardy will be re-elected in November because of all the bullshit the two females have caused during this campaign.

All of this stated, Dan Rolle produced the very best livery and aesthetic of all of the campaigns; very visually appealing stuff!   Call me next time Dan!


NVCD03 is another hot mess of a cluster fuq and I’m supporting Danny Tarkanian who is not a Tough Broad, Bad-Ass though he too has drifted off the reservation again appearing in Fresno about Armenian Genocide when I gave him specific orders not to go there since no one knows wtf he’s talking about.  I had a nice long talk with his Moms, Lois Tarkanian at Bob Beers’ Beers with Beers last month and who travels with her own Root Beer and she offered me a bottle as we talked about his race and what a bunch of total stupid fuqs his ‘people’ are!   Lois is smokin’ mad at Michael Roberson and is ready to go off on him!

They’ve never asked her to do even a YouTube with him for the campaign and I brought the subject up again with Amy Tarkanian when I saw her last month and if he doesn’t see the value in using his own mother, who is still struggling with losing Coach after 60 years of him chasing her around the house, then Michele-a Fiore deserves to beat him!

Lois is one of the most valuable brands in the entire state and no one on his team thought to include her in his campaign this year?

I’ve always like GOPer Annette Teijeiro who should have never entered this crowded field and who has not Built Brand office-shopping as she does.  She has strong, valid views which need her to sit down in one place and concentrate on one winnable office.  Contrary to what the Old Blind Bitch from Searchlight once said, SoNev has a sizable Latino Republican population and Annette hasn’t sealed her bona fides with them yet.

Dem Jesse Sbaih pitched a huge bitch that the Old Blind Bitch told him we’d never elect a Muslim down there and the OBB was right.  Jesse hasn’t done a damn thing either and expected party rank and file to coalesce around his candidacy when that’s never how this works for federal offices.  That CD03 has perhaps the largest Vet population of some 250K Vets in this state, plays hard against a Muslim winning the office given that were fighting Islamic Extremism all over the world today!

What NVCD03 and NVCD04 illustrate to all of the world is that we as a state, are a complete total fuqn mess because of our dying on the vine, All Harry, All Day bullshit he so selfishly nurtured here and this will take some time to correct out beginning with the next census!


NV Senate 04: I’m with Stephen Harvey Munford, son of the legendary Harvey Munford, who dumb-ass former Assemblyman William Horne told to me yesterday in a FB chat, was never made a Chairman of anything in the Assembly because ‘he was not qualified’…I swear to God that’s what came out of his ignorant head…and not because the current and past Speakers were the bigots everyone knows them to be.  That would be Mega Bigot and Misandrist Barbara Buckley, Complete Total Fuq & Bigot John Oceguara, and Racist & Bigot Marilyn Kirkpatrick.

Sidebar:  Neither Steve Ross or Marilyn Kirkpatrick are deserving of your vote and this seat was Lucy Flores’s to take in a cakewalk this year but whose antsy Coochie will serve to bring the bright sunshine onto the CCBC and its Voting Rights Act exclusion violations because this Board should have two minority-majority seats served by minority candidates and they deliberately thumbed their noses at the Act so that the former Commissioner’s marriage-ending girlfriend could be appointed to his seat.

William Horne, a former Flight Attendant no less, represents the epitome of ‘qualified’ in our Citizen Legislature within his restricted little race-based world and he is supporting his buddy, the Stupidest Person to Ever Be Elected in Nevada, Kelvin Atkinson, over Stephen Munford.

What you people in the Assembly did to Harvey Munford is truly despicable; that this was lead by boot-licker Uncle Toms like William Horne tells you all you need to know when folks like him lecture the rest of us on how to behave when he has proven to be one of the most racist politicos this state has ever produced who sold-out a very good fellow Black man so he himself could get ahead!  You should read how defensive and idiotic he was yesterday on Facebook!

I know Kelvin Atkinson to be a liar and a thief.  In 2006, he was the only person not to have paid for his ad in a Women’s Demo dinner program and never produced the canceled check he said that he would.  My Sis was its Treasurer at the time and I kept on him for months knowing he was fuqn lying to my face.  Then during Richard Cherchio’s first Ward 4 race against Shari Buck, the little sonofabitch declares that he is going to interfere in NLV’s local muni elections that year by announcing his plan to name Camino El Norte for Dr King as it is known south of NLV.

Not a bad idea, but one which you don’t drop that particular bomb during a Muni election and force everyone into a stance on when you’re not even on a fuqn ballot and you are just a  fuqn little stupid shit Assemblyman taking Big Tobacco and Big Pharma money trying to lick as many boots as you can lick!

The chicken-shit little pussy poseur Kelvin Atkinson, never brought it up again!

The Big Tobacco money haul by Kelvin Atkinson was especially galling given that at the very same time they were admitting to targeting poor, Black neighborhood men who trifflin’ little bitch Kelvin Atkinson has never done a damn thing for in all the time he’s been up there!

Kelvin is the very worst of the worst of the bottom-feeding Nevada politicians.  He’s not a Bad-Ass or a Tough Broad, but he is a little bitch!

Stephen Harvey Munford is enthusiastically endorsed over Human Garbage politico Kelvin Atkinson!

Part III coming up next!

Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!



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