Tough Broad, Bad-Ass Endorsements III

Posted by Michael Zahara on Jun 13, 2016

I didn’t read her bio until early last month, though we do have a history and just met for the first time this past February at Judge Baucum’s event at Piero’s and she was spirited, spunky, and quite engaging.  I knew she once ran against Debutante Dipshit, Judge Ann Zimmerman, whose previous ‘I Love Me a Teeny-weeny, Stinky, Moose Dick Wienie’ campaign, which is an awful lot of shit to get onto an A-Frame, so the driving public at 80mph, just saw, read, and voted, ‘Stinky Moose Dick Wienie…’ hoping she was going to shoot an amateur RJC porno.   Bad-Ass, Tough Broad Amy Chelini was never going to do that kind of bullshit as the ‘Good little Guido Girl’ whose worst sins only produced few weeks of Detention at Bonanza High School’s Todd Fasulo Wing for Wayward Guido Girls Thinking About Dating Blonde Non-Guidos!

I didn’t even ask if Todd & Amy knew one another because of course they do, he’s a BHS Guido Guy Cop who found it impossible to cross the street and get himself an Associate’s Degree if this Metro thing doesn’t work out for him, and she’s a BHS Guido Chick Lawyer and quite gifted and blessed with her own unusual assortment of gifts!

Ms Chelini however, is also the only attorney in Nevada I had asked her personal permission to pop a personal note to a judge I’ve literally known since the very week I moved here and few know we are friends and talk whenever we see one another, this regarding a client of hers named KG–who is not a Tough Broad, but is Bad-Ass! and who I know through another and KG and I were casual acquaintances who because of our carrying our clueless friend’s cross, I returned the favor and was KG’s hair model as we sat for his State Boards!

You must be good with both God and His boy J-Man to do that, so don’t get any bright ideas of making a career of being a State Boards model because that is a looong ass day and there was no open bar and all these Barber wanabees hanging around too!

Ms Chelini agreed to my contact with the judge and I wasn’t asking of the judge a favor to me on KG’s behalf, I was asking that they see in KG, his value to our community despite having himself in quite a mess for the 2nd time.  Thankfully, the judge also saw the value in this most unusual young Black man–who gives back, grateful for those blessings bestowed onto him, and who has been giving back since he was a shortie…and the happy beginning–not ending–to this wild ride is his having become a bona-fide Las Vegas Urban Pioneer and recently opened his Hair Studio for guys–Picture Perfectat 95 & Rainbow 702-787-7239!

Amy Chelini’s effort for KG as his attorney and now friend, I personally appreciated about her, and her political ascent has been a top priority for me.


I created for her gratis the universal theme ‘Amy Chelini Is Not A Wienie’ since her manager is known around these parts as Dave is a Yutz and Putz-Maker and stuck with his strong-suit and the only thing he knows how to do on his Super-Spirograph/Etch-a-sketch/Lite-Bright and whopping 8 ct worn-down Crayola Crayons carton– his Dull Palate Designs from A Dumb Wit Mgr–circa 1962:

I think this is five Blond-haired women he’s done this to now–surgically removing their femininity and creating Androgynous Lawyer Bitch Barbie–putting them in French’s Mustard Yellow, in the Conservatory, with the Dull-ass butter knife and really ticking Jesus off when we play CLUE too every now and again too!

Dave Thomas’sDull, Boring-Ass Campaigns No One Notices’ is nice if you like crap!  He took a cute, perky, talented, energetic, and a dynamo of an approachable woman and turned her into Industrial Gray Amy and I’m angry enough for the both of us.  I especially hate that from him because he is not a political professional and had no idea what to do when serendipity blew the windows and doors wide open as a gust of Conrad Hafen ass-gas wind changed everything.

Thomas had the opportunity, he had the resources, he had the great gift of more than enough time, he also had Colonel Mustard Yellow who he remains fascinated with.  What he lacked as a lawyer/lobbyist anti-creative lizard, was the talent, creativity and knowledge to know what to do with the great gift ‘Connie the Crappy Judge’ shat all over the media and RJC or his client Amy.

I love Amy’s Mom JoAnn who while I was praying that she wasn’t named Mildred, Edna, or Agnes  I caught her Channeling her daughter who was honoring her by using her name because her brother’s all fart a lot and pull rank on her little Amy and all her Moms can do from heaven is Cast Aspersions, do a couple of ‘Gosh Dangs, Holy Bejeebers, and Oh Hecks, Not Joe Hecks!  I don’t ascribe to luck or coincidence as you readers know, but I do believe in Angels, Good as well as Dark ones and this particular Angel, an Italian named Maroni, befriended JoAnn–who is a Tough Broad and Bad-Ass in Heaven, doesn’t care for Connie, and well…I think they cut a deal!

Amy’s racked up impressive primary endorsements except the gaining of the Fake-Ass Clark County Black Caucus which is her talent-less manager’s fake-ass GOP vehicle he hides behind and which was kicked out of ClarkDems after two years of relentless pressure including on these threads and still it unlawfully uses the logo and font the party owns, not by shysters Yvette and Damone Williams, and which leaves the impression still today that this is a DNC-sanctioned group when it is not. 

Judge Janice Marshall who got the same Fake-Ass Clark County Black Caucus endorsement and who gained my vote and endorsement too, has grown in her seat but her butt did not get bigger!  I’m crossing my fingers voters are as offended as I was at how in your face and juvenile Harmony Letezia’s effort has been to date.  I told Ms Letizia that she is a Tough Broad for taking my shit which many folks got a few laughs about. Her fundraising efforts are like a ‘Who’s Who of Local Jews in the Pews’


Judge Marshall, whomever it was who designed yours and Judge Eric Johnson’s livery should be taken by you out-back and shot for taking a beautiful woman like Eric and identifying both of you as Tranny Judges like Betsy!

By law, family orders, and my Drs insistence, I can’t look at anyone’S but Minddie Lloyd’s perjured CCE’s until after the Primary results are in–so I’m guessing who the Crap Champions of this Cycle are, but suffice it to say I can see Dave’s bullshit, half-assed work in Amy’s duller-than-shit website as well as Saragosa’s identical one and who caught my attention without the dyke hair scare from last time, a cool mint green which unlike YELLOW Dave you big fuq, can be used very nicely with blonde-haired people!  That Mint Green of the Pastels Family Lucy Flores blew off can be used for all sorts of messaging besides ‘I really like this bullshit red, white, & blue design I OK’d again!’

Did you notice how flattering Mint Green is to Judge Saragosa’s tits this cycle?

As I told to Ms Chelini and to others, your brand is what your public lives are all about and you can end your unprofessional relationships with these bottom-feeder types to protect your own very valuable brand assets, and fire those not performing for you immediately!  I’ll write about the fuqs who should have been fired before you even hired them too!

Amy got Jerry Johnson and Seniors United out of his Jam with Jesus for the Sheriff’s race in 2014, and she got that all by herself as she did the others and that is rather remarkable in that she has been and knows about building her own brand and she will advance Tuesday night though she should have taken it all with Conrad’s new Speedo showing to all the world if her ‘consultant’ wasn’t milking her for more and more fees attached to everything that he does.

Ms Chelini’s November goal got decidedly more difficult either because of David’s greed, or his ineptitude, and yes, I’m smokin’ mad enough for the whole damn county because Amy Chelini is a very top-tier, quality candidate possessing enormous political value and cache.  If you’re a professional in politics, you move heaven and earth to get such a candidate to goal as soon as possible and I’ll ask to meet with Amy once the dust clears from Tuesday night to inform her how one capitalizes on such a major fuq up late in their opponent’s campaign, because I’m quite positive Mr Thomas has not!

I am still so lovin Judge  Carolyn Ellsworth for firing her former chubby and wrinkled manager; she at the time pitching a huge bitch heard on other planets that he really did make her look like she was in jail– jail in Warsaw Pact Poland 1963–like I told everyone here.  But this year Dave Thomas’s Tranny Branding Project was said to have fired his own client ‘Anat’--whose name I’ve already legally changed to ‘A Gnat’ Levy  cuz when there’s no Monti Levy on the ballot like this year I don’t want voter confusion and Monti who I thought I got to know pretty well while she and Susan Bush pretended that they didn’t hate each other 90% of the time and fought over guys and a few chicks every once in a while too.

Oh, and Jason Frierson who I’ve always liked and who is endorsed today too, appears in this current Operetta as ‘identifying’ as a much chubbier Euro-White suburban Dad who golfs, wears plaid clothing, and adopted his ‘Trans family’ of adorable little Euro-White kids soooo White are those little fuqrs, they can be seen by the guys on the Space Station!

Then my memory jogged a bit and I could have sworn I’d seen one or two of those kids’ mugshots either at the Post Office, Assistant Sheriff Fasulo’s Most Wanted Juvis Bulletin Board, or in a CCSD school’s Holiday Pageant singing, ‘These Fuqn Christian Kids Honk Me The Fuq Off’!

…and then it all became at once clear, and then darker and murkier when I shouted to my fellow parishioners at 11AM Mass, Oh shit, those are Monti Levy’s fuqn kids!’  Father paused the Mass understanding the urgency since we ‘Catlicks’ don’t do that Protestant ‘testifying’ shit at our services and said to me, ‘Mike, are you saying that Jason had Monti’s kids?’.‘Yes, Padre and speed it up, I’m missing the Raiders game’.

More than 1,000 men at Mass shouted ‘Amen’ to my request of the pokey Padre!  Then the Chairwoman of our Alter & Rosary Society piped in, ‘Michael, are you telling us all that that much chubbier Black Protestant Jason Frierson guy had pix with that Yowza Yiddish Yenta Monti Levy’s kids and isn’t she the bitch whose ancient campaign sign is still today perfectly installed and positioned right down and across the street from us?

Yes to all queries and I think Jesus really likes her too cuz a dog hasn’t lifted it leg on it, and no homeless guy built a fort out of it either!  I think we have been Blessed by Him and that this is our Lourdes in a empty lot at Sahara just east of Cimmaron!

A Gnat Levy is every Bella Abzug, Shelley Berkley, Golda Meir poli-fantasy I ever had as a young boy back in Chicago and A Gnat Levy just looks like she’s gonna rip you a new asshole and do it in Hebrew too.  This was right about the time the Jewish Wing of my Family came into existence and you can imagine the great joy this turn of events was for all of us as The Killers of Christ sat on one side of Grandma’s Living Room, and the White Trash Polacks, sat on the other!

Sooooo, A Gnat, you and me have got a lot to talk about and soon too but I’m am so balls to the wall Catherine Ramsey cuz of how shitty she was played by people protecting turf and territory up there and she even managed to interest former NVSOS Ross Miller into throwing a non-UFC chub when he piped in because of his fuqn Grandma who no one ever heard about until the day he mention her!

Kat remains today the only person in 36 years of political activism who flipped me the very day I met her My biases about her predecessor had colored my opinion of her and that’s not how I normally do things, and without even knowing who I was, shared my exact same views about what was deficient and unaddressed up in NLV Muni.

I remain today a HUGE fan of Judge Ramsey and she will always have an ally in me!

She’s got her hands full seeking District Court now but anyone who knows her or who has been served by her brand of Community-Oriented Justice there, know they got a fair hearing by a damn good judge who ticked a highly corrupted current NLV mayor off and the witch-hunt against her began by Dave Thomas has so many of us in SoNev counting down the days until the new president seats the new US Attorney here.

I’m also impressed with  young William McCurdy II who is somehow related to McCurdy I, who every Black politico in this state has major issues with and share with me but who is sick now so damn, young William, you’ve caught a break, but I have to tell you this from my terribly handsome White guy perch just briefly now to prep you for all the shit coming your way son:

  1. Do the exact opposite of what your Pop suggests you do!
  2. If Uncle Greg pipes in and is running to Jesus’s arms right now cuz he’s in trouble again, tell him Jesus and me are having lunch right now, I know he was fired from SLS, and that Susana got ripped-off booking the Barge Cruise on Love Canal for the Charles Hank III Family of Fuq Ups
  3. …and that Charles Hank’s next wife was born a few months ago too!
  4. Please respect and honor Harvey who is a Jewel in the Junkyard of Westside Schemers and Scammer Creatures and who William Horne, the former Flight Attendant expert on Peanuts & Oxygen Masks, told to me last week was never qualified to be made Chair of anything up there!

You and me will grab some chow and I’ll explain why calling Nevada the Mississippi of the West is such a damn insult to MS, and if you heard Joe Neal on Patricia’s Show yesterday, that was the last Black man politico in SoNev with his testicles in tact and that for 52 years post CRA of 1964 of nothing but pocket-stuffing themselves silly here, they’re dumping it all on you to mop up because Dina Neal still can’t buy a dress in the correct size and was seen by her neighbors again jumping off of her bed an into that little Polish Sausage dress number she’s got on now!

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