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Reading the 2016 Primary Tea Leaves

Posted by Michael Zahara on Jun 19, 2016

Zig Zag best seller<–My first national Best Seller published in 1998 under one of my pen names, ‘Barbara Simmons’–which is also my Tranny name!

Did you notice that the very second 14 states sued the Obama Administration over this whack-ass TransQueer bullshit and Obama’s piss and shit wherever you please policy, the entire issue just died?   That’s how you shut down and shut up bullies like Hate Group, the Human Rights Campaign and others trying to subvert the Constitution by their declaring things ‘to be’ and their disdain for the processes for making laws in this country is truly appalling.

The 25 states including our own who sued Obama for his Dereliction of Duty regarding Illegal Immigration will also be successful because he’s been a catastrophe as president making it all up along the way.  His being a ‘Constitutional Scholar’?

My ass!

Thanks to our very own Jake Ralston for showing to the entire nation why ‘gender identification’ is completely unnecessary to ever be included in the Civil Rights Act or the Americans with Disabilities Act and we’ll write about him soon!

Thanks again Jake!  Your story did a great service to the nation in clarifying for us just what these slippery little fuqrs at USDOJ and USDOE were doing which was so offensive to the US Constitution they all swore to uphold and thumbed their noses at and extended their middle fingers to!


Our local post-Primary media was like reading a Comic Book or Mad Magazine in Braille, yet the pronouncements and breathless certainty of what it all means, bordered on the ridiculous.

This WatchdogWag Tea Leave Reading is gonna be like that gawd-awful Nestea!  Isn’t that the worst shit you’ve ever had in your mouth?  You’re too lazy to get the Solar Tea jug out?  You’re expecting a Solar subsidy for that too?

Our two presumptive presidential nominees together are two of the very worst people we’ve ever nominated–both dreadfully unworthy of our highest office and shows just how far our nation has sunk; we’d long ago lost our moral imperative and superiority as the greatest nation on earth and our irrational support and hatred for them both are a perfect reflection of  who and what we are as a nation today.

Nestea Swill 2016 WatchdogWag<–Is this swill the worst shit you’ve ever had in your mouth?

Don’t invite me to your Tea Party and serve this shit or we’re gonna have issues!

The hysterics of the Democrats illustrate to all how truly ugly the ‘Progressive Fascists’ can be and they all know that the likelihood of voters breaking hard for one or the other is what’s in store for November.  If HRC is leading by double-digits in about a dozen important states, both Houses of Congress will swing very hard to the right to block and place a hard check on her agenda whatever that may be, because her whole effort to date has been about what an asshole Trump is and she being incredibly deficient on matters of policy and is speaking in circles really saying nothing of depth or substance.

If Trump is leading in those same states, Catherine Cortez Masto wins easily and Danny Tarkanian does not.  So you’ll now understand why a lot of Democrats are saying one thing and praying quite another because its in the Democratic Party’s very best interest that Donald Trump win in November to give us a chance at taking the US Senate in 2016 and to set the stage for Elizabeth Warren in 2020.

The opportunity to rid the party of the Clintons for good, is too great for me and millions of other traditional Democrats to not hold my nose and vote for Trump this fall!  They destroyed the Democratic Party by giving it all away to Wall Street and Hillary choosing Warren as her VP puts them both on the hot-seat as one sold her very soul to Wall Street for the nomination and the other is no friend of Big Banking!

These polar opposite points of view between Clinton & Warren can’t be reconciled which is the primary reason Warren is unlikely to be chosen as HRC’s VP.

Color me unimpressed with 16% turnout of nearly 890,000 registered voters, or 143, 780 in Clark County.  The cost of Early Voting and Election Day should have the Carson Critters looking at alternatives like Primary voting by US Mail, weekend Primary Day voting, but they won’t, nor will they even mention strengthening CCE disclosure to include all income amounts from all sources.


Minddie Lloyd 2016 failed candidate<–AD 09’s truly evil Minddie Lloyd (left) was loathe to even disclose she is ripping off our local Fallen Officer efforts, but she had no requirement to disclose for how much she has robbed from the families of our fallen officers and I am truly disgusted!

At the vigils at the Soldo/Beck murder site, I watched a woman empty her wallet of $47 dollars, and then dump her purse out to get all of the change she had at the bottom of if, and g*ddamnit, if you don’t respect what that is and what that meant to that woman, then entire effort has lost its way and its mission and everyone needs to be replaced by their Chiefs and the organization returned to its very simple beginnings which paid no ED, CEO, or anyone else anything!

Minddie Lloyd Marcos 2016 FelonThat Minddie Lloyd (left) and her thug entourage actually strong-armed and bullied at the very murder site vigil, another though 100% legitimate effort run by a retired Metro Sergeant and his wife was absolutely reprehensible and the respective Chiefs must dismantle this horribly corrupted effort immediately where all indicators point to confirming long held rumors of officers participating and benefiting from skim, kick-backs, and cash shakedowns of local event promoters given the super-secrecy which envelops everything about the organization today.

This completely blackened, no transparency at all scheme and scam was not what Sheriff Moran envisioned when he began this once noble, now incredibly corrupted local effort.

I was asked by many if she withdrew her phony 2014 candidacy because of Officers Beck and Soldo being brutally massacred, and the answer is no, they were not the reason, she had withdrawn weeks before.  However, her outrageous misconduct from their murders onward was despicable and self-serving, and she personally distributed while on duty at the RJC, photos she took creator credit for and she got paid by the Chicago Tribune because she took creator credit for the photo they published.  She did not disclose what she’d done with that money, there’s an ‘E’ trail on that check; it was either deposited into her personal account or into the Fund’s.

officerdown.us 2016<–This is a 100% legitimate, 100% trustworthy recipient of your Guide Star approved donations–OfficerDown.US— created in 2014 by retired LVMPD Sgt Mel & Mrs Jessica Langgin who were brutishly and literally shoved out of the community gathering to mourn Officers Soldo & Beck by Minddie Lloyd and her thugs who improperly asserted an authority they simply do not have to protect the flow of graft and corruption and the officers lining their own pockets on the backs of our dead officers officers here in Las Vegas, which is absolutely outrageous!

I met with Sgt & Mrs Langgin and congratulated them on their outstanding, completely transparent effort using the ‘Crowd Funding’ model.  Over less than 2 years, they’ve raised and disbursed over $300,000 dollars so one can clearly see what’s driving the completely corrupted evil Minddie Lloyd stained effort today!

officerdown.us 2016 Sgt & Mrs LangginI will be in contact with each of the local Nevada Chiefs who participate and relay to them what other LE families have relayed to me about our local hyper-corrupted IPOF efforts which must be shut down, audited by a CPA, and rebuilt without any of its current corrupted participants...period! 

They’ve all gotta go…period!

If the Chiefs balk and refuse to reform this intense corruption, we’ll escalate this to Washington and Main Justice and Treasury; it’s that bad here! I will shut down her completely fake-ass Bamboo Bridges effort too!

If there is no integrity with the money as there is not at our local IPOF, then your organization has no integrity at all!

Had she known what she was doing, she’d have submitted it to Tribune Syndication instead of just their Chicago flagship paper which would have brought to her substantially more money because all of their publications would have had accessed it because the Syndicate had bought it for all of them to use. She’d personally uploaded from County servers those images she starred in onto platforms which wouldn’t have pulled them onto their platforms on their own and which also prove she was exploiting those fallen men, she doing a sort of poor man’s SEO ensuring those photos would spider all over the Web and around the world.  She is the star of each image, no female officer is in any of them and her outrageous exploitation overloading the Net with so many images of herself, pushed down other more poignant images including a prize-caliber shot of our only female then Lt, now Captain hugging and comforting a mourner that sad day.

Minddie Lloyd Marcos 2016 FraudThat Minddie Lloyd (left) filed her first perjured CCE at 0908 indicates the light bulb must have gone off in her little hyper-corrupted pin head realizing she was filing her CCE while she was supposed to be working for Judge Kephart that morning, and that she was again violating our campaign laws, and she filed her 2nd perjured CCE after her shift ended.

Minddie Lloyd, you are truly an evil little fuqn bitch for doing this and forcing me to be the bad guy exposing your purse-stuffing bullshit! 

How the fuq do you sleep at night knowing you’ve enriched yourself on the backs of our fallen officers here? 

There is no Hell hot enough for evil like yours in my book Minddie Lloyd!  You are Human Garbage and you will never be elected to anything in this state whether you go to prison or not for your current fraud perpetrated upon our local fallen and injured officers, you have my personal word on that!

How Judge Kephardt has not yet fired you yet given the exulted position you hold in his court operations and that he was a former top-gun in the DA’s office before ascending to the bench, has you placing him in a very bad position for just when he speaks with the Metro couple you lead the vigil site bullying and strong-arming of!

Minddie Llloyd Marcos 2016 failed candidateHer dishonesty and complete lack of integrity has consequences if she does not amend her currently perjured CCEs or pay the remainder of the fees she owes to me.  She left an ‘E’ trail on everything embedded in my emails, my SMS, and my bank records and though their efforts to break into my site were thwarted, they did manage to push her three stories down and off of my SEO and I just changed the titles which brought them back up on Google and Chuck Muth, a long time friend, ran with my ‘free use’ material without knowing any of this, and I’d like to thank you for doing that Chuckles!

Chuck, you’re re-running my work which you know you are always welcomed to do, inadvertently showcased for investigators the intense effort at cover-up the truly evil Minddie Lloyd and her thugs were engaged in trying to buy the GOP AD 09 seat for her!

All of this hyper-corrupted effort for a shitty little NV Assembly seat her District’s voters soundly defeated her for, was the strongest indicator of their cover-up in full swing and my thanks and appreciation to the many who ensured my writings got to AD 09’s GOP voters in time!


Mike Zahara Michael Roberson & John Hambrick 12 18 2014 Red Rock StationI haven’t seen Michael Roberson since we had breakfast one morning at Red Rock and us learning first hand that John Hambrick had just out maneuvered Michele Fiore to become Speaker by John Hambrick himself!   That was December 18, 2014!  John won his 2016 Primary–Congrats John!–which I never doubted because he’s the Grandpa we like out here who is not the Old Blind Bitch, Nevada’s Grumpy Grandpa, down there in Searchlight!

Michele-a Fiore’s brief interlude with Nevada voters came to an end probably for good unless she maneuvers herself for state constitutional office, but her heading over to K Street in DC lobbying for the NRA seems more likely and more lucrative for her too.  Corralling and containing her is the challenge for any lobbying effort because Ms Fiore simple defies being bridled, we’ll know what’s next for her soon enough though!

auntie sandra orland park IL 2016<–My Auntie Sandra in Orland Park, IL is Armenian-American and a hottie, so don’t give me this I’m anti-Armenian bullshit Danny!

Michael knew I was supporting Danny this time out despite his propensity to be a big dumb-shit squawking about Armenian Genocide during previous as well as the 2016 Primary which may be a valid opinion, but doesn’t have a place in a Primary or General because its a Foreign Policy issue and the stupid shit along side Nancy Pelosi on the matter hurt him badly!

I’m not anti-Armenian, my favorite Auntie Sandra is Armenian-American and a hottie, but Turkey is our NATO ally and a critical one now since Obama and Clinton completely blew off ISIS coalescing after his 2012 victory directly resulting in Brussels, Paris, San Bernadino and Orlando.

My Dem friends and allies rationalizing that absolute fact, is beyond me!

Tough local voter 2015<–Regular readers remember that I hired this woman, Ms Vulva Lee Zinfandel-Lexus (left) of Boulder City Heights, where all the Black & brown skinned people near to Boulder City are required by law to live at least until I get that 2.7 million sq ft Grand Mosque & Country Day Spa up and running for what those little fuqrs down there did to my boy, former Chief Bill Conger— to keep a close eye on Danny Tarkanian, but he slipped his chains and shackles and got up to Fresno in 2016 for another stupid-ass Armenian Genocide rally when 100% of NVCD03 voters have no idea wtf he’s babbling about!

I’ve given Miss Vulva Lee fresh new orders and gave to her some flashy new firearms to ensure she keeps his ass in line for November!

Jamie Fisfis, his manager, is taking all sorts of bows he does not deserve and is talking shit because the nomination was always Danny’s to lose because voters were casting Condolence Votes for his losing his father.  Danny is particularly gifted in his ability to say and do stupid shit which gives voters pause to consider whether or not he even knows the US House in in Washington!

I’ve never believed that Roberson wanted this slot and think it was all about expanding his name recognition for a US Senate run for Dean Heller’s seat in 2018 since everyone says Dean is already tired of the cross-county commute and wants to be Guv here instead!

That Michael dumped his original consultant and hired Michael Slanker’s November Inc sealed the deal that the fix was is for the 2015 legislature not even mentioning raising our world’ lowest Gaming Taxes in favor of Margins 2.0 and giving even more money to our failed school systems statewide.

Judge Eric Johnson comped back into his seat for ruling on shaky grounds that ESA’s were lawful and should his ruling not be overturned by the NVSC, then we’ve set the stage for Nevada to become the first state to kick the parasitic Teacher’s Unions out and begin to embrace that parents have the right to educate their kids as they see fit, not as the Union Bosses and our badly failed schools’ apologists demand with nothing but excuses from them and even more demands for your money.

That more than half of the CCSD’s 2.2 billion dollar budget never makes it into a classroom, and each Democratic firmly on the Teacher’s Union Plantation terrified of saying and doing anything which offends their masters, tells voters and businesses all that we need to know and that its high time and long past due that we kill this beast and rethink the whole thing top-to-bottom beginning by ending tenure forever in favor of professional services contracts of three to five years, teachers buying their own health insurance from their more generous individual services contracts and on the open market which will drive premiums downward.

Your kids aren’t learning jack shit because we’ve not changed how teachers are teaching by embracing for instance, the One Subject Per Day Immersion which works well and ESL, which is a complete, total failure everywhere, and is why we need to dismantle the Public Schools Industrial Complex everywhere in the US in favor of what they’re doing over at the Doral Academies here instead.

I’m not sure where I’m at on this and think that the entire CCSD should be dismantled and not subdivided into 5 newly failed before they even start, mini CCSD’s. Why we even need a Schools Administration should also be studied and made to justify their existence which if its just for ensuring state and federal mandates keep piling on, maybe we should just dump the Education requirement all together, don’t you think?

There is a better way, there’s just no one interested in finding it today!


We like Our Politics Italian, Thank-You Very Much!:    We like our Italian politicos in Clark County which indicates a big shift in the electorate here.  After waiting and waiting for LDS to ever hold its officer-holders accountable for anything, Judge Steve Jones being the the biggest fuq-up LDS voters simply refused to acknowledge had to go and that he was a drain on their collective candidate credibility, the Italian-Americans stepped into the gap and voters rewarded them with spectacular vote totals in 2016 which had absolutely nothing to do with managers and consultants, but their going back to the old neighborhood and calling in some chits!

chelini 2016One thing I hadn’t told you is that Judge-elect Amy Chelini had all of her Italian-American ducks lined up and ready to go, they were her base which she expanded greatly upon even riding the contrails of Sheriff Joseph Lombardo’s victory to an extent and so did Judge Bonaventure who did a fine job lining up his Italian-American ducks his first time out and with those giant Gilroy garlic bulbs; they never left his side and he destroyed Robert Kurth again who hasn’t changed a damn thing he does and who like Captain Larry Burns, thought LDS would ride in like a White Knight and deliver for him.

I gave to Kurth last time out some really solid, well considered advice, and the little fuqr blew me completely off and didn’t change a damn thing this time out and is destined to never be elected to the bench because he like Larry, hasn’t realized that the dynamic and electorate here has changed and LDS is not the powerhouse at the polls it once was here.

This is something I’ve not yet gotten through to the sheriff about:  We like voting for Italian-Americans here; we trust them, we like them and Joe Lombardo is the titular head of this movement in SoNev!   No one will touch him for re-election in 2018 because of this and he’s not yet fully cultivating this, nor fully respecting it either, but believe me, I’m gonna keep trying with him until he ‘gets’ it, that little fuqr!

Daddy Joe & Lacey 2016<–One of these two on the left is Italian-American, Catholic, and may in fact also be Sheriff of Clark County whose election in 2014 may have triggered a Catholic Political Awakening in SoNev!

Its very much a Catholic thing too.  We ‘Catlicks’ have been the majority faith in this state for a long time, but we’ve not developed that out like we’ve done back East.  As a card-carrying Polack, I love voting for Italians, and have been voting for them all of my adult life because I know them, I like them, I’m very often confused for being one of them, and they’re good at public office too!

I vote perceived Roman Catholic in the super-majority and I always have.  If you’re Italian-American, we all think you’re Catholic anyway, so this plays right into your base voter appeal which is what Chelini and Bonaventure took to the bank as the polls closed at 7PM.

Gorgeous Cortez Masto 2016 WatchdogWagThis is the first SoNev election where it appears we Catholics as a group, flexed out political muscle at the polls together and it bodes very well for Catherine Cortez Masto over Joe Heck in November, because even though they’re both Catholic; we’re internally programed as a Faith Group to trust the woman over the man politically.

It’s the Ethnic-Catholic voting bloc that is the very foundation of the big city political organizations back East and its what’s giving lift and life to Donald Trump today.  We’re much more than Pro-Life, pervy priests and such, and most of we American Catholics recognize our faith’s superiority on matters of Social Justice which is why we have big problems with Illegal Immigrants playing on that sympathy and empathy, for instance.  Flying the US Flag upside down, an Act of War itself, is something we all hate seeing.

There’s something like 80 million of we Catholic-Americans and though we don’t march in lockstep, we tend to veer as a group in one direction or another on major Social Policy issues so rather than tip-toeing so as not to offend, appeal to that which is warm to our ears because probably more so than any other grouping in America, once you’ve won ours hearts on an issues, you’re more than likely to have also won our minds on it too…and our votes!

I’m confident in saying that we’ve entered a SoNev Catholic Awakening at the polls here.  We learned this time how to dispose of an LDSer who had to go because he didn’t possess the temperament for the position which was offensive to all bloc groups and we were confident in the Italian-American woman taking his seat because Ms Chelini is every Italian-American woman we’d come to know at the voting booth all of our lives and in our personal lives too!

Let’s christen what she’d done this year, ‘The Chelini Effect’!

Bravo Judge-elect Chelini, you’re carrying forward the legacy of so many before you in Boston, NYC, Philly, Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit…and we’re all proud of your achievements bringing the ‘movement’ to this side of the Rockies this year!

Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!



Michael Z in Michael Kors McCarran 2 27 2016