Obama’s Legacy: Bringing ISIS To Our Shores

Posted by Michael Zahara on Jul 3, 2016

His political ambition was ruthless, cunning, and surgical were my first remembrances of Barack Obama back home.  He challenged the ballot qualifying signatures of one Alice Palmer, an iconic, hated, kind of whack-ass radical lefty from Chicago’s South Side and Barack used a legal tool which had slipped everyone’s mind.  It was the first time he publicly shit all over a woman of color to get ahead, and she never forgot it…nor forgave him.

AlicePalmer2016He disregarded and disrespected former US Senator Carol Mosley-Braun too.

Turned out he could bullshit better than most, he did absolutely nothing of value in the Illinois or US Senate, he gave a terrific DNC Keynote speech by someone else’s hand in 2004, and he needed much, much more seasoning, he’s been that poor a president.  I think had the nation known that I know Mrs Obama to be a credible piano player, not pianist, we’d have even enjoyed her playing ‘Chopsticks’ to break up her husband’s bullshit which he as the president, squandered away everything which left him crippled, impotent, ineffective, isolated, and tin-eared…and a racist, bigoted president.

It was Obama’s Legacy Team which ignited the nation in false racism propaganda after Florida voters demanded Stand Your Ground be passed including by Black Floridians in the majority as had happened in other states too and our racist FBI didn’t think that needed to be pointed out either.    Check the FBI’s website and Lexus Nexus to see just how damned unconcerned the White House was on the ‘racism’ bullshit you and the Times keep dishing out trying to distract from Obama’s ISIS Catastrophe Legacy all the fake-racism in he world can’t stop now Mr Dyson.

piano obama mama 2016<–He is the rare president who did not get better as time went by, he just stopped showing up after the Iraq withdraw turning into an annoying, whiny little bitch, instead of leading our nation!

ISIS trumps Fake-Racism every day.  Eight years ago Black-America felt proud and good about itself.  Mr Obama in Blackface since birth has them seeking ‘Safe Places’ now though the overwhelming majority of Black Americans swims in the mainstream.  The president is ashamed to be Black because of the Urban Dependent/Demander/Predatory super-minority he can’t relate to and won’t do PSAs for, or ever stop his limo over eight fuqn years of  his doing drive-bys and order his USSS detail to pop off a few rounds just to let the predatory little muthafuckers know he knows they’re full of shit!

Even golf is a boring-ass past-time when no one cares what you’re up to and you’re the POTUS hoping no one notices.

Saudis sux 2016His international critics are muted because they fear a Trump presidency more than they hate his posing and posturing as the leader of the free world.  That the Saudi and Chinese Ambassadors threatened the US about a Trump presidency is all he would need to win in excess of 50% of the vote this November if he is smart enough to put their actual treats into his TV commercials.

Trump isn’t smart, nor able to contain his chronic urges to comment on everything rather than delegate to a pre-schooler the criminal we’re likely to elect; she’s no intellect or brain-trust either, turning down a solid start from Park Ridge to try a round of Hee-Haw Hillbilly Dick until she discovered a good vibrator is just as good with half the bullshit and no swallowing demands.

When I read this from the NYT’s bigoted Obama apologist and propaganda distributor of the Absent Anything 2nd term, Michael Eric Dyson, there is no other conclusion one can draw about what this president is all about since 2012 (click the photo for the NYT story):

Barack Obama, the
President of Black America?

‘A great, but flawed president’ claims Dyson blaming racism for all of Obama’s ills?  No Mr Dyson, poor try, but it is the president who has issues with his ‘Blackness’, not the nation in general.  He has never ‘identified’ to use a current term, as a Black man, which is why his fake-assed eulogy in South Carolina was so weak and self-serving. Barack Obama loathes his Blackness which is why his best friend, Senator Kirk Dillard of Illinois is the White man he latched onto in the Illinois Senate and vacations in Hawaii with each year still today.

5 16 2016 Oh my this is true WatchdogWagLie upon lie upon lie, all in a vain attempt to rewrite history because President Obama is consumed and obsessed with his legacy now all of us knowing that his only plan was to get elected–he did that twice–and that’s it.  He was going to be the president that got us out of Iraqhe did that–but in doing so at the expense of all else, history will remember that he is also the Father of ISIS and the president who brought ISIS Terrorism to our shores.

…and he wants to bring in tens of thousands of Syrian refugees too?

Beginning with 54% and winning states like Indiana and North Carolina, no Mr Dyson, racists and bigots like yourself can’t rewrite history to better explain how America’s first Black president pissed it all away, all by himself.

Who’s the self-loathing racist here Mr Dyson?

He’s lazy, unmotivated, and unimaginative and he’s used to things handed to him since grade-school; he’s never had to compete ‘cept for now as he’s racing to the very bottom rung of US Presidents.

may as well have set her afire 2016<–Barack Obama ruined Susan Rice’s career ordering her to lie and he still doesn’t give a rat’s ass he’s got a poor track record in his mistreatment of women of color his entire political life!

Barack Obama’s second term game-plan:  To Coast, To Skate, To Get By?  While still in his first term and just before his re-election, he ordered his UN Ambassador, Susan Rice, to lie about Benghazi–she did so quite willingly–and she went public lying that it was not terrorism, but rather a reaction to a video! I remember her on TV as looking and sounding so juvenile, so unprofessional, so used and ‘ridden hard an put up wet’ to use a Western State expression.

She’d never walked that back, and when was the last time she was trotted out for anything?  That the president’s first impulse and order to his subordinate was to lie to the American people is the greatest sin of Benghazi, not Hillary Clinton’s complete disinterest and visible annoyance at even being queried about it.

Cant Jemimmah Obama 2016That the President of the United States had no issue at all making a woman of color look and sound like a damned know-nothing fool in front of the entire world in her role as our UN Ambassador, was simply outrageous, that he would repeat this sexist misogyny with AG Loretta Lynch, stunned far more than me.  She has been an unmitigated disaster as Attorney General. completely failing in every TV performance culminating with her most recent impeachable offense stating Obama’s view that the way to deal with Islamic Terrorism is through ‘compassion, unity, and love‘!  This in addition to their very badly failed, desperate attempt to  make Orlando about being the ultimate in ‘gay bashing’ and about assault weapons rather than the act of Islamic Terrorism it is.

Lt Misty Pence LVMPD!<–This LVMPD wife’s head exploded the other morning, she just tired of the president and all of his bullshit since at least 2013!  No Metro husband has reported a wife missing yet and complicating things, 92,714 LVMPD wives are blonde!

However, 42 are really Blonde…and the carpeting matches the drapes according to sources!

Ordering AG Loretta Lynch to scrub the 911 call and redact the references to ISIS and Allah was reprehensible but shows where this failed president’s head remains since his re-election in 2012.  He wants us to still believe he is the Godsend rather than Satan’s Playmate, bored to death with the details blowing off scores of NSA daily briefings on ISIS.

That the FBI cannot confirm Omar Mateen ever had a gay relationship with anyone seems a nuisance to all of them.  The man who claimed that he had had one with him, could not answer simple basic questions about his anatomy and predilections; yes, the FBI is that specific and that personal in their lines of questioning and you’ll recall another interview subject under another president was graphic and vivid in detail and specifics regarding her little blue cocktail dress and his genitals.

Omar Mateen Tranny Barbie oe Minddie Lloyd 2016<–Mattel has come out with its new Tranny Barbie Line (left) and this new one doubles as the Foundation Fraud Phony Manila-bu Minddie and Omar Vag-enis Mateen too!

That our vaunted FBI has lost Mateen’s wife and has no idea where she is today is stunning in their ineptitude and raises the question did they lose her on purpose?  Normal FBI protocols and SOP’s would have had her having her very own Undercover Detail likely for many years to come.  The FBI’s motto: Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity, is remarkably absent especially under this president’s second term as they never even bothered to interview Black Lives Matter’s instigators who called for the murder of our police officers.

They want blood spilled in Cleveland so they can blame Donald Trump for his divisiveness and make Barack Obama appear that he cares at all about Urban Black America.

what_should_obama_do_about_rev_jeremiah_wright<–Barack Obama tipped his hand early on that he has no trouble embracing hate, bigotry, racism, bias, and prejudice…remember all of that Jeremiah Wright bullshit folks?  It should surprise no one Barack Obama warmly embraced all five as his second term collapsed under the weight of his Fathering ISIS.

Barack Obama completely ignored his Fathering the Greatest Massacre on US Soil  Has the president really gone there, stereotyping all the men in Obama’s family!

Nice work there dumb-ass!

No coincidence that they chose Missouri and a shitty 21,000 person suburb rather than say Las Vegas and the LVMPD.  DOJ had never done what they did to Ferguson.  For Trayvon Martin, the FBI could have simply suggested the nation’s HOA’s get better training and insurance and stop fuq ups from moving from Carson & Compton to Orlando!

The hackles and heckles from around the globe were deafening but short-lived about Lynch claiming ‘love’ is the answer.  AG Lynch should have been fired that day, but like GW Bush before him and ‘Good job Brownie’, this president will not fire appointees and since Berkley Professor Christine Duckworth Romer got a case of the giggles on Meet the Press right after his first victory, Barack Obama is quite comfortable letting his subordinate female appointees twist in the wind.


sharpton_lynch 2016<–When Dirty Harry Reid tells us she is A-OK and can still suck a dick like a pro, is the time you say, ‘Harry, you senile horny old fuqr, I don’t care if Loretta Lynch wiped Mother Theresa’s dead dirty ass, and then ate the dirty toilet paper for hors duervers with Bill Clinton after blowing him on her jet while her old man watched and tried to remember when was the last time he nutted on, with, or in his old lady or her hologram!’

I’ve had a major woodie going for weeks imagining the Geriatric Porn Pleasure Palace at Sky Harbor!  It’s Arizona dammit; this shit’s got to be illegal, doesn’t it?

Why is this bitch still employed when anyone in Phoenix can blow a Clinton and still get change back from a five, crumbles Obama’s legacy even further!


Our allies had initially dismissed Rice’s lying as a function of the president’s re-election operatives in action, but Intelligence operatives in the US and abroad had already long been frustrated with Obama’s refusal to engage the reality on the ground as he continued his Arab Awakening delusions which had no basis in fact or function in the Middle East or Southwest Asia.

His sole desire was that his legacy be that of the president who ended our troops being in Iraq, while he possessed no intellectual understanding of the vacuum he created which ISIS stepped right into and coalesced with amazing speed and agility. He’s feared being labeled LBJ, if only he were as gifted as LBJ who had escalated Vietnam and feared Bobby Kennedy so much, he chose not to seek re-election after his becoming the last Democratic nominee in 1964 to have won Euro-White men and the presidency with 61% of the vote.  Lyndon Johnson was the greatest Senate Majority Leader this nation has ever had and was its best unapologetic Liberal president getting Medicare & Medicaid through along with the Higher Education Act and so much more.


Tired of her pussy 2016<–Show of hands please:  Who doesn’t believe he, the BO stankin’ college-boy burnout, but who 40 second rocket-fuqd sideways on the hood of the jet, while the Captain jimmied the coat-hanger trying to get the g*ddamn door open so he could get a jump from that asshole Grounds Crew guy if the little fuqr even has jumper cables, the stewardess, while on the flight to his honeymoon within HRC’s ‘Sugar Walls’, which the late artist Prince–wait a minute, how the fuq did a Black man get into the Twin Cities?

Prince telepathically to me the other day,’Oh, jesus fuqn christ Michael, ‘Sugar Walls’ wasn’t about that nasty-ass Hillary pussy, which gotta to be some real tore up bad Urban Renewal bullshit.  You know, Sheila E had one of them mystery-piece-of-chicken pussies, that thing grab a hold of your dick and crazy-glued that shit right in there; she didn’t give a fuq; that bad bitch had power pussy she’d turn on in Walgreens and we’d come home with more stupid-ass White bitches!’

Then one day, Pat blew Dick for a carton of Luckies and the right to Pimp Trisha’s pussy to LBJ for PBJ’s and pillow-talk, Titty Modeling and Pouting with hand on hips which gave former president Johnson a brief, fading memory of his once functioning Old Fuqr 60s dick!

Said Lady Bird, ‘Lyndon’s g*ddamn dick stink and stank like dog shit and cattle barf cuz he wiped his ass–those few times he even thought to wipe it–with his ball sack and then he’d unzip and whip and show the fellas in the office and our little girls and Life magazine, and the fuqr would send pizzas to all those g*ddamn Kennedys all over the fuqn place!

That fuqr had Whiskey Dick for Show & Tell in 2nd grade, and then the fuqr took to showing it all over the fuqn place in high school and never ate a g*ddamn pussy but let the fuqn dog lick his balls for you bitches over at Life? 

Oh sure I wanted to fuq that you stupid bitch! ...from Life Magazine interview June 1964


It is the epitome of ironies that President Johnson got the HEA--perhaps the most perfect bill Congress ever wrote–passed, and under his watch, President Obama stewarded Student Loan Debt dwarfing all other consumer debt combined and he said and did nothing of value about it when he could have issued one of his infamous Executive Orders that with the stroke of his pen, would have stopped interest accruing for those Student Loans in default.

He refused.  He also lacked the intellectual capacity to ask his egghead Academic friends why Higher Education costs rise in excess of three times the rate of inflation? He could have issued another of his Executive Orders indexing the cost of tuition to COLA formulas as they do for Social Security.  He refused.

Obama, completely obsessed with Global Warming, has no tree planting initiative in any of the 50 states or 200+ nations of the United Nations either, when plant life with green leaves are the world’s greatest consumers of Co2 and leave only oxygen behind.

Barack Obama, the Pretender President, allowed for lobbyists to take full control and write ObamaCare favorable only to them which still leaves in excess of 20+ million uninsured, has a big IOU due from the states like Nevada which took the Medicaid bribe, and premiums and deductibles are at record highs and , and they didn’t even address our Vets who languish today in sub-par care while they congratulated themselves over our North Las Vegas VA Hospital which took a decade to open and cost over $750,000 per bed!

two views 2016<–Don’t worry Mr President, no one would ever confuse your gross incompetence with Lyndon Johnson’s mastery of his immense power!

There was no second term agenda…and there was no first term agenda for Barack Obama either.  This is documented fact.  The first term’s terms were already set in the global meltdown so one could forgive that mishandling if the president had any managerial background or could do anything more than give a good speech.  That he had earned the endorsement and affection of Senator Edward Kennedy was the knife in the Clinton’s back she’s still not over.  That Obama didn’t have the sense to ask Teddy to secretly draft a National Healthcare Insurance bill was astonishing given that Senator Kennedy had the very best, most gifted staff on Capital Hill.

He chose to go it alone and believing that his prose and posturing would suffice and carry the day for him. Remember ‘shovel ready’ projects?  How delightfully naive; the man had no idea how things get done in Washington and these eight years later, he still doesn’t, insisting that racism and not his appalling arrogance and imperialism, is the reason he’s such a badly failed president.

What was racist by definition, of the rest of us of any ethnic or racial background, was our hope that because Barack Obama is a Black man, he would somehow care about the plight of those dying on our streets from our cancerous Black-on-Black Urban Genocide he’s also done absolutely nothing about over eight dreadfully long, drawn out years of his failed presidency.

It is racist to assume just because he is Black, that he would do something or even care at all.  He doesn’t, and he never did.  He couldn’t even bring himself to do any It’s Cool To Stay In School-type PSAs.

He never once stopped his limo in South Central, the South Bronx, nor the South Side of Chicago to say ‘enough!’  He never used the power of the Bully Pulpit with young Black people on the streets of Urban America and it is legitimate to ask why he would refuse to do that.


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