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Bigotry Comes In Brown & Black Editions Too!

Posted by Michael Zahara on Jul 15, 2016

About a decade ago, someone told me that Black people can’t be racist since they’re not the dominate culture in the US.

My response ‘There’s a culture in the United States?  Dammit, no one told me!!’

Cream of Nothing Obama 2009-2017 WatchdogWagWhen I wrote off the Obama presidency in 2010, instead of after its first six (days) months concluded, that wasn’t an easy thing for me to do not just as a political guru in a muu muu, a former Chicagoan, don’t ever forget damned handsome little fuqr, but as someone ‘who bought the bullshit’ who should have known better and at least curbed my enthusiasm. If anyone else saw the impending second term catastrophe, I hadn’t read it, or found it yet, but I know I’m correct about the FBI, Eric Holder, and Black Lives Matter because the president’s people are readers here too and that’s what’s been bugging the shit out of me since Trayvon Martin!

Who is Directing this ‘Obama’s Real Fake Racist Ordeal’ from 1600?

Rahm Emmanuel is back in Chicago being an asshole and also being hated by all who are counting my home city’s murders by the hour President Obama still hasn’t said or done jack shit about during his entire presidency.  Rahm is a complete total fuq, but he’s the only person Obama knows capable of pulling off this ‘Oh Shit, I’ve Got No Fuqn 2nd Term Record; Let’s Blame Cops & Cry Racism’ done on the corpses of dead Black-American guys of all ages.


So you know what I did? I called my (kind-0f) friend Dr Angela Davis–yep, that card-carrying Commie Bitch who is no longer a Commie Bitch but some kind of dirty-footed, bald, lesbian Socialist, like State Senator Pat Spearman, I thinkShe hates Obama, she hates Hillary, she hates that she wasn’t born with a penis, and her style of hatreds is actually a real vein of what appears to be dormant or dead today: America’s once thriving Far Left Black Intellectual Intelligencia Bourgeois!

Oh sure, I’ve told you before about my encounter with Mahalia Jackson at Marshall Fields as a shortie, but not yet about ‘Dr Ang’ as only I call her until she tires of me and my shit and hangs up!   I’m serious, though I’m a voracious reader of cereal box side-panels, All of the Bowling Scores Each Week In Ohio, Filth, Harlequin Romances, ‘All Those Fuqrs You Heard About In The Bible But Know Nothing About Them or Their Bullshit Cuz Even Baptists Are Like, ‘Who the Fuq is That Fuqr? 

I thought she was hot WatchdogWag 2016I have read all there is to read about Angela Davis… since I was in the third-grade!

At the tender age of 8, I thought she was a smokin’ hottie!

Let’s begin today’s tutorial by never, ever forgetting that these little 2012–2017 White House Political Ops Fuqrs pulled the trigger on this fake-ass Obama Legacy Building, their launching 2013’s ‘White Cops Are Racists Cuz I Really Suck As Prez’, in Orlando-stan which if their citizens weren’t so fuqn stupid, should be hiring a lot more fuqn alligators to eat all of those annoying g*ddamn kids and their nationally known fuq-ups down there!

Dr Ang fascinated me as a pup cuz she just pissed everyone the fuq off and looked damned good and powerful doing so, she was very tall and I was much lower back then, and she had this big honkin’ perfect Afro, is a Black-American woman and in 2016, she’s sooooo done with Obama who’s not Communist enough for her, Hillary is evil and not getting her Hammer & Sickle Cell vote either and you’d think Ang would be exhausted with all this hatin’ on all sorts of shit all these past decades, but no, that’s not true, she’s a g*ddamn geriatric delight!

Angela Davis<–OK, fine, she really has let herself go since I was 8 years old and now she looks like a big ol’ pile of buck-toothed Billy Bob shit today!

I was confident she still wants to shut down America’s prisons and police departments–she does–I just needed reassurance from an actual bona fide, old school Black-American intellectual like ol’ Ang before I began writing this piece!


Never ever forget that Orlando-stan-We’re A Bunch of  Total Fuqs With Mouse Earsbegan all of this with an Hispanic, not Euro-White security guard and not a cop.  George Zimmerman being rightfully acquitted under FL law occurred July 13, 2013exactly three years ago the other day!

This date will also serve as the start date that someone very close to the president, knowing and loving BLM’s Pimp Talent, and working very high-up in the Political Wing of the Administration, took protective ownership of the vile Black Lives Matter Hate Group, engineered it getting mountains of George Soros’ money, and the smudgy fingerprints of both AGs Holder & Lynch, of both FBI Directors Mueller and Comey taking until Dallas for Barack Obama to even meekly state something favorable on Law Enforcement’s behalf, but you’ll also recall the little fuqr ran right out to the mics as that PBS asshole got his old guy drawers all skid-marked stained because there he was–in Cambridge MA, home of Harvard Klown & Barber Kollegebreaking into his own house and he’s pitching a HUGE bitch back then about their cops being so racist, repeat, repeat, repeat, same old damn broken record from this insufferable and tedious Wing of America’s Black Pretentiousness Class the Obama’s are currently co-Chairing.

Sidebar:  First, very clever hashtag the Super-Bigots at BLM created; they want us–read ‘us’ as only those Euro-White ‘privileged’ male bastards–to super-prioritize these perhaps maybe on a good day, ‘unfortunate’ killings.  We Euro-Whites–read ‘we’ as every other little fuqr out there–have actually read BLM’s rhetorical sewage as it changes near hourly, from the moment of its birth as a Cash Generating Extortionate Enterprise co-opting Black urban death into their profit-centering joyful exploitation!

Hold onto your hats and to your wallets when Progressive Bigots use words like ‘racism’ and ‘white privilege’; these are incendiary and are used to ignite by those seeking to inflame rather than to inform.


We’re the Democratic Party, and we’ve been doing shit like this since before the Civil War, our tireless efforts guaranteed Jim Crow would remain healthy and muscular for 100+ years.  Our party’s history is the very ugliest of all of the major parties over America’s history and we devoted 35 years (1929-1964) to extracting Black-American voters from their dedication and devotion to President Lincoln and the GOP for freeing their ancestors, and only done with the votes of the GOP’s US Senators in 1964, was the Civil Rights Act passed at all! 

Prez Lincoln Loggs 2016<–A damned handsome little fuqr, he also had the Dick of Death according to historians and became the Father of Lincoln Logs after being caught all over DC laying his log into Mary Todd including one night at the Ford Theater where they were so loud up in the balcony, some other little fuqr popped off a couple of warning shots right into his fuqn head!

The following day, the Democrats introduced their first Assault Weapons Ban bill!

We warmly embraced Eugenics, forced abortions, and forced sterilizations, we sired and financed Planned Parenthood which kills more Black-American lives than all of our other efforts combined.  When the Progressive Extremists began their take-over of the Democratic Party in Miami in 1972, we engineered Euro-White women to be the largest beneficiary by far of our phony ‘Equality’ fabrications.  Affirmative Action has benefited Euro-White women more than all other groupings combined!  Minority set-asides and federal contractor participation?  Again, as high as 86% headed up by Euro-White women owed family businesses who were made CEO or President specifically to procure this ‘minority-participation’ set-aside business.

Democrats did this and are still doing this today, not Republicans!  In my 36th year of Democratic Party activism, I’m speaking Truth to Power, disgusted at what these Progressive Fascist Bigots have done to my party.


Dallas was the 13th Community Mourning of fallen officers since Trayvon and not even statistically relevant are these cops killing Black men and its too damn bad we can’t wait for investigations to conclude on anything anymore before we announce with certitude what occurred on fuqn Facebook, the biggest source of ‘news’ today in America!  I don’t doubt for a minute that the Earth is moments away from spinning off of its axis and crashing into the Sun btw!

The truly racist and bigoted invective on Facebook by Black-Americans I know and have worked with in SoNev is truly appalling and none of them are even thinking before they post how truly asinine what they’re declaring ‘to be’, really is I’m embarrassed for them towing the Democratic Party & Safe Zone company line because they’re all forgetting or choosing not to acknowledge at all, that they’re all being used once again, this time by a president who looks like them too!

It taking 1095 days for the President of the Untied States to hold his nose while pretend ass-kissing cops last week, may have been a record Tens of thousands of Social Media, mostly Facebook excoriations about criminals being killed by cops–both families beginning their money-grabbing by lying about their sainted deceased–the media lumping them together despite having no connection to each other and more than 1,000 miles separating the two towns!

This is chapter and verse from their own playbook how Progressive Fascism operates today in America.

How does the camera con-artist, doobie-smoking, baby-ignoring Falcon Farts, MN bitch, have her very own GoFundMe fundraising effort now?  She’s relaying like a Soviet, the story of why her Stedman Graham is bleeding all over the fuqn place and she’s doing her best Ricki Cheese impression and him learning too late she ain’t doing shit for him and thus his realizing much too late, the real dangers of his dating skinny bitches!

We’ve learned that they also took Baltimore for a couple of test drives but Charm City failed to charm by having its star players being a Black cop and Black career criminal, you silly shits; always remember that Black-on-Black crime is expected, endorsed, and encouraged on the Dem Plantation and Safe Place.  Ain’t that a bitch if you’re choreographing for the president who is just now discovering he’s a Black guy 35 minutes before his presidency ends the Dr Kevorkian way it really should end?

Too close to DC too; DC being a HUGE shit-hole where nothing works but there’s ‘DC Statehood’ in the Dem Platform again!  The Black female prosecutor inciter, Marilyn Mosby in Baltimore, should be fired and disbarred and those efforts are underway.

Mosby is why nothing going forward should ever be race-based anything else anymore because for three solid years now instead of correcting out all of the Black Bigotry and even Blacker Racist invective posing as fact, truth, or new information, Obama sat on his fuqn hands.

Barack Obama was ‘farming’ these guttural, ill-informed, deformed, ‘I want attention and a lot of money’ meltdown sociopath reactions because he was also deriving a major benefit in his mind.  And it was nominally working until Orlando-stan  posed some Progressive Extremist diarrhea snow-cones with President Teleprompter Media Mannequin plumb-forgetting that when he ignited Social Unrest Forest Fires and there’s no firefighters on duty, those flames will and are searing his condescending-ass most in the conflagration until he’s finally pushed out the door this coming January!

I was actually laughing at the Falcon Droppings, MN killing because its my birthright to do so and its also the capital of Scandinavian Progressivism where I’ve joked for years that even the Black people are blonde there.  That was until the Ms Lavish–that name alone being a BIG red flag, combined to morph into Spike Lee, Steven Spielberg, Cecil B De Mille as her shot up old man was expiring and she not doing a fuqn thing to aide him cuz the weed so damn good!

She was not ‘Lavishing’ attention or even emotion at all!  This was so bizarre to watch and right out of the gate she was lying about even the simplest query and I had put on my Detective Mikey Cape and it appeared to me that the possibility that these two burnouts blunt smokers were blowing a Big Bomber Joint, and may have intended to provoke a confrontation with the cops which may have worked too damn well and since they were both totally baked, the two stupid shits had his gun on his lap, but no visible bag of fierce munchies Doritos attached to it; that’s the second BIG red flag.  This may have been the Dress Rehearsal of their own little in-car West Side Story only there were real bullets in Chino’s gun and their Chronic weed just too damn good for her to not continue to deliver her Oscar worthy performance and Facebook exploding with stupid shit including my own and requiring this statement from me:

‘Maurice  Showers, sir I apologize for my exasperated poor form with you the other day when we are SoNev’s premier sexy fuqrs: too smart, clever, and entertaining to not be national, right?  How come you’re not sitting on every conceivable Board and Commission in this state?  Oh, that’s right, you’re Black-American and not Mormon is why!  You are the rare citizen who actually reads more than the side-panel on your box 0f Cocoa Puffs! 

Did I mention how damn sexy we are to even disagree about anything really?’  MJZ 7/8/2016

But the person who had set me off is Berna-Rhodes Ford, she’s no relation to Tennessee Ernie Ford or has a known ownership stake in DC’s old Ford Theater or even remembers that Tennessee Tuxedo slept with Chumley before he got his Pawn Stars gig–a number of readers have no idea that its Tennessee Tuxedo who really matters because of a little fuqr named Professor Whoopee Tennessee Tuxedo and Chumley would hang with!

America’s children of my generation got comfortable learning of our first gay threesome through an old, gay, White professor ‘Daddy’, a gay, wise-ass penguin, and huggable, ‘Boy Bear’ walrus!  The first gay man we ever met was Snaggle-puss, and the first lesbian we met has always been up for intense national debate; it was either Velma on Scooby-Do, Peppermint Patty, or Barney Rubble.  I’ve always thought Barney Rubble was a big, hard-ass, beer-drinkin’, strap-on playin’, flannel shirt wearin’, sensible shoes lovin’ lesbian! 

Barney Lesbian 2016<–You can’t tell me that Barney’s nose isn’t a strap-on!

Mrs Ford–who is somehow related to Nevada State Senate Minority-Leader Dr Aaron Ford–has got some Texas Ed Cred from a state which is number one in job creation and bat-shit crazy people and where its former SML and then US president got those little Texas fuqrs everything from DFW Airport, one of the largest concentrations of Eisenhower Interstates,  superior railheads and ports, not to mention world-class state universities and cool-ass cities like San Antonio along with as a condition of it joining our union, possessing the ability to divide itself and fuq up everything these Progressive Extremists are doing to kill this nation today!

Here in Nevada, our SML got for us, umm, …he got for the state…gimme a minute…I’m sure that Old Blind Bitch down in Searchlight brought back something for us besides Herpes Simplex Old Fuqr Version in addition to all of the shit he stole for himself.

Before laying into Berna Ford who I have not yet met but have written about she and her old man and on the day of her infuriating FB posting, it was clear to me why its Dr & Mrs, not Dr & Dr.  She jumping right into the sinking dinghy of 400 years of ‘racism’ in her FB posting and illustrating her 44 years of Dem Plantation politics at its worst. Her husband on the very same day posted perhaps the most thoughtful, eloquent explanation of his feelings and he chose to forgo the meaningless use of ‘racism’, his concerns for his boys dwarfed his spouse’s thoughtlessness and gargantuan ignorance.

Racism itself is actually the rarest of the Five Big USA ‘Only White Folks Can Ever Commit’ Sins:  Bias, Prejudice, Bigotry, Hate, Racism! in that order!  Racism is so powerful a word, its completely worthless today to anyone other than those tending the Democratic Party’s Plantation and Safe Zones.  Bias is the most common across our entire species everywhere on the planet, a necessary component of our most powerful instinct: Our own survival, but that doesn’t mean bias should go unchecked or unaddressed.

I used to care. I really did! I used to care quite a bit being a traditional Liberal Democrat about what was once our largest, most dependable constituency–Black Americans–enough so that during President Obama’s first run, I busted my g*ddamn ass for that little fuqr and he in turn shit all over Black-Americans in the very worst political Use and Toss Spooge Clean-up Moist Towelette way!   Properly Progressively distracted even bothering to think about a Donald Trump when each Black-American voter should be asking themselves ‘Did the DNC shit on us again, and wtf are we allowing the DNC to continue to do this to us?’

Is that really the Congressional Black Caucus demanding that law-abiding Black-Americans not arm themselves in the face of unspeakable violence within our urban cores?  Was that really Black-American Progressive Leadership who gave us the Obama Phone for free where the battery cannot be removed so as to better track Black-Americans’ whereabouts as the NSA has done hundreds of millions of times since this Obama freebie was introduced?

Why ‘yes’ they did and they have shit all over Black-American voters again in 2013-2016 and I’d been trying to get you readers to realize that when our Progressive Extremist Wing screams, shouts, belittles and berates, the higher he volume, the bigger the lies they’re telling and hoping that you’ll buy because they’ve flushed you ladies and gents for those other Browner folks: The Illegal, mostly Mexican National Immigrants.

…and it’s either Illegal or Unlawful, there is no such thing as ‘Undocumented’ which they convinced our stupid-ass media was ‘too mean’ for us to refer to them as illegal when illegal immigration directly harms Black-Americans more than any other group while people like Dr & Mrs Ford, William Horne, Pat Spearman, and a whole host of other ‘Progressive’ Nevada Democrats are all singing off-key together in the Democratic Plantation & Safe Place Choir.

We’ll no longer be enabling crybaby little pussy Black-American college students to be using ‘safe places’ or fake words and phrases like ‘the N word’ because the word is nigger and it should have died right about the time MLK did along with pickaninny, porch-monkey, and anything with the word ‘African’ in it ’cause you don’t know jack-shit about Africa or about what ‘Blood Diamonds’ and ‘Rare Earth Minerals’ are and that only Egypt and South Africa are not suburbs of Beijing today and why that should be a grave concern to all of us sharing this planet, but no, I can’t get anyone to hear me out because ‘Black Lives Matter’ suddenly to the Black guy at 1600 who hasn’t done one g*ddamn thing for Black America because he doesn’t ‘identify’ as a Black man!

Isn’t that so g*ddamn special of that little fuqr?

And I’ll ask again, and again, and again, to whom do Black Lives Matter to?

Good guy, but Dem Plantation born and bred Justin McAffee of Holland and Hart at one time–the very same firm Mrs Ford couldn’t cut it at which was at one time Halene–were discussing an MTV cartoon where a woman was excoriating a Black young man for his interest in dating Chinese chicks which to her was the equivalent of his stabbing Jesus to death with a dull, rusty butter knife after he had slapped and kicked his own Grandma!  This is the toxic Militant Lesbian Feminism which is pervasive amongst Progressive Bigoted Fascists because Justin processed this ‘Racially Prejudiced’ MTV produced bias as just asking the young Black man within it to be ‘open minded’ in his choices on what turns him on rather than the outright order from Black women to dare not be attracted to anyone or anything else but to Black women it truly was!

This is the straight-jacketed conformity Progressive Extremist Fascists demand of everyone else as they seek to micro-manage everyone’s lives but their own!  This is also why so few Black-Americans are even bothering to ask any questions at all as to when this fake-ass ‘White Cops Hating on Black Men War’ began?

It never began, but was built, created, contrived, and cast in the dark recesses of Barack Obama’s White House beginning after the Zimmerman verdict their knowing ISIS would overwhelm his second term and ruin his legacy delusions about himself.  All indications are today that it was and is the FBI which assisted him by exploding Black Lives Matter into national prominence without their comment at all that their invective is Hate Speech and just as one cannot yell ‘Fire’ in a crowded theater with impunity, nor can anyone demand the killing of American peace officers and expect that the First Amendment shields them at all.

It does not.

Yet for three solid years now, we’ve listened to BLM’s disgusting ultra-hate and watched as our bigoted president and his FBI have said and done nothing about it virtually ensuring that as we approach the upcoming Lincoln Curse period, Hillary Clinton will be assassinated which is why Donald Trump has seemingly lost interest in the presidency too.  He’d much rather her brains be spattered all over the streets than his own.

As ye sow, so shall ye reap and this president and his FBI  deliberately ignited something he could not control, they have done absolutely nothing at all to mitigate his intense hatreds and that of BLM and he has personally enshrined his presidency at the most bigoted, racially biased presidency in American history as his just reward.

History will not be kind Mr President and you and your ugly hate can’t leave soon enough for me and for millions of other former supporters!

Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!



Michael Z in Michael Kors McCarran 2 27 2016