‘I Love Black People, But I Hate Niggas!’

Posted by Michael Zahara on Aug 19, 2016

‘I love Black people, but I hate Niggas’—Comedian Chris Rock 1996

This brilliant ‘Bring the Pain’ riff by Rock opened the door for Euro-White Americans to not ever fear Black Bigots, ever again!  And to openly discuss among all races and ethnicities that make up the United States, this gigantic fracture within Black-America which separates it between the normally functioning Black-Americans swimming in the mainstream, and the predatory, extortionate, violent Black-Americans and their Progressive Bigoted apologists who are holding a gun to America’s head today and then crying and whining that the rest of us are ‘racist’ when they get their fuqn heads deservedly blown off!

Tired, tired, tired of their shit!‘—Chris Rock 1996


It appears that a few Euro-White people are still fearful of Black-American Bigots; I’ve never been one of those people cuz I’ve found that the louder that they screech and scream, the bigger the pussies that they really are.  Combine a big, fat Black ass and an equally big, fat Black, ignorant mouth, and you’re going to beat this parasitic, extortionate element of Black-America down, and you’re going to beat them down badly!


The real JesseOne never sees Rev Jesse Jackson’s Chicago home on TV, nor the home of Louis Farrakhan, or even the Obama’s new Chicago digs.  In fact, Chicago and Cook County are still the largest concentration of Black-Americans at about 1.3 million, followed by Los Angeles with about 1 million, and Atlanta is far behind with about 800,000.

For all the TV images the media force feeds all of us, we never see America’s big bustling Black American middle-class.  Nor do we see Chicago’s Kenwood neighborhood and its well-kept homes, or Chicago’s powerful 6th Ward, which is always number one of 50 Wards in voter turnout, both 100% all Black-American.  Michele Obama and her brother were raised in Kenwood and they’ve tipped their hands and showed to us this summer what all of this fake-ass, suddenly ‘Obama Cares About Black Folks’ since Trayvon Martin is all about:

Michele now wishing to go to the US Senate from Illinois.

Not gonna happen bitch!

Jesse Jrchi-jesse-jackson-jr-washington-dc-house dupomt circle<–Rep Jesse Jackson’s comfy former Chicago home (left) before the Feds seized it; his former DuPont Circle digs in DC are center, red bricked, black windowed.

His father’s opulent home is forbidden to be photographed and sources like Google Images has none of his home gained by his Black Bigot Bullying Extortionate Conduct since wiping his clothing in Dr King’s blood in Memphis.

If you didn’t know, that’s why Mrs King and Dr & Mrs Ralph Abernathy refused to acknowledge Jesse Sr for decades afterward!

Michele Obama and Valerie Jarrett saw the value in their co-opting and corrupting Trayvon Martin for their political benefit knowing Bigot Barack fuqd up badly and his presidency will be known to history as the presidency which brought ISIS Islamic Terrorism to US shores. 

to all black bigots 2016 II<—Sorry, Barry old boy, ISIS happened here and it happened on your watch you little Bougie Buttercup!

Try to lie as they may, this Admin’s Lying Record is atrocious during Obama’s 2nd term.  He is a pariah among presidents, he’s golfing now on Martha’s Vineyard unwilling to speak on Milwaukee, or Louisiana; he’s morphed into ‘Evilene’ from The Wiz and him singing ‘Don’t Nobody Bring Me No Bad News!’, even the late, great Mabel King (Raj and Dee’s Momma!) who originated the role on Broadway entering stage-left in a flurry of fire extinguisher spray and groovy Geoffrey Holder (The Un-cola Man) designed lighting, would have to agree…and then give Raj, Dee, and Barack a good ass whuppin’!

I said it a month before Trump did–Obama is the Father of ISIS on our shores–and I also called out Hillary Clinton’s likely assassination before he did too.  Her being deservedly popped is the only possible and plausible end-game to this Tom Clancy novel we’ve been living through during this dreadful 2016 campaign.

bigot barack obama fake tears 2016<—‘If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon Martin’, exclaimed our bigoted Barack Obama. 

No sir, if you had a son, he’d look like your husband’s boyfriend! 

You have two daughters you don’t give a shit about who are rebelling now and we can only invite ISIS to do to them, what you’ve allowed by your Obama’s Silence is his Approval of Domestic Terrorists Black Lives Matter, to do to our peace officers nationwide and you’re a fuqn bastard for deliberately doing what you have done to our great nation all because you’re consumed with your fuqn broke-ass, tired-ass Legacy delusions about yourself, asshole!

ISIS, America invites you to do whatever you please with the Obama girls.  Enjoy fellas, they’re all yours!

That’s how you answer Black Bigots, you turn the guns back onto them and you fire…and you keep firing!


Where was USDOJ prior to Trayvon?  Where was Bigot Barack?  Was everything just peachy in Baltimore?  Milwaukee? 

Or was this all constructed and contrived to benefit the Obama Legacy Team?  To date Bigot Barack has said and done nothing about the bloodshed in his adopted hometown of Chicago where as of last weekend, 27 kids under 13 had been shot by Gang violence this year!

Bigot Barack has said and done nothing

Abso-fuqn-lutely nothing!

booker-t-washington 2016 wdw<—Booker T Washington, the Father of the Tuskegee Institute, spoke out against the current Black Lives Matter Extortionate Enterprise more than 100 years before they were even born as an Extortionate Enterprise to solely benefit the truly evil Sybrina Fulton who had kicked her son Trayvon Martin out of her Miami home to go surf his father’s couch in Orlando-stan!

The Progressive Bigots who do not acknowledge how it was that Hate Group Black Lives Matter came into being, show their own ugly hatreds by inventing all sorts of different false narratives to explain its birth solely to enrich the truly evil Sybrina Fulton!  Her much deserved death in the streets of Miami can’t come soon enough!

fake assed Sybrina Fulton PR makeover 2015 WatchdogWag<—She kicked her son Trayvon out of her Miami home and sent him to his father who had hooked up with a younger and prettier female.  He got shot by a psycho security guard and not a cop, and she lied on the witness stand in Orlando-stan too! 

Then she went out and took herself a ‘Come Fuq Me’ photo after she went and got for herself a titty tat!

Her warmly welcomed, highly anticipated, much deserved assassination can’t come soon enough for me and millions of other Americans!

Her phony foundation is said to be spending millions on her security!  There’s not a security expert in the country who doesn’t think this below absolute zero bitch is gonna be deservedly murked for her success co-opting her son’s death!


America is home to some 48 million Black-Americans out of 321 million people.  Let’s for argument’s sake say that 10% or 4.8 million Black-Americans belong to this parasitic, Extortionate Class of Black Bigots.  That’s a lot of people, more than populate the entire state of Nevada which has about 3.1 million folks.  Black-Americans make up about 8% of the population in Nevada or 231,000 people.

Bougie Bitches Unite 2016Latino and Asian-born Americans are acing out the Black Bigoted Extortionate Class by a country mile which is what Hate Group Black Lives Matter is really all about, they fear they’re losing ground and have extinguished any level of sympathy for them except by America’s Euro-White Progressive Bigot Class who depend on their own Democratic boots being forced onto their Black throats so as to rake in the federal cash associated with them.

60 years on the Democratic Plantation and Safe Zone have helped some 90% or42 million Black-Americans to swim into the mainstream with the rest of the general population.  But does ‘racism’ really exist?  As a concept yes it does; as a fact, no it does not which is why no one holds a PhD in ‘Racism’.  ‘Racism’ was invented by turn of the 20th century Progressive Bigots to explain away Aryan Supremacy under ultra-nationalism in Germany and Italy in the early 20th century and to explain DW Griffin and his masterpiece ‘Birth of a Nation’ which changed Hollywood forever and Hollywood is the very seat of Progressive Bigotry in America today and Hollywood earlier this year, released the oppositional remake of this abhorrent classic and not a word was said by anyone, anywhere in America with Black skin, and especially not from Hate Group Black Lives Matter when this film’s original subject glorifies the rise of the fuqn KKK which they rewrote to be about Nat Turner instead!

You can’t unwind that clock, dumb-asses, which is why the 2016 movie will fail at the box office Jada!

bigot 1913<—Bigoted Progressive President Woodrow Wilson (left), America’s most bigoted president before Bigot Barack Obama assumed his crown in 2013, loved this 1915 movie!

It’s 2016 remake by a acquitted rapist Nate Turner whose gang-raped victim committed suicide in 2012; that salient fact left completely out of the American Progress review of the 2016 film!



When you hear anyone use the words ‘racist’ or ‘racism’, immediately know that they are Bigots, that they are ill-informed, that they are poorly educated, and that they cannot intellectually explain their feelings about anything; for them, these are ‘safe’ words!

We’ve gone over this before too!  What almost everyone has experienced is ‘Racial Bias and Racial Prejudice’, not the false ‘racism’…that’s everyone from all groups and again, though distasteful if not abhorrent, goes to our strongest instinct which is our own survival.  In the 1980’s Euro-White brides far and wide separated their Black-American guests, and at every single wedding I attended, those same Black-American guest self-segregated together later on. Same with school cafeterias, we favor our own groups because we believe we are more likely to survive within them, and that if the old lady kills a Gazelle at Albertson’s and drags it home for dinner and we’re invited to share, that you’re going to care about my well-being too.

This dear readers is a false narrative too, for within our own groups is where people will stick us right up the ass because they know that they can!  They have the protective cover of ‘group think’ which is what Black Lives Matter has today with the assist of our Bigoted President of the United States who is 3 years mute now, absent any opinion, unsure of his powers seemingly, him tilling these fallowed fields on behalf of his wife ascending to the US Senate now.

Eric Holder Barack Obama legecy 2009-2017<—Use this word!  Use it a lot too! 

Use it for any old asshole who dares to declare what you are, what you think, what your experiences are or have been, and how you should think about anything!

Use this word against anyone who is supportive of ultra-Hate Group Black Lives Matter! 

Progressive Bigots hate when you use this word against them and their insidious hatreds because by the very definition of the word, THIS IS what Progressive Bigots truly are!

Since 2000, we’ve been excoriated about ‘structural and institutional racism’ which are also both false, contrived narratives too, designed to keep the Welfare State strong and healthy, but currently with no one challenging this hateful, hate-filled rhetoric, which has no intellectual foundation at all.

The ‘False Racism’ narratives of the American Progressive Bigots is further diluted the more ‘diverse’ America becomes and that has the Black Bigots in an uproar too because ‘racism’, even as a weak, porous concept lacking any intellectual integrity at all, further crumbles when we start talking about Asian-Americans, specifically Korean, Japanese, and Chinese-Americans.

Black Bigots ignore Asian Giants 2016 wdwThese three as a grouping, have mastered ‘Hating on’, especially hating on Bigoted Black Americans as well as hating on one another too!  How can that be?  Isn’t ‘racism’ itself a ‘white privileged only’, intellectually bankrupt theory?

And there you have it!  If you really want to see a Progressive Bigot lose it and have a fuqn nervous breakdown, bring this Asian-on-Asian ‘Hating on’ up and watch them fall apart because they can’t intellectualize anything!  For the record, these three ancient cultures hate on one another something fierce for reasons ranging from conquest, subjugation, enslavement, empire, starvation, rape, war, and territory.

You can’t legislate people liking one another, or getting along, or holding hands and swaying back and forth singing Kumbaya together, or even caring about one another...and that just pisses the fuq off America’s Black Bigoted Class.

Stuart n Michael 2016I’ll give props to those Chinese bitches here who have mastered hate and who can profile everyone in nano seconds.  Somehow, they are able to have your last ten years of tax returns, your Dun & Bradsreets, and your Credit Score telepathically in their minds within seconds of knowing you; they profile fuqn everyone!  Indian-Americans can’t stand to even interact with this predatory element of Black-America.  Recent arrivals from Nigeria and Ethiopia here in Las Vegas who adopted me for stopping an at gun-point robbery of one of their taxi drivers here, are aghast that they are lumped in with these Predatory, Extortionate Black-Americans and they hate ‘those fooking neegars’ as I’ve heard hundreds of times in recent years here.

I have seen in Los Angeles, Korean-American little corner store owners in the ghetto have weapons drawn while Grandma rings up the people in line paying for their Swishers, malt liquor, and candy, passing on the 7 bucks for a gallon of milk which is common there, and no one says a word about it!

Certainly not, Extortionate Hate Group Black Lives Matter!

This is the schism Chris Rock nailed 20 years ago. Black-America is at War with itself, no one else.

black bigot shot dead 2016<—This War isn’t Black vs White, this is about normally functioning Black-Americans vs Predatory, Extortionate Black-Americans! 

We had better acknowledge this fact going forward because lies and false narratives like ‘institutional, systemic, structural racism, and fairy tales like white privilege were all invented by people profiting from Extortionate Black-America and the Bigoted Dem Politicos who kow-tow to them to keep their gravy train running.

There are two separate, distinct Black-Americas, this is why the general populace of all races and ethnic backgrounds has such a big problem with Black Lives Matter’s extortionate demands upon all the rest of us, including fellow Black-Americans!  Who the fuq told any of you that you’re here to get free shit from all of the rest of us? 

Who the fuq didn’t put a boot up your g*ddamn asses and point you right? 

Who the fuq told you that standing on the corner, smoking a blunt, and holding your dick was socially acceptable?

This is how you must address all Black Extortionate Bigots who demand anything from you.

In Oakland, BLM is demanding that they receive half of the Police Departments budget, no questions asked!  Some of these little bitches are trying to unload Oprah onto Euro-White America and nuh uh, no way bitch, she’s all yours and cares only about bumping pussies with Gayle!   Where is her billions seeding micro-lending so that Black-Americans can own those stores the Korean-Americans own in LA?  Magic Johnson made a mint on his movie theaters in the ghetto, but just like Chris Rock said, ‘some nigga bustin’ a cap shootin’ at the screen!’

Oprah to the rescue<—-That’s so funny, because its true.  Pretending its not true is truly ‘racist’ from the name-callers who can’t articulate anything intellectually reasoned!

Spike Lee took it way further with his ‘Jungle Fever’ masterpiece calling out ‘Jiggaboos and Wannabees’!

One of the blessings against so many of the curses Al Gore’s Internet has given us is that this majority Black-America is getting a voice out there, though muted and tamped down by the Black Progressive Bigots, you can’t put the genie back into the bottle and its incumbent on all Americans of every persuasion to be keenly aware that this Violent, Predatory, Extortionate Minority within Black-America does in fact exist in the United States and it exists because no one is getting in their g*ddamn faces and shutting down their extortionate demands!

Stop tip-toeing around this bullshit and get into some ghetto faces; that’s how you stop this bullshit!

<—You’ll recall that I have authorized all Americans to tell anyone who is pissing you the fuq off with their stupidity, their bigotry, their demands, their insistence you bow to those demands, to tell them to ‘Suck My Dick’!…and if we heard more of this, now more than ever, we’d shut this extortionate bullshit down for a long, long time.

America owes you nothing bitch; go out an earn your own shit and stop sucking and fuqing the life out of the rest of us because after BLM showed us all what you’re all about, you ain’t getting shit for your bullshit hatin’ on everyone and everything!

Your hatreds so intense and all, I’ll ask all BLM Haters out there: What the fuq have you done to change a point of view with anyone on anything being so selfish and self-absorbed, huh bitch?’ 

What Olive Branch have you extended to heal anything you find so horrible here, huh bitch?

Here’s what I recently did:

This past July, infuriated at the public riff of bigot Berna Rhodes-Ford, wife of Nevada Senate Minority Leader, Dr Aaron Ford, who stated the most inane and insane things on Facebook and then I realized she had a point, though maybe if she wore a hat, no one would notice.  The light-bulb went off for me that she and her husband have no relationship whatsoever with the LVMPD to even post such things, and he didn’t even know their Area Command or any of the officers within it including its leader and Captain, Metro’s highest ranking and only female at that position.

aaron the baron of the ballot watchdogwagDetermined to change a point of view, I invited both through Aaron, to Metro’s First Tuesday at Enterprise Area Command, Captain Roxanne McDaris was not available to be there in August, so we set September as the tentative introductory meeting because you can’t have such strident, ignorant, ill-informed points of view as Mrs Ford has, and call yourself a leader or the wife of a leader, at all within the community.

Today, 8/19/2016 in a FB exchange with me, Senate Minority Leader Ford appeared to be back-peddling their attendance next month!

…and that’s too damn bad if that’s true but it speaks to the biggest problem with BLM-type bigots spewing their bilge in America today:  They can talk the talk and run their mouths at full throttle, but when you seek to enlighten and inform…they run like hell in the other direction!

Dr Ford, are you running away from going to EAC so as not to offend your patroness, Missy Hillary Rodham Clinton?

Dr Ford also inexplicably earned the LVPPA’s endorsement this week and I’ll question how that is since he is Hillary Clinton’s Black Mouthpiece here and her intense, hyper-bigoted, anti-cop hatreds are already well-known nationally, and since he’s never been to his own Area Command and knows none of its officers, how did he earn their endorsement?

LVPPA, wtf were you thinking?

Can we now call this ‘Black Privilege’ Aaron?

He’s had more than two months to set aside his hand her schedule; I’ll be there next month, odds are Dr and Mrs Ford, will not because his Bougie Bread is buttered by Hillary’s Cop Hating on the Dem Plantation and Safe Zone, instead of standing with our local officers and those within his own community’s Area Command next month.


The rest of us of all races and ethnicities, disgusted by this BLM ultra-hate and bigotry can only seek to stand in unity with our normally functioning Black-American friends, loved ones, co-workers, colleagues, and acquaintances, who hate Black Lives Matter’s ultra-bigotry too, and are embarrassed and ashamed of this element within Black-America.

Know what it is, and know how these predatory parasites operate and never, ever be intimidated by a Bigot Bully no matter their skin tone.

Milw County Sheriff David Clarke American Hero 2016<—-As a nation, we all owe an immense debt of gratitude to Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, who at considerable risk to his career, his safety, and the safety of his loved ones, broke the logjam this year and began speaking out against this Predatory, Extortionate Element within his community. 

God Bless you sir, and thank you for empowering more and more officers to speak out and against this cancer called Black Lives Matter, our bigoted president’s most evil legacy, which has cost America so many innocent officer lives.

You sir, are a true American hero!  Thank you for being that for us!


Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!



Michael Z in Michael Kors McCarran 2 27 2016