KibbutzDome Kaput!

Posted by Michael Zahara on Sep 19, 2016

I’ll start this by stating I had always thought that a retractable domed stadium was a necessary missing component in our facilities inventory in SoNev after having attended my first UNLV Homecoming football game in 2003 over at Boyd Stadium and fearing then that a good gust of wind would blow the damn thing down!  ‘Rickety’ I recalled telling my hosts about the structure and who I had begun thinking were trying to whack me by UNLV’s football stadium collapsing on all of us if we dared to cheer, cough, sneeze, belch, fart, or move at all.

My concerns were unfounded though we didn’t move a muscle and sat like statuary during the game, going over our respective lives silently together and Getting Good with God just in case it got really windy or there was a stampede to the exits as the score was 147-3 after the first quarter.  Local Mormons it is said, enjoy a mediocre time watching mediocre college football each year at the Las Vegas Bowl, the bottom of the barrel of the NCAA’s Food Stamps & Welfare Bowls, paying each unfortunate team $53.49 for appearing and getting no television ratings at all and reruns of the 1960’s Beverley Hillbillies beating it in most regional markets.

hqdefaultmmmmmmThat Boyd Stadium is in Arizona or maybe its New Mexico I think and requiring a passport and shots to travel to, I thought was the reason UNLV’s football program seemed to not know dick about football and were an international embarrassment to the game itself with Girl Scout and Campfire Girl troops the world over, snickering and sneering that they could kick the Rebel’s asses and play ‘Barbies’ together at the same time!

Clearly, there was no bald Armenian guy running the program and I took the ‘Barbies’ and the points the rest of the season.

manbarbieMy thoughts then and my relentless pitches to the LVCVA ever since, was that they should build a new domed stadium on their footprint at Convention Center and Paradise Rd to accommodate several gigantic religious shows we miss out on their fire and brimstone casting of the Devil to the fiery pits of Hell each year when they convene en group elsewhere around the country!  A new home for UNLV mediocre football and perhaps a change to The Barbie Bowl, I thought do-able too!

They flipped me off and had me removed again but they did heed my advice and dumped that former gawd-awful pukey pumice pinkish color they had the convention center shrouded in as the Pepto-Bismol Expo Center.

Then Sheldon Inc gets his old guy drawers all bunched up and wants to build a stadium on Trop near to Koval right next to two busy runways and if you’ve ever been around there with a fully fueled 747 taking off, you suddenly remember as those engines are stressing to the max to get airborne, that these giants birds do fall out of the sky from time to time and ‘splode all over the place! 

May 25, 1979 in Chicago come to mind!

It appears someone agreed with me though the FAA still does not bar these runways being used when Thomas & Mack is in use which means we have to be on high alert when the presidential debates come here and if Hillarystein hasn’t killed off her local haters yet, there’s a jetliner crashing right into UNLV for sure!

I thought that perhaps Sheldon Adelson was going to make a play to Get Good with God for all his local bullshit since he’s hours away from kicking off himself, but the the Southern Nevada Tourism Infrastructure Committeea group of has-beens, ragamuffins, ne’er-do wells, hacks, hicks, hayseeds, swells, and swine–currently chaired by the biggest complete total fuq in SoNev, CCBC Chair Steve Sisolak, and who delivered the very worst of many possible options to send to the legislature including the largest taxpayer rip-off in American history providing Welfare for Billionaires from Clark County taxpayers, but not including the public at all in any potential profit participation!

Ain’t that a bitch and a kick in the nuts?  My proposal for Peasant Seating and setting aside 1,000 brokers barred from obtaining, game week tickets was completely ignored.  No profit participation at all for taxpayers and in a county which never has enough money for anything?

I’ve been around the block a number of times and have seen many, many horseshit ideas, schemes and scams floated over the years wherever I’ve lived, but this one takes the cake, the grand prize, and gold medal as the most audacious scheme I’ve ever come across, and it happened right here in Las Vegastan!

Audacious is too nice a word; its obscene what they’re asking of us but there’s old fuq ‘tard Andy Abboud of Las Vegas Sands practically crying while he was holding his dick he was so excited he seemingly pulled off the scam of the century in a city and county known internationally for its schemes and scams!

That was Carolyn Goodman all giddy at the meeting knowing the deal is dead-on arrival in Carson City for their ignoring placing it in her city she still wants a stadium in to name it after herself and her hokey hubby!

Steve Sisolak shit in his pants and something went terribly wrong at the very last minute delaying the vote, but then he was all smiles and piles of shit oozing from his drawers as the vote was unanimous.  This damn fool still thinks he’s going to be Governor in 2018 though the Old Blind Bitch down in Searchlight has been wooing Pat Mulroy knowing Betty Lou Sisolak has put on another 250 lbs and is moments away from being called ‘jolly’ here and elsewhere.

Buoyed by The Las Vegas ‘Not-To-Knights’ NHL franchise which will enjoy 3 good years before folding and moving elsewhere around year 5, some actually still believing the very protective and insulated NFL families which own the other NFL teams, will actually vote to allow the Raiders to come here and risk their franchises’ value when Pete Rose and MLB still hangs in the air all these years later, is juvenile, wishful thinking at best.

They have all detested the Davis family since the old AFL days, the entire league hates them.

Plus, the market here is too small, the NFL requires sell-outs to locally broadcast, and the pool of local advertisers with pockets deep enough to buy time is minuscule if not microscopic at best. Then there’s those 65,000 seats and the Resorts wanting them in their casinos losing their shirts and not wasting nearly 4-5 hours each game day in some nasty no video poker machines allowed stadium!

Then there’s Nevada Cancer Institute’s assassin, Heather Murren’s effete husband Jim who chairs MGM Resorts, he’s apparently on board willing to throw his legs up for any old Hebrew Dick deal which gets for him the MonoFAIL extended to Mandalay Bay instead of logically to the airport as well as his stupid-ass Light Rail System on the Strip which won’t improve a damn thing because it too is at grade level like the Bus Rapid Transit he begged us for and got and is tired of playing with now!

Murren got Sisolak in such a sorry, sad state he’s actually floated deconsolidating Metro again to get for the Resorts more cops the stupid ass CCBC Chair hacked away at killing off some 500 cops just a few years back and Sisolak wanting to pay for them now with another MoreCops Sales Tax increase and hoping no one notices when he runs for governor in 2018!

As it happens, someone did notice and while off in New Hampshirestan floating her name as a replacement for Hillarystein who she worships and has an alter to her built into her home, promptly returned across country via her broom to be the lone voice of dissent and a finger-wagging Nanny-ista, her very return for the vote a clear-as-day cannon shot across the bow that Commissioner Chris G is in a snit againher preferred look and state of being btw--and that she intends to be the killjoy for the Resorts, Metro, and Sheldon-zilla again too!

Call Ripley’s cuz it doesn’t happen that often, but I agree with Chris G on this cuz I love when she boards her broomstick and gets all menopausal maniac on us!

Mysteriously silent though having piped in this past summer that he wanted the the convention center expansion and the stadium deal in the same package, is Senate Majority Leader Michael Roberson, who’d also like to keep his majority past November, and quite predictably, Sheldon Inc gave him no wiggle room.  The Dem Caucus is ‘Constipated and Conflicted’–their 2016 campaign theme too btw, has America’s most ignorant and stupidest State Senator in Kelvin Atkinson, holding his dick and crying like a little bitch cuz he’s so damn happy he thinks its such a good deal cuz he’s got a bad crush on Steve Sisolak and which will also give him greater dating opportunities and a chance for him to look for a new husband in an NFL locker room since the douche-bag is already tired of the dish-rag fella he married because they ‘had to’!

Bringing up the Stoner Caucus’s take, there’s State Senator Tick Segerbloom who wants to shit-can Term Limits cuz he’s so damn invaluable as the Dem’s go-to guy for good weed, he did a few bong rips and floated his own proposal today sensing the whole deal is already dead, to build his own stadium by increasing the Room Tax from 12% to 16% instead of increasing Nevada’s World’s Lowest Gaming Taxes which subsidize 40 states and communist China!

Then there’s the implied endorsement or not of the LVRJ this election cycle for those who must vote for or against this crappola proposal in a few weeks!  Talk about constipated!  I don’t know about you, but I can’t determine an actual Editorial Policy of the Kibbutz Review-Journal, can you?

I know there are 63 chicken-shitz in Carson City burning Sheldon in effigy tonight for forcing them to take a position hours before the nation votes and their fearing both their voters and the RJ flushing its support for their candidacy in 2016!

You can’t write fiction better than this bullshit!  Hold onto your purses and to your wallets cuz when a monstrosity this big emerges in Nevada, we’re going to get some kind of red-headed step-child catastrophe in the end, of that, we can be certain with these players and the games which they all play on all of us unsuspecting taxpayers and citizens who should all know better by now that they’re going to do as they please regardless.

Vote against anyone who supports this during the Special Session and put the fear of Voter Rebellion back front and center where it belongs 24/7/365 here in the first place!

Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!


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