Hillary Clinton: A Calamity for Humanity

Posted by Michael Zahara on Sep 29, 2016

No-one-should-vote-for-HRC-WatchdogWag-2016-300x257<—If it were just that she is a gargantuan Monster Bitch, I might give a passing thought that some previously unknown strain of the mythical political ‘sexism’ were in play regarding Hillary Clinton, but I’ve known this truly evil bitch and her bullshit for 25 years this year and I’m experienced and seasoned enough to know what it is I’m seeing, looking at, and processing:

She’s an entitled feeling, megalomaniacal Hella-Bitch still searching for and seeking her dead Daddy’s affection and approval after spending her entire adult lifetime moping up her Serial Sexual Predator husband’s pubescent womanizing, predatory misogyny, and outright rapes which have been publicly known and gossiped about for over 35 of their now 41 years of ‘marriage’!

Our ‘lil ‘Tammy’ Clinton is the classic enabler, denier, and facilitator of her husband’s very public Serial Marital Dating misanthropic misadventures over these past 41 years.

pantsuit-on-fire-2016-watchdogwagWhat a lovely manic, suicidal Norman Rockwell Americana portrait of the Clinton Presidency via these two White-trash, Carnie Folks, Dogs Playing Poker on Velvet with Jesus and Elvis, daily Garage/Yard Sale holders, and bargain basement bin there, we’ve done this before dammit, and that during this Clinton-era time being squandered by both because of their colossal conceits and arrogance which is the entire reason she came back in 2016 to Darken America’s Door once again.


35 years of their Clinton Hillbilly Whorein’ and utter bullshit which left the darkest and blackest smear and smudge on our nation’s history as they killed off people, fuqd interns and lawyers, stole the nation’s g*ddamn furniture, and that some voters are now wishing to relive their Horror/Whoring Story of the 1990’s and their selling of America to the highest bidder for a $10 per hour economy which those in Arkansas think is their very highest of lifetime wage potential for they and their Walton Family Fuq Ups who took their once mighty and muscular Buy American beginnings, and with Hillary’s direction as a Wal-mart Board member, reversed that old school Buy USA Only bullshit forever and with China WTO, ended our ability to leverage that terrible WTO decision instead of to stoke an insider assassination attempt on North Korea’s Despot with Dimples, for China to get WTO back then, and today, adding yet another of Obama’s and Clinton’s stunning policy failures for them to do anything at all but ignore North Korea and toss it a Progressive and we mean it’ dirty looking sneer in their general direction.

North Korea has been its most deliberately provocative since the 1950’s under the very weak and impotent Obama & Clinton.

hrc-for-prison-2016-watchdogwagAs senator, then in hyper-drive as Secretary of State, Hillary pimped Bill and churned their phony-ass Foundation for hundreds of millions in all questionable foreign donations trading on her own, post-him position for their collective benefit.  Why if their phony Foundation is as pure as the driven snow as the Clinton’s claim, will they now shut it down if she’s elected according to her husband?  They believe today that they’re getting a prosecutorial pass in exchange for doing so is why. 

Jefferson in Paris she was not and she never intended to be either.  SOS for her was all about leveraging her position and what she too holds over Obama, to make she and Bill billionaires via the Foundation which bears the family name, and grease her way to the US presidency in 2016 for our rejecting her in 2008!

Her retarded and criminal rationale for EmailGate wasn’t worthy of a 1st grader and I have come to believe that the FBI and USDOJ have already gotten both Hillary and Bill Clinton by their balls and will move ahead forward with indictments for both and should she win, the Congress with Articles of Impeachment and that FBI Director James Comey was playing possum with Congress in declining to recommend charges against her–which isn’t his role or his job description–and I must believe that a grand jury is already sat in New York or about to be seated.

That Trump will prosecute the Clinton’s and Obama crimes against the nation is the entire reason the media has been so hysterical and histrionic about Trump during the campaign.  What has to be scrupulously watched for is Obama pardoning her as he exits, and she pardoning him if we allow her to enter in January with her victory.  It’s all very neat and tidy, isn’t it?

I think this is the deal they’ve cut between them.  A Trump win rather upsets this illegal tidy little tea party between Barack and Hillary which is why he is devoting the most time an exiting president has ever given of himself to elect his successor, in all of American history.  No other president is even remotely close to Barack Obama in this Act of Desperation distinction he’s doing for Hillary Clinton now in hope of his saving both their asses from Trump’s Justice Department.

From what little we’ve seen to date,  we know definitively that just like David Petraus before them, both Obama and Clinton have broken the law in those email exchanges and the media, terrified of the consequences to their agendas, refuses to report these facts to the public.

poopie-panties-campaign-2016-watchdogwag<–Miss Poopie Panties shits in her pants quite often and has serious medical issues she won’t discuss but she hopes will keep her out of prison because we’ll all feel sorry for her when she does tells us what her issues are!

However, she’s completely unfit and unworthy of office for much more than medical issues and her shitting in her pantsuits!

I also believe that they both know this too and that the announcement from Bill that he’ll shut the Foundation down is an attempt by him to prevent their indictments.  The 2016 American presidential race is comprised of many enormous spheres of global influence and related subsections of those spheres gaming that influence to react specifically depending on who wins the presidency and the Congress and we’ll get into why Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, OK’d the selling to Putin’s Russia of 1/5 of our own uranium and why Trump and Putin became mutual admirers this cycle, coming up soon here! 

It involves our own FBI & CIA, Putin’s KGB which he headed for years, Israel’s Mossad, and Britain’s M-15 Intelligence agencies and what it is that they know about the world and what they’ve each separarately agreed upon for the past 12+ years–and which the Media also knows too–and which is entire reason why Hillary Clinton will spend more than one billion dollars on ads this cycle telling all of us what an asshole Donald Trump is and will be if he’s elected–because through Putin, Trump knows it too.

Not one single ad to date about her phony ‘accomplishments’ or how wonderful she would be as president is very telling if you’re paying attention folks.  She’s and they know that you’re not paying any attention at all as this dreadful campaign cycle has proven time and time again.

It’s an enormous grand conspiracy, and I’ll write about it coming up soon here too!

prison-for-life-treason-huma-abedin2016-watchdogwag<Islamic Agent of Caliphate, Hillary Clinton’s right hand and closest confidant, Huma Abedin should be headed for a life sentence or execution for Treason, her family’s well-known Islamic Extremist background and connections to the Muslim Brotherhood should have disqualified her for Security Clearance needed for her to work at the State Department under Hillary Clinton.

…but very conveniently for her, Barack Obama let her slide on this major breach of post 9-11 security and his criminal failure in deliberately letting her slide, is one of the major reasons Obama and Holder ignited fake-ass Racial Anti-Cop Discord nationally to get Huma’s security breach story off the air and out of the media!

This major security breach by Huma Abedin is an Impeachable Offense for both Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Did Hillary deliberately bypass State’s secured servers to strengthen her strong political hand this year and then criminally delete subpoenaed content and done by Huma Abedin, the Agent of Caliphate with her three mega-high paying jobs but who somehow had failed to sign the most important documents from this portion of her super-corrupted career?

…and no one in the current Executive Branch said or did anything about this very serious and substantial post-9-11 breach of US Security?

Mrs Clinton and her husband had been taunting us for months prior to her 2nd Prez campaign beginning, both Clintons have been double-daring USDOJ and the FBI.  She has championed nothing new, special, worthy of note, over her entire adult life–everything she’s said that she’d ever done is either exaggerated or completely invented and contrived and today she is a still stewing, steaming, and fuming  Monster Bitch intent on evening old scores for our electing ‘that man’ instead of her in 2008.

I couldn’t think of a less worthy role model than this degenerate woman for little girls or women of any age. She believes it was she who redeemed and rebuilt Bill for 1992 and told us as they were both lying to us on 60 Minutes that year, that we’d be getting a ‘two-fer’— if we elected him, we’d be getting her too in the bargain, implying a ‘co-presidency’ and that very statement began a 25 year long intense hatred of this arrogant woman by the American people.

Half of her own party detests her and always has.

Her super-secretive, unlawful, anti-Open Meetings failed attempt at National Healthcare in 1993 was instead universally derided on both sides of the aisle and lead to horrific bloodbath for Dem office holders in 1994 and her husband caving for new Speaker Newt Gingrich–the first GOP Speaker in 40 years because of HRC–and he successfully passed his Contract for America with the help of a whimpering and beaten down Bill Clinton.  Still today, she claims false credit for the State Children Health Insurance Program back then when she had absolutely nothing to do with creating it and the media gives her a pass on this very easily proven of her many, many lies told to us this past quarter century and counting.

best-2016-pin-9-26-2018For the record, never before has the FBI or its predecessor organizations made the decisions to indict or not,  or to prosecute or not, and which is the exclusive purview of the United States Attorney General of which the FBI is subordinate to and one of more than 90 branches of USDOJ. I think old lizard-face Charles Krauthammer was as closer to correct on why James Comey did it the way that he did for the time being:  Main Justice pausing the processes to rid our nation of these career criminal Clintons and their cohorts around the world, so as not to step on history should she be elected…I actually concur with that tact given Bush v Gore and I can wait a while longer to execute them and so can you.

I wasn’t too far off calling them Julius & Ethel Clinton earlier this year.

I have to hope against all hope that AG Loretta Lynch was ‘acting’ and playing the role of Loopy Attorney General Dipshit for us while wearing a wire on Bill’s jet in Phoenix or if not, that she is randomly electrocuted or torn to shreds by a clean energy wind turbine, or by all of Bill’s 41 years of Serial Marital Dating victims too!

Let’s refresh and remind that I had brought up Mariel in the last piece without details for the don’t-knows out there.  ‘If it weren’t for Fidel Castro turning US Law against us and flooding American with Cuba’s discards, degenerates, and disabled with his Mariel Flotilla broadside President Carter dumped onto Fort Chaffee, AR sending Bill Clinton into hyper-tailspin.  Arkansas voters soundly aborting his career and delaying his destroying us with his election in 1992 only because Ross Perot siphoned 20 million votes off of George HW Bush that year when prior to Mariel disrupting his political goals for years, he thought 1984 would be his year to run for the White House from Little Rock.

ross-perot-elected-clinton-1992-waychdogwag-2016<–Had Ross Perot not entered the 1992 race, George HW Bush would have won re-election!

Bill Clinton owes his win to Ross Perot and that’s also haunting Hillary today as well as Nader’s voters ending Gore’s ascension to the White House in 2000, which Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are thankfully currently doing to Hillary Clinton today.

Everything Bill did in office in the 1990’s is directly responsible for the global financial meltdown in 2008 not the least of which was abolishing the Glass-Steagall Act which had separated commercial and investment banking, Obama refused to work to reinstate the Act and Hillary Clinton is refusing to support reinstatement if elected.

Consider too that we may have never known this Clinton Community Carcinogen which if Jimmy Carter then had chosen some other base for those refugees, may have ended them way back then, this National Nightmare 25 Years Strong called Clinton Inc which has mustard gas-poisoned the goodwill well so many times, how in the hell does anyone want these criminal parasites back in the White House?

tammy-clinton-2016-watchdogwag<–Lil Tammy Clinton, a self-described Feminist Icon wants to be president as reward for enabling her Serial Sexual Predator husband Bill for over 35 years!

Yet, she is a Feminist Icon according to her and her brain-dead supporters when this woman really is Tammy Wynette standing by her man if not pretending to bake store bought cookies now as America’s Grandma Gangsta Geezer!   Hillary Clinton by very definition is the antithesis of Feminism, a progressive Frankensteina-nutella, laboratory-made of parts and components imparted onto her what her ever dwindling supporters hopes sticks to her.

These clueless voters are playing ‘Mommy Dress-Up’ and ‘Political Barbie’s Gangsta Grandma’ with her and with the American presidency.

‘Parts is parts‘ as the commercial once said; Hillary Clinton is who her mostly female and gay male supporters wish her to be: a political, incredible, inedible, Shitlog Hotdog: 100% bullshit, asshole, colon, phlegm,nfat, mucus, hoofs, hair, membranes included.

There is not a genuine bone in her body or cell in her brain.

I’m casting my vote for Donald Trump, not because he’s some kind of political hero to me–I think he’s a moron most times–but I have faith that the other two Branches will keep him in check which will not happen if Hillary Clinton wins and the Congress goes Democrat which though highly unlikely, can’t be risked there is so much on the line this cycle.

I’m also seeing the bigger picture which some friends who supported Bernie Sanders are not yet seeing.  A Trump win in November gets for Democrats all of the offices Barack Obama has lost for us from coast-to-coast since 2010 with his appalling arrogance and incompetence and political tin ears.  Drawing the next round of maps in 2021 is also in my vision field this year and should be with every Democrat.

Hillary Clinton winning will guarantee the that GOP draws the new maps 2021 as they did in 2011 which is why some GOPers are publicly supporting her…while still hating her guts today.

USA today WatchdogWag 2016Barack Obama has been an unmitigated catastrophe as president; the damage he has done to the Democratic Party is still not completely calculable today it is so wide and so vast a damage and debris field he’s leaving for us to mop up after this failed president exits in less than four months.

A vote for Hillary Clinton will be a calamity for humanity continuing the gigantic broken bureaucracy on the Potomac with her owing to foreign governments and their interests her very soul if she even has one left, that’s how truly bad what they’ve done is.

President Washington’s admonition to us still rings true today, ‘Beware of foreign entanglements’, he wisely said in his farewell address 220 years ago this year, and super-corrupt Hillary Clinton, her husband, and their phony Foundation are exactly what he was speaking about!

Kill the Clinton Cancer, cut it out, cauterize the wound, and let the nation heal from these 25 past awful years of them and their lifelong corruptions.

Vote Trump or anybody else but this toxic, deadly poison on our Republic named Hillary Rodham Clinton.


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Michael Zahara

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