‘I’ll Pardon You, Then You’ll Pardon Me!’

Posted by Michael Zahara on Oct 9, 2016

..and do si do and an allmande left, and and allemande right!  They’re all Square Dancing to Polka music played by a roving Mariachi Band; I’ve called it Kabuki Obama this year.

Collectively, this is also a now 12 years running Grand Conspiracy of Silence.

Who today doesn’t see President Barack Obama pardoning Hillary Clinton if she wins and more importantly, if she loses on November 8th?

hatin-by-both-watchdogwag-2016That’s the big quid pro quo scenario the venerable National Review inadvertently put forward with their spot-on writing about why FBI Director James Comey didn’t recommend indictment of Hillary Clinton over her criminal rationale for placing her official emails onto her private server, then lying about it, and then her unlawfully deleting 30,000 emails which were under subpoena.  That was no snot-nosed staffer writing for Rich Lowry, that was Andrew McCarthy, former Asst US Attorney for New York.  No one even in this caustic time disagrees with his take nor his thesis; he’s correct.

As we’ve seen and read as the FBI drips and dribbles out the content of what they claim they’ve gone over in those emails, without question, the president was clearly breaking the law along with Hillary Clinton just by corresponding with her under a pseudonym and proving that he also knew that she had an unlawful server.  Obama was also in gross violation of his very own imperial, imperious Executive Orders on this very subject!

Even if those 22 emails we know about today were just Obama and Clinton chatting about Dancing with the Stars, they both broke the law, and Hillary Clinton dared Comey to indict her knowing that they both broke the law, and James Comey publicly and humiliatingly blinked…for the time being at least.


One of thousands of remaining questions: Was the president smart enough to suspect HRC was setting him up for a conviction in the US House, but which wouldn’t lead to his removal from office by the Senate for just this infraction, and did Obama seek the Advice and Consent of the US Attorney General to access HRC’s unlawful secret server under a pseudonym if HRC would use it against him when demanding a full pardon for herself and Bill the minute the polls close next month?

Did President Obama ask for immunity and receive it from the FBI–or did they offer it to him–to be their witness against Hillary Clinton on this or other matters of State unlawfully ensconced on that server of hers?

Absolutely unbelievably, no one in the legit media, nor anyone in Congress, nor anyone is the Nut-Wing media thought to ask these very basic questions as the natural progression of their questioning sequence as these facts became known?  Neither Congress or the legit media were asking anything at all?  So what gives here in the major departure of normal standards for all involved?

The 61 year old National Review is not one of the scores of Internet Misinformation Fake Media so prevalent today on Facebook and across Social Media.  Their ‘no indictment’ prediction this past February was spot on for the reason of Obama’s knowledge of it despite what he said publicly initially and he emailing back-and-forth under pseudonym, shows his clear intent to lie But why so obvious a lie from the president?

People, I’m going to need you all to remember way, way, back when you all had the ability to reason and to think and this piece is a big one, so grab some good Gin and let’s begin!


Is there anyone in the universe left who doesn’t believe Putin and Russia have all of those Hillary emails and has had them in real-time as each was created it was so insecure a server system?  Does anyone still believe WikiLeaks was just a gift from God and that Julian Assange doesn’t have Putin’s personal protections despite being housed in Ecuador today?

Vladmir Putin is a cold, bloodless spy possessing incredible intelligence and strategic and intellectual ability and skills who made today’s KGB the world standard of International Espionage; they are superior to our own CIA and have been since Putin grab control of the former Soviet Union and today’s Russian Federation  He decided to just take Ukraine back and he suffered no consequence at all.   He operates with total impunity on the world stage. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were completely impotent against him and did nothing in response to his aggression’s except wring their hands instead of wringing his neck.

Putin 2016  is delighting in watching all of the American political cockroaches scatter and protect Turf and Territory in the hyper-corrupted US system which has completely failed us at every turn for at least these past 12 years since Barack Obama exploded onto the world stage at the 2004 DNC in Boston, instead of addressing through our system of Checks and Balances which failed spectacularly, that we did in fact allow a near certain non-citizen to ascend to the US presidency in 2008, rather than to ask a single question of the man whose entirely constructed and contrived biography still leaves nothing but questions today.  We are too Politically Correct a completely failed political system and so uncomfortable with issues of race, to even broach the subject in order to preserve and protect the integrity of our national sovereignty, blowing up to shreds the concept that we are in fact, a nation of laws first and foremost.  Triggered that very night at the DNC in 2004, the entire world’s Intelligence apparatuses went into hyper-drive.  Though they all compiled the same conclusions separately of one another, Putin had beaten them all to the punch, long before.

Putin shared what he knew when he met with Trump, and that dear readers is why our print and TV media is in hysterics against Trump,’cause guess why?  The Media also knows that Barack Obama’s autobiographical background is fiction too, not all of it perhaps, but the meaty things we’d care about are 1995 fabrications told in his book which followed him to 1600.

obama-father-mother-2016<–Oh yeah sure, these two crazy kids, were so in love and just waiting to tear each other apart on their marital bed at San Francisco International Airport, the only photo of the era of them together long after their alleged divorce!  Don’t they look like Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill at some kind of Faculty Tea?

A hot mess of a read, first published in 1995 though he had accomplished nothing of note or value to even publish such drivel, ‘Dreams For My Father’ is either a rudimentary political road-map to how he got elected president 30 years later, or a train-wreck adolescent fictionalizing his life to such a degree to become his reality and begin the intense building and constructing an elaborate, contrived Progressive biography narrative to introduce himself to the world as he ‘identified’ himself as being.  I’ve come to believe this book is his actual political ‘dream’ to explain away so much contradiction in what he has chosen to write, talk, or share, or create and construct about himself.

Given that Iranian Muslim Valerie Jarrett is doing all of the scrubbing and cleansing of facts in favor of fallacy, maybe we could call him:  The Manchurian Iranian President Imposter?

sfo-airport-2016-watchdogwag<–Here’s the big bouncing Baby Barack also at SFO and the only photo of the era between alleged father and son!  His whack ass, crazy bitch mother had gotten tired of Barack–as we all did after two weeks in–and his bullshit and she did what all good mothers with Wichita and the Wichita Lineman’s values did for their kids back then:

She sent him to Indonesia for ‘schooling’, extra-Madrasas style, and showed up globe-trotting with a little Euro-White girl accessory which matched her shoes but not her purse and is said to be her daughter, this during her Date and Mate On Every Continent Tour! Throughout, this mother seems to be lacking in that basic skill of all mothers:  Mothering!

Dreams From My Father?  How about ‘Where the Fuq is Mommy Going Off To Now and Who is That Little White Bitch With Her?–by Barry Boy!

There are big, huge, gaping, unexplained, or even acknowledged holes is this narrative.  Missing is almost any photographic visual story-line to accompany this suspected fictionalized accounting of his early life.  There is compelling though fractured evidence that President Obama may actually be a kind of soon-after-post-birth rescue adoption in a dangerous nation–Kenya–less than two years from independence while remaining in the British Commonwealth.  So determined have the Obama Legacy Design and Build Team been, they are leaving an incorrect trail of historical crumbs contained within this narrative which is deliberately attempting by date changes and known fact rearrangements so that one caring to reconstruct Barack’s world at this time, would not think of Kenya under any circumstances when that is the only place one should be looking for answers about his parentage.

There is nothing from Hawaii of the newlyweds or of the baby Barack.  The story that his parents met and married at the University of Hawaii prior to Barack’s conception and birth is not credible that a very dark-skinned Kenyan ‘student’ bound for Harvard does not have the normal vestiges of new love, newlywed celebration, nor celebration of his birth with background like bridal and baby showers, public announcements, or friends, loved ones, and academic colleagues participating in these two milestone events not normally done privately and alone.  No pictures at all?

This year’s ‘South Side With You’ Hollywood motion picture is the appallingly self-indulgent Obama Inc ordered narcissistic very first for the US presidency from Legacy Control Freaks Obama and Jarrett he’s that desperately concerned too many people now know he’s defrauded the United States by likely not being American born as his own 2004 Illinois US Senate campaign fluff  had told to everyone in Illinois he’s Kenyan  which was quickly and quietly dropped in the Prairie State’s Land Grant college towns where it had first popped up, and Obama’s first 2-3 years of life also lacking any photo proof that he was in the US at all when Brownie Cameras were in every American family at the time including Wichita, Honolulu, and also in Kenya which was filled to the brim with gargantuan frauds upon the people by everyone from Big Oil to Big Barack Sr, and his Dashiki Dude chasing mother very unlikely demanding Alimony and Child Support before Kenyan nationhood in 1963, not in 1964 as his faux biographers state in their Wiki page on the matter.  That’s not a mistake but a deliberate error to drive a fictitious narrative even further along.

The County Clerk OK-ing a marriage certificate notwithstanding, a Honolulu Family Court judge accepting a divorce decree without alimony/child support many years before no-fault divorce is simply not credible.

Throwing more ice cold water on this story is that only 16 years past Japan’s surrender and the end of World War II, Hawaii as a state wasn’t even 2 years old yet, its University was not a magnet for International Exchange students headed for Harvard like his alleged father, nor Anthropology advanced studies like his mother, Ann Dunham.  Complicating things even further, these past eight years, Obama Inc has been in a furious effort to purge the Net of her given name:  Charles Ann Dunham.  Google has all but stripped her given masculine first name to erode plausible connecting that one or both of his parents were CIA/M-15-16 SIS  Intelligence operatives, if not full agents as their assignment’s conclusion occurring in Honolulu, and much more plausible than the lulu love affair Barack Obama seems to have ‘dreamed’ for them both because he was not recruited by top[ law firms out of Harvard Law, and you should also know it was Columbia College of Columbia University he graduated which is not an unimportant distinction he also told lies about!

This entire presidency is unique in its singular role and goal of reinforcing specific narrative agenda to remove all doubt and questions about anything so to therefore be able to declare any investigation or fact-finding effort as racist by design and hurtful to the Obamas, the poor things!

The whole convoluted story of Barack Obama’s mother getting together senior Obama is so ridiculous a proposition to even consider, every sophisticated nation on the globe set out to confirm that which they could confirm about him on the evening of July 27, 2004 in Boston after his spectacular DNC Keynote Address!

Obama got caught in his own lie and lies he published in 1995 and the 2004 and subsequent Congresses said and did nothing cuz you can be a Kenyan born US Senator, just not US President it turns out!  No one expected him to run in 2008, much less win the damn thing too!  By the time he won Iowa it was much too late to say or do anything and not be called a hater and a racist which they’ve returned to as this is all unraveling before our very eyes! Hillary Clinton has never forgiven us for doing that to her and has been on a criminal rampage with her husband each day ever since! These are real actual crimes involving foreign governments and interests donating to their phony Foundation in exchange for access to her and favorable to foreign interests agreements for them..  If Barack doesn’t pardon her, she’s going to say ‘Barack Obama forced me to accept a Kenyan as president and not tell Congress or he’d kill my grand-baby’, when this bitch would kill anyone for a cup of coffee and a stale Twinkie!


(Are you all beginning to see why everything is so fuqd up this cycle? These kinds of scandals don’t just spontaneously generate or appear in a vacuum. Barack and Hillary hate each other and Trump too, all three and Putin know Barack is not legit, Congress and the media know this too and allowed for it to occur so as not to be labeled racist. 

Unraveling of this Grand Conspiracy is now in full throttle, Trayvon and newly 2013  formed Black Lives Matter comes to Obama’s rescue as USDOJ blows up tiny Ferguson Missouri after doing nothing about Las Vegas less than 2 years prior.  BLM ignites Urban Ghetto America calling for the murder of our Peace Officers and succeeding while FBI still will not label them a Hate Group today!  During this same time frame, you do not learn that Huma Abedin has not signed her Security Agreement upon her hire in 2010, and still refuses to sign her Departure Confidentiality Agreement today, and mainstream media aced by Net and Leaks!)


All of this Black Urban Bigotry and Hatred and urban terrorism is just fine with the Obama Administration; anything that gets his bio origins off of any minds out there is highly desirable–the ends always justify the means when his illegitimacy truer narrative is only growing stronger by his own bizarre actions and inaction to date.

Our own CIA, Israel’s Mossad, Britain’s M16, and especially the KGB had extensive Intel Ops in Colonial East Africa in the 1960’s, the entire continent a pawn in the Cold War as well as a major player in Israel’s upcoming wars of the era too.  His entire ‘claimed’ extended paternal family has been silent over these eight years too.  Completely absent Obama’s presidency were this extended family too, they were also completely silent save the ‘uncle’ in Africa who endorsed Trump apparently unhappy with his cut of the hush money paid to the others?

In the modern media age, yes, of course this is normal familial conduct from them with an American president as their kin?  Obama wants nobody looking for or talking to anyone he claims is related to him!  Where is Billy Carter Obama?  Neal Bush Obama, Amy Carter Obama?  Patti Davis Obama?

If it does not come to be that USDOJ is ready to fire its Big Guns after the election, than our precious Republic has been destroyed from within or from Mecca, Medina, or now the very top suspect, Tehran, once one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world and since 1979, desperate until Valerie Jarrett played 2016’s version of Iranian International Jet-setter, the Empress Farrah and Jarrett with the illegal assets transfer to Iran made in actual cash to dodge Congress and US Law, made all that was what she and Obama thought wrong with the world right again for 1979 Iranians now residing in 2016’s 7th century Persia…She is as consumed and obsessed with Hillary Clinton as Barack Obama has been for years now with his broke-ass, tired-ass, Legacy delusions about himself!

‘The most qualified nominee in history; better than both Bill and me?’  What?  Of course Hillary Clinton knows he’s not legit since his 2004 debut, that’s why she installed the unlawful server White House internal security didn’t catch until when after she left office?  That server was her insurance policy the Russians happily hacked into during its entire operation, and the White House caught it how long after she left again?  Director Comey was parsing words and choosing prepositions carefully and in no way whatsoever did anything he relayed to Congress exonerate Hillary Clinton or prevent her future indictment which is why PardonGate Watch is so high a priority tonight!  Congress must immediately pass an anti-Hillary pardon measure to be on the record in the lame duck session.

Everything these past 12 years began unraveling at the onset of term two in 2012, former AG Eric Holder now gone and in seclusion, with even Michele Obama making a major mistake recently citing hurt feeling and insults from Trump/Birther and her reflexively embracing the Race Card when if everything is copacetic, why even bother to comment at all Mrs Obama?

Because Trump could win this and blow your bullshit into outer orbit Mrs Obama?

It truly sickens me Barack Obama has proven my now over three years writing and deconstructing Domestic Terrorists and Ultra-Hate Group, Black Lives Matter, was fully White House orchestrated and they deliberately set the nation set ablaze and Cop Lives Lost by former failed AG Eric Holder and Obama himself, all to feed his Legacy Delusional Set Design as his pathetic demands to the Congressional Black Caucus at their dinner recently, his demanding, pouting, and whining that its is their responsibility to ensure how that deformed legacy carries on after he is thankfully gone for good very soon possibly with his own indictment,  just his latest stunning admitting that his badly failed presidency has had Personal Political Legacy Agenda as the only issue he would be dealing with in term-two.

That was no joking by the president to his natural allies he ignored for 7.5 years hoping they wouldn’t bury the hatchet into his deserving head.  They won’t, but should given his abysmal record with Black Urban America, but astonishingly, he has become the very first US President in our entire 240 year history to attempt to direct his own failed ‘Legacy Drivel Drive’ while still failing each day in office and which anyone knows is never written by the presidential subject!

Oh yes,much, much more than an affidavit from Kenya declaring Obama wasn’t born there would be nice, but I want to first see Obama’s Columbia and Harvard transcripts and coursework choices, his being a now disbarred and unlicensed former Illinois attorney who had never tried a case before!

I’d never ridden on the Birther Bandwagon, but I’ve also never believed the phony story they peddled about his background either. The Birthers hadn’t thought it all through as to why it took this president until the eleventh hour of his final year in office to produced what they said was his Official Birth Certificate and not Donald Trump, nor any Tea Partier, bothered to ask anyone else born in Honolulu in August of 1961 if they could take a little look see at their original certificates and maybe take a tiny sampling of the paper for analysis.

Why would they not do this simplest of verification and authentications?  Because Trump already had what he needed to know.  That Obama’s ‘people’ in 2008 hadn’t compiled the most rudimentary documentation, is the entire reason people outside of Texas know who Senator Ted Cruz is today!

However, the most valuable document to me is one no one ever bothered to check or ask for and that would be his alleged parents alleged marriage license.  I don’t believe they were lawfully wedded in Honolulu, or anyplace else.  The conventions of that particular time here and around the world would have thrown real and perceived roadblock up to delaying and denying licensing this marriage, his father’s Foreign National status alone would have been a substantial obstacle to overcome in the US within this whirlwind time for the created false narrative for this couple who somehow managed to achieve all of this is remarkably short-order if not world record time.

The Indian Ocean sea lanes along the East African coast in the 1950’s and 60’s were a major theater of the Cold War because of Saudi Oil and Suez Canal which Israel would take along with the Sinai just 7 years after Barack’s alleged birth in Hawaii, which Intelligence the world over believes occurred in Kenya, whose capital of Nairobi was  a super-hot spot of International Espionage and intrigue and part of the British Empire as a Protectorate within the Commonwealth continuing through a peaceful transition to nationhood in 1963, less than two years after Obama’s birth.  Live births would have been meticulously recorded even in the most remote outposts because those babies became British subjects enjoying all of the privileges inherit within which includes unimpeded travel to and within fellow Commonwealth member nations; a policy still in effect today.  Foreign adoptions would have also been scrupulously documented along with passports of all traveling.

The elder Obama would have been closely attended to and groomed to become part of the new Kenyan nation’s Political Class and Britain’s M-15 and Foreign Service details in Nairobi would have also kept meticulous records on him; his travels on BOAC, now British Airways, also meticulously recorded.  M-15 would be responsible for his acceptance at Harvard and monitoring his progress at Cambridge.  Even a brief stop-off and pause in America’s newest state would have alarmed the British concerned about Soviet meddling and wishing its holding across African not disintegrate as other European.

The British are the record keepers of Obama’s father’s rise and drunken fall into oblivion.  Something went terribly wrong for the elder Obama with Kenyan nationhood just two years after Barack’s birth.  Perhaps the most interesting person he’s claimed is family is ‘Kenya Grandma’, ooops, but she dies or got whacked just three days before his 2008 election!

I don’t believe anyone in any of these constructed and contrived family posing pictures shares Barack Obama’s DNA because this former chain-smokers DNA was lifted by the KGB via all those butts he flipped everywhere before he quit smoking! No one in any of the published photographs look anything like him or each other, but rather a group from a busy Nairobi bus stop near the university there.

The now president at sometime in all the time leading up to the 2004 US Senate race in Illinois, maybe actually believed that his probable dual citizenship meant that he could be president here while not being born here!  That is absolutely astounding from this so-called self and campaign described ‘constitutional scholar’ who was never offered a Fellowship at any college or university which is still how one normally begins their becoming a ‘scholar’ and again he was not recruited by top-tiered Legal firms after graduating Harvard which strongly indicates straight C’s and D’s he should have been proud of to share with us, but he still refuses to do that to show some empathy to some kid coming up behind him to find inspiration within.  Nope to Hope and Change which he flushed years back in favor of his ‘Maintain My  Lying Narrative At All Costs’ which he’s been doing each day since he was sworn in.

Bill Clinton, you’ll recall, managed to get for himself a very prestigious Rhodes Scholarship between post-marital girlfriends-on-the-go and blow jobs from strangers while waiting for his Whopper with cheese and fries!

The Senate GOP then didn’t think Obama would even get the nomination.  Your proof positive?  US Senator, Texas Turd Ted Cruz, the only known human who makes Hillary Clinton remotely resemble someone in our species occasionally, was all prepared to accept the GOP Prez nomination this year despite his having been born in Canada and is therefore ineligible.

Local Dem Plantation Bigots, Minority Leader Aaron Ford and cast-off, has-been former Assemblyman William Horne having thrown a very scripted Black Bigots Matter Charade Tantrum that the GOP Haters were sending over two fake-ass Klansman during the GOP’s 2016 Caucus Night in Las Vegas when it was Ted Cruz who had the most to gain sending them,  it was their campaign’s full intent to to ‘Wave Off’ the constitutional requirement that our presidents be US born, since Barack Obama set the precedent in 2008, and repeated it in 2012 as our first Anti-President, his being born in Kenya and sharing dual citizenship in the United States.

The media never mentioned this prime and only motivator for Sen Cruz’s 2016 effort which I’m confident was just an over-sight by them when it is the very turning point and the very key moment of the entire campaign for both parties who’ve kept quiet all this time, when a sitting Texas US Senator known universally as ‘that asshole’, folded what was sure to bring the current illegitimate Obama administration down in our most vexing Constitutional Crisis of our entire history to dateTed Cruz knows what all Washington insiders and the press has always known but probably at the insistence of the FBI, held off to let them complete things on a less nation-ending timetable by letting the 2016 election continue as though our citizens are just a bunch of rubes and bumpkins instead of them having innately and very perceptively sensed as the American public, that there has been something terribly wrong all of this fully exploited by the Clinton’s Unlawful Foreign Money Gorging for those entire same eight years too as Congress said and did nothing and effectively cut-off the foreign-born Obama in some sort of rationalization of their abrogation of their very duties to this nation, pretending now that they in both parties were hood-winked and bamboozled by a sub-par Black Chicagoan Machine Con-Man and an even more sub-par now disbarred former Illinois attorney and current it would seem, illegitimate US anti-president.

The truth however, is that none of them in Congress saw Obama winning the Iowa Caucuses and his never looking back after he did.  He could have come clean back then and attempted some type of rapprochement but his enormous, pretentious Jovian-sized ego within him declined to do so–he was Livin’ Large this fraud and phony and he liked it very much and dared those who knew then and now his crime perpetrated against our nation, to try to unseat him would turn BLM and his racial invective on them!

They gave to him a completely undeserved Nobel Prize simply for being him and instead of him graciously thanking and themk declining to accept it, he read it as a New World Order blessing of and concurrence with his magnificence and moral superiority of his cock-eyed and cloistered worldview, and who in 2016 can list himself and his dreadful presidency for losing for the Democratic Party offices high and low from coat-to-coast, everything it took us more than a decade to achieve with his fraudulent election and each cycle since.  His conceits and arrogance are remarkable for how gargantuan they truly have been regarding his own self-thought magnificence.

Barack Obama is also Muslim because his father was and there’s no such thing as do-overs and wave-offs in two of the three major Abrahamic Faiths people–Judaism the mother passes the faith, and in Islam the father passes it– which is why Obama, who is likely an illegitimately sitting US president was actually bowing to Saudi King Faisal, a Qu’ranic courtesy and nod to Mecca & Medina and which was also the very first time a US president bowed to a foreign monarch and which also very conveniently today after micro sell-offs in recent years to avoid detection and adverse press, now only owns about 281 billion of our 20 trillion dollar debt Obama had doubled with nothing to show for it–-absolutely nothing to show for it here in Nevada either!

Please tell us what kind of third-rate, self-proclaimed ‘constitutional scholar’ covers his blood connection to Islam by stopping by one day over at The Jeremiah Wright Hate Church–which is Islam-O-Baptist pretending to kind of like Jesus for Infidels, when there was the Rev Johnnie Coleman in Chicago and she lays legit claim to name herself as a very big person helping elect Chicago’s first Black mayor, Harold Washington, and is in the very top tier of preachers who unlike Sharpton-the-Hateful, can and does move major corporations and entrenched politicos like Rahm & Daley, and she has a delightful political history herself!

David and Rahm knew Rev Coleman just as well as I did and were loathe to ever acknowledge our Barack Burning Star had gone off of their meticulous, carefully crafted 2008 script for him.  ‘Birther’ was Hillary’s last legit opportunity to end Obama’s 2008 illegitimate campaign effort and she and Bill failed that rather magnificently and which would also result in Senator Bernie Sanders having himself in 2016, the most bizarre about face Epiphany about Hillary Clinton implying to all she had threatened him this cycle, said from the comfy confines of his third home as a Socialist Millionaire who never had a private sector job but married well!

However, what would happen to Obama and Clinton in the not-yet-adjudicated email scandal we know of and the selling of State Department access for donations to the Foundation scheme, is sure to be negotiated convictions with probation to make both of them President and Secretary Asterisks to history and posterity for their affecting the greatest cons and scaterms respectively, in our entire history, this is so vast and encompassing even with the little we know to be fact tonight, is the worst constitutional crisis in our history to date.

This readers is why you’ve seen such overzealous near hourly misconduct by the media, the DNC, the Clintons and their campaign, to try to co-opt any voter misgivings about Donald Trump into some kind of politically retarded redemption, rebirth, cleansing enema of Hillary Clinton’s vast corruption and utter contempt for all of us because we dared to elect and humiliate her by electing ‘that man’ as she calls him, over her in 2008.  We’re all going to have Hell to pay for her high opinions of herself not borne out by a single fact of her entire 2016 campaign nor biography of her lifetime of self limitations, stunning failures, and almost nothing accomplished besides leashing her husband of 41 years who prefers the company of others to her, much as half her own party does too!

We just don’t know is  from where and whom and over which matter that Hell will becoming to us–we know Putin wins whatever the result because we weren’t paying attention and empowered them to take us out by our own indifference and us knowing much more about Caitlin Jenner and Dancing With the Stars this season, than the two finalists for our highest office next month!

God help us all and please forgive us too….after you bless indicting Hillary Clinton and her co-conspirator who became 100% responsible for all of it with tall tales and lies about his biography origins he never bothered to correct delivering to America a false and contrived narrative, the unlawfully elected President Barack Obama, first though!


Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!



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