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Ugly Racist Bigot Aaron Ford: Selling Out NVDEMS And His Very Soul

Posted by Michael Zahara on Oct 15, 2016

watchdogwag-2016-uuuuI thought I had heard and had seen it all in Chicago, that was until I moved to Las Vegastan permanently in 2003′, I would crack wise when I would switch into ‘Stand-up Comedy Mikey’, one of the dozens of my delightful Tranny-selves within my repertoire spontaneously created within me as a coping mechanism necessary to deal with that which I cannot deal with effectively here and starring ‘Psycho-Mike-O’ I trot out when public shaming, constant complaining, annoying crying, whining, along with incessant bitching and moaning by me, isn’t having the desired effect.

Las Vegastan, a locale of amazing contradictions and conflicts so rich and so varied, that within hours of moving here, one comes to believe that if this place is not consumed by fire and swallowed up into the fiery depths of Hell just 6 or so inches beneath our feet here, then God Almighty Himself–a longtime regular reader but only a sometimes fan here–really should apologize to Sodom & Gomorrah, shouldn’t He?

nfl-logo-watchdogwag-2016I’ve heard from a few political friends and allies here that though they too believe the other NFL families will never vote to allow the Davis Family to relocate to hereof all places and we being such a tiny, already very distracted and very disoriented market- and potentially damaging their very valuable, very unique, Pete Rozelle master crafted and exquisitely created tax and Anti-Trust exempt brand no other sport in the world has been able to replicate, would have to be so worthy the great risk involved as well as spectacularly financially lucrative to the other team owners as to be worth this Vegas kitschy, dreamy, gauzy, shaded, jaded, switch-bladed, business model crap-shoot necessary for them all to take, and then requiring for the other owners their complete suspension of their belief and faith within all known Economic principles and market forces and dynamics which only Pete Rozelle fully understood back then.  But Rozelle’s crowning achievement was his also fully understanding tomorrow and the value of the future though unknown but which was then and is still now, the leagues single greatest value and asset, with no one anywhere near to equal to Pete Rozelle post the AFL/NFL merger he exquisitely and expertly crafted delivering to his bosses who owned those NFL Teams on July 8, 1966, the most durable and untouchable brand in global Sports still today.

This Sheldon Adelson ‘Horseshit on Buttered Toast’ proposal coming within the 50th Anniversary celebration year of the NFL merger is worthy of a smirk, grin, and a smile from those observing this latest Civic Calamity in Clark County for the Raiders to be allowed to abandon Oakland for the second time and leaving almost 100 million in current venue rehab financing still owed and related infrastructure costs also due, but in one of the NFL’s major and most lucrative markets with some of its highest income census tracts and congressional districts, it is patently ridiculous to consider that Sheldon and Las Vegas visitors and taxpayers who get to take all the risks but get zilch in potential profit or rewards in this latest flaming burning bag of dog shit proposal, aren’t being used by Davis for anything other than his extracting for himself and his bottom-line, more attractive to him terms in Alameda County California which is very used to and quite familiar with the Davis Family’s particular brand of bullshit!

new-vegas-logo-10-5-2016That English author Benjamin Tabart was so prescient and spot-on even knowing way back in 1807 that this place we call Las Vegastan would even exist when he penned his deceptively named ‘fairy tale’ Jack and the Beanstalk to be about this very place where any old asshole with a Bag of Beans & Bullshit to sell to those knowing nothing about beans but wishing to be had and sold out so that they may have something to bitch and moan about when it all falls apart, this while pretending that they are all Pioneers in Green Beanstalk Technology Initiatives, and other such taxpayer-paid extortionate schemes and scams where even I will be on board and cheer-leading the loudest when UNLV finally embraces its true calling and opens the logical and critically necessary, ‘International Graduate School of Confidence Men–CONMAN Tech for short–given the Bullshit Factory assembly-line here since Statehood Henry Ford himself would be envious of its remarkable consistency of product and innovation and our gutless and gullible Political Class running it with which this latest civic catastrophe using public taxing capacities is to salute and pay homage to, the Vanities of everyone involved.  

Knowing instinctively who is going to be doing what, it’s the Science-of-it-All proven here once again what it takes to get something truly awful and completely inconsistent with sound fiscal civic policy in a world where dollars are tough to come by, and get it passed with everyone congratulating one another and rationalizing their own votes of support.

aaron the baron of the ballot watchdogwag<—Leading all of the Dems in both bodies to their demise, Ugly Racist and Bigot, piece-of-shit Aaron Ford permanently extinguished his once burning bright Party star and will never ascend to the US House, the US Senate, or Nevada State Constitutional office for his selling his very soul this past week just to get his obnoxious old lady out of the house with something to busy herself with here. 

He will wear this hyper-corrupted vote as an albatross around his sell-out neck for what’s left of his political career.

You didn’t let us all down Aaron Ford, you fuqn sold us all out along with your very soul, just to grease your bigoted old lady getting appointed to the bench here, and you’re a fuqn asshole for doing so too!

The sticker price of this stadium has grown exponentially since its birth with no explanation given why its grown by hundreds of millions and remains the largest public financing stadium scam in US history. We’ve been had and the middle-men and brokers took a bigger cut but which keeps growing by leaps and bounds.

The incredible speed at which this boondoggle moved rivaled even light itself!  There were too few heroes and the others succumbed to their own vanity and insanity. Gone forever for Dems all thanks to Aaron Ford, is any moral high ground necessary to have in personal possession to get things like mental health and public safety funded anywhere near to acceptable levels as thousands and thousands of people wander the streets of SoNev needing care and meds and hope and homes.  These poor wandering souls oblivious to what occurred, much like the Aaron Ford lead Democratic politicians who joyously voted for it, forgetting the enormous capital NVDEMS and Harry Reid Inc has expended for some 20+ years hating on Sheldon Adelson’s brand of Corporate Civic Terrorism in our ‘at-will, right-to-work’ state none of them have ever bothered to change these anti-worker, exploitative laws as our union leadership is gorging themselves on the very highest salaries and benefits born on the broken backs of those exploited the most by them, their own subordinate, indentured union member workers!

And of all people, there was Harry Reid himself, the malignant cancer and pox upon us all, and the very worst senator and Senate Majority Leader in our nation’s history, working our Dems on the phone like the whore that he is for, well I’ll be damned, our party’s arch enemy, Sheldon Adelson, Harry Reid told us we were required to hate on as much as we possibly could, remember all that fellow Dems?

Oh my yes, we’ve been had, and we’ve been had very bad and are very mad, not glad, at being so had.  Repeat this often to help ease your pain: My bad, so sad, not glad, to have been so had so bad!

10298788_10203708329251306_826852226923339229_nThis is what happened to us here folks courtesy of this very special of Special Sessions sure to become required coursework study at our CONMAN Tech!  Astounding from the beginning of this was that this Governor would even call this session to convene and it occurring hours before the nation votes in the most caustic and divisive federal election in our entire 240 year history, was no noble act of grand civic statesmanship by Governor Sandoval, but rather forced political gamesmanship by Las Vegas Sands and its Chairman/Potentate Sheldon Adelson who though a blushing billionaire, is ‘an icky Jew’ who is not part of ‘the club’ here according to the guy across the street who believes himself to be a ‘less icky, thus more likeable Jew’ though he joined Harry Reid becoming one of our state’s Two Blind Old Bitches when Elaine got his optic nerves in their divorce settlement, and Sheldon still believes his hotel and Expo center not having a stop on the MonoFAIL was done deliberately and to hurt his enterprises here, which of course, it was!

Sheldon your place not getting a stop on our failed MonoFAIL has less to do with you and your anti-union shit here, and its all about how it is that you use your political power here which this time bent our Gov and our Senate Majority Leader to have to deal with your express Vanity tantrum at the poorest possible timing because you do not have faith Roberson will hold his majority and you panicked and saw the Special Session as your last clear shot before the legislature convenes in February trying to block LVCVA expansion which you’ve convinced yourself also harms your enterprises here, but which was approved too leaving you a big ol’ bag of flaming burning dog shit at the end, and not a whole lot to show for the big cash you’ve laid out.

Sheldon, you’re often times a meshugana putz who can’t see the forest through the trees.

I think we have to also include Aaron, Mark, Pat & ‘Kelvin, the Dumb-ass Bougie Boy’!   This cosmetic showcasing showed to us why Dr Aaron Ford is still too green and naive to lead much of anything besides his cheering his ignorant, ultra-anti-cop, and BLM apologist super-bigoted wife, Berna Rhodes Ford’s expectation and demand that she be appointed by Governor Sandoval to the Susan Scann vacancy in Clarke County for her keeping Aaron clueless and whipped, and him also looking and sounding politically retarded as they both think they’re being slick by getting for her this completely undeserved appointment to District Court under the guise of Aaron voting yes and near tearfully doing it ‘for the jobs’, when in reality this was only about one job to Dr & Mrs Ford, isn’t that right Aaron?

Berna Rhodes Ford may already believe we’d had elected her ‘co-State Senator’ and chosen her ‘co-Minority Leader’ too with our votes for her house boyoh, umm, I mean her husband Aaron!   Our precious little petunia, Berna Lee–one of three drama-queen immigrants from Texas-stan in this story–desires all the benefits of riding her husband’s toil to get himself elected, but she wishes none of the drudgery or actual work required to get herself elected to our benches here!  Imperious, Lazy, Unmotivated, Entitled, Insufferable, and a Big Ol’ Bougie Bitch are just a few of the colorful remembrances and recollections of former co-workers and cohorts over her 16 very long unaccomplished years of her ‘practicing’ law here and not having much to show for it!

carolyn-essex-2016Minority Leader Aaron Ford remembering fondly what it was once like, wishes to get himself laid again is what was the price of his leading NVDEMS to the edge of the cliff and their jumping off vote for this Shittiest of Shitty deals: The very worst public stadium financing scheme and scam in US history which Dr Aaron Ford deliberately cut the public out of profit participation while saddling the public with all of the risks and burdens and all done at his insistence!

Until this fiasco, Aaron was expected to be the Dem nominee for Dean Heller’s US Senate seat should he come home to be Gov in 2018 instead of enduring that very long, arduous flight home from DC, our badly failed current Senate Majority Harry Reid did absolutely nothing to correct about flights out of Washington’s Reagan National barred by law from flying nonstop from there to here, but he did kill off the Wright Amendment opening Texas back up for Texas-based Southwest Airlines!  Way to look out for Nevada Harry, you big dumb-ass!

Anyway, Aaron Ford got played badly by Majority Leader Michael Roberson and now Aaron and his Dems own this horseshit stadium proposal of Adelson’s 100% in-full whether is comes to be or not…and Sheldon didn’t have to spend a dime on them because Aaron is too naive, green, and wet behind the ears to even be Minority Leader in his first term!  Rookie Ford took Roberson’s bait and Sheldon threw his first old dude chub in years, positively gleeful the Nevada Senate vote was so damn easy for him because of Roberson’s skill set!

No wonder Michael Roberson is like the Hebrew Son he never had to the Big Hebrew on the Block here!

The whipped at home Ford, got his sorry ass whupped in Carson City too and really got himself rolled like a Texas-stan hayseed and hick by Michael & Sheldon!  The big dumb-ass!

Advanced congratulations to 2018 US Senator-elect Michael Roberson, I couldn’t believe my own eyes seeing the roll-call votes come across on this one!  You’ve proven your mettle is the gold medal standard here and showed us your superior skills worthy of keeping the Senate in GOP control Michael!

bigot-black-lives-matter-extortion-2016-watchdogwagRacist bigot Aaron Ford however, prior to this stadium debacle he now owns, completely failed to vet his own heavily encumbered candidate, Nicole Cannizzaro in Senate District 6,  whose recklessness, thoughtlessness, and callous disregard for the Constitution as a bigoted, racially prejudiced, and grossly incompetent Deputy District Attorney here, could ignite Clark County in months and months of violent Black Lives Matter protests here!  

<—-Bigot Nicole Cannizzaro for SD06 has enough baggage to bring the entire 2016 Dem ticket down with her!

Everyone from all persuasions is rightly very concerned about this bigoted woman having gained the endorsement and support of the Nevada Democratic Senate Caucus Aaron Ford heads up and completely failed to do his due diligence as her husband’s lobbyist baggage is enormous and very disturbing itself, but along with her own alleged nefarious connections to underworld figures in New York state, should have had her bounced out the moment she showed up…

…except that she didn’t just show up, Aaron Ford went out and found and recruited her!  Jesus Christ, what a hot mess!  Nicole Cannizzaro should have been demoted or fired by the DA’s office but Dr Ford didn’t see a problem running her for the Nevada Senate because he never looked or even bothered to ask her anything before slating her for this year!


bigot-berna-rhodesd-ford-9-6-2016-forst-lvmpd-meet-up<—I’ll extend my sincere apology to Captain McDaris here and then personally when I next see her, for my affecting she being used by this monster-bitch to affect for herself a possible judicial appointment 

Just a few days later, Berna-Bitch declared her demand that she be appointed to the Susan Scann Eighth District Court vacancy as her husband Aaron was putting the final touches on the selling of his very soul and that of the Democratic Party to Sheldon Adelson, to ensure that appointment for Berna comes through using this Facebook posted photo to incorrectly imply she is supported at all for appointment to anything by law enforcement here!

The bitch used me and my invite to EAC to leave the impression with Governor Sandoval that she just loves our cops and is fit to sit on our bench, instead of her being the racially prejudiced and biased bigot unworthy and unfit to sit, she has always been!

Governor Sandoval, appoint anyone else to this vacancy, even a bag lady at the bus stop is more worthy than this dreadfully cynical, hateful, hate-filled woman.

Atrocious, appalling, and cynical from these two interloper Texas Democrats, isn’t it?  And all done just to get themselves an appointment to District Court here she’s too lazy and entitled feeling to work for, they’ve sold the soul of the Democratic Party out along with his very soul, to its local arch enemy and anti-Dem casino magnate and his lemmings!

It was a banner day for evil in SoNev and the dreariest of dismal days for Nevada’s weary taxpayers and citizens as we hang our heads in shame and bitter disappointment and anger for having been played so badly for fools by our leader ugly bigot Aaron Ford along with even uglier bigot Mrs Ford, who are both celebrating and laughing at us all today!

Mike Zahara Siganture
Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!



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