Vote Heck, Kihuen & Hardy, Tarkanian, & D’Silva

Posted by Michael Zahara on Oct 19, 2016

batshit-hillary-2016A very hard check on her with your US House and US Senate votes for the GOP is very necessary for US voters to deliver if she is to be elected next month as the most reviled and detested president in American history!

There will be no honeymoon; America simply hates her and she’s earned that over her 25+ years of lies and deceit looking down her nose at all of us!

What a dreadful cycle for Democracy at the top of the ticket this has become for America with a criminally negligent and complicit Hillary Clinton likely to win without my vote next month, the only option voters now have is to place a hard check upon her appalling hubris and corruption by their voting GOP for House and Senate candidates to place the hard check necessary to cripple and paralyze her illegitimate presidency before she is impeached and removed from office for her vast and all encompassing criminal conduct while Secretary of State using her office as a turn-style and cashier’s office for her husband’s phony Foundation efforts to enrich them both.

John McCain said yesterday that the Senate will block her Supreme Court nominations.

9-26-2016Except that I have no doubt President Obama will pardon her as he leaves offices–codifying her illegitimacy–and she in turn will pardon him upon ascending to the White House–codifying his illegitimacy; then all Hell breaks loose and the Congress our only hope to contain her.

It will be an American first; the incoming President of the United States pardoned before her 1st hour by her predecessor during his final hour, just to keep her quiet about his own illegitimacy Vladmir Putin has known about for a dozen years as he’s done whatever he pleases under Obama & Clinton; the United States doing nothing at all as he did it!

The Las Vegas Sun tipping its hand that even that shitty little paper knows it too, posed a question to the candidates about how they feel about foreign-born being barred from the presidency in their Monday October 17, 2016 edition.  Why on earth would this question wish even be broached now?

Answer:  To begin to prepare us for what is certain to come out when the dust settles on this cycle.

From Monday’s Sun:

6. The eligibility clause of the Constitution says: “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five years, and been fourteen years a Resident within the United States.” Should any of these qualifications be dropped?

Do we need an asteroid to fall onto our heads to understand what happened to us with Obama’s elections and everyone else in the world lead by Putin knowing what we will not acknowledge as Americans: That we elected an illegitimate shyster to the White House twice?


smccmCatherine Cortez Masto has failed badly distancing herself from Harry Reid and his toxic poison upon the Republic and our state.  She got a terrific introductory start, but turned over her entire campaign to his crew and they puked out typical Washington-insider assembly-line crap and she deserves to lose November 8th having lost mine and my family’s votes which is difficult because she is a fellow parishioner I told the day we met that she was US Senate material.  She proved herself completely unworthy of election this year by fully supporting Anchor Babies and yet another Amnesty which would legitimize 12 million illegally here and she fudged her grandfather’s immigration to the US by playing pandering politics.  She showed her true colors and flipping us all off and crowning herself Nevada’s most extreme and strident pro-Abortion candidate supporting infanticide up until birth and she no longer believing in Roe’s ‘fetal viability’ standard and Catherine Cortez Masto today is completely comfortable with killing viable fetuses up until birth because she’s childless and barren and she sees no issue with women killing their babies or their fetuses either.

Retired Metro Captain Larry Burns assisted her in her TV ads, but instead of using his near win 2014 sheriff’s race totals and giving him his own showcase ad time with her, Harry Reid’s people chose to ignore that, instead grouping him in with other law enforcement including Metro’s retired highly corrupted and badly failed Vice Sgt John Hayesa garbage cop if there ever was one at the LVMPD and no one at the LVMPD was sorry to hear it when he put in his retirement papers and finally got the hell out of Metro after Lombardo won the Sheriff’s office.

No one with a functioning brain would ever edit a TV ad to have garbage Hayes follow good-guy Burns which is also how you know someone creating it had no idea about Burns’ cache and that Harry Reid Inc created it!  Outrageous disregard and disrespect to Burns and to the value of his endorsement and donation!  Incredibly thoughtless of Catherine to approve this too!

Catherine also plays fast and loose with the facts on Sex Trafficking, she having done absolutely nothing to advocate mandatory minimum sentencing for male and female Pimps of legal age victims under our woefully inadequate Pandering statute which should be called ‘Pimping’ under the NRS which hasn’t been updated in years with most getting probation or our cushy Conservation Camps instead of hard time which is why Las Vegas is over-run with Pimps today with perhaps the worst possible person at Metro now overseeing Vice as its now Deputy Chief and infamous convicted serial Domestic Abuser who almost brought the entire Department down before USDOJ and COPS came calling on the former sheriff.  Cortez Masto was silent about his DV when she was our AG back then too, her outrage always selective and politically motivated, she never apologized to Brian Krolicki either and voters this past June ended the Justice Court terror of Conrad Hafen who carried out the hit on Krolicki for she and Harry Reid, and voters should end Catherine Cortez Masto’s senate bid now in return too!

Nobody wants Harry Reid II in the US Senate or representing Nevada anywhere regarding anything.

dr-joe-heck-2016-watchdogwagI know Dr Joe Heck to be an honorable man and he is proudly endorsed for US Senate as we begin to cleanse the state and our nation of the stench of Harry Reid!


Anybody but Dina Titus!  Dina hasn’t had a clue or a good idea since Red Rock and she lingers on and on like a political cadaver and the tired, has-been, old, cranky White woman in the most ethnically diverse District in the state she should not be representing, her own time and value having ended nearly 2 decades ago and she just won’t let go.

barney-rubble-titus<–She’s not happy and neither am I!  I’m so tired of her hyper-partisan Progressive bullshit too! 

Damn, do I miss Shelley, don’t you?

Her time on Veterans Affairs has been a travesty and a national embarrassment, she unable to notice that this is the very worst Cabinet level Department which does not work and exists solely to keep hundreds of thousands of bureaucrats employed when our Vets were ignored under the failed and now unraveling ObamaCare disaster and should have been moved into Medicare Vet, but no one cares about them, especially Rep Dina Titus whose answer to 650,000+ Vet Disability claims backlogged, was to further empower the bureaucrats who have no incentive to do their jobs since Titus and Congress’s VA decisions always have the bureaucrats as their top priority.

a-new-reuben-cd01I’m voting for Reuben D’Silva who’s an actual veteran and a SoNev teacher too and you should vote for him too!  Check him out and see why I’m liking this kid the more I learn about him!

He’s got a pleasant disposition and would be a refreshing new addition to the US House from NVCD01.


Danny Tarkanian is enthusiastically endorsed over the  inexperienced, unaccomplished Jacky ‘The Lackey’ Rosen who never lifted a finger or ever did a damned thing for NVDEMS and its candidates Harry Reid found her under some broken solar panel and anointed her when no viable Dem in the District would take the bait! 

jacky-the-slacky-nvcd03-2016<–CD03 airhead Jacky ‘The Lackey’ Rosen found playing under a broken solar panel and anointed by Harry Reid Inc!

Danny Tarkanian will provide a hard check on Hillary Clinton and is expected to be a GOP leader when the House and Senate deliver veto-proof majorities beginning in 2018.


reuben-kihuen-2016-watchdogwagReuben Kihuen is a friend whose political birth at his Assembly launch ten years ago I was an invited guest to witness and he is endorsed, but has moved so far to the Left, he’s also given voters no reason to fire Crescent Hardy who is also endorsed!

It is patently offensive for Reuben to equate his family’s lawful immigration to the United States to that of bigot Astrid Silva and her criminal parents who barged right in and demanded to cut to the front of the line.  In 20 years of playing for undeserved sympathy, she’s never once headed over to INS to get herself legal and to the back of the line where she belongs!

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Michael Zahara

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