Judge Suzan Baucum’s Tide, Raises The Entire Race

Posted by Michael Zahara on Oct 26, 2016

I’m too effusive, I know, but she has saved 10,000 political daggers this season from being aimed by me at others here by simply becoming Nevada’s Premier, #1 Political Campaigner!  Nobody touches her in the entire state of Nevada for any office this cycle and she’ll likely beat Hillary Clinton in Clark County.   Sheldon, Judge Suzan Baucum is ‘ The Political Story of the Year’ for your Kibbutz-Review-Journal and she’s right under your schnoz and that of your blood sonny-boy who is not your Michael Roberson-truer son and on a coffee-break for over a year now?

You’re both missing a gorgeous campaign effort here, very rare to witness, though all the more noticeable this caustic cycle, and still, nothing in your R-J Sheldon?

sheldon-peacnik-lasvegastan-2016<–Yeah, peace brother!  Far-out man!  Pass the Bong Bro!  Don’t Bogart that Joint man!

Sheldon, you’re such a schmegegge!  Do you even know you own the state’s largest and most important media?

Half of the national Democratic Party has always diligently hated-on Hillary Clinton going back to the time when she was the only ‘straight’ woman at Wellesley College of Non-Lesbians  and which only recently opened its International School of Fuq Up Police Chiefs within that ever growing segment of America and who’s town’s police chief of one of the most affluent areas in Massachusetts, decided to lecture America and its police forces earning the ire of far more than me!

In case you’re wondering Sheldon, no one at Dave Thomas Inc bothered to tip-off an even bigger story beginning in spring about what is transpiring in Clark County for this very special and very gifted Western High School chick who thought this all out one morning way before filing, she’d been concerned about low turn-out this cycle like the political pro she’s become and she’s executed perfectly too.  I’ve pretty much told everyone in both parties for any office, to observe Suzan out-and-about before letting her know you’ve been doing that and before asking her advice and suggestion.

‘Oh Jesus Zahara, it’s Justice Court‘ more than a few ‘political genius’-types have told me when I mentioned her, and my response, ‘Exactly, and so what?…’

That it’s a traditional Republican in Ms Baucum who’s neutralized a Dem Fem completely unworthy of the Dem presidential nomination or the possible win this year and no one at the R-J saw any value to even a paragraph about this block-by-block year plus building story somewhere because she’s a ‘yucky Republican’ and you’re said to be one of those too Mr Miriam’s husband!  Sir, are you able to read their own biases of your own staff reporters who are belching crap out about Hillary in stories which have nothing to do with her and they’re doing disservice to your paper and feeding the anti-Trump narrative, but his wobbly political legs have been in also wobbly ascent in recent weeks too with anything under 5 points winnable by either.    I’d fire five at the R-j , right now,today!  Call me brotha Sheldon cuz in 2014, you’d done something you had never done prior, but you fuqd that up too making me wonder if you’re seeking advice, taking it, or drawing  Old Dude Doodles again!

Sheldon, you now own the state’s largest and most important media bar none, but you’re acting like a Media Putz, not a Media Baron, with your new toy!  Oy Vey!


Through agile, persistent, and a probable constant annoyance to your Senior Staff Sheldon, retired LVMPD Captain Larry Burns convinced you to donate to his 2014 campaign and he never got to take a bow or a victory lap on that very newsworthy first donation for this office because you, without so much a Yankee Doodle Dandy Doodle asking you to do so, you also made the same donation to now Sheriff , but soon to retire, Joe Lombardo!

Larry was delightful earlier this year re-telling to me what occurred and you Mr Stadium Titan, took the wind right out of Captain Larry Burns and his campaign and he’d never recovered–people had asked of me these past two years if I could name what it was that finally killed Larry Burns for Sheriff in 2014, well kids, that very first Las Vegas Sands Corporation political donation to a Clark County Sheriff’s race was the final, fatal shot.

sue-joe-watchdogwag-2016<–Two of my very favorites with both Suzan and Joe sharing a very rare quality in political people today:  The knowledge that they’re not the most important person in the room, nor do they care to be, or set out to become when they started out, which of course, always makes them the most important person in the room anyway!

You’d be surprised how few people understand what I’m saying when I say this!

I’d have fired Andy Abboud on the spot, it was such a stupid move politically for you Sheldon.  By donating to both candidates the same amount, you erased the political value of your own donations, and dumb-ass Andy should have pointed that out to you as you got the checkbook out!

…and no one at over 22K per month advising Burns’ 2014 Sheriff’s Race saw it coming either–three washed-up, washed out Carson Critter Dems at that time, nor did the three know-nothings, know how to cut your donation to Lombardo off at the pass before it did its damage because through the 2016 NVCD04 Dem Primary Race, then candidate Larry Burns’ former corrupted and unqualified, unprincipled ‘manager’, failed NLV Fire Flunky Fuq Up, John Oceguera of NLV, had his own corrupt designs, aside from stealing that 22K per month, but in also stealing Larry Burns’ proprietary and privileged campaign Email and Street Address Lists, which liar and thief John Oceguera just outright stole from his client Larry Burns and turned around and launched his very own NVCD04 race with that treasure trove List!

Of course, I was volcanic and livid enough for everyone, but Captain Burns refused several entreaties by me to publicly correct out the fraud and theft done by his then consulting house, Strategies 360.

So despite the 2014 Clark County Sheriff’s Race becoming the very national model of what is politically possible to publicly occur when both candidates determine that their campaign’s will operate with the very highest of standards and then even higher expectations of each of the candidates themselves–there was that little fuqr operating under the radar, himself determined to say fuq you to all of us and my writings here from late last year and earlier this year promised to you all that I wasn’t ever going to stop firing on Asshole Oceguera, but my not telling you readers why that was necessary from me:  Because though that I tried multiple times and failed, but gave to him several options to consider regarding Burns first suing John Oceguera and his employer, Strategies 360,which did not do any due diligence or background check on Asshole Oceguera who at the time of his hiring, their firm was nothing short of desperate to get any traction or even a simple win in Nevada after years of trying and failing here, and their placing John, rather than logically Marcus, in charge in this state and of the Burns campaign, and their finally scoring of their first substantial cash-generating candidate in Captain Burns in 2014 and them doing damage to the Burns Family’s very unique ‘brand and reach’, and then by my suggesting Captain Burns notifying and apologizing to his muscular 2014 fans and donors, that this proprietary information had been stolen by John Oceguera.

Captain Burns declined to do anything at all after he learned Oceguera was using his Lists to solicit funding for his own failed 2016 failed NVCD04 race myself and others worked very hard to starve of funding and by choosing to do nothing at all, Burns had let Oceguera’s 2014 treachery go unchallenged and diluted, if not ended, any attempt at another Burns try for the office.

Though not unique to our tiny Tumbleweed State, this  type of consultant gross misconduct must always be called-out, labeled, and even legally rectified because this Human Garbage former Speaker in John Oceguera was trying to feather his own personal and political nest using Burns’ Lists first without informing him or asking his permission and as Wiki has been showing to us, the onus being on the candidate to first, do their level best to protect their donors and their proprietary information from Predatory Political Identity Thieves like John Oceguara and its 31 year old company now called Strategies 360 and its CEO boss Ron Dotzhauer and company president, Eric Sorenson to be held accountable.

I regret that I was unable to move Larry Burns to bringing this 2014 Burns Campaign breach by the always dependably despicable John Oceguara to satisfactory conclusion with Oceguara rightfully terminated and a significant damages settlement with the Burns Campaign because this was a simple US Mailed letter sent to those donors with apology and declaration that no ma’am, Mr Oceguara does not enjoy mine or my family’s political endorsement for anything, and I’d like to personally apologize for his misuse of our 2014  political campaign’s valued friends and donors and their contact information’.

That’s it!  Nothing else more was necessary and the matter would have then been concluded.

Burns’ mail recipients had no cause for action, but by his inaction, we can and will extrapolate that Captain Larry Burns as the 2014 candidate, certainly was embarrassed that his own manager did this to him, but still today, coming up on two years after the fact, Larry doing nothing actually made it worse because ‘Integrity’ was the dominate theme of his failed 2014 effort and when he became aware that his manager screwed him yet again, erred by further enabling pure political dogshit like John Oceguara to pull shit like this again.  Larry Burns’ reputation dating back decades of a 27 year career at Metro was ‘Integrity’!

I haven’t heard from him since mid-summer, but saw him in Catherine’s very crappy ‘Cops Love me’ ad and he and I spoke in great detail  this past January about what this ‘returned thank-you to Catherine’ for what she did for him in 2014 for him, Catherine Cortez Masto, shocking all of us there the day of his 2014 launch at Police Memorial Park, she standing right there next to him, then her speaking on his behalf to great affection and appreciation in an over-sized crowd in the only gutsy thing she’d ever done in her political life!

It was a spectacular, grand ‘Moment in Time’ giving me goose flesh witnessing and my knowing what it was having been very blessed to have witnessed this kind of political rarity before!

If she loses, she’ll regret it the rest of her life for not paying homage in her 2016 effort to the spectacular Moment in Time for Captain Burns she herself created!

That ‘wowed’ the shit outta me that day and I shouted it out here right away–we’d never seen this cross-party star power used so well and so effectively before in Nevada!–but alas, she’s actually lost mine and other votes for how inappropriate, pedestrian, and uninspiring Larry’s 2016 ad for her truly is because no person remembering that beautiful day in fall of 2013, would ever have used him this way and that her corrupted and creatively negligent Harry Reid Inc people did this year’s crap to her because they’re running things, not her, everyone failing to respect that Moment in Time for both Catherine and Larry.

I verbalized how this ad should play to him then again in an email to both, and there’s not much one can do if someone doesn’t see it the same way you may.

Details matter and they matter very much as this dreadful 2016 national campaign is showing to us.  They’ve missed an opportunity to take an opportunity over at Catherine Inc this year because she delegated the details to Harry Reid Inc, and none of them give a flyin’ fuq about details!

My just beginning year 37 last week of my political Activism is long past the idealism and altruism of my youth, reinforced instead today with the sturdy durability of Brand and nothing matters more than protecting Brand and Reputation in this vile period of our nation’s history.  You could say that history by definition, is of course, very ugly!  We do terrible things to one another and have done these terrible things since Adam and Eve and are instructed to remember our collective history so that we may not repeat doing these terrible things.

But alas, we never learn from our own mistakes and this terrible year of terrible things, even at this very late hour when the game is almost concluded, can anyone tell to me when it was that either Mr Trump or Mrs Clinton has ever spoken to our Better Angels at anytime during this entire campaign?

That’s why I wanted to give to my good friend, Judge Suzan Baucum, a big kiss and a big hug here today for intuitively, instinctively knowing that voters this cycle were enduring an unquenchable thirst for a good, solid, classy effort campaign to follow!  I sent all who asked me to watch Suzan’s effort!  She has built for herself extraordinary Brand in SoNev and she’s quenched the thirst of so many of us longing for our politics to be as good as Judge Baucum has delivered to us this campaign cycle!  Thank you again so very much Suzan for showing to all of us that politics is what candidates determine to make it to be and that no, we do not have to succumb to the garbage being forced fed us at the top of the ticket this cycle, nor throughout the lower offices down-ticket either!

A very special shout-out to her Campaign Partner and visionary husband Todd!  This extraordinary and exhausting effort is very much because husband and wife have approached this as a partnership effort and we are a better electorate because the did it this way too!

Atta boy Todd, you sir have a very big fan in me too!

You ma’am, could and should teach a Master Class on the subject for you’ve run the state of Nevada’s very best campaign effort in 2016!

She doesn’t yet know it, because she did not set out with it as her goal, but because she has done her 2016 campaign so well, as the polls close at 7PM on Election Night, her appeal having become so broad and her reach so great, Judge Suzan Baucum will ascend to becoming the most popular, electable, and powerful Republican in Nevada!

She’s earned it the hard way and no one in this state deserves it more than my buddy, Suzan Baucum!

And I wanted the Big GOP Donor who owns the state’s Big Paper to know that he and his very biased Reporter Staff are still missing the biggest and the best story of the local 2016 cycle too!  

Stop being a schmuck Sheldon and go out and cover this woman yourself for your paper!

Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!



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