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More 2016 Endorsements….

Posted by Michael Zahara on Oct 29, 2016

Never to be Gov Betty Lou Steve SisolaK 2015Watching CCBC Chair Steve Sisolak whore himself all over the g*ddamn place for Sheldon Adelson and his ‘Ain’t Never-Gonna-Happen Dome’ was something to behold, wasn’t it?  He’s still got Las Vegas Sands Spooge all over his many chins and all over his tie too.  Absolutely disgraceful was his misconduct over the stadium!

If ever there were a drumbeat calling for some people to be turned out to Clark County’s Pasture for Old Political Fuqs, it’s this year with both Sisolak and Do Nothing, Say Nothing, Is Nothing, Lawrence Weekly, himself a complete waste of Butt-space on a Chair on that Board if there ever was one! Celebrating his 75th year on the CCBC this year, I can’t name a single thing Larry Weekly has ever stuck his neck out and even passively advocated for or against, can you?

weekly-2016-watchdogwagSure, it’s tough for Larry Weekly not being a Tranny like Yvonne Atkinson Gates or Lynette Boggs MacDonald who at least had the three names required for the FBI to have files on both!  Boy, oh boy, Yvonne sure got the hell outta here fast as lightning, remember that kids?  I remember speaking with Judge Lee Gates way, way back and he just seemed to me to be exhausted by the upkeep and maintenance fees of his corrupt as Hell old lady. 

My favorite memory of Weekly was him showing up at NVDEMS’ State Convention once in a blue denim jumpsuit ala the 70’s Temptations!  Poppa sure as Hell was a Rolling Stone, huh Lar?

crooked-bitch-2016We were seemingly moments away from renaming the airport Yvonne International and then she was just gone one day!  Poof, gone, ‘member that kids?  That bitch knew how to do her corrupt shit and split as fast as she could and do it in a big cape and matching hat too!

Sisolak, Weekly and the rest of the CCBC hacking the Hell out of Metro and then breaking their arms congratulating themselves and Sheriff Lombardo for nearly replacing during the Special Session, those hacked officer positions under the last sheriff, and this time gaining replacing them with yet another increase in the regressive Sales Tax…if the CCBC approves it and which today, I am not supporting yet!  You go Chris G!

Anthony Osnaya against Weekly and Michael C Thomas against Sisolak are endorsed!

Bigot of all Bigots and perhaps the CCBC’s most racially biased and prejudiced member is newbie Marilyn Kirkpatrick, she of no Black-American friends at 147 years old, who along with previous former Speakers, couldn’t find anything for Harvey Munford to Chair in the Assembly, broke all of her all-time bias records just a few weeks ago, appointing NLV’s LDS Town-Crier, Stephanie Smith, to her Assembly vacancy cuz she’s a White woman, a dependable big ol’ bag of tears and snots whenever something tough needed to be voted on, and in minority-majority NLV, nothing matters more than keeping minority-majorities out of power in Marilyn’s Blurry World.

Then Steph was ‘excused’ absent from the vote, surely crying her g*ddamn eyes out again in some broom closet up there, I’m sure!  Not a peep from ol’, and I do mean OLD, Mar about her appointee being absent!

fupa-kirkpatrick-watchdogwag-2016<–Seen here sporting a HUGE g*ddamn mega-FUPA up in Mesquite, Marilyn Kirkpatrick  epitomizes that NVDEMS is only all about Euro-White women who are home-wreckers and marriage-enders, first and foremost!

Only fussy, prissy, all 100% whiny White bitch-inside Kelvin Atkinson has a bigger Supa-Dupa FUPA!

Which is also why they still elect their Muni Bench ‘at-large’ which is a known Voting Rights Act violation which denies minorities the chance to access and elect one of their own to the NLV Muni Bench up there!  Thousands will vote against their own interests this year casting their vote for her bigotry and racial prejudice!

Very publicly destroying her boyfriend Tom’s marriage, wasn’t good enough for the emotionally needy and greedy Kirkpatrick!  Nope, no sir, this year by appointing the neon-White Stephanie Smith, she deliberately bypassed the universally supported Jo Cato to fill her temporary seat, and showing to all of us once and for all for those who had any doubt left of her intense racial biases and bigotry, what she’s all about and always has been about:  If its White to Marilyn Kirkpatrick, its Right!

Kevin M Williams is enthusiastically endorsed!


I tried to like Harmony Letizia despite her having a gi-normous head on her A-Frames and she wearing leotards and barrettes in her hair, and patent leather flats, I really did.  She is personable but she can’t seem to ever put her device down–I mean EVER, she is addicted to it–even at her own fundraisers and we were stall neighbors in the Ladies Room once where she was texting her ‘lil tits off while she was taking a mega-dump a Teamster would have blushed at the size of her monster shit and the accompanying gas coming out of such a petite ‘lil thing!

Don’t get me wrong here, I can appreciate a woman who can lay a mega-log into the commode and text a friend at the same time cuz I once walked into the bathroom at a political friend’s home only to find her brother naked and eating a Subway sandwich while taking care of his business!

Though too young looking and not angry, bitter, and ravaged by time like Judge Betsy Gonzalez, she has left a bitter taste in a lot of mouths seemingly trying to buy a bench with her family’s connections to the Goodman’s who are our state’s Official Fossils unearthed at Tule Springs National Fossil Bed for Political Fossils where Harry Reid has a plot awaiting his return to be with his ancestors for all eternity!

Phil Kohn WatchdogWag 2016Harmony had nothing to say to voters when her colleagues at Phil Kohn’s Kamp for Clueless Public Defender Fuq Ups decides to insult all thinking persons aware that Black Lives Matter is a Hate Group & an Extortionate Enterprise and that wearing their logo into our courtrooms is not protected ‘free speech’ and her ignorant bitch colleague who was doing this stupid shit protesting in our courtrooms was equating cops wearing the black band over the star to honor fallen officers as the same thing, you silly bitches!

What a fuqn bubble-headed dipshit!  Jesus Christ!  Harmony honey, a grown-up who wished to become a judge needed to take a stance against your stupid-ass, ignorant colleague misunderstanding that her job is not as a billboard for Hate Groups while on duty and it took LVPPA’s new Chief, Det Steve Grammas, to point out to these idiots how offensive this public stance by our PD office is to our officers here! 

Phil Kohn is still picking dried, crusty Spaghetti O’s out of his monster mustache btw, had no problem politicizing his office supporting Hate Groups and its time that he leaves and finds other work.

By happenstance, I met Det Grammas recently and he and new PMSA Chair Sgt Michelle Jotz are getting a piece here all by themselves too cuz I have become a very big fan of both and you readers will be too!

Judge Jeniece Marshall hasn’t given any of us any reason at all to fire her and she is endorsed here for re-election!


mindie-on-fact-of-life-2016-watchdogwag<–Now we know what happened to Natalie on Facts of Life!

Couldn’t you just fuqn barf this livery is so g*ddamn awful and unflattering to Natalie?  Where the fuq was Toodie when you needed her A Gnat?

Excuse me while I wretch and dry heave a sec!

A Gnat Levy has been very entertaining to watch this cycle in this race’s battle between Bella Abzug’s Twin vs LDS in Judge Eric Johnson. It’s Hebrew vs Mormon and she doesn’t have a prayer but will do well among our local Hebrews carpet-bagging her way into town from Cali, she picked a fight with a guy who OK’d ESA’s and is therefore a local hero to our LDS friends especially.

A Gnat chose the always boring and very bad red, white, and blue for her livery which is sooooo g*ddamn boring and is a negative right out of the gate subliminally telling to voters that you’re a politician first and you’re just fine wrapping yourself in the flag, which we all hate when politicians do that kind of shit!  Oy!

She printed with bankrupt A&B Printing which is currently defending itself in Judge Denton’s courtroom for the most despicable conduct I’ve ever witnessed here proving A Gnat did no due diligence prior to deciding to run because no one with any standards or sense of fair play would ever do business with this firm if they knew about what is transpiring in Judge Denton’s courtroom as you read this!

I want you back though A Gnat, but I’ve got to endorse Judge Eric Johnson here hon!


bita-bob-and-larry-2016-watchdogwag<—Judge Bita Yeager on her 7th cup of coffee, I think, was trying hard to look interested in what Commissioner Larry Brown was trying to confuse she and Councilman Bob Beers about at Avery’s Coffee Shop earlier this fall.

These three are the smartest people in Nevada, Bob Beers and Larry Brown also married very well!  Bita, well that jury is still out for a while on that though!

Bita Yeager–known here as ‘The Brows’-– has done a good job since being appointed by that complete total fuq, Brian Sandoval, and is married to AD09’s Steve Yeager too, proving there must have been a shortage of available men wherever she came from cuz the man is all about donuts and the 6th Amendment and both have earned my affection and enthusiastic endorsements too! 

bita-and-bob-2016-watchdogwagbita-and-larry-2016-watchdogwagThey are the most unusual power couple this state has ever produced!  She’s running against someone named Kerns who no one gives a rat’s ass about and he’s running against that GOP Gardner dude who thankfully beat the hyper-corrupted Minddie Lloyd and ending her corrupt shit here for good.

Oh, and of course, Larry Brown is very enthusiastically endorsed here cuz I have a shrine built to him since endorsing him for mayor which Chris G fuqd up for all of us!


fldoh-argentina-clarke-2016<–This local woman from the Dula Senior Center just about kicked Chris G and Susan Brager’s bigoted and condescending asses last time out for their both treating Judge Karen Bennett like a 5 year old child when she was before the CCBC about funding issues and she’s leading the Kickin’ Ass for Karen campaign this year to!

Judge Karen Bennett is a longtime Dawg favorite, she is bad ass and one tough broad too and the R-J still has a hard-on about her being too defendant-centric which is falsethat’s just Glenn Cook hatin’ on her without facts to back him up.  Karen insists that Metro and the DA’s office do their jobs and not fuq up her courtroom which is not only reasonable, its what all judges should demand out of both at all times!

She’s running against a little fuqr named ‘Vinny’ and my not wishing the RJC to have a ‘Vinny’ on the bench for fear Marisa Tomei will show up unannounced and fuq that place up and demand another undeserved Oscar, there’s no reason to fire Karen Bennett and she is enthusiastically endorsed here!


judge-joe-watchdogwag-2016You can’t shame the shameless and perennial loser Bruce Gale has no shame, or any pants on and is a complete total fuq again this cycle.  Taking on Joe Hardy was just silly cuz Joe is a good judge and despite his dream that judges be appointed here and without term limits no less, has proven to be an ace campaigner and very comfortable and confident out on the hustings!  Judge Hardy, you’re the very argument against appointing our judges you’ve gotten so good out there so please have faith that voters know what they’re doing like they did with Connie the Crappy Judge earlier this year and that though she whupped your ass by a country mile this cycle, you came in a very distant second to Judge Suzan Baucum this year running a handsome, stylish, and complete campaign effort! 

You too built Big Brand sir, not your fuq up consultant who is a moron, you did that Joe…enjoy the fruits of your substantial voter totals on Election Night because you earned that connecting with your voters which his other clients will never know because he shelters and cocoons them away from the very people a judge especially wants to know how they’re processing our court system here!

Michelle Leavitt Las Vegas<–Judge Hardy, you are also not only a finalist, but almost a sure winner of being placed in charge of Michelle Leavitt’s make-up application every day cuz I know you can ride her sorry ass to get that lipstick onto her lips and not smeared around her nose like she does!


Vicky AD34Victoria Seaman for SD06:  I’m supporting Victoria with all I’ve got this cycle because this is my SD and she took the biggest risks and the very thought of Aaron Ford as Majority Leader should be enough to terrify the entire District. He would be an unmitigated disaster as proven with his stadium leadership done just to get his bigoted wife an appointment to District Court here.  Aaron Ford is a phony and a charlatan with his lips firmly upon Sheldon Adelson’s ass!



Vote NO on question 1:  We now have more guns than people in the US under Barack Obama and these silly measures punish the law abiding gun owners while doing absolutely nothing proponents claims it will do!

Vote YES on question 2:  Tax it and regulate it; the War on Drugs is a failure and Obama proved his phony bullshit ordering his DEA not to reschedule weed just this past summer and adding insult to injury. commuted federal sentences of hundreds, some who’ve gone out and recommitted felonies again, while Obama did absolutely nothing to reinstate federal parole as a logical companion to these early releases so that we may have a level of checks on those he’s just freeing and returning to unsuspecting communities.

Again, and again and again, I want to see those poor Obama Law School grades even more than his Kenyan birth records!

Vote NO on question 3:  We saw what a deregulated market did next door in California and in other states and it was a disaster.  This is Buffet vs Adelson--billionaires fuqing with our power supply!

Vote NO on question 4:  Saddling Sales Tax payers with Metro’s More Cops increase kills off this idiotic proposal and the R-J is correct and almost all of the Sales Tax exempt should be shit-canned because lobbyists paid off our legislature in what George Will calls ‘rent-seeking’: the government picking winners and losers for us via the tax code.  I agree he Sales Tax is regressive and its even more so with thousands of items tax-exempt here by their purchasing our corrupted Political Class and since the local Sales Tax is deductible on federal tax returns here, its time to kill off all of the Sales Tax exemptions once and for all, not expand them with this stupid-ass proposal.

Vote NO on question 5:  This is a BIG oh fuq no!  So long as Nevada’s fuel taxes dump into the General Fund to pay for things other than roads and transportation, don’t ever vote to approve such thoughtless measures as this which has us down here, paying for all sorts of shit up North with zero accountability by anyone to anyone else.  This is the most outrageous tax scheme to come down the pike in ages and should be firmly rejected by voters or its going to fund stupid-ass shit like elevated roadways for Sheldon, and Light Rail at grade-level and MonoFAIL extension to Mandalay Bay for Heather’s fuq up of a husband!

With 1/16 of one penny of the County’s gas taxes, we could fully subsidize Amtrak returning to LAS to LOS service and fully fund construction of a spur line connecting SoNev to the BNSF in AZ to bring very necessary competition to the Union Pacific, which without that spur line, has us paying some of the highest freight rates in the United States hobbling our local economy.

The RTCSN and the CCBC won’t consider either, so let them starve for revenue until they begin to start making long-term decisions that benefit all of SoNev, not just the two giants on the Strip!

Vote no, no, no, no, no!

Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!