Erin Made Me Do It Shannon!

Posted by Michael Zahara on Nov 3, 2016

I wasn’t going to write of the 2016 Nevada Assembly races this cycle and sent Erin Bilbray-Kohn a note that I would not be doing so but without explanation from me for why not!  She promptly responded and asked that I vote for and support her sister, Shannon Bilbray-Axlerod, who is running to be my AD34 Rep replacing now ally and friend Victoria Seaman who should win her gutsy SD06 race!

shannon-axelrod-2016-watchdogwag<–Shannon Bilbray-Axelrod for AD34 with some slug named Danny something or other, back when she had different hair and only Judge Karen Bennett has had more new hairstyles per week than Shannon and both are endorsed here as requested (ordered) by her sister Erin!

In fact, I did just that on November 1, 2016 at my Albertson’s Early Voting Site! Congrats Mrs Axelrod, you sister’s word was good enough for me and I brought about 60 votes just in the neighborhood too.  I hope you don’t mind.

It was nothing personal, I think Shannon and I have met once, but I did not see her out campaigning, nor did I go out looking for her either.  My frustration with the NV Assembly goes back to super-hater Barbara Buckley and her then sidekick Lyndsay Jydstrup while I was in Party leadership.  My former Rep, the unaccomplished, the uninspiring, and the unwashed underwearer William Horneno one in Nevada wears a Gar-animals JC Penney suit better than our ‘lil William!–and who the Party flushed after he proved himself to be of no value to anyone about anything.  Seemingly in Party leadership for an eternity, myself and no anyone else in our District could name a single thing specific to our District that Whacky Lackey Horne had ever done for our District while his  Step ‘n Fetch It lips were always firmly implanted onto people like the vile Buckley and the bile Oceguara.

web1_state_assembly_dist_34<No one with a functioning brain which knew anything at all about drawing legislative districts, would have ever created this AD34 calamity, but there was William Horne crying like a little bitch and holding his dick as no one at NVDEMS Sued the Map and the NVGOP didn’t sue itself either, when no matter what side you’re on, you always Sue the Map and just don’t roll over and accept it because the final post-suit mapping will produce the best available maps until we finally do what Cali finally did their reapportionment mapping–taking it out of the hands of politicians!

Just because it wears a ‘D’ has never been good enough for me as a voter and I’ve always advocated that you cast a vote for the best man or woman, not the party, and that in positions like the Nevada Assembly–where good ideas go off to die if Madame Speaker is in snit yet again that day, I once wrote–especially after your first term, you had better be able to see a fierce advocacy to issues specific to your District and that your name as its Rep should be all over it too!

hqdefaultnnnnnnnnn<–William Horne was our District’s do-nothing head-nodder Shannon, always very happy to get Missy Barbara another cup of tea and a fresh tampon whenever she bellowed and beckoned! 

He’s doing the same for Hillary Clinton now though she hasn’t needed a tampon in decades and just likes to show off the string hanging from her beefy twat at campaign stops!

William Horne was a major disappointment to me and to many others. Shannon. I gave him a second chance when he ran for Judge and I endorsed him, but that time his ass-kissing lips were Krazy Glued onto phony charlatan Sen Aaron Ford’s bony little ass and William simply refuses to be anything other than the always dependable ‘House Nigga’ he is perfectly comfortable being!  William Horne’s wispy, non-existent political legacy left behind in the ashes is one of a modern-era Nevada Minstrel Show on the old Chitlin’ Circuit!

William-Horne forgetten in AD34<–Some of us have goals, aspirations, and standards.  William Horne does have standards, they’re just very low standards!

Horne was so gawd-awful in his judicial run, Judge Ellsworth flipped me and I don’t see her ever losing my vote or support, because she did what most politicians are chromosomally adverse to ever doing:  Adjusting and changing direction and approach!

ellsworth-2016-watchdogwag<—You go Judge Ellsworth!  Bravo!  You had a woman I know in your courtroom this year and she relayed every stinkin’ detail of her experience and you had earned her respect for how you comported yourself post-Shubert and that needs to be shouted-out here by me for you!  I’ll be visiting your courtroom and all the others in early 2017 to see for myself!

Judge, if we had elected William Horne, is there any doubt left he’d still be trying to pull his nasty-ass drawers out of the crack of his ass again right now? 

Thanks toots for the save of our community’s courts from having Horne see his worsting Michelle Leavitt as a personal challenge!

I’d like to thank Governor Sandoval who I’ve been blasting here for Margins 2.0 with regularity, for his folks not advancing Aaron Ford’s hyper-bigoted wife, Berna Rhodes Ford, for consideration to replace the late, great Judge Susan Scann Everything Aaron did selling out himself, his very soul, and that of NVDEMS during KibbutzDome, was to get for her that appointment.  I detest politicos who come into public life with hyper-corrupted goals such as Aaron and Berna’s; they are exactly what’s wrong with American Politics today and they and their corrupted cohort who believes that only non-Latino she can speak to and for the Latinos in her District, Senator Pat Spearman, should take their hateful, hate-filled carpet-bagging back to Texas where they came from.  The Phony Fords, in over 16 years of residency in Nevada, one is very hard pressed to name a single thing either has ever stood for or stood up against, other than lining their own pockets with the graft which flows like sewage everywhere here!

no-way-berna-bae-2016<–Color me very disappointed with those three assholes!

Yep, at another time, Erin Bilbray and I feuded, it resolved, and we’ve kept in touch and this past year more so than usual.    Her NVCD03 run ended before it ever began and the very second I saw that her creatively negligent, lazy-ass Harry Reid Inc handlers puked out Tessa Hafen Part II for her, I was so angry for them doing that to her, angry that she let it occur to her by approving it, then smiling for a long time to myself that Erin, the Godmother of Emerge NV, went through 5 managers in that failed CD effort, cuz that was very funny and I knew when she got over that awful effort, she’d be able to poke fun at herself while speaking with those new Emerge classes sharing her experiences which no book or training can provide about how to keep your composure as everything is falling apart for you!

LVMPD cost to NVDEMS is a secret 2016 watchdogwagShe did a fine job there, but this past year was another horror for her and many times worse too.  Erin Bilbray saw how insane people can become when drunk with power or presented with the fact they they could lose their power.  There was nothing funny about any of it which is why I didn’t write or comment widely about the blood and guts of it all.  It really was painful for me to witness and know about and I cheer-lead her drooping little ass as best I could; but her 2016 hurt was taken very personally by her because she had done nothing more than support a 192 year old Jewish guy from Vermont who happened to find himself owning a new 2 million dollar home up there when he threw his support to HRC and after his never having earned a dime in the private-sector, but marrying very well like that ketchup-coated little fuqr, John Kerry did!

She not only survived it, she flourished finding TV was very welcoming to her and forcing me to rethink about what’s next and what’s best for her!  That’s why I didn’t want to write about you or vote for you Shannon; to me, it seemed disloyal to Erin to vote for and elect you before her if that makes any sense at all to you!

She and I will get together after this election and though I didn’t ask, I suspect she and many other Sanders supporters who can’t cast for Trump, will cast for Johnson and Weld!

Prior, I may have thought Erin Bilbray too nice and too soft around the edges to become a successful survivor in this blood-sport we call American Politics;  I no longer have that view and your sister earned her Battle Born, worn, shorn scars like a Navy Seal!  Today, I can see Erin (below) saying to someone who looks at her with venom again—

erin-bilbray-2016‘Oh yeah, you gotta problem, huh? You wanna piece of ‘dis bitch, huh?  Come on Junior Missy cuz I will kick your fuqn ass and still get the girls off to school, bitch!’— post-2016 Erin Bilbray at left

And because she asked me to do so, I’ve endorsed you and I voted for you bringing a bunch of folks along for the ride Shannon Bilbray Axelrod and I’m going to ask that you represent AD34 first, that you always remember you have no friends at NVDEMS, and that you will always have your voters affections and votes so long as you make every decision with them in mind first; they will not forget you at the polls even when they disagree with you!  I promise!

If you choose to be Shannon Horne instead, well then, umm, your sister can fill you in on how I can be sometimes!

Best always, God speed, good luck and become our champion in AD 34!



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