Progressive Bullies and Haters Need A Hug!

Posted by Michael Zahara on Nov 12, 2016

How absolutely satisfying and delicious to witness the streets of America today exploding with violence because our processes worked!

I’m not one to gloat or look down my nose at the vanquished but I do have a great feeling inside for us having Smacked that Smug clean off their faces and I’m happy they’re all hurting so badly because that’s hysterically funny to me their having invested more than 25 years telling–well, shouting, yelling, and sneering at us really–how wonderful Hillary Clinton is going to be as our first woman president, this Gift from God’s summer place in Park Ridge bestowed onto us from Arkansas where requiring to hate her became enshrined in their state’s constitution no one down there even knew that they had laying around in some desk drawer down there!

The never-ending condescension and contempt dripping from the DNC, HRC Inc, and to a lesser but more disturbing extent, Bernie Sanders’ supporters too, was revolting to witness this utter contempt for all the rest of us not worshiping she and her inevitable presidency eight years long delayed because of ‘that man’ she’s still pretending she doesn’t loathe for denying her being the president we’re all going to love so damn much and revere like an American Evita which he took away from her in 2008! Their embarrassing 2016 post-election whining and sobbing and carrying-on is psychotic and proof positive that these persons and their absent values should not be anywhere near to national policy issues, the White House, any sharp objects, or God forbid a loaded firearm just laying around somewhere Gabby Gifford could be popped again with it by a gun and religion clinging deplorable!

Clinton Inc 2016 did nothing but insult, disparage, denigrate, diminish, and destroy anyone not marching in jack-booted fascist lockstep with them–this is Progressivism’s Ugly Playbook and they openly warred with their own party faithful over a 147 year old Jewish guy multi-millionaire Socialist imposter pooping in their Dem sandbox who never worked in the private-sector and never passed a bill in 40 years in Congress which these poor folks ‘identified’ as their Hero Grandpa Geezer cuz they don’t much care for their own beer, Old Spice, farts, and Fritos smelling Grandpa who is unable to make spectacular promises like free college for all and getting those damned crooked Wall Street fuqrs too like Bernie could do just by his expertise in being in a constant state of outrage 40 years running they admire so much about him!

They insisted that this campaign and this Clinton presidency was a foregone conclusion; but they didn’t run the Coronation Campaign needed to make that work for her.  Hillary Clinton managed to make Donald Trump into a superstar by her even acknowledging him at all.  She gave to him credibility and doing it so well along with thrust and lift which kept propelling his forward motion even as he was near penniless at points!  The most ominous sign that this effort of hers was failed before it even began was that Trump’s crowds never diminished and grew larger as the campaign wore on.  A compliant TV media took to never showing her with crowds because she drew none and they ignored showing his crowds at all which were huge everywhere.

After my soldiering through these past 18 months of DNC Progressive Extremist corrosive hate and caustic invective sewage, watching and reading these little crybaby bitches implode and explode into tantrums and tears after failing to elect their Queen of the Barbarian Vulgarians, I couldn’t be more proud of my fellow, more normal and rational Americans electing Donald Trump to the presidency Tuesday!

I voted for him, I endorsed him, and I also said that I thought him ‘a moron most times’ and my not being too terribly concerned about his being that because he is in super-duper majority good company among his fellow citizens.  Our national Vanity Insanity is quite much to digest, we are especially obnoxious and self-indulgent as a people, generous to a fault, we believe that our collective national generosity relieves and redeems us which opens the door wide for the con-men and creeps, the pimps and the poseurs to slither in, ingratiate themselves, feast themselves uninvited to our bounty, and corrupt us and our political processes, and even turn our own laws against us.

13 million illegal immigrants demanding we ‘reform’ that which needs no reform because we did nothing wrong except not taking all federal funding away from Sanctuary Cities hell-bent on doing US Foreign policy on their own!  Add to that potentially 500,000 Syria refugees and I was about to call Michael Dukakis and get his sorry ass into the 2016 mix too.  I sincerely supported Joe Biden jumping in as  a bit of a Nutty Buddy but one who has a soul and values I respect and have known about since the 6th grade.  Biden declined saying he wasn’t interested in finding a severed bloody horse’s head in his bed again this year!

Joe Biden would have won the presidency had he run this year!

Hillary Clinton, the entire media, the Establishment and the Entrenched, tried every hour of every day to paint Donald Trump as the Pimp that slithered into mess up their 2016 plans forgetting we all knew we’d be having our nation’s first First Pimp Bubba.  Each mention of Trump’s females by emotionally unstable women interested only in other women scooted him up further and served to make him her equal insofar as legitimacy, something only the clueless and comatose would suggest as a valid option for such a reviled woman whose super-high negatives were never far from voters being reminded about every time ‘The Kracken Hillary’ blew up about the toilet paper being hung incorrectly or Bill’s spooge being found all over everything except her!

Yeah, sure we wanted to relive that national nightmare bullshit upon us again!

25 years now they’ve been working to make her our first woman president which had another far greater cost of blocking the paths of other Dem Fems who wished to run for president during this quarter century of time wasted nursing and burping and literally diapering a mean, bitter, vindictive, furniture and lamp throwing, drunken & drugged out head-case who treated staff and WH personnel like the dog shit they are to her especially when she would step in Bill’s pet dog Buddy’s dog shit laying all over the fuqn place just to piss her off and to provide obstacles to her storming in on another rendezvous with whomever was nearest.

1,000 gay men always nearby and at the ready, put her in the very best of the Jaclyn Smith line from K-Mart to signal her shift away from Wal-Mart–the only thing she’s changed about herself over these past 25 years–but they couldn’t get her polyester-addicted poopie-ass out of those g*ddamn pants suits and for that final debate they dressed her as Chairman Mao or maybe it was Sargent Pepper, or Dr Pepper?  I wanted her in sack-cloth and iron shackles, kneeling on broken glass and self-flagellating with razor barbed-wire for her daring to Darken America’s Doorway again with her bullshit…and while under investigation yet again!

As a National Treasure, I thought it a good idea to order for our Pussy Farts Nancy Nation a big Safe Place for our Obama-created emotionally disabled unstable unable to cope knowing their parents raised them to be dopes and mopes unable to cope and me so tired of their whiny-ass shit and our new Safe Place Prison Camp for Millennial Misfits Obama Mentally Messed Up is a lovely little place I’ve found they’ve called MexicoHasta la vista bitches!

Mrs Clinton possessing historic super-high negatives first scored as she was leaving her mother’s birth canal in the early 1900’s, it was the longest of long shots that she wouldn’t be popped just for driving like the psycho-bitch she is around Chappaqua running over squirrels, cats, and little kids on Big Wheels.  The presidency?  Well, apparently no one had told her that anyone would beat her sorry, condescending ass if she so much as shit in her pants suit again in 2016!

25 long years wasted waiting for a Enabler and Denier mega-bitch who was never going to redeem in voter eyes!  She lost this by developing the mega-bitch within her so well and not adjusting a g*ddamn thing about herself.   She foolishly promising to be Barack Act III revived Trump’s fortunes again.  Her campaign and its Facebook Terrorist Corp averaged 142 trillion mentions of Donald Trump’s name each hour and they defeated themselves doing that stupid ass shit.  Imagine his reaction to being completely ignored and not responded to at all ever!  He would have been suicidal his ego is that needy and greedy for attention but no one thought of doing that because no one on her team was thinking about much of anything including Hillary Clinton.

In a nutshell, even Danny Tarkanian would have whupped her sorry fat ass!


We the People, are our nation’s braking and containment mechanism of the politically exuberant, expansive and frankly, retarded, and through political processes of national elections, that’s what we finally did this past Tuesday: We finally hit the brakes hard and I am ecstatic for us as a nation and you should be too!

‘How did we get to this place?’, I am known for saying and writing when trying to untangle a mess or jump into the deep end of the pool attempting to correct out that which got us to ‘this place’ in my personal, professional, and political lives.  I will make the declaration here and now that Proposition 78 in California and the very worst mistake of the Carter Administration—the completely unnecessary and destructive creation of the United States Department of Education—though not at all related, set into motion this historic Moment in Time we’re blessed to be witness to, and yes, it is a blessing what we’re about to embark on because this forthcoming time tests and pushes to its very limits, our founding principles and whether or not we truly are a nation of laws, and if these laws today are serving those founding principles and the nation.

I’ve had some doubts we could flush these Progressive Bigoted Fascist entitled feeling little fuqrs killing off our country and poisoning the Body Politic by their always being aggrieved about some fuqn thing by  our firmly rejecting Hillary Clinton and her intense hatreds of We the People and our traditional and conventional values and mores she finds abhorrent and repugnant, though her becoming the Democratic nominee in 2016 could not have ever been accomplished had she not come from those very traditional and conventional values she despises so much.  Her likely ghost-penned, ‘It Takes A Village to Raise An Idiot’, clearly devalues and rejects everything her own mother and father had provided for her to grown to become such an obnoxious weather-vanned woman with no solid core beliefs despite the created and constructed bio, because whatever it is that she does believe in on any particular day, is always subject to change if its political value to her has changed too.

Her new ‘Super-Predator’ haters over at Black Lives Matters, despite their being infused with enormous amounts of George Soros’s Hate Cash, used it against Hillary Clinton despite her elevating these vile Cop Killers in stature at the 2016 DNC saluting for all of America to see Obama’s War on Cops which he still steadfastly refuses to call this group the Hate Group it truly is, and at the DNC  this past summer, Mrs Clinton choosing to stand with and honor criminals over Peace Officers 25 years after her very public Super-Predator stance!  Unbelievably, some Progressive Fascist hard-asses in her campaign thought that this would drive voters to the polls and she agreed and did it believing this would patch things up with voters of multi-millionaire Socialist Bernie Sanders!

Oh, it drove voters to the polls alright, strengthening Donald Trump with each BLM Hate Fest rioting and looting and innocent Cop killed and delivering something else the Media has not reported: that today America’s Police Chiefs, its Police Departments, and its Commissioned Police Personnel are enjoying some of the highest public approval ratings they have ever scored—all thanks to Black Lives Matter whose tireless efforts at being complete total fuqs were Donald Trump’s secret weapon and provided the big boost he needed to  win!

Suffering through these past eight years of a horrifically failed president who cannot admit he is ever wrong or that ‘his vision thing’ is completely inconsistent with the core values and principles which are this nation, was arduous, often tedious, and enormously frustrating to me to witness our societal degeneration and decline under Barack Obama’s complete utter contempt and disdain for all of us, despite his lofty lefty platitudes and grand pronouncements we loved in 2004 and elected in 2008 and 2012, were nothing more than him constantly reinforcing his firm belief in his own omnipotence, in Relativism as superior social doctrine, and a vein of super-Globalism previously unseen on our shores.  I think he really sees himself as the Commander in Chief of A New World Order and the Globalists must have thought that too granting to him a Nobel Peace Prize simply for being him, his having accomplished nothing more than winning the presidency and that he didn’t have the decency, nor possess the values and principles necessary for him to graciously decline the unearned, undeserved Prize, tells even the stupidest among us, that though the package is pretty, its contents are that of a person who was comped into everything his entire life, his having never broken a sweat to earn something, never having struggled a single day in his life, never identifying as a Black man, and his not being aware of the value of earning what hard work and toil brings to the human soul.  He actually believed himself to be worthy of a Nobel Prize; this Obama conceit readers is Progressivism and is Relativism in its rawest and ugliest manifestation that we’re enjoying seeing what this really is on the streets of America since Donald Trump won Tuesday delivering to America a firm bitch slap-down of all of Barack Obama’s eight year Contempt Crusade and 25 years of Clinton Community Cancer!

Mistaking his much higher approval ratings for our desiring a third-term from this catastrophe–instead of it being all of us sitting there politely waiting for his bullshit to finally be over–and Hillary Clinton who lost half the Party at the 2016 start in Iowa and didn’t see that as a major connection problem for her and she instead went further and further to her very Far Left tumbling herself right into Lake Stupid Shit when she can’t swim and that extinct Blue Dogs like me wouldn’t do anything to assist her but would leave a note at the desk for the Lifeguard to call the Coroner.

Obama’s arrogance, disdain, and gross incompetence has been simply breath-taking to witness for me given that I didn’t just vote for him in 2008, I went all in expending more energy and effort than ever before but having to admit on these threads in 2010 that we should have nominated Hillary Clinton in 2008 and my principles offended by Obama and my not being able to vote for him in 2012 or vote for her for anything ever.  His failures are that enormous in his first-term and none of us yet knowing how bad it really was–and we still don’t yet know today–with almost everyone leaving the Administration after Term One and the Media silent and disinterested.  He didn’t make her his VP fearing she would whack him and say it was an accident and that the toaster just fell into the bathtub but that she couldn’t recall how it fell in!

It was also truly frightening what he’s done as his presidency could no longer sustain carrying the enormous weight of his colossal conceit and narcissism co-opting and taking as his own Black Lives Matter and deliberately igniting America and BLM killing our Peace Officers to get attention off of these many failures of his and how it was that he didn’t know of Hillary’s unlawful server while he was chatting her up using a fake name while on it?  Or about Huma Abedin, a lawyer, not signing–and still not signed today–anything required by law of her during his first term? And apparently AG Eric Holder not informing him about the server but we don’t yet know about wtf his role was in any of this because inexplicably, no one has subpoenaed him to testify under oath though he, not yet Loretta Lynch, was the Attorney General ordering about the military to accept Transgenderism and igniting Ferguson, MO after having taken a public pass on Las Vegas only months earlier while all of this EmailGate was occurring live and under his watch!

Mr President-elect and new Congress, your first order or business must be to restore to the Department of Justice and to the FBI, its integrity by undertaking the full investigation and disclosure of what these people were doing even if President Obama pardons everyone as I’ve long suspected was the deal.  Your bringing closure to this corruption is requited sir because we must have faith that DOJ and the FBI cannot be compromised by Progressive Bigots or by anyone else.  AG Lynch and Director Comey’s conduct, statements, and actions throughout this mess were so out of the norm and unprecedented, they shook the very core of the career personnel and of the American people regardless of Party affiliation.  I hope against all hope my speculation that a shadow investigative was running concurrent with this bizarre and unprofessional misconduct by both so as to explain to us how Ms Lynch thought it at all appropriate to have a chat with Bill Clinton on his jet and for Director Comey to not have any interest at all in having former AG Holder deposed under oath given he was the AG when all of this was happening live and in real time?

Where was Congress wishing to ask these same questions?

Then a week before the election, pariah Eric Holder comes out of seclusion and denial in an Op-Ed piece in the Washington Post excoriating James Comey’s handling of his role in EmailGate but without any comment from him regarding what he knew and when it was that he informed President Obama that a Clinton private server was receiving classified USSOS emails the Russians were hacking in real-time every day since it began in 2009?

Was Eric Holder fired for not advising the president?   Was his quick departure announced in September of 2014 at all related to his express knowledge that Mrs Clinton had broken the law and that the president knew about it too and did nothing about it blowing it off like so much else including his daily NSA briefings about ISIS and which would come out in deposition?

Is this the reason he inexplicably has not yet been called?  Was he not called so he wouldn’t lie under oath and telling the truth forcing them to indict Clinton and Obama?

Is this the reason Obama was so hyper-partisan and divisive on her behalf on the campaign trail too?

How in the Hell can any credible investigation of her misconduct not include the Attorney General who was seated for all of her time as Secretary of State?   The arrogant and lecturing Holder himself reminded all of us while feigning outrage at Comey in the WaPo that he was once the long serving Chief of the Public Integrity Unit which begs the further question given such esteemed credential, how could he not know what was going on and was he given a pass knowing his misconduct was also indictable?

After he deliberately omitted facts about Ferguson, MO such as no one had used the levers available to all to ever file a bias complaint there over thirty years of Black-American majority in a 21,000 person suburb when the public had done so over years in Las Vegas with 1.8 million and USDOJ had nothing to say about it except get better training under COPS and done without even a Consent Decree penned?

USDOJ like all else in Washington, is broken but fixing it must come before all else.

That someone thought it viable to bring up Trump’s female troubles as a liability during the campaign must have assumed we all had forgotten she is married to a Serial Sexual Predator who defiled the Oval Office and an intern among many other misconducts. Pro-Hillary Progressive Bigots flooded Facebook with the most vile political invective I have ever read and causing me to seriously reflect and consider how many of these Progressive Bigots I know well, have worked with, have shared my political life with and how though rare for me to unfriend, I did so a number of times because I hate Facebook and what its all about and what its doing to our national dialogue but participate because about 110 readers asked that I link my political Blog there.

Facebook is Hate Media, the Clinton campaign had TV, FB, and Print media in their pocket and still Progressive Bigots deny what Trump called ‘rigged’ and I called ‘gamed’ as a better descriptive. The streets of America today are filled with the hatred and invective which Progressives brought into the DNC instead of forming their own party and I have railed against them for years here, and in my public life, calling them the Community Cancer they truly are and are showing to the entire world that voters were correct Tuesday!  Its going to become truly sickening in the coming weeks and months, this what Progressives and their bigotry depends on to remain relevant to groups and people who are fascist by deliberate design and the most intolerant people you’d ever met who commandeered a very willing DNC becoming in America in 2016, Germany in the 1930s and vehemently denying that’s what they are and have become to the American public and a world watching us begin to correct this out now, their response is going to be bloody and deadly because that is the Far Left haters and their bigotry which is their fuel and inspiration and its just who they are and how they roll!

The DNC, Hillary, and Barack now four days past, still won’t accept any blame or responsibility at all.  Obama delivered his fourth election cycle Dem bloodbath in a row and still won’t accept responsibility and that phony ‘racism’ is not the reason he’s such a tin-eared stupid fuqr!  Pelosi & Reid kept as now failed minority leaders was also offensive to voters who see both being as toxic as their policies and president became to them.  We needed new faces after 2010’s horrific bloodbath loses, we didn’t get them, and Dems ate three more election cycles cuz they wouldn’t step aside.

My readership took some big leaps and thousands of new people visiting these past months passing me around like a Fremont Street whore which I enjoy but I don’t track or SEO and remain a free-use platform and thank you all for stopping by too.  My buddy Daniel Halseth called the race very early on and closer to exact than almost anyone else but credited a more Brexit-like reasoning than was true for voters in the US.  Many of you should remember Dan as Mr Elizabeth Halseth who I share with both of us having Metro and RJ assassination attempts on us thwarted. He is in Dallas and happily remarried and we’re collaborating on some things and he reports his children and ex-wife here are doing fine and that he survived what he went through. Remarkable from this remarkable guy who’s a fighter and survivor and smarter than shit too, the little fuqr!  I’m very glad we reconnected here during this campaign my once being very concerned about his well-being knowing how dirty this shit can become!

President-elect Trump has to have a smooth, drama-free transition and deliver very early on a Contract for America-like, Newt Gingrich-type surprise move in Congress and get that major business signed as his protection from a Dem comeback in 2018 because Trump over-reached and mistook his win for mandate which is always fatal except to Gingrich the year that move made him Speaker Superstar, devastating Bill Clinton and Dem dreams until Barack came along after Gore and didn’t have a clue how to run anything his having been in the US Senate only 20 minutes in 2004 before beginning his 2008 campaign–too arrogant to learn, too stupid to ask any questions–we bought a damn good speech for 10 trillion dollars of Obama Debt.


Trump may be crude and boorish but his buildings are done exceptionally well and sell-out quickly because of his attention to detail--he’s a perfectionist which could also derail his presidency if he doesn’t learn how to tell to Senator Mitch McConnell, ‘You’re Fired Asshole!’; he knows his customers well and indulges them and we just became his customers is how he views his election. Hopefully someone is informing him how bills are born and managed within that Branch and that Friday’s are ‘West Wing Casual, Clothing Optional, two-for-one cash bar’.  Our lovely suite at Trump Las Vegas is beautiful and tasteful and if you locals can picture this and recall, his project here was supposed to be twin towers but financing was tough so he began with the current tower and choosing the site which when coming up from the South on Las Vegas Blvd, sits perfectly front and center with his big huge name viable for miles.  He knows Marketing and he knows America’s 2016 electorate and appealed directly to them and won the entire Midwest scoring the biggest ‘get’ of the night using some undisclosed new tool to get there and surprising me with his skill and savvy resulting in the previous piece and me thinking the Clintons had scammed us again!

I am very pleased that they did not and you should be too!

I expect the president-elect to deliver Federal Term Limits and and the Five Year Lobbying Ban; those two alone will cast him as the most successful president in over a half century they are that necessary to preserve and protect the Republic.   So is ‘the Wall’, but that wall is logically a federal legislation wall which clearly defines that: ‘Those in the US unlawfully who give birth while here without sanction; their newborn children are not US citizens by birth with all the benefits of US Citizenship therein, but rather of the mother’s home nation at the time of their birth.’

It really is that simple a solution to end this illegal invasion done to steal America’s generosity and should have been passed decades ago by either party but hopefully passed now by both.

DemoFascists & Bigots  are expected to continue crying and whining and torching America demanding special class status and oodles of benefits for our ever-growing Parasitic Class whose Entitled Feeling and Demanding cretins know nothing other than demanding Freebies for Freeloaders and voters rejected that Tuesday turning off the federal Spigot for the Bigots whose outright orders to us to Comply or Die brought the 25 year long national nightmare of Clinton and Obama Progressive Hate and Bigotry to its rightful conclusion.

We survived a Civil War for God’s sake and you big crybaby little bitches in your Safe Places fearing Trump cuz you’re all annoying little pussies and voracious Users and Takers in America, not Givers and Granters, should know that we’ll survive Trump and reverse the damage done in the now extinguished Clinton/Obama-era too and that Tuesday showed that our system and processes worked just fine in spite of you all, not at all because of you!


Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!


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