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9,125 Days Spent Getting Ready To Go Steady

Posted by Michael Zahara on Nov 30, 2016

Future historians will look back at this time in our nation’s very young history–240 years old isn’t even a blip in time comparatively–and question why it was that we felt an American president’s wife was deserving of a major party’s nomination and why its party’s political levers were greased and calibrated to give to her one shot at the presidency, and then another, and she failing at both chances?

Former First Ladies have been American icons certainly able to become president if the culture allowed for it and after 1920, they could have even voted for themselves, but true to form, Democrats of the day vehemently opposed Suffrage to the bitter end. Dolly Madison, Sally Hemmings, Edith Wilson, and Eleanor Roosevelt were more than bed-mates to their presidential spouses.

barbara-bush-2016<–I’d have had no problem at all voting for Barbara Bush (left) because I found to her to be genuine and possessing ‘horse sense’ despite my thinking her husband though eminently qualified, was a horse’s patootie!

In fact, on these very threads, I once declared George HW Bush to have already achieved the milestone of becoming our first woman president in January of 1989!  After August 9, 1974, there was no doubt that a woman would be president someday, I just thought it would be a GOP woman first because they just seemed to be more likeable to me and weren’t yelling and screaming in the streets at me burning their undergarments as Phil Donahue was leading them in protests while burning his bras too!

Looking back at the past half century in Democratic Party America with a focus on these past twenty five years of the longest, most exhausting presidential campaigning in history to date, how this came about is a long and convoluted slog through the fog of 1960’s social upheaval muck where that Road to Hell being paved with Good Intentions may not have been so good in intentions after all.

Did LBJ do this to us in 1964 on purpose because we wouldn’t love him like we loved the Kennedys?   The Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed just over seven months after we buried JFK, lead to the Democratic Party under Barack Obama, veering very far Left, off track, and completely derailing his failed presidency under the weight his embrace of Relativism and his Progressive-Extremist failed policies and programs to the point his embarrassing and shameful arrogance and hubris has him threatening to interject himself after leaving office if the president-elect dares to correct-out his many documented failures in office.

Former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton possessing no values, no moral compass, nor ideas to call her own, attempted on her second failed effort, to co-opt Obama’s empty-headed celebrity presidency going even further to the Left, instead of righting his many wrongs and moving to a more Centrist campaign.


bald-black-and-bigoted-2016<–Black-American Bougie Bigot Symone Sanders, said this racially biased, prejudiced, and bigoted statement regarding a new DNC Chair after Obama delivered his 4th Dem Bloodbath in a row–his true and enduring legacy– ‘we don’t need white people leading the Democratic Party right now.’, further enshrining Barack Obama as the most biased and most bigoted failed president in American history as his legacy…despite her being Bernie Sanders’ Socialist 2016 mouthpiece!

How is it that some ‘Hate Speech’ is considered to be socially acceptable and robustly celebrated as being ‘free speech’ exercised correctly First Amendment protected use?

…but discussing political points of view of those who hold views which are diametrically opposite and contrary views declaring by their Fascist Riffs of Rage, are no longer First Amendment protected Free Speech–but because they’ve engaged in disapproved of speech–it is now categorically ‘Hate Speech’ though there is not now, nor has there ever been as ‘Hate Speech Exclusion’ to the First Amendment of the US Constitution!

Progressive-Extremist Fascists who have commandeered the Democratic Party finding any US law blocking their pathway–including the First Amendment the Founders made specifically the 1st so that Ms Sanders could espouse her ugly bigotry and hatreds so freely today–toward their universal goal of complete, mind, thought, & action control, a mere nuisance which they can ignore!

Did LBJ foresee this Democratic Party Progressive Hate Dynamic being our reality just 52 years after CRA-1964 passed?

lenin-sisters-2016Euro-White Democratic Party Women, their having gained in two decades their super-majority party ownership and #1 stock and stakeholder status, are sitting there applauding everything as their old Soviet Union counterparts had mastered nearly a century earlier and created back then by a good Russian, not an asshole, anti-Hillary hater like Vladimir Putin, but one which they revere and love named Lenin!  America’s Emotionally Crippled Criers and Safe Place HOA Dwellers believes Lenin was one of the ‘Beatles’ and sang on the Ed Sullivan Show with ‘The Lenin Sisters’!


That’s no surprise really, these folks running things down at NVDEMS could have seated every disputed Bernie Sanders person at this year’s Caucus Catastrophe and it wouldn’t have made a damn’s worth of difference in outcomes or his momentum bcuz in our Dem Party system gamed beginning in  the mid-1970’s to give Party super-delegates an effective veto by their status, results and outcomes are steered and managed to desirable conclusions of the Entrenched and Empowered in the Party at that time, and that’s been gamed to give to DNC Dem women especially, political super-powers so as not chance or risk outcomes which they would not be approving of politically.

However. the complete lack of knowledge about or functional understanding of the world around them from successive generations of Americans younger than me, was jarring and jolting for me watching our national deterioration live and in real time on TV this cycle, especially from a very large segment of educated Democratic Party women of all backgrounds!

donna-brazile-wax-2016In modern times, the Democratic Party has had one Black-American Chair in Ron Brown 1989-1993 and 1.5 female Chairs, disgraced debutante dipshit and Jewish-American Debbie Wasserman Schultz and also disgraced Black-American temporary Chair, ‘Can’t Jemima’ Donna Brazile—both deservedly carrying the burdens of HRC’s  2016 defeat!  The DNC race-based, factional, fractional dysfunction favors a Black face as new Chair, but in a nod to Black-Americans having been used so badly by the DNC these past 52 years of ‘Identity Above All Else Politics’, a Latino-American is the better bet since they and their 13 million strong Illegal Immigrant sub-group, are today’s #1 Democratic Party targeted and pandered to group!


Bernie Sanders never had a chance (thankfully!) which is why HRC Inc 2016 ‘allowed for’ an old, washed-up Jewish-American male to challenge her; she was going to validate herself and her hyper-bigoted campaign by beating up an old Jewish guy, despite his Progressive and Socialist bona fides.  In Progressive-Extremist politics, the irony here is that they revile and despise old people because they’re expensive to keep alive, they often smell unpleasant, and drain resources Progressives truly believe are better spent on the younger.  Bernie is disposable and should become Soylent Green to them and Senator Elizabeth ‘Ethel Rosenberg’ Warren who gave new meaning to the word ‘shrill’ with her anti-Trump invective–will rise again to take his place in 2020 and be forgiven for her apostasy she claiming phony Native-American status without rebuke from the party, or her responding at all about her Hate Speechin’ she’s Teachin’ and lying about her ethnicity.

She will be the Dem nominee in 2020 because Hillary Clinton has caught herself a bad case of what Progressive Extremists hate the most:  Old age!

langes-worst-legacy-nvdems-2016<—This is the nationally known shame of Harry Reid Inc as seen at this year’s second Caucus Catastrophe in 8 years.  NVDEMS Chair Roberta Lange,–a longtime political friend and lampooning target here–should have been better prepared and strategically ready for anything after 2008.  She was not, and she should have tendered her resignation effective after the State Party Convention adjourned so her Vice-Chair could stabilize the party’s Back Office until the 2017 election of Party officers and new Chair! 

Executive Director Zach Zaragosa, who should have been fired after his 2014 fuq-ups, today this is headed to a staff position under senator-elect Catherine Cortez Masto who’s already off on the wrong foot hiring nothing but insiders, hacks, and party head-nodders.

Neither Dinosaur Dixiecrat Rep Dina Titus, nor Senator-elect Catherine Cortez Masto are yet asserting Reid’s lifelong corruptions must be cleansed to rejuvenate and revive NVDEMS!

NVDEMS under Lange and Zaragosa’s 2016 corruption, is believed to have surpassed the 100,000 marker of Illegal Immigrants they’ve registered to vote in Nevada of over 1 million statewide registrations.  Clark County alone, Nevada’s most populous, has over 250,000 Illegal Immigrants, no one disagrees!

In 2008 as a NVDEMS E-Board member, I filed an official NVSOS complaint that we had added to voter rolls 40,000 unlawful registrations in Clark County alone, told them how we did it, the NVSOS son of a Dem Governor dismissed it as unfounded, though the BOE subsequently canvassed off the rolls, 40,000 voters!


Dissent and differing views long ago forbidden to be expressed at NVDEMS and DNC Denial Headquarters in DC.  It is too dangerous and not allowed by anyone as being too subversive to even consider that anyone might disagree with them.  It’s official post-Hillary’s 2nd crash and burn and taking 52 years to achieve, but the Democratic National Committee is a fully dysfunctional Euro White Lesbian-centric Female Political Party and Nail Salon; they always being the constituency which benefits under the Civil Rights Act of 1964 the most, not Black-Americans seeking remedy from 100 years of Democratic Party insisted upon Jim Crow.

lbj-racist-dixiecrat-best-sml-and-prez<—I think LBJ, a brilliant and masterful politician, did this on purpose through the CRA-1964 to ensure a Euro-White constituency would control the gears and levers of the Democratic Party for those same two hundred years he boasted to all, would have Black-Americans voting for the party with its passage!!

Think about it.  I mean really think about how it all comes together in place when you consider it.

The DNC Toxic Waste Site is where these now failed Dem females are looking for a new DNC Chair in Islamic-Asswipe Delight, Rep Keith Ellison, Howard Dean who represents the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party, and a group of Latin0-American men and other male malcontents, no one allowed to even apply if they’re Euro, Hetero, Seniors, Christian, Southern-American, or Pan-Asian!

Because of these dynamics Dem Fem Party Ownership were mismanaging before our very eyes this cycle, a dutiful Progressive-Extremist Latino-American male is near-to-certain to be chosen as the next DNC Chair.

This is hyphenated-America, Democratic Party Obama Identity Politics I have railed and rallied against for many years with only limited success, as being too divisive and exclusionary and derisive at its core and decidedly not inclusion-oriented, though rhetorically sounding as though it is–is killing the Democratic Party and  has relegated it to the Ultra-Leftist Extremist Fringe which has lost four election cycles in a row for Democrats and has never been this very far to the Leftist Extremes in its history.

However next door, California-stan achieved 2/3ds Dem majorities in both Houses of its legislature, is now threatening to leave the Union and 49 other states are offering to help it pack and cheering its departure!


I’ve been a part of this for 37 years and had no big issues operating within it really; we were always a party of coalitions and building from those coalitions, tickets our voters felt divvied up things fairly to give to each ethnic group at the time, someone sharing their ethnicity so that they would know we were trying our best to give every group a starring role when our powerful organization conducted its slating each cycle in Cook County Illinois.  The 70’s were an awful decade to be a kid and teen in: Nixon, Martha Mitchell, Disco, the Brady Bunch, Ayatollahs, and Jimmy Carter, along with a shitty and rapidly collapsing industrial sector and Oil Embargoes made me very aware of politics and its power to help or to harm how our lives were affected by things outside of our control.

dreamy-hillary-1992-watchdogwag-com-2016<–This is the creamy and dreamy Hillary the DNC’s Corp of Lesbians of 57 Varieties fell in love with and fell in love with the notion that she was ‘the woman behind the man’ which had no basis in fact, and was just their vibrator fantasies even after their watching ‘Primary Colors’–every word of it true but scrambled–didn’t pause their worshiping her!

This new look added an actual color to her lips and to both of her face cheeks and by the power of gravity vested in me, and the gravy she guzzles like the liquor she loves, and the husband who’s never ‘identified’ as being ‘confined to only her behind’ 41 years ago, thus began the Oscar Mayer Hot Dog extrusion machine manufactured non-person, non-woman, we’ve rejected twice now for president!

Then taking the hedge-trimmer to those once ‘Bushy Brows’ and her monster Box ‘n Bush seen very briefly only once by Chelsea’s real Pops named Web Hubbell, was her personal Urban Renewal Project done in response to the harm she was doing to Bill’s career and political ambitions in Arkansas in the 1980’s!

Today’s insanely to the Very Fascist Far Left Democratic Party began to become what it is today and was born of the post-1972 Miami Beach DNC Convention conflagration which dethroned the Dixiecrat Southern Democratic Bigots and Big City Boss Democratic Bigots in the North and taking less than 20 years, resulted in Hillary Clinton being elevated to Party Deity Stature before Bill Clinton was elected in 1992 only because Ross Perot siphoned 20 million votes away from George HW Bush’s failed re-election campaign. 

That ‘two-fer co-presidency’ they more than implied on 60 Minutes in 1992, was music to the ears of a substantial and very powerful Dem constituency still its most important, powerful and dependable today:  The Euro-white, Jewish, Liberal, Lesbian-Feminist, Urban, Progressive-Extremist Activist women who run the DNC–The Strap-on-istas–and whose entire efforts since 1972 and their entire reason for being today, are solely to benefit Euro-White women by using old coalition Party building and constituency construction and expansion techniques.

bill-hill-1992-1000-word-pic-watchdogwag-2016<–Look at that sour, scornful puss on her in 1992 at some Diner campaign stop; half the country could actually feel the disdain and contempt she feels for all of us through their TV sets.

We could also see Her Lies through Her Eyes, see them through her body language too!  She never recovered or redeemed herself; she felt no need to…but voters corrected that conceit of hers twice!

Their having seen the value in how the poorly-crafted Civil Rights Act of 1964 gave the Act exuberant and expansive powers with no braking mechanisms, a muscular and gigantic new USDOJ Civil Rights Division empowered by the Act to find and abolish discriminatory practices, force compliance, and enforce continued compliance through coercive government and extend the powers of the federal Treasury and the many gifts it may bestow to those compliant with its orders and deny to those and even prosecute and jail those who may not, which is why Democrats love and believe in their Government Masters after CRA-1964 even more than they did under FDR! 

The Act was flawed from the beginning by attempting to be all-inclusive with those also needing inclusion in the Act by contemporary standards and issues of that time and beginning withrace, color, religion, sex, or national origin’.  The Act, instead of beginning and specifically addressing Racial Discrimination and ending the Democratic Party’s 100 years of Jim Crow and correcting that out first, and then as Congress thought necessary afterward, expanding the Act to include others needing the Act’s protections, instead they passed an Act which gave to the federal bureaucrats enormously expanded authority to interpret the Act and create its Rules and Regulations completely unencumbered and answering to no one but to other bureaucrats and empowered within the US Code and without Congress having to revisit this politically thorny issue legislation…unless they could appear to be passing Act Sweeteners to address new Group Grievance regardless of constitutionality or its actual value delivering only feel-good, non-effective, and not yet legally challenged anti-14th Amendment political pandering.

hillary-park-ridge-il-2016-watchdogwagBeing all-inclusive and not specific to Black-Americans grievances necessary for Congress to finally grant redress 100 years after the Civil War ended Slavery and diluted State’s Rights under Federalism, saved no political hides at the voting booth in 1966, however, by Congress having completely abrogated its Constitutional duty by their expanding non-elected, invisible to taxpayer bureaucratic power, authority, and Appropriations requests dominance, so enormously under the Act, is the flashpoint which directly resulted in this year’s elections results and Hillary Clinton’s entitled-feeling 25 year long campaign for the White House….though her campaign actually began on July 2, 1964, despite her not knowing it back then at 17 years old and she being a self-described Goldwater Girl in Park Ridge, Illinois when the Act passed.

Black-Americans did not have representation enough in the US House with only five members in 1964 and Dr King and Bobby Kennedy still to be assassinated as America convulsed with Vietnam.  Euro-Whites would have to build this new USDOJ Division Behemoth Bureaucracy and burning off its first 8 years getting used to how big this new toy really was and it would take until the Democratic National Convention in Miami Beach in 1972 for the political effects and immense value of CRA-1964 to Democratic women to be more fully considered intellectually by them and though female activists of the day thought the Act too weak and insufficient a remedy to their grievances, seeking instead to enshrine them within the Equal Rights Amendment as their focus, they did not yet see that within the Act’s flaws, they in fact already had the political power and Party control within their reach, but not the women in office, working in the federal bureaucracy, or working at the state and local party levels to exercise that power and turn the Act to instead of remedying Black-American grievances, instead giving to Euro-white women the superior position under the Act by virtue of their numbers, dwarfing those of Black-Americans and by realizing this, the Democratic Party’s ‘Identity Politics’ above all else, had its Progressive-Extremist Bigotry tentacles wrapped around the post-Miami feuding Dem factions, then further still, at the 1976 DNC in New York which gave to America Jimmy Carter’s Kill-joy Malaise Days!

LBJ knew exactly what he was doing in 1964, I have no doubt at all.

shirely-chisolm-way-better-than-geraldine-ferraro-watchdogwag-2016<–This woman too few remember today for her giant leap forward for the cause of Women of Color in American Politics often said that she wasn’t concerned about Racism, but met with hard-ass Sexism her entire adult life!

She ran for the Democratic nomination for President in 1976 and Barack Obama’s appalling record of shitting on the Women of Color in his Administration paid no regard to Rep Shirley Chisholm either!

Betty Friedan’s 1963The Feminine Mystique’the Bible of the Democratic Party’s vocal Militant Lesbian Feminist Wing–began to splinter in New York in 1976 with Ms Friedan being uncomfortable with Lesbians and disapproving of Gloria Steinem, Germaine Greer, Jane Fonda’s Extremist-Feminism and their being all about All Abortion Rights, All Day militancy, tried to bring Economic Empowerment and Workplace Discrimination of women back to being their central focus, but she failed she being dismissed as too Peoria Illinois parochial and pedestrian despite her being a NOW founder and also a founder of National Democratic Women’s Caucus and eventually resulting 40 years later in the 2016 DNC’s ultra-Left Progressive-Extremism disposing of the Roe ‘settled law’ Doctrine of ‘Fetal Viability’ instead insisting that ‘Women’s Health’–both physical and functional–was now superior and removed all State interest in the fetus...period.

betty-friedan-loved-dick<–To the horror of the 1970’s DNC’s Lesbian Feminists Wing, Betty Friedan loved getting for herself a good Dickin’ Down…by an actual man with an actual dick!

After going through every Jewish man she could find in Peoria, she came to New York and hit the Jewish Guy Jackpot and with more dick there than she knew what to do with; she fuqd all of them!

In 2016 Nevada, Ms Greer and Ms Friedan’s ghosts of 40 years past showed up and yet another Harry Reid Poisoned very badly failed NVDEMS Caucus and two of the party’s longtime, long-haul, long-loved-by-all workhorses in Roberta Lange, NVDEMS’ State Party Chair, and Erin Bilbray, both acting so out of character and damaging their respective candidates very badly by not remembering 2008 to start with, and both being so hyper-partisan and polluted by their certitude and built-in biases, I was surprised that two women I know well and like very much, and have worked closely with, can be just as stupid-ass, pig-headed, and winning-at-all-costs tin-eared, little fuqrs, just like males…

apparently, political equality has finally been achieved!  Color me unimpressed and disappointed with the final product as shown to the world this year at the Democrats’ 2016 Nevada Caucus.

In just the past few years, pro-choice extremists have moved to demand that no Supreme Court revisiting abortion ever again being necessary and since this declared ‘to be’ by Progressive-Extremist fiat under Obama!

rep-jordan-watchdogwag-2016<–That almost none of my loyal readers remember who this woman is and what her specific value to America became in just a few years in the US House, speaks to celebrity completely swamping substance in our party politics today! 

We bought Obama for 10 trillion in additional debt sung to us in jingoism and jingles in 2008 when this woman’s single brilliant mind is the reason we survived Nixon and Watergate as a nation to be able to elect in 2008, a phony faculty tea-nosher and poseur and doing it twice!

Our Bougie, pretentious current president, you know, the guy who calls himself a Constitutional Scholar, paid no homage or reverence to Rep  Barbara Jordan who knew our Constitution better than we all did, including two 15 year old boys in 1976 named Michael Zahara and Barack Obama and a mere 64 days separating our births and both of us being raised as and both of us possessing ‘white privledge’ as the only reality we know according to those bigoted Progressives who dare to make such grand pronouncements stated to be fact about people they see only within superficial Identity Groups. That’s the big rub and the toxin Progressivism brought to the DNC in 1976 with women then rising faster than their intellect or readiness would allow time to catch up.

This most beautiful and blessed of American women could have been President Carter’s Vice-President, America had become so very fond of her in very short time.  Had I been a voter then, I’d have won the ‘Fuck Fritz, Vote Tits’ effort for Jordan as 1976 VP…

As a high school sophomore, I watched the 1976 convention with intense interest because they were making decisions and pronouncements which would effect my adult life just a few years off for me. Rep Barbara Jordon–possessing the thunderous voice of God Herself–delivered a superior DNC Keynote address, the Party for very last time speaking to our Better Angels before bigot Barack Obama’s bastardized 2o04 effort–with that Jordan speech, I ‘identified’ Democrat, therefore, I was!

Barbara Jordan, the first female African American senator from Texas, participates in a meeting in the Cabinet Room.For my Black-American friends still on the Democratic Party Plantation and Safe Place today, read up on Ms Jordan and Illegal Immigration; she was correct 20 years ago and before that too.  The Democrats have further marginalized Black-Americans by making Illegal Immigrants an aggrieved and damaged Special Status Class within the Party at their expense.  Barbara and the River were the original Jordans!   How few people I know in politics know this woman and her rather short time, but timely arrival along with her soaring rhetoric so crisp and clear, possessing an intellect broad and deep, tutored America from her seat on House Judiciary and Gerald Ford almost won his first presidential election because she’d done this so well too though not intending to benefit his not re-election, but his second term by giving to voters the rationale he used to pardon Richard Nixon as the House readied itself for his Impeachment.

Like Obama’s Transgenderism Doctrine he declared deserving of CRA-1964 inclusion and therefore equating Transgenderism to Slavery & Jim Crow remedy as being morally and legally equal under the law, and they also declared it simply ‘to be’ and done without benefit of Congress or the Supreme Court participating–adding by their bigoted hubris simply ‘identifying’ without requirement of gender reassignment-intent even necessary and simply ‘verbing’ a CRA-1964 protected ‘right’ to exist, by their using the ever-expansive CRA-1964 as cover and shield because once a ‘right’ is established to be valid and enshrined as bigot AG Eric Holder had done, the Supreme Court protocols since Founding are to expand upon those ‘rights’ and they’re adverse as a body to contraction of those rights.

germaine-greer<–Whack-ass, crazy bitch and 1970’s Feminist icon Germaine Greer (left, shouting at us again!) set off an international Tranny Tantrum taking a decidedly anti-‘Transgendered can’t be real women’ stance, was vilified by Progressive-Extremist bigots!

Black-Americans and the Democratic Party’s despicable racism and responsibility for Slavery and for Jim Crow were being under Bigot Barack Obama who has never ‘identified’ as being a Black man, further white-washed and diluted by former AG Holder’s inclusion of Transgenderism, of our Party’s history for benefit of Hillary Clinton in 2016, and as Black-Americans were being further marginalized under CRA-1964 intended 52 years ago to remedy them, sat in silence as a Black-American president and his Black-American Attorney General did this to them and inexplicably cast 2016 votes for her.

This is the ugliness of Progressive-Extremist Bigotry in full display today.  This strain born in 1992, flushing our stated ‘inclusiveness’, for one single Democratic woman being held in such undeserved, high-regard and affection over all other women of substantially more substance and significance from their being able to dream of and try to achieve the Office of President these past 25 years we wasted on HRC which denied all of us ever knowing about them.

We Democrats bought this vacuumed-sealed Package of  Political Hotdogs named Hillary Clinton because the DNC’s women insisted that is what we were going to do beginning their Big Push in 1992!


betty-ford-buzz-2016-watchdogwag1970’s Feminists held former Republican First Lady Betty Ford in very high regard for her being a strong supporter of the Equal Rights Amendment and Abortion Rights and we would later learn she being a falling down drunkard alcoholic and soon to become the nation’s Mother of Rebab as Fashionable and as a Social Status accessory to worn like a badge of honor showing one to be a ‘fighter’, battle-tested, and today being also duly aggrieved and therefore entitled to Special Status within the Addiction and Behavioral Health Industrial Complex to be an ADA of 1992 Protected Class Status citizen and now, along with folks needing ‘Emotional Comfort’ animals including Ferrets wearing Diapers to be validated and protected under the Act, and within Progressive-Extremism’s embrace of Relativism as Reality, where all things are equal and deserving of Special Status and federal protections!

The Progressive Poison of Relativism Being Relevant and Real which began to envelop the DNC while Betty and Germaine were trading insults in the 1970’s has suffocated the Democratic Party which can’t process that the nation hated Harry Reid long before 2010, and Nancy Pelosi too the minute she told us we had to pass ObamaCare to know what’s in it and which is failing so badly today too for it being entirely written by lobbyists.

Which is also why we’re still witnessing post election, Democratic Party emotionally disabled, very unstable, damaged and aggrieved Euro-White women and their many, many, many Party subordinate-to-them constituencies having Nervous Breakdowns, and suffering severe Depression and Anxiety needing Safe Places even more than they did after Hillary Clinton first lost in 2008, she losing to a White-Identifying Black man which Identity Politics forbids the Party Euro-White women who own and run the DNC from ever criticizing, even though he destroyed their queen!

Hillary became a Party Deity and well as an American Pariah because of the influence and muscle of the Militant Lesbian Feminist Wing of the DNC which hated the Carters and thought them too rural, too parochial, too unsophisticated, and not nearly Progressive enough for them and cast Roslyn Carter as a non-person and she having been destroyed by them for her not being Progressive.  Then came the Reagans and they hated them even more and brought the entire party along with them with their hatred. The Feminists just knowing that Nancy Reagan was a brain-dead socialite, too doting on Ronnie, too interested in shopping with Betsy Bloomingdale and buying White House China, she also being a non-person unworthy of recognizing her as woman, but they did have a crush on Patty Davis, didn’t hate Ron Jr because he’s Gay and within their Progressive model of ‘the new normal’, and older dykes came to appreciate Maureen, but didn’t know why they did!  Michael being adopted, and not by a charming lesbian couple, wasn’t even considered a Reagan by these Dem women.

Reagan was re-elected in 1984 in another landslide including my vote for doing what he told us he would do in 1980.


america-hates-jesse-1988-watchdogwag-2016Then 1988 occurred and with no Democratic candidate to truly love out of the many, DNC women ‘allowed for’ Jesse Jackson to pollute the dais and dialogue with his Hate Speech of the day and angering Coretta Scott King for their elevating this reviled Pimp and Poseur, but they found 1988 Keynote Speaker Gov Bill Clinton’s wife Hillary to be for them, the perfect representation of the American Woman they fell in love with, barely tolerating Grandma Barbara Bush because though she was not pals with Nancy, she being a Republican and a hated Bush, Barbara Bush still today is also relegated to non-person status by Dem Fems despite being married to a president and giving birth to one.

All of this because Friedan lost her arguments with Greer in the mid-`1970’s and we’ve become The Abortion Democratic Party-today.  Nothing is a more important litmus test for this vocal Wing of the party, and it’s hard-ass dogmatic demands very effectively shut off and down millions of Americans including a lot of its women who did not come out to support Hillary Clinton and so few women including Hillary willing to acknowledge as Bill Clinton had in 1994 when the GOP took the House for the first time in 40 years, that they didn’t know America at all and that its never been as hyper-bigoted and Leftist-Progressive-Extremist as the currently Obama-decimated national Democratic Party is today.

olympia_dukakis-in-moonstruckThey had set their sites on 1992 despite Bill Clinton almost being booed off the stage in shame after delivering the longest and very worst Keynote Speech in DNC history in 1988 and are 100% responsible for nominating Michael Dukakis who these Party women knew long before we did that he furloughed murders as Governor, but his being Olympia’s cousin and though sure to lose, they fell in love with Olympia too after seeing Moonstruck and Steel Magnolia, and these Dem Fems nominated him anyway!

The groups of women of the Democratic Party made the damaged and deranged sexual super-predator Bill Clinton viable because its Militant Lesbian Feminist Wing had a big, huge crush on Hillary, and never even acknowledged was Bill’s Serial Marital Dating known to them since before 1988, because they wanted their Dyke Poster Girl in the White House as being their epitome of the perfect American female, mother, and reluctantly, quasi-hetero spouse too!  They got her too with his election and were obnoxious in their insisting on elevating her to unearned stature gained simply by virtue of a marriage license.

1992 was also the ‘Year of the Woman’ and we Dems would never declare that again; there was only one woman that we Dems cared about now and she would be America’s first female president despite Whitewater, the Rose Law Firm, the Wal-Mart Board, and she enabling her predatory husband getting his perv-on since 1975!

Hillary Clinton is the very antithesis of Feminism, but these Dem women had declared themselves to be the Gatekeepers of Feminism and arbiters of the qualifiers to call ones self to be Feminist and no Pro-life women could ever be Feminist in their view today.

not-pat-nixon-2016-watchdogwagBetty Ford, despite being pro-choice, is a non-existent cipher to them and rarely mentioned in Women’s Studies programs across American universities today; Republicans Christie Todd Whitman, Kay Bailey Hutchinson, and Nancy Kassebaun aren’t Progressive so they can’t be Feminists either.  Kassebaum, a sitting US Senator during Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill wasn’t even asked her opinions by her own party, the media…or by the Dems!  This is the Progressive Bigotry which claims Feminism as exclusively its own.   Progressive-Extremist,Militant Lesbian-Feminism’s exclusion of all women who are not Democrats also began the 1970’s with Friedan and Greer feuding in the media, when strong and opposite opinions were commonplace among women all over the country and predating Suffrage.  Feminism’s twin icons Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton in disagreement over what True Womanhood meant in their era, though both women were pro-contraception, Cady-Stanton was indisputably Pro-life, Anthony, less so, both would be dismissed and ignored today for not placing Abortion above all else for 21st century American women.

Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina were downgraded to just being slightly above sub-human despite their impressive backgrounds because they were pro-choice Republican women and well before Donald Trump insulted Fiorina, Progressive Extremist women had already done so long before with their disapproving their not being Progressive and therefore, they were not valid candidates worthy of opposing their Hillary!  Despite all the mud Dem Fems threw back at Trump’s mistreatment of women, 2016 GOP women did not turn for Hillary Clinton in anywhere near to the numbers she thought they would and losing far too many of them in the suburbs where she was sure they’d vote for her.

A sizable number of Democratic women not fitting into any rigid, required, party Interest Group box didn’t bother to come out in 2016 either!

These middle-of-the-road Moderate American women are not ‘Identifying’ at all with the DNC’s Progressive-Extremist bigoted demands of them to march in lock-step or be dismissed, disregarded, and diminished and treated as badly as Dem women treat GOP females, or Black-Americans of all genders, in today’s Democratic Party!

buddy-ebsen-as-gerdaine-ferraro<–Actor Buddy Ebsen (left) cashed in on his Jed Clampitt fame starring in 1984 as Feminist icon Rep Geraldine Ferraro!

In 2000 after the Bill Clinton presidency concluded, Hillary ran for US Senate from New York, though never having had lived there, and beat a weak Rick Lazio with 55%.  Clinton’s NY win was widely viewed as her consolation prize for her husband publicly humiliating her, even though non-feminist Hillary enabled his Happy Pants for their entire marriage and in a state which likes its Italian-American politicians Republican, despite Rep Geraldine Ferraro’s pandering nod of Mondale’s VP in 1984.  Ferraro was an unapologetic bigot from Archie Bunker’s borough, Queens, and the 1980’s Progressive-Extremist poster girl despite she having no Black staffers and only drive-by Black-American political associates rather than friends.  This along with her mobbed up marriage, was completely forgivable to the Progressives back then, less so when nearly 30 years later, Rep Dina Titus was thought to have the same hiring aversion to Black-Americans as Ferraro.

Euro-White women have been doing this shit to Black-Americans 40+ years on the Democratic Party Plantation and Safe Place. The stronger and more powerful Euro-White women became, the weaker and more marginalized Black-Americans have become.  This is fact I’ve been talking about for over these same past 25 years!

2000 presented a lot of internal angst for Progressive-Extremist Democratic women who thought Tipper Gore, though thought cute and very bed-able, was an Antebellum Barbie, she having gone off on Rap lyrics and demanding warning labels and being vilified in the press, though Hillary Clinton calling young Black-Americans Super-Predators was ignored because Bill’s Sista Solja moment covered the family several years before.  If Hillary was going to ascend to the presidency, there couldn’t be any Progressive embrace or love for Tipper Gore which proved easier than they had first thought because they fell hard for Laura Bush, very hard though hating her frat-boy husband more than Reagan and Bush combined.

heroine-worshiped-2016-watchdogwagThey debuted Donna Brazile as a crumbs-serving to Black-Americans she playing Al Gore’s 2000 ‘Auntie Tom Can’t Jemima’ Manager who made a wooden Gore more of a bore and even more wooden.  She would reprise ‘Can’t Jemima’ 16 years later taking over the DNC when Debbie Wasserman-Schultz self-destructed only to be fired by CNN and becoming fully aggrieved herself now, she was in the Press demanding that she could explain and CNN shouldn’t have fired her this year!


Laura Bush’s attractiveness to same-sex oriented woman may have been the real reason Gore lost in 2000.  We don’t have enough gay ghettos in America–and that’s a very good thing–to gauge this segment anywhere near close to correctly because they too, very often lie to pollsters as 2016 showed, they are gun-owners in much, much bigger than previously thought numbers too, and I would learn moving to the Mountain West, much larger a presence in exurban and more rural areas than I thought even possible!


all__about_ann_richards_dnc_1988_ap_605_605But Gore v Bush 2000 shouldn’t have been as close as it was because GW Bush had destroyed one-term wonder and Dem Fem 1988 DNC Super-Granny Tranny, Texas Governor Ann Richards, and was into his second term as Texas Governor after his stewarding MLB’s Texas Rangers to a near brush with bankruptcy!

al-gore-threw-a-chub-2000-dnc-watchdogwag-2016<–Al Gore throwing a chub in Rolling Stone to show him as virile and his ‘identifying’ as being ready for the presidency  with his Pushin’ Up on Tipper at the 2000 DNC (left) was distasteful to a lot of Democratic Party women, especially to its Militant Lesbian Feminist Wing!

The Grandma Wing, Avon Lady Wing, Giggly Gay Guys Wing, Bored Housewives Wing, and Giggly Girls Wings of the DNC, loved it though!


090523_laura_bush_297<—‘I really do appreciate the Lovin’ from the Ladies, but I dig me a dick darlin’; even a scrawny, ‘lil one like George’s!’, said former First Lady Laura Bush who became in 2000, an American Lesbian Goddess Legend who drew thousands of Dem Fem votes away from Al Gore and who was really Hillary Clinton’s opponent who beat her ass twice!

Eight years after her campaign began twenty five years ago, some Feminists were already tiring of Hillary and though hating GW Bush, they found his wife easy on the eyes and a desirable distraction too.  They peeled thousands of votes off of ketchup-coated heiress predator John Kerry with thousands more disappointed, if not angry, she didn’t challenge Bush in 2004.  While Kerry ending his campaign windsurfing (while wearing a helmet and driving a tank?), 2004’s Keynote Speaker would energize the entire party and all of its hundreds of Wings and factions and peel off half of the party’s base, never to return to her.

She lost the chance at the White House in Boston in 2004, but no one bothered to tell her that she’d ended her own effort that night as Barack Obama left the stage in political celebrity triumph!

Hillary Clinton would waste another 12 years trying to convince America that we really loved her; she lost touch with reality, and became what Progressive Extremist hate most:  Old!


Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

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