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State Senator Mark Manendo: 2016’s Asshole of the Year!

Posted by Michael Zahara on Dec 31, 2016

<—This was Senator Mark Manendo valiantly trying to look at all interested in whatever gibberish it was that day which mentally challenged Senator Kelvin Atkinson was prattling on and on about during the last legislative session!

<–Kelvin the KlusterFuq (left) and Aaron the Edsel Ford, will be premiering their 2017 Nevada Senate Minstrel Show Pandering Follies next month which promises to be the most embarrassing state legislative session in the entire country for 2017!


Reading his Facebook posts earlier this year, I was surprised he was so bitchy and so angry.  I actually knew for sure that he was raised right, and remembering that, I felt confident that when he calmed down, he would re-read his bullshit, quickly edit his rant and apologize and go searching for something else to better focus his selective outrages!

It’s nearing one year I’ve been waiting to no avail.  I thought Senator Mark Manendo was a misguided, but well-meaning, thoughtful, elected-type person here but again, I’ve been waiting for just shy of one year to publicly fix his fuq up, but he refuses to do so.

I sent a FB Messenger in October 2016 asking one of Senator Manendo’s 2016 unintended collateral victims if anything had happened to correct out what is still today, not correct–nothing occurred to those ends–but I didn’t want to tell a story about someone being ‘an Elected Asshole’ who was not on a 2016 ballot either, who I consider a political friend, who is possibly still grieving that he now must do his own laundry, cooking, ironing for the first time in his life I’ve cracked-wise about and Senator Mark Manendo having turned 95 years old this past year too, I think.

<—Why Senator David Parks is not the incoming 2017 Majority Leader in the Nevada Senate speaks to the Toxin of Dem Identity Politics which he has Big Street Cred within being a same-sex oriented guy, but he was used and tossed after getting Gay Marriage passed without peril and executed superbly too!   That was very nice work David!

Gee, imagine that, a Nevada State Senator who knows how to create and shepherd a Bill, and then get it passed, and then signed too! Maybe you could show Kelvin by using finger-puppets or something, how to zip and lock his zipper so that he’s not always grabbing his dick in public as #2 in the NV Senate?


I thought I’d known Mark Manendo since I moved here full-time and enjoyed speaking with him, we’ve shared a meal and laughs too.  He’s in his last elective office as a State Senator with nowhere to go after he terms out just like David Parks and Tick Segerbloom too!   NVDEMS hates his mini-machine because it was not Harry Reid’s creating that, which still makes him a major threat to the Old Blind Bitch down in Searchlight who even though that little fuqr is retiring, everyone knows he’s not letting go and will have to be accidentally shot to death by Catherine the not-so-Great, probably right after Sunday Mass so it looks better for her in the RJ. 

<— NV Senate National Civic Embarrassment and Profound Community Shame winner 10 years in a row and counting, Senator Kelvin Atkinson (D-Stupid Fuqr Heights) has a Shrine to Him—Him being retired Raiders Running Back Legend Marcus Allenin every room of his ‘Jects trailer park-like home in NVSD07!

Mark’s popularity is with very, very, very old, old-timers in the East Valley--though there are some more normal neighborhoods in SD 21, his District is a constant nightmare challenge to every available resource we have in this state its so fuqd up. but there was ignorant-ass Mark Manendo voting with our Texas-stan Interloper Delegation for Sheldon Adelson’s KibbutzDome!

Unbelievable as well as unconscionable!

Despite Mark having one of the state’s best political brands, he’s been flailing about for attention and publicity again this year searching for ‘relevance’ the Progressive Extremists don’t want him to have despite his being Progressive as all hell.  Mark Manendo is the wrong gender, the wrong gender identity, the wrong racial background, the wrong ethnic background, and the wrong height to be of any value to anyone this upcoming session!

<—For his stalled and ticking away time (2021) in the public eye, Mark Manendo has taken to costumed-gimmicks about pedestrian safety ‘desperate’ for publicity and attention lately!  If these two unsuspecting cops knew the bullshit Mark Manendo pulled on a highly revered fellow cop, they’d have ‘accidentally’ popped him right there in the parking lot!

In American politics dear readers, ‘relevance and desperate’ are what you wish to avoid the most and at all costs, but if forced to choose, ‘desperate’ being more preferred because one can blame that on all sorts of shit; however, searching for ‘relevance’ at 95 years old like Mark has been doing since being pushed further and further to the sidelines by Fearless Leader Aaron Ford, and after a public-service life no one will recall 20 minutes after he drops dead, that is some politically psycho-shit folks!

<–Manendo seemed very surprised that someone in the NV Senate knew him, knew he’s a midget, knew his name too, and knows the guy who gave him that really shitty haircut too!

Senator Manendo after naming himself  through his Board who couldn’t think of any other little fuqr they hadn’t yet given it to going back to when Sputnik was news, won Paradise Democratic Club’s ‘Democrat of the Year’ after his having done absolutely nothing to earn it

OK, he did return the Club to actually meeting in Paradise Township after a years long absence, the Club being barred from every single venue in the Township under the late Fidel Ponticello, who was its only El President since before I was even born!

Congratulations on your surprise win Mark!  I’ll bet John Ponticello is just kicking himself wherever he ended up down there in the underworld for his not having thought of just naming himself  ‘Democrat of the Year’ each year…while serving carrots and celery sticks better than almost all of the other carrot and celery gifted-servers do here!

But earning my fierce ire and derision this past year was Senator Mark Manendo sticking his ignorant-ass nose into the Boulder City Animal Shelter Scandal down there.  You see, Mark doesn’t give a flying fuq about people and their issues and never has as his Sheldon vote showed to his constituents and everyone else during the recent Very Special Session, but if a g*ddamn pigeon or sewer rat is in need, he’s right on that shit!

<—Senator Mark Manendo left the impression with the general public and his Animal Rights buddies that Chief Bill Conger was some kind of Cruella de Conger, when the polar opposite is true of both Chief and Mrs Conger, two of our state’s foremost animal lovers!

In fact I knew about their dogs before I even met the Congers in 2006!

Mark, the bullshit cheap shot you pulled on Bill Conger over the Boulder City Animal Shelter scandal down there, also has you as winner of ‘Asshole of the Year’ honors!  You just popped off and ran your mouth against the Chief on your attention seeking, desperate-to-get-noticed Social Media Outrage when I told you that you got this all wrong and that you unloaded on the wrong guy!

I told you what you needed to do to correct this out, you did nothing, I told you that Bill Conger deserved your apology because you never even bothered to talk to him before you popped your Social Media nut against him! I told you some of the back story not known to the public.  I offered my help to the Congers, I offered George Knapp’s airwaves too because I sometimes pimp George on the side (shhhh!) because he is still the state’s best writer-interviewer on Metro/Cop issues and George immediately agreed to talk with Conger!  Bill, embarrassed by the whole damn thing, decline, and now the footnote to his very long and very successful career here has a misdemeanor conviction and $1,000 fine as its epilogue which given the body of his work done for us and our community, was just a really shitty thing for you to have affected and piled on for him Senator Manendo, and done by your half-assed, half-baked outrage which was all the high fashion this season for Democrats as we’re all still witnessing your brothers and sisters in Dem Progressive Fascist Outrage continue to melt down publicly two months now after the election!

Bill doesn’t do the Social Media and such and that’s another reason why you shouldn’t have done what you did Mark!

While this was all falling apart for Bill Conger down there, I did my level best, attempting every possible angle many, many times to dissuade former Metro Captain and 2014 Sheriff’s race runner-up Larry Burns from ‘dancing on his mentor’s grave’ by applying for the Boulder City police chief’s job he would take a huge PERS hit for if he had won it.   I failed very badly on that, I’m sorry to say.  Had he won the BC job, he would not have been order by City Fathers to reform the department just as Bill hadn’t been brought on board to do either because dear readers, Boulder City Nevada ain’t ready for reform’ paraphrasing an infamous quote about my own home town.

Mark, you hurt and damaged a good man who served our communities well his entire career and never once did Bill Conger not accept responsibility for his own actions and in this case his seeming ‘inaction’ implied by your diatribe Senator Manendo, by your not telling the whole story about what was going on down there and you’re an asshole for not telling everyone the whole story.

In fact, Bill Conger remains the only person in this entire sordid mess who has done the right thing!

I told you that Boulder City is the most corrupted city in the entire state of Nevada, I told you that no less than three and maybe as many as 7 persons in government down there should be in federal prison already, and I told you why too!  I told you that just by your half-assed popping off as you’d done against Bill Conger’s role in all of this, you gave to District Attorney Steve Wolfson the ‘out and cover’ he needed to let this crime’s actual perpetrator, whack-ass crazy bitch Mary Jo Frazier, walk on this outrageous animal killing spree she undertook as her personal mission and goal at the shelter without her having to saying anything or state her allocutus regarding her rationale and reasoning for doing what she had done at that shelter and do it publicly in open court at her sentencing.

I also told you that Boulder City Nevada is in gross violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 exposing taxpayers to enormous liability in that is employs around 40 police officers and all 40 of them are LDS members and that anyone not hired by Boulder City who met their qualification is aggrieved and has been damaged under the Act if they belonged to another faith or no faith at all.  That’s basically every single POST trained applicant who attempted getting hired down there!

For this alone, US Attorney Daniel Bogden should have been fired again!  Bogden, Clark County DA Steve Wolfson, and Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt all know about this fraud and have done absolutely nothing anticipating the back pay and benefits each rejected qualified candidate has coming to them would bankrupt Boulder City Nevada.

<—Alexia Conger is believed to be somewhere under all these pooches at the Henderson Conger Canine Compound!

SoooooMr Animal Rights Dumb-ass, by your not correcting out what you did to Chief Conger for cheap publicity and grand-standing, Ms Frazier will now walk away at her sentencing coming up this month with maybe a fine and maybe some minor probation time to be served out-of-state where she very quickly skedaddled off to once her bullshit hit the fan down there—when she should be facing the maximum prison sentence she deserves and her serving it here in Nevada where she committed the real and true crimes of this case, not Chief Bill Conger, who did not have the support or cooperation of any of the assholes in municipal government down there, each of them clammed up and had nothing at all to say and so many of them his years long friend too!

Had you attempted to correct out your anti-Conger diatribe Senator Manendo, the DA and his DDA’s wouldn’t be feeling so relieved today that you took the heat off of them by declaring definitively who the ‘bad guy’ was, long a nifty little tool our DA’s have used to deflect away the harsh spotlight of tough cases which this one certainly is.  They’re relieved because they know they should have been turning the screws and slowly increasing the pressure on Ms Frazier from the get-go because she is a veritable font of knowledge with answers to many questions a number of person may have regarding a lot of the very peculiar ways of Boulder City Nevada. I would have preferred the DDA dangling her choosing either prison or probation depending on how candid she wished to be with the DA’s office!

What we still don’t know today because you ran you stupid-ass mouth against Chief Conger is was Ms Frazier even qualified?  Was she a patronage placement favor to someone else down there? Who is she connected to? What emboldened her to act like such a psychopath psycho bitch? Was she sent for a psyche evaluation after this broke?  How many of these killed animals were micro-chipped?  Why does tiny Boulder City with only 15,000 people even have its own Animal Shelter?

<—This is Roxie Conger Senator Manendo and no, she’s not wearing her Kevlar here but just a little overcoat cuz she’s one of the Senior Members of the Conger Canine Task Force who I may have suggested to her that she rip your fuqn leg off and have it for lunch for doing such rip job on her master Chief Bill Conger!

I’d steer clear of the entire City of Henderson for the rest of your life if I were you Senator Manendo!

Though he definitely knows, I reminded Mark Mandendo how the Media works in our Google Age and one only needs to Search this case on Google to see why I’m so pissed off at how he used his platform and power because in order to push this bullshit off of Google’s page one, Bill Conger’s going to have to make some news for himself again like maybe running for Sheriff again, or he and Mrs Conger being appointed by the president-elect to any number of positions which both stalwart Republicans are qualified for.

They are both loving and doting parents of two beautiful children including a special needs son and I’m guessing you didn’t know that Senator Manendo.

Am I a little over-protective of Bill and Alexia Conger?  Damn straight I am Mark because I know your phony posing for pics with cops is just bullshit on top of more bullshit.  For over three years now I’ve been waiting for you to stick your scrawny neck out for once in your public life and stand with our cops all over the state by calling out Black Lives Matter as the Hate Group it truly is!

You’re never there for the tough stuff Senator Manendo and you never have been there when political capital is required to be expended; but as long as its a drive-by and quick photo-op, you are on it like flies on shit!

<—This is Henderson super-power couple, Chief Bill and Mrs Alexia Conger, and I grew quite fond of both of them 10 years ago, very pleased to have met them both and been part of the 2006 Sheriff’s race together with them via Lt Ron Williams’ race that year!

I never got to do something for them back then that I should have done then, but never got around to doing in 2006:  Thank them both!

Bill and Alexia, thank-you for being and running the Class Act Sheriff’s Campaign of 2006!   I really mean that too because nothing fit, nothing worked within all of the hundreds and hundreds of dynamics in play for this office that year and observing and interacting with Chief and Mrs Conger on the campaign trail was my pleasure for what on paper, looked a whole lot different than what it turned out to be as polls closed August 15, 2006 and none of the 15 other campaigns able to stop the then ‘anointed one’, now former Sheriff Doug Gillespie.

2006 was supposed to be Conger vs Gillespie and Chief may have won the office back for our LDS friends who believe that they do Sheriffin‘ here better than anyone else, but 15 candidates against the universally reviled Douglas Gillespie proved insurmountable and the remaining other campaigns formed a kind or bond together for the duration of the 2006 Sheriff’s Campaign including retired Metro Lt Mo Mattingly who is back in the groove today appearing daily on Facebook again these days!  That is one funny El-tee that Mattingly guy who I have offered to help write his memoirs too–‘In the Mo–My Career as an LVMPD Lieutenant’–but who has no interest at all in writing those memoirs!  Damn!

<–This giant dog is Cooper Conger,who is Director of Security Operations at the Conger Canine Compound down in Henderson where all Nevada cops are required by law under the NRS to live!

<—There’s a part of me which still believes Chief Conger is waiting for an official recount to be conducted for his having placed 4th as a retired Metro Deputy Chief, and 10,000 votes behind 3rd place finisher, now retired Patrol Officer Laurie Pink Bisch as she was known in 2006!

Bill Conger and Laurie Bisch got along very well during the campaign and there was no acrimony between them at all, but in retrospect, he should have hit the air the minute he found out that she had with her first ad and put every penny he had into air-time to try to capture the 2nd spot when many thought he’d be #1.  In short at Metro, Patrol Officers do not beat Deputy Chiefs in elections; Ms Bisch had tapped into a very rich artery of support none of the rest of us had even considered:  Our Cali transplants were already very used to casting votes for women in Law Enforcement elective office and seeing them in appointed office too!

The City of San Diego has Chief Shelley Zimmerman running the show down there today and there are an additional 24 woman California running municipal police departments.  I bring this up Senator Manendo because although Henderson hired Chief Jutta Chambers breaking down that barrier for our state’s largest suburb, but long before that under Sheriff Jerry Keller, he promoted to Deputy Chief, Metro’s first woman at that position and her name was Deputy Chief Terry Lesney, and she and a woman named Lou Pascoe who achieved the rank of the now non-existent position of Commander, and another woman to achieve the rank of Deputy Chief, Kathleen O’Connor, remain today the three highest ranking females Metro has turned out over its 44 years.

By any measure or any standard, that is an appalling indictment for a department our size, in a city as complex and diverse as ours, and it remains today Metro’s most enduring sexist legacy at the department’s 44th year anniversary!

I met Chief Lesney in 2006 when she was Captain of Metro’s  Crimes Against Youth and Family and found her to be a very engaging, very credible, very well-spoken representative of the LVMPD.  She was demoted from Deputy Chief under Keller by Sheriff Young, back to Captain which was Young’s privilege, but here’s the kicker Senator Manendo:  Before you even knew what a Rainbow Flag was, Chief Lesney was blazing trails as our first open and out lesbian officer who rose through the LVMPD ranks and she had our Mormon Sheriff Jerry Keller and Mormon Deputy Chief Bill Conger as her very strong champions, mentors, and protectors until homophobic, sexist, misogynist Bill Young pulled his bullshit on her for no other reason than she was a same-sex oriented officer!

She headed Gangs!  She headed Vice and Narcotics!  Former Deputy Chief Terry Lesney was bad-ass and one tough broad and the LVMPD has never recovered from her mistreatment by Sheriff Young Senator Manendo, and today we have just three women at the rank of Captain–all three achieving that rank just within the past two years, the third female Captain, just on 12/3/2016–and Sheriff Lombardo pulling an unexplained cheap shot at his Captains wanting to pull them into being appointed now and you have nothing to say about that Senator?

It was perhaps the most shameful and most disgraceful of their many gross misconducts over their 12 very long long years of Terror upon our Community done by Sheriffs Young and Gillespie which they both deliberately dismantled years of Forward Progress of the department’s women and persons of color and you never said a g*ddamn word about it Senator Manendo!

Chief Bill Conger was part of Sheriff Keller’s leadership team which promoted women and minorities to great success only to have the two following sheriffs dismantle everything they set out to achieve with their near total destruction of the entire department which lead to the USDOJ coming in during 2011!   Every single women from Keller’s era is gone now and Bill Conger was a Diversity Champion before that was even fashionable!

So you’ll pardon me if I don’t get all worked up over your selective outrage involving animals in Boulder City, when you’ve never done a damn thing for humans who’ve needed your help.  Where exactly were you when this department needed someone in Carson City lighting fires under some big fat asses down here to stop the decimation of our state’s largest police department?  I’m guessing you were posing for pictures with NHP.

<—This is retired Metro Deputy Chief Kathy O’Connor and she would have won the Office of Sheriff in 2010 and in 2014!  In fact, Chief O’Connor is the Sheriff we’ve been waiting for in Clark County Since 2006 and she would win in 2018 if she runs!  

No officer of the LVMPD has touched more citizens, mentored more officers, or blazed more trails than she has, and I have no idea how to write about what this woman has meant to that organization and to our community!

More on Chief O’Connor coming up in Sheriff Lombardo’s halftime report!

So congratulations Senator Mark Manendo, for doing your half-assed outage tantrum on Chief Bill Conger and refusing to correct out anything or clarify what was going on down in Nevada’s Most Corrupted City–Boulder Cityyou are 2016’s ‘Asshole of the Year!

Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!