Bigoted Docu-Maker Ramsey Dennison Stokes Race Rioting in Vegas!

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‘A white police officer kills an unarmed black man, and, in Las Vegas, there are no protests’ This was the headline from the bigoted and racially biased LA Times, America’s #1 La Raza Jr Hate Newspaper. They at the LA Times are actually disappointed in we here in Las Vegas!

Today, equally bigoted and biased Lichtenstein and Peck of our own Extortionate Enterprise ACLU piped in with their opinion on the choke-hold technique after singing Metro’s praises just 56 days ago on how wrong USDOJ was about them and Illegal Immigrants/ICE here!

Just 123 days ago, USDOJ itself praised Metro compliance and performance regarding Officer Involved Shootings in a report which looked to everyone like it was a deliberate effort to boost Metro despite its hyper-corrupted Civil Rights Division and former AGs Holder and Lynch deliberately lying to America in its incendiary report on Ferguson, Mo which ignited more than three years of unanswered, unchecked, unmoved by USDOJ at all, the Black Lives Matter intentional, pre-meditated murder of America’s police officers done by the Obama White House to build for him some credibility that he cared at all about Black-Americans after having done absolutely nothing for them, even after co-opting Trayvon Martin in the most cynical, racially biased and bigoted conduct ever before seen by a failed American president.

America’s War on Cops IS Barack Obama’s bigoted and biased legacy.

Still today, USDOJ and the SCLC, the only two entities which can so designate, refuse to call out Black Lives Matters as the Hate Group it is, USDOJ under Trump and Sessions has not moved forward with criminal and civil suits against the group and its Extortionate Poverty Pimps either.

COH Attorney Andre Lagomarisino who delivered the highest jury award to Mrs Trevon Cole and less for Stanley Gibson because VIP fuq-up Steve Sanson and former AS Ted Moody ruined that case for him because Moody would not take ownership of any OIS, though he was the Assistant Sheriff over the Patrol Division during a long period of shame within Dark Metro forcing USDOJ to come in here, but leaving without issuing a Consent Decree and stunning everyone. I think they made another kind of non-publicly disclosed deal because of what they did next…

…blowing up to bits tiny Ferguson next with AG Holders deliberate lies and omission of facts designed to ignite and to inflame, which it certainly did, and Holder should have been prosecuted and imprisoned for life for his arrogance to deliver a political outcome he favored for the failed Obama presidency.

That former FBI Director James Comey wasn’t interested at all in questioning Eric Holder about Hillary Clinton’s email server and when it was he discovered it and told President Obama about it, told to America everything it needed to known about its hyper-corrupted USDOJ under the former president and I demanded the president clean house at USDOJ as the first order of business necessary. To date, he has not.

We in Nevada are still waiting for our new US Attorney nominee, our USM nominee, and he has done nothing to rid the hyper-corrupted Civil Rights Division of its racially biased and bigoted players, one of them was just elected to Chair the Democratic National Committee and when people read his perverted, illogical, and warped interpretations of the US Code, especially the Civil Rights Act of 1964, it will be the final blow which destroys the Democratic Party in America.

I met and had lunch with Lagomarisno after the Cole verdict and have praised his acumen and strategy in that case, he set the standard for all who may follow, he is an impressive person and legal mind and generally absent the negative qualities we find so often in the Legal Lizards slithering around town here. So I was very disappointed in his hyperbole today in the LVRJ, his poor word choices and characterizations of the bereaved family whose mourning period was remarkably short and who found Andre in no time AND who so loved their now deceased family member, that they left him alone on the Strip for our community to deal with his Paranoid Schizophrenia!

Gee, thank you again for doing that to us and to our police department you degenerate, human garbage, money hungry pieces of shit! Did you deliberately do that to us looking for a big payday which today, it sure looks like you did to all of us?

Andre, you know damn well those two words guaranteed that DA Wolfson will not and cannot file any criminal charges against the officer because his family dumped him here without supervision despite his severe mental health issues and his felony conduct in Hawaii which imprisoned him there. To add insult to our community and injury to our police department in your attempt to sway your next jury on this case in today’s LVRJ, they then deliberately left him wandering the Las Vegas Strip leaving his issues for our community to deal with because they couldn’t be bothered! How about a $1 settlement? How about some legal vehicle which our community can sue his family for dumping their beloved deceased onto us and then being shocked about my $ settlement offer?

All this stated, this officer’s most disturbing conduct is his using his Taser 4 more times than allowed by policy and then the unnecessary physical assault, then would come the choke hold and is improper use. The Coroner will likely find he was already in cardiac arrest before the choke hold; 7-50,000 volt jolts is a lot of juice, so the speculation about the choke hold is attempting to fan the flames without fact which is what the bigoted and racially biased ACLU is infamous for.

No one would be at all surprised to learn if the Coroner finds illicit drugs in his system which combined with his assumed mental health meds, is a nuclear time bomb let loose onto our streets by this allegedly bereaved family who there is no indication they even ever bothered to inform Metro their member was here and with serious mental health issues which could be detrimental to others living here and to our tourists.

Our number one import in Nevada is in fact, the mental health impaired and challenged which families from other states have dumped here because they couldn’t be bothered anymore. I would call it an epidemic in the areas to the East of the Strip. I stopped a potential OIS myself very nearby several years ago, of a notorious young guy whose family in Santa Barbara and of substantial financial means enough to pay-off landlords to take him in here instead of California, and who would ingest anything to get high to complicate his severe mental health maladies, and who was annoying as all hell, but a danger to no one but himself, as Metro had guns drawn on him and his not understanding that he can’t be terrorizing people panhandling and while being buck naked doing so to boot! Thankfully, those officers knew me standing there screaming at them reminding he had nothing but an ugly little dick and couldn’t harm them or anyone else with it!

That’s the psychotic behavior our officers see every day of the week in every part of the county today, add a gigantic heroin epidemic here no one even wants to admit is occurring so as not to upset the Resorts, and I have empathy for this officer and want to hear what he has to say and how he was processing what was occurring. I also want to know how Tourist Safety officers on the Strip were debriefed following the March 25, 2017 hijacking of an RTCSNV bus on the Strip by yet another mentally ill person with issues and a gun and which went on for hours upsetting the shit out of the Resorts, particularly MGM Resorts’ Jim Murren whose underlings are some of the most obnoxious people, again reinforcing my long held view that the Resorts ARE NOT at all Partners in Policing with Metro and are parasitic, arrogant, demanding little fuqrs.

I also want to know why Sheldon’s security did not detain this man when they have full Peace Officer powers to do so and then what the officers were doing inside his Resort which may have been dinner break at the cafe, but if not, demanding answers why active duty officers were on property if not called to transport someone the Venetian detained or for some other matter requiring the response of our officers. Then I especially want to hear confirmation about what notorious and garbage cop with a hefty FBI File to call his very own, LVMPD Deputy Chief Charles Hank III, who heads up Tourist Safety and who is said to be making it Hell for everyone since losing the Assistant Sheriff position last summer, role in this is. Did his bellowing and belittling subordinate officers amp up this officer to the point of clouding his professional judgement based on the March 25th incident which was not the best conduct of our beloved Resorts and their Brass and Security people and Directors, and senior executives?

The Las Vegas Strip is a g*ddamn open sewer overloaded with a predatory, degenerate, human vermin cocktail of pimps, prostitutes, con men, gang-bangers, hoodlums, and professional beggars and thieves. It is one of the least attractive avenues in America and very dangerous and requires highly-trained officers and corresponding highly trained Resort Security personnel. We’ve done our part, the Resorts have not!

If this officer was not coping well in his duties or had issues with DC Hanks’ obnoxious, imperious, condescending behaviors, did he find he had nowhere to turn because our Officer Assistance effort is headed up by DC Hanks’ dreadfully unqualified third wife who is alleged to have chatted up folks about a Jail CO who had issues, in direct and flagrant violation of HIPAA and other laws intended to ensure patient privacy?

Deputy Chief Hank is responsible to ensure that those under his command are trained, current regarding department policy, and fit for duty, BEFORE allowing them to assume those duties and report for their shifts. Hank, who claims amazing super-power abilities to know micro details of officer conducts, their behaviors, their every hope and dream it would seem, and is a long-time, notorious, internal Metro Career Assassin who has no business being anywhere near the Strip, I have said for many years about him.

I’m not at the point where Officer Lopera should be fired yet and at five years in, there is no ‘medical’ as its know to retire him and send him on his way, and I don’t see an avenue for him to be fired and Deputy Chief Charles Hank not also fired for being remiss in his duties about Lopera’s duty worthiness. I think the loving family here is anything but loving and are racially biased and bigoted by pushing community buttons to up the ante and cash in playing Loss of Life Lottery. Metro is substantially a very different department than it was five years ago.and I think that Undersheriff McMahill and Sheriff Lombardo have handled this very well so far. I would go so far as to call Sheriff Lombardo’s quote in this very article by Wes Juhl to be his finest performance to date as Sheriff of Clark County because he’s correct! Just what I’ve written about will take some time to put together, no one is dodging anything, but both men knowing the powder keg they have beneath them, and neither have said or done anything at all to light the fuse of the Professional Provocateurs and Tragedy Whores and Pimps from the LA Times, to our sickening, bigoted, local ACLU.

A super-bigoted, Leftist Progressive Extremist, hyper-hater and self-described but unknown documentary film-maker from Cali named Ramsey Dennison, with no body of work to assess and who tried in 2014 to make a name for himself here about Metro and failed very badly back then as he’s failing again today calling Officer Lopera a ‘murderer’. So lacking in any education or schooling beyond grade-school level, has no idea this was the worst OIS incident these past five years and that we’ve implemented a credible District Attorney lead effort at investigating these OISs now and which are working just fine without his ignorant, hyper-bigoted input fanning the flames hoping to ignite Las Vegas in racial unrest.

He believes he is helping Captain Larry Burns be elected in 2018 when his listing Burns as a star in original credits in summer of 2016 of his current anti-Metro film, the phony and bigoted Dennison long since removing Burns from those credits but which must have taken him the 2 plus years since his last attempt at Metro failed badly, and degenerate Docu-Maker Dennison has cost Burns any chance of ever being elected marrying him to his equally degenerate ‘creative’ work intent through his racially motivated bigotry on igniting Race Rioting in Las Vegas to sell tickets to this already failed current documentary effort.

OIS are going to occur, we’re still trending to be a very low count this year—we’re at 6 at the halfway point so far—after last year’s record low numbers, to read the bullshit people are putting out there about this case, it is reprehensible that people are trying to provoke other people to act out in violence. You people are sick bastards, you really are!  You handful of Bigot Ramsey Dennison’s followers are sociopath, race-rioting enablers.

You blew your own case this morning Mr Lagomarisino because your jury WILL KNOW about just how much the family
really didn’t love this victim at all with dollar signs in their eyes every moment they waited for the inevitable to occur leaving him—a paranoid schizophrenic and a danger to himself and to others—wandering our streets unsupervised.


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