Uncle Harry’s Toxic Cabin

Posted by Michael Zahara on Jul 13, 2017

The bad news came over an email from Senator Catherine Cortez-Masto and her participation, leadership, and acquiescence in this scheme and scam is still like a dagger to the heart, the eye, the left elbow, the knee…

<—I published this pic not even 3 years ago; my how Catherine changed along the way, huh?

I’m ashamed of you and embarrassed for you Catherine, your father must be rolling over and over in his grave knowing what a political whore you’ve become today!

More than 50 years of local, state and national Democratic Party protocols and progressive positions-held within by our partisans’ participation, used to provide the path one would follow to ascend to becoming the State Party Chairman by the vote of the party’s State Central Committee members.  In 2017 on the orders of Harry Reid which Cortez Masto had no duty or obligation to even give the courtesy of listening to his obnoxious demands of her, much less actually following his hateful, hate-filled orders, Catherine Cortez Masto destroyed her political Brand and extinguished her once burning bright political star.

She was repeating her political assassination as then Attorney General of Brian Krolicki all over again!

By endorsing 28 year old neophyte, misogynist and West Side gang-banger, the dreadfully inexperienced, naive, ill-informed, previously completely disinterested, now suddenly very interested in politics with his filing for State Party Chair literally in the very last minutes before the deadline closed at Party Headquarters, was gang-banger William McCurdy II, who was also elected to Assembly District 6 replacing term-limited legend Harvey Munford this past November.

It was the very darkest of days in SoNev as we lost a giant of a very good man in Munford replaced by a mental midget of a completely clueless young, immature gang-banger boy in AD 06, William McCurdy II.

The Chairwoman of the Nevada State Democratic Party today should be Erin Bilbray-Kohn, daughter of former US Representative James Bilbray, but after her years of dedicated party participation including a long stint as one of our two elected DNC Reps, on the personal orders of Harry Reid, she was dumped and ordered by him into Party Pariah Status.  She wouldn’t even place her name into nomination for Chair this past spring it was so absolutely toxic at NVDEMS last year—and it still is more toxic today than an open Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository could ever be.

<—She’s now Lynette Boggs-Perez and she’s running for District Court judge in Texastan in 2018!


She was and still is the natural successor to CCBC Commissioner Catastrophe Susan Brager who is termed out and thank God Almighty Himself, gone from politics for good in 2018.  She having beaten Lynette Boggs-MacDonald who became a lawyer and has been tearin’ up Texas in the San Antonio area and returning to elective politics currently running for District Court judge down there as the newly married now Lynette Boggs-Perez.

Because Harry Reid destroyed Erin Bilbray, the Brager seat will return to the GOP in 2018.  He’s never once cared about the consequences of his sociopath actions!

Erin’s great sin? Not genuflecting to Hillary Rodham Clinton, bowing and scraping to Harry Reid Inc, or blowing Bill Clinton, and supporting Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont for the Democratic nomination for president last year. For the second time in eight years, our party’s 2016 Nevada Presidential Caucus was a national calamity of embarrassing failure and fighting—not an uncommon outcome, we are after-all Democrats!—but in my nearing 40 years of Activism, I had never seen anything at all anywhere near to what transpired last year for Democrats and wrote that now in my 50s, I can clearly and plainly see how Western Europe had become submerged in Fascism in the 1930s in Germany, Italy and Spain and that that’s exactly what is happening to the national Democratic Fascist Party in America today!

I had never not thought that Erin Bilbray was ‘on-deck’ and ‘next-up’ to be State Party Chair in Nevada and was very enthusiastic for her ascending to become NVDEMS Chair after the 2016 cycle because she knows what she’s doing, has a broad, vast, and intimate knowledge of the mechanics and machinery of the state party as well as of the DNC through her time as DNC Rep.

William McCurdy II can tie his shoes and flash his gang signs! He is widely expected to brutally gunned down along with his two young sons for the many sins he committed as a West Las Vegas gangsta gang-banger. Many have speculated that Coretz Masto had deliberately placed McCurdy and his sons directly in harms way to be assassinated by gang rivals she put away as Attorney General and as an Assistant US Attorney here.  One doesn’t just walk away from gang life here or anywhere else and neither did William McCurdy II.  He is America’s first gang-banger State Party Chairman of any political party and there is a price on his head!

<—Sorry William, we all thought that you knew!  

Oh well, them’s the breaks for you and your boys, huh bitch?

There are no degrees of separation here.  Catherine Cortez Masto personally signed William McCurdy II’s Death Warrant with her endorsement of his election as NVDEMS’ State Party Chairman; it’s not a matter of if but when they whack he and his boys, only he’s too stupid to know what she did to him. Like Brian Krolicki before him, William McCurdy is viewed as a disposable tool and fool in Harry Reid’s psychopathic need to control everything and everyone regardless of who it harms, hurts...or even kills.

This is your Nevada State Democratic Party today, steeped and drenched now in the blood-soaked mess of local gang warfare all because Harry is hatin’ on Erin for supporting Bernie over Hillary!

Then happening far sooner than even I had expected, Harry Reid leaks to Politico a few weeks ago that he has already chosen who will be the Dem nominee to challenge Senator Dean Heller next year despite his being ‘retired’ now and that State Party Chairs primary job is to recruit and develop candidates and raise wheel barrows of money to help get those recruited candidates elected to office.  William McCurdy II had no idea Harry Reid was usurping his authority as State Party Chair, nor did he care! He’s ‘in it for the pussy’ according to many Dem insiders!  Harry Reid didn’t retire, he actually believes that ‘Desert Kennedys’ bullshit Maureen Dowd bestowed on him in the New York Times and he ordered rookie US House and synagogue vacuuming champion Jacky Rosen to take on Dean Heller next year!

…and the bubble-headed dipshit agreed!

If William McCurdy weren’t so distracted by all that pussy he covets, he might have noticed that the Old Blind Bitch fuqd him BIGLY as the kids say.

First, there’s Kate Marshall who was putting out feelers and was on a listening tour about a US Senate run. She came closest to winning in 2014 revamping everything and debuting a stylish new livery and logo and polishing her views to appeal more broadly.  She could and will defeat Steve Sisolak for the Dem gubernatorial nomination if she pivots and Returns the Burn to Harry Reid and she’ll defeat Adam Laxalt too!  Then there’s 2012 runner-up Shelley Berkley who lost to Heller six years ago and who would beat him soundly today, she will be the next mayor of Las Vegas, but her status in the party demands that the State Chair be deferential to her rock star status and give her the courtesy of asking what her plans for 2018 are. Then breathing fire like Godzilla stomping through Tokyo was Representative Dina Titus who unloaded on Sam Shad’s platform and none of these women were even considered by the Old Blind Bitch.

None of them stood with Erin Bilbray for State Party Chair either.

‘Girl Power’ in Nevada died at their own hands as they all sat in silence as Harry Reid fuqd those with two X chromosomes yet again with the exceptionally poor choice of William McCurdy II, something he’s been doing for decades now! Knowing full well that the Old Blind Bitch was never going to let go, I fully expected Dina Titus would have placed her name for State Party Chair seeing there’s not much to do in the minority in the US House these days—she declined, thus empowering Catherine Cortez Masto to pull her bullshit endorsement—and crashing what’s left of NVDEMS into the desert floor!

I was hoping that Catherine would finally assert and tell him to buzz off and to back the fuq off bitch!  Her refusal to assert as the highest ranking Democratic officeholder in Nevada, and choosing capitulation, subservience, subordination, and submission instead, left only Dina Titus who has the political cover on a seat even she couldn’t lose, to assert, and she refused.

The 34 years as a UNLV PoliSci professor went right out the window with her refusal to Rock the Reid Boat for State Party Chair elections  If she doesn’t challenge Jacky Rosen for the US Senate nomination, she will publicly announce that she has no standards, no values, or mores at all and that she is perfectly content to be treated like dog shit by the former psycho senator and to be his political bitch, just like William McCurdy II did slurping up Harry’s old dude dick so well this year!

The ball is in your court Dina, its time to put up or shut up once and for all and to show us that you believe in something, anything at all really because if you don’t act now to end Harry’s bullshit, we’ll all have to wait until he thankfully dies...and we’ll always know you were a phony who stood for nothing while lecturing all of us about everything!

Mike Zahara Siganture
Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!




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