LVMPD Officer Ken Lopera Will Be Acquitted & Fired

Posted by Michael Zahara on Jul 26, 2017

Finally, Las Vegas and Clark County have a signature case to test the legitimacy of reforms born of the USDOJ interjecting themselves onto our state’s largest and most sophisticated police department through its COPS initiative I was dismissive was even real, or that it would produce credible reforms within the Department.  Associated reforms replaced the Kangaroo Court our juvenile, laughable Coroners Inquest process was delivering, especially under the two worst sheriffs this county had ever produced, Bill Young and Douglas Gillespie.

District Attorney Steve Wolfson, a former all-star Defense Attorney here, proceeded to file charges without even having a month’s time pass.  He above all others, knows that no jury will convict Officer Lopera, so his expediting filing charges also seems to be to quell potential violence in the streets fueled by Tashi Brown’s family lying about what an upstanding citizen he was and the Media buying into that too.

When Patrol Officer Ken Lopera came into contact with a Meth intoxicated career criminal felon Tashii Brown and eventually killed him in the line of duty on May 14, 2017, Social Media exploded with misinformation based on the video released and despite dozens of questions left unanswered.  The sheriff with his eyes firmly on his 2018 re-election bid is apparently still refusing to stand side-by-side with his own Undersheriff the previous sheriff appointed for him and their respective comments on the OIS were disjointed and uncomfortable fostering continued speculation that the sheriff is bitter and resentful that his US is far more popular than he is.

Undersheriff McMahill uncharacteristically made a damaging statement also not yet corrected, that Tashii Brown would not have faced any charges and completely leaving out the Legal 2000 behaviors which would have placed him into custody.  I counted at least 3 or 4 charges the deceased would have faced had he lived.  So did many others.  It appeared to all that both the sheriff and undersheriff were attempting to cool the heated rhetoric and prevent Black Lives Matters sponsored rioting in response to this death, but that they were speaking from separate platforms though the LVRJ made it appear that they were together in tandem discussing this OIS in their story.

They were not doing any sort of joint Media appearance and I don’t think that they ever have.

And in the Vegas Media’s zeal to try, convict and hang any police officer who kills in the line of duty here, they were bending facts to fit a narrative they wanted to be true for Mr Brown and never told their audiences that Tashii Brown was a freshly released from the penitentiary in Hawaii, was a career criminal and drug addict with diagnosed paranoid schizophrenia, and that his family deliberately brought to Las Vegas from Hawaii after his release and let him roam free on the Las Vegas Strip at 1am on a weekend night—high as a kite and sweating profusely as is common with Meth addicts—to terrorize our community and our tourists expecting us to take care of him, I guess.

Not to be cavalier about this, but on the look back, I guess that we certainly did take care of him because his family would not and they dumped their mentally ill, drug-addicted ‘loved one’ on our streets because they couldn’t be bothered.

This obnoxious Farmer woman claiming to be his mother and appearing with degenerate film-maker Ramsey Dennison at his documentary showing recently, failed to address why she or other family members did not file for his Guardianship, did not have him in rehab or at WestCare, did not have in effective programming like our successful Hope for Prisoners, nor why they had no idea their alleged ‘loved one’ was plying the Venetian Resort terrorizing our tourists and visitors!

We absolutely need something in the NRS which forbids disinterested families who dump their addicted and mentally ill loved ones on our streets from cashing in when they meet their demise by our police department or any other means.  Jurors can and will hear how his family did absolutely nothing for him but fly him here all the way from Hawaii while leaving his kids there, then dumping him onto our streets which is a nearly every day occurrence here.

These facts acquit Officer Lopera of all charges, everyone involved knows this and only an irresponsible Media not reporting why jurors will vote to acquit remains an issue.

This is undisputed fact. Mr Brown, despite the media painting him as some sort of reformed criminal trying to do right by his illegitimate children since being released from prison in Hawaii, was completely fuqd up out of his head early that morning at the Venetian.

American juries are loathe to convict police officers even for misconduct far more egregious than Officer Lopera’s that night, let me fill you in on how juries deliberate these cases.  They are very reluctant to hang onto our officers all of society’s ills and baggage—and this includes Black-American jurors as the Freddie Gray case in Baltimore–one of the most fuqd up departments in the entire country for years and well known to USDOJ showed us.  Despite almost everyone involved being Black-American, the jury would not vote to convict despite having many Black jurors too!  A Black female DA and a Black female mayor was a HUGE underlying story as the politically ambitious DA with her eyes on the mayor’s seat, rushed to indict and now faces disbarment because of her exuberance her misconducts are so egregious that those officers are not only free, but will walk away from this with damages paid for by taxpayers there!

We can’t make those same mistakes with Officer Lopera who deserves and will receive all of his constitutionally guaranteed due process rights.  It is my hope that he takes the stand and tells us how this incident deteriorated so quickly for him.  His jury will not let him twist in the wind if they even suspect his superior officer Charles Hank, will skate Scot-free, which is another factor jurors have in the back of their minds no matter how egregious the misconduct; they want to know why superior officers are also not bearing the same burdens and when you analyze this, you come directly to the answer as to why it is so rare for lone officers to be convicted by American juries.

If Las Vegas explodes into violence upon Officer Kenneth Lopera’s acquittal, it will be because Deputy Chief Charles Hank III was not terminated or forced to retire by Sheriff Lombardo well before Lopera’s case goes to trial.  Its a related form of Jury Nullification, jurors know that without supporting evidence that he acted with malice or bias, that others should also be held to account.

One wonders aloud here what Sheriff Lombardo is waiting for getting rid of Community Cancer Charles Hank III with his re-election campaign just 16 months away and with an upcoming major Vice scandal which will likely free two notorious pimps who are now serving life sentences, and involving officers close to the sheriff.

Lopera’s jury will have in the back of their minds that the officer will be fired for at least 3 major breaches of Department policy he should have been aware of before reporting for duty that evening.  That Deputy Chief at Tourist Safety, notorious LVMPD garbage officer, Deputy Chief Charles Hank III, allowed him to report for duty should also have him terminated though at his level, his forced retirement is in high order here too for to fire one and not the other would be a grave injustice in this case.  Deputy Chief Hank is the officer responsible for ensuring his subordinates are fit for duty and are more than casually familiar with Department policies and procedures.

In an incredibly hostile and defiant move by Sheriff Lombardo as if to say fuq you to all of us, as of July 1, 2017, he returned the Airport Bureau to the Command of his good friend Deputy Charles Charles Hank III, whose first wife he beat mercilessly some 7 years ago, which along with Sheriff Gillespie’s alleged domestic violence issues, brought the LVMPD to the USDOJ’s full attention to Metro in the first place, and the first Mrs Hank is domiciled today at McCarran airport as a highly regarded employee of its largest carrier there.

How the sheriff intends to explain this openly hostile act to the first Mrs Hank and then to the Rape Crisis Center and other Victim’s Rights organizations in Clark County, remains a mystery heading into his already very shaky re-election bid. 

Charles Hank III, as Deputy Chief of Tourist Safety, has no business whatsoever being anywhere near to the first Mrs Hank and her workplace and others in the organization could easily cover Airport Bureau so as not to give Hank any reason to harass his first wife under the color of his official duties there.  His being chosen and then dumped as Assistant Sheriff last summer because of his Domestic Violence issues with Maria Hank in 2010, has had him on a tear ever since according to many officers on the Strip and that his appalling unprofessionalism may in fact be why Officer Lopera acted so far out of bounds regarding Tashii Brown.

That Officer Lopera came on board at Metro only five years ago and as new USDOJ inspired training and Metro internal policies were changed during those same timelines means that the officer should not have been colored by previous policies of the LVMPD and Sheriff Lombardo in a brief and refreshing moment of candor and clarity within an LVRJ story, corrected Lopera’s wrongly held impression that the Department ‘trains’ in the use of the choke-hold, stating that it trains its officers on how to get out of one rather than use one.  This statement by Lombardo is the indicator that Officer Lopera will be terminated though those functions are officially no longer the sheriff’s under Sheriff Lombardo and were turned over to the Office of Undersheriff upon Joe’s swearing-in though the sheriff did not relinquish any of his immense power.  This public correction by Sheriff Lombardo telegraphed to all that Officer Lopera will get no Sheriff’s Reprieve—Sheriff Lombardo is the only person who can save Lopera’s Metro career because he answers to no oversight Board like the appointed LAPD Chief does, for instance—Lopera’s errors that evening were substantial, they are very disturbing because of his brief tenure as an officer, the sheriff himself and his good friend and Department embarrassment champion, Charles Hank III, appear to both bear a direct culpability for outcomes the early morning of May 14, 2017, as do the Resort titans for incinerating the sheriff and his Command Staff about the March 25, 2017 bus hostage incident.

When Metro brass from the sheriff down the entire chain of command get heat from the Resorts, they pass it down the line with explosive Type A predictability. I have no doubt at all that Officer Lopera misconduct was directly related to the heat he and others have been getting about the open sewer that is our Strip and the human vermin which overflows it every hour of every day.

This report below is why Officer Lopera’s mistakes should also have a concurrent and corresponding investigation into how this escalated rather de-escalated and can we even say with a straight face to the public that this OIS was an anomaly—everything failed here. 

file:///C:/Users/Mike/Downloads/USDOJ%is %20Reform%202011%20Metro.pdf

That we are still dumping rookie officers onto the Strip when that assignment is one of Metro’s most difficult, speaks to the fact we’re still approaching training our Strip officers by ‘Baptism by Fire’ rather than even teaming each rookie with a veteran officer which could produce better results and more well-rounded young officers.

Both Deputy Chief Hank and Sheriff Lombardo were reportedly in very poor form during and following the Strip bus hostage situation on March 25, 2017 which went on for in excess of 4 hours, causing the Resorts to act in even poorer form that day and afterward and which could be called the starting point of the OIS incident which cost Tashii Brown his life on the early AM hours of May 14, 2017 on the Venetian Resort’s footprint.

The state’s largest, most important, and most influential Media is the Las Vegas Review Journal by a country one hundred miles, and of course it is owned by Sheldon Adelson on whose only Las Vegas resort complex on the Boulevard and Sands Tashii Brown lost his life.  Just the other day, the paper’s editors allowed a false fact to go to publish stating that the LVMPD has 4,000 police officers!

You’d not have had me writing as much as I have about Metro if that were at all true!  Metro has roughly 2800 commissioned officers, not 4,000 but which I believe 4,000 is a more comfortable floor minimum for what this county and our 42 million visitors need to have in place today! Where was Sheldon’s Security and why so many Metro officers were on-site and inside of the Venetian are answers we need to get to the bottom of too?

That this misinformation went to publish and remains uncorrected was likely done deliberately by Adelson.  His paper’s writers are deliberately not mentioning that this occurred at the boss’s Resort so as not to leave a negative pall upon bookings and reservations there and yet another clear indication of our ‘nothing to see here’ mentality so as not to upset the Resorts who I’ve said it a thousand times before, are not Partners in Policing and Officer Kenneth Lopera’s OIS incident and its background details that we know of today, only reinforce my point of view.

Sheriff Joe Lombardo is heading into re-election as the most vulnerable sheriff in department history as everything around him has disintegrated and crime statistics have soared.  He enjoys no support from his line-staff today and is seemingly an island unto himself having failed to build the bridges necessary to assert his value to us as sheriff, and was he was forced the other day to prematurely announce his re-election bid 16 months out and barrel-chested boasted of having $500,000 in his Campaign Kitty which was exactly the wrong way do it—confident candidates don’t boast and brag, they run on their records and their value to ushis weakly and meekly trying to scare off potential rivals who with a fraction of that money, would soundly defeat him today, is unworthy of him and the Office of Sheriff.

It’s that bad on MLK today! 

It’s a bed the sheriff is laying in which in he made for himself by his not taking ownership when the news is bad and his poor handling of the Lopera OIS to date, gives him no good outcomes from it and with a major Vice scandal in front of Judge Michael Villani now which will both be fresh on voters’ minds next year, the sheriff is running scared now and 16 months is a very long time to run scared.


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