Yolanda McClary for Clark County Sheriff 2018!

Posted by Michael Zahara on Aug 12, 2017

I told to both now Sheriff Lombardo and retired LVMPD Captain Larry Burns, that if they were coming back in 2018 with the same group of Asshole Consultant Parasites, I would not be supporting either of them.

...and I really meant that!  It was agonizing for me to watch what occurred to the two men who ran the best race this office had ever seen, it really was!

JoeLo was the last guy in the race in December of 2013, he and I met at Einstein’s across from UNLV the following morning; he nearly had me at ‘hello’ back then too and today, like all voters, I’m tired of waiting, I’m tired of excuses. aren’t you all tired by now too?  I was a very early on member of ‘The Reluctant Sheriff Club’ agreeing with many others that he never wanted this very public office he having never been a very public cop.

<—She’s my very favorite Black-American woman in this state bonding with me in my very first month here full-time and bonding with my Big Sis too!    

She is Verla Davis Goddard!

JoeLo scored mega-BIG points with me making time for her during the last campaign, but since being elected, he has only accidentally said ‘Hey’ to two Black guys at Meadows Mall one day last year!

JoeLo has entirely forgotten that he appointed a Black-American man as one of his Assistant Sheriffs last summer because although he has Command of all of the Patrol Area Commands where all of the OIS’s have occurred, he has yet to order him out to engage the Media about anything!

Yes, Sheriff Lombardo is in very big trouble with Black-American voters across the county who he didn’t meet with last time until late October!  

Would one of you guys down on MLK leave a Sticky Note on Joe’s door reminding him that he’s got Assistant Sheriff Tim Kelly in the bullpen warming up for a year now please?

He jumped in late, he listened to advice, and he took it too.  He showed all of us remarkable progress as a candidate and by time the 2014 Henderson St Pat’s Parade came around, he made his official public debut on Water Street down there that day and he owned that whole damned parade and a new political star in the making was born!

Captain Burns was attending a big family wedding event that weekend and there was no delegation marching for him and his campaign.  That was a major mistake by Team Burns because Captain and Mrs Burns live in Henderson, that’s their territory of the county, and as if to announce to the entire world that they’re terrified of a 2018 rematch with Burns, Sheriff Lombardo’s greedy, stupid-ass consultant tells us of Joe’s new horrifically premature campaign office is now on St Rose Parkway down there when his last effort was based at Alta & Decatur up here.

The major mistake this year is scored to the sheriff and his office choice in COH and who along with Mrs Lombardo, lives in Sumerlinstan where the sheriff has vast and major substantive problems to overcome there with voters and which were deliberately stoked to thermonuclear hot today by his very own consultant cretin with his eyes firmly on every last dime Lombardo raises again during the recently concluded Beers v Seroka city council race so as to force Lombardo to spend obscenely in his home base territory he shouldn’t have to defend in the six figures to further enrich his human vermin campaign manager!

The entire Western Arc of the valley is covered by three Metro all-star Captains:  Roxanne Berke in the Southwest, Brian Greenway in the West Central, and Sasha Larkin in the Northwest.  Larkin is too new in her assignment and has been treated like a football since making Lieutenant, and now as Captain, she has not spent near any amount of credible time to gain for herself much more necessary seasoning or develop a relationship with citizens within Northwest Area Command, arguably Metro’s most demanding by containing Summerlin, Sun City, and Centennial, three areas chocked full of residents who do nothing but bitch and moan every hour of every day of the week, that they don’t even get the short end of the stick with Metro anymore, but no stick at all under Lombardo!

Issues with Metro were a big underlying issue with residents in the recent Wards 2, 4, & 6 races in Las Vegas forcing Sheriff Lombardo to prematurely announce his desire for Howard Hughes Corporation to build for him Summerlin Area Command off of 215 north of the Parkway though he doesn’t have the manpower to staff it and is several years away from having it.

A logical temporary and more affordable alternative to lease the LVPPA’s headquarters for a decade to allow for the LVMPD to catch up and to catch its breath after having had suffered devastating cuts by CCBC Chair Steve Sisolak, and located right at the gates of Sun City on Lake Mead Blvd, isn’t even being considered by Lombardo who gave to Sisolak a $1,000 donation in 2016 for having decimated our Police Department!

Then last month, he chooses to base his 2018 campaign in Henderson and not within his own region where he is bleeding supporters in the hundreds if not thousands, at an alarming rate and who all have 16 months to stew about that now too because the sheriff hired the guy who robbed him blind last time out and who had him as his 4th priority in 2014, and he has him as his dead last 2018 priority too!

Hello Credible Challenger, thousands of voters are waiting to hear from you!

If Sheriff Lombardo becomes the first sitting sheriff to lose the Office of Sheriff in modern times which is highly probable today, he’ll have lost it in the West Valley where his support declines and diminishes every day as residents associate no value at all to having the sheriff residing nearby.  Normally, its a bragging rights thing to have the sheriff living nearby, but not anymore in Clark County.

<–This is tough broad and bad ass, (2018 sheriff-elect???) Yolanda McClary, aka, Mrs Michael McClary, and her old man was once THE rising star at the LVMPD who chose worshiping the very ground that she walks upon instead of running for sheriff back then!

So I checked in on retired Assistant Sheriff Mike and his hottie old lady, Yolanda McClary, not long ago and Mrs McClary told me that if I ever mention to her husband that I’ve been thinking about how he’d be as Sheriff of Clark County, she’d unleash the Bonanza High School Kracken lead by ‘the Godmother’, Judge Amy Chellini upon me!

Mrs McClary is a Bonanza alumni and First Order Member of ‘The Bonanza Bitches’ who control all of Clark County politics today! She is also then former mega-star of ‘Cold Justice’ which was on TNT, then that bitch Oprah got it on her Oxygen do-dad, and there was no way she was ever going to let anyone be a bigger star than her big fat ass, and Yolanda is no longer on the present run of the show. Consider it canceled already cuz I was in deep REM sleep 47 seconds into the current show without Mrs McClary!  

I first saw the show on my device flying across country a couple of years back but hadn’t yet heard about Yo’s participation, so we were going 600 mph in what is essentially a beer can at 30,000 feet, and I’m like, ‘Hey, that McClary’s old lady!

Oprah, you really are a stupid bitch sometimes!


Sidebar:  When Bonanza HS opened for business in 1976, a young girl named Sarah was torn away from this boy she kind of, sort of liked at Clark HS where both attended and she would be in the first graduating class of Bonanza HS here. He was forced to stay at Clark because his Mom & Dad refused to move into the Bonanza District just because their teen-aged son was horny.  But he would have none of this bi-campus relationship stuff, so he would plan to marry her, and that he did—she is now Sarah Beers, Mrs Bob Beers for those of you keeping score on how marrying well and right results in terrific politicos like Bob Beers! (R-Knecht Knots, NV)


To other ears that may have sound like Yolanda McClary threatened me, however to my Metro-oriented hearing abilities, that was my que to get all medieval on that g*ddamn Academy and get for Yolanda McClary those Emmy Awards those bitches accidentally forgot to give to her a couple of times.

Yeah, retired Assistant Sheriff Mike McClary is interesting to consider for sheriff in 2018 as I shop for a new candidate to support, but his old lady Yolanda, I would support in a heartbeat!

Lombardo turned around this year and made the very worst mistake a broken incumbent can make:  He went ahead and announced 16 months early that his campaign has begun and that he had $500,000!  Gee, 250 degrees at the end of July when normal people are somewhere other than here and you entrust your re-election efforts to the broker-boy pretender fuqr fool schooled in South Bend who almost made you the first ‘anointed one’ to lose, he almost lost the Queen of the Mormon Mommy Mafia her seat, and he actually lost the dynastic Miller family their chub-throwin’ standard-bearer’s seat, and like flies to a big old pile of shit, there he was  for Steve Seroka Dick-Puller, the chronic Internet porn masturbator…and new LV Councilman of Ward II!

Mr Sheriff, you have trouble speaking for 16 seconds, what on Earth do you plan on talking about for 16 months?  

I was literally speechless and dumbfounded reading this news!  Yes, I suggested this past spring to get your machinery in working order, but you are in trouble all over the valley JoeLo even with Jesus standing on your left and His Pops God, on your right, this one is going to be very tough because instead of your going all Mike Slanker cuz he’s got his hands full with Heller’s loss, you brought the Boulder City Fuq Up back!

Fire him now Joe because this is a very bad, unforgivable mistake he made because he thinks you’re a 2018 sure loser and has his eyes on all of your money again and his number one 2018 candidate isn’t you either...again!  Its our little Betty Lou Sisolak who is poised to lose the Governor’s office very badly today. Everyone beats you today because of this premature re-election launch super-major mistake Sheriff Lombardo.  That includes Undersheriff McMahill and Assistant Sheriffs Fasulo and Roberts too!

Yep, even Fasulo beats you today Joe; think about that for a moment Mr Sheriff.  

You just don’t have 16 months of favorable to you shit to talk about Joe–shut your Campaign Ops down now until 3/1/2018 like there’s a hurricane a comin’—cuz there is—- if you haven’t been rehearsing every day what you plan to say when Lopera is acquitted by a jury and then fired by you! Fire the Boulder Boy Shithead and hire Don Smale, keep raising tons money, be coy and mysterious, call your effort ‘Joe Lombardo is Italian but you’d never know it with that fuqn Neville Lomabrdo around’, until you file..then begin your campaign sir!

Your ‘Neville Lombardo’ persona has been a complete and abysmal failure making it appear that nothing upsets you, nothing angers you, nothing frustrates you or pisses you off! I know that quite a bit pisses you the fuq off Joe, why would you shield that from us?  

You’re Italian with a temper and not British with a spot of tea, a fuqn scone, and a g*ddamn cucumber sandwich!  How come voters don’t know this about you?

Retired Deputy Chiefs O’Connor and Salinas beat you,  Laurie Bisch beats you and so does her daughter Lindsey, Larry Burns beats you, Chris Hoye beats you, Norm Jahn beats you, 87 year old Randy Oaks beats you, and low and behold even Randy Sutton beats you too because instead of announcing on March 1, 2018, your greedy ass guy without a clue about how to position you, now has you defending your record for 16 fuqn months and not 90 days.  What a fuqn dumb ass your guy is Joe, he gave lift and life to every little fuqr out there…’cept you!

Another major point in Yolanda McClary’s favor for becoming our next sheriff in 2018:  She was taught and guided by Sgt Norm Jahn at CSN, the very same school AS Fasulo found too far away to attend directly across the street from Bonanza High School!

<–-My Ma (left) turned 80 on the 8th and even she fuqn beats you!  

Wait a minute, you’re still married right?  To Donna Alderson Lombardo, right?  I imagine you’ve been in the doghouse with the Mrs and you’re probably sleeping in the car or in the neighbor’s garage again and for saying publicly that another woman is your inspiration’!

As I had done quite a number of times during your Sheriffhood, I said out loud to no one in particular, ‘Did he really just say that?’

It’s right there on page three in BOLD print in the Guido Guy’s Handbook which specifically states that once married, all Guido Guy Gentlemen who wish to get laid ever again and who completely understand what ‘Happy Wife, Happy Life’ means, must always and without fail going forward, refer to their wives as their ‘inspirations and very reason for being at all’!

…and I said it again after your good friend Sgt Jenkins of Las Vegas Strip ‘smoove’, and while on the witness stand and under oath in Gloria Navvaro’s courtroom this summer during the Bundy Bullshit Trial, that our Metro officers were so upset and so worried up there in Bunkerville that they were all crying their damn eyes out, they were so scared!

At that very moment, Jesus Himself appeared as a apparition in my living room and said unto me ‘Goeth my son to cross-examine that little fuqtard-eth Sgt Jenkins, because even I want to know who the fuq was wearing a Metro star and was crying like a little bitch up in Bunkerville!’

<—This is Amy Ayoub in 2009 just before she let herself completely go to crap and scrap!

Oh, and that ‘inspiration’ for our sheriff, well, that would be Amy Ayoub, she of the once very largest badunka ever in all of human history who considers herself to be Mrs Joe Lombardo for 97 of his 30 years as a police officer!  I kid you not!  Sometime in the previous century, she and Joe met and she ran home and tore all of the Bobby Sherman, David Cassidy, and Donny Osmond posters off of her bedroom walls and replaced them with Joe Lombardo’s images. complete with an alter and thousands candles for her to pray at!

He walks on water, he can do no wrong to Ms Ayoub, again, I kid you not!

<—Suggesting he has a Great Great-Granny Fetish, this is Amy Ayoub today who provides ‘inspiration’ to Sheriff Lombardo!

I know, sometimes I just wanna take him by the shoulders and just shake the shit outta him until his fuqn head snaps off too!  This May—December 31st infatuation our very own Harold and Maude have for one another is just weird!

I can’t tell who’s playing Harold or who’s playing Maude though, can you guys?

Then like a knife through the heart, Laz Chavez is elevated to Captain and me as Imaginary Undersheriff, does not get that memo, or the memo that My Darling Sugar Lips, Captain Sasha Larkin, is in the Lombardo Doghouse—albeit a verdant, plush, cushy doghouse—as the new Captain of Northwest Area Command which is like working in a Country Club, within a National Park, just outside of a pristine National Forest—on Maui—only sometimes on some days!

<—Then his stupid ass, no talent consultant goes live with his crappy new website—and it has this picture of Joe Lombardo from 1935 again (left)—you remember this one, the one where he was going through that unfortunate Grecian Formula for Sheriffs phase!

Among dozens of major repair jobs Sheriff Lombardo has to undertake if he’s not going to become the first defeated siting sheriff in modern times, is to try to explain why he let former FBI Director fuq-up James Comey bitch slap and nut kick every commissioned man and woman on the force accusing them of ‘depolicing’ here and saying that to a national audience… and then Joe Lombardo agreeing with him a short time later too!

The Clark County Sheriff would not and did not publicly defend his men and women against this outrageous and bullshit attack by James Comey!

To add intense insult to fatal injury done by James Comey and Sheriff Lombardo to our commissioned officers, there is no such thing as ‘depolicing’ which is a new term which was farted out in 2015 by some little asshole in Langley, or some other little fuqr in Quantico, to deflect blame for the rise in crime back onto our cops themselves instead of onto Obama, Holder, Lynch, and Comey who deliberately ignited Obama’s War on Cops after the Trayvon Martin verdict blessed Black Lives Matter Domestic Terrorism.

Then the LVRJ screams a headline on July 21, 2017 and after his Consultant Creep announced his re-election bid:

‘Higher crime rate is ‘new normal’ for Las Vegas Valley’


It is three weeks—22 days now—and still nothing from Sheriff Lombardo or from his Campaign Consultant Creep!

The contents of the story don’t matter at all here, its the headline itself which all by itself may have already defeated Sheriff Lombardo who has failed to own it, failed to embrace it, failed to address it, failed to defuse it, and he failed then to disassemble it because his Consultant Creep has no idea how volatile a headline it truly is, no idea how such a headline reads to Joe & Jane Sixpack Voter, no idea that every challenger is going to repeatedly hammer the sheriff over the the head with it, and he has no idea how retired Assistant Sheriff Mike and Mrs Yolanda McClary would handle to it.

I can’t speak for Mike, but I have seen every episode of Cold Justice and am confident Yolanda McClary would never let a glib and flippant headline by a reporter derail her re-election as sheriff because the current sheriff’s silence about it tells us he thinks he’s crippled and impotent and can’t do anything about the soaring crime rate here under his ‘leadership’.

For that alone he deserves to lose and become the second single-term failed sheriff in recent years, just like his friend Bill Young was!

Let’s have a Coffee Date Mrs McClary!


Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!