Blackwashing Charlottesville by Dem Nazis

Posted by Michael Zahara on Aug 18, 2017

This wasn’t ever about statues, or President Trump, Robert E Lee, the Civil War, nor Virginia. This was a conspiracy entirely about deliberately orchestrating a Planned Political Outcome beneficial to Progressive Extremism’s Ultra Hate National Narrative.

The hyper-bigoted Democratic Party Plantation and Safe Zone which this past decade has unleashed the most vile bile upon the citizenry perhaps in our entire history, is hyperventilating with the vapors and its trademarked feigned Outrage, indignant that President Trump didn’t act and speak as they had ordered him to do after Charlottesville.

This is the indelible stain and stench of Obama’s Liberal Fascism which will take a generation to cleanse away and to heal from, at least.

One of the malignancies it bred was to embolden bigots like former DNC Chair and current Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe to stage a contrived and planned Outrage Media Event in Charlottesville, population, who cares?  What matters here is that an inflammatory group who had a permit to rally on the public square no matter how vile their speech or ideas may be, is fully protected by the First Amendment.

To borrow from my Dem friends, this is ‘long settled law’ the US Supreme Court came down firmly on the Nazi’s side as their marching/protesting being constitutionally protected.


That mean that Charlotteville’s pussyfartz mayor Michael Signor and its even worse Police Chief, Al Thomas Jrhad a duty under that same Constitution both swore to uphold before they took office, to secure the park and rally area for them, not the non-permitted counter Leftist Urban Hate Terrorists who invaded the park ironically named Emancipation Park!

Yes, they had a sworn duty to protect the Unite the Right haters, plain and simple, and these three conspired to deny to them the police protection their rally required.  All three men should face federal indictment and civil lawsuits by Unite the Right for this conspiracy by Leftist Elected Hate!

<—-Statues have feelings too, dammit!

No Chief Thomas, you did not prepare at all for this rally and the blood of the day is on YOUR hands and on YOUR soul!  Your own men are telling the Press your mayor ordered them to stand down.  What kind of Chief of Police allows such an irresponsible thing?

Chief, did you engage the FBI for Intelligence briefings prior to their rally to better prepare?

Chief, did you engage the Department of Homeland Security prior to their rally to better prepare?

Chief, did you engage the Virginia State Police prior to their rally to better prepare?

Chief, did you engage the Ablemarle County Police Department prior to their rally to better prepare?

Chief, did you engage the Governor about your need to have the area secured by the National Guard?

None of your men photographed that morning looked at all engaged, none were wearing riot gear either at the park!  You may have had them somewhere according to accounts but suspiciously, not where they were needed to protect Unite the Right!

Why is that Chief Thomas Jr?

Could that be because Governor Terry McAuliffe—the former human garbage head of the DNC!— wanted to stoke social and civic unrest to assist his re-election next year?

Of course that’s it!  Just as with any type of premeditated crime, Detectives first ask, ‘Who benefited?  The crimes committed by Governor McAuliffe, Mayor Signor, and Chief Thomas Jr last weekend in Charlottesville were entirely avoidable and when predictable outcomes actually occurred, these authorities who had the power, duty, and obligation to ensure the public’s safety, deliberately failed their mission in order to derive specific and distinct political benefits for the mayor of Charlottesville and the Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe.

Here’s your proof positive from the Washington Post no less, that the police did absolutely nothing to protect the Unite the Right permitted demonstrators from onslaught from BLM and Antifa Urban Terrorists because no police protocol would ever have opposing groups allowed to be in such close proximity to one another and without a muscular police presence in full riot gear and in large numbers separating the groups.  How can you stupid Fake Media Addicted Leftist not see this?

Washington Post reporter Joe Heim: “Although Virginia State Police and Charlottesville police were stationed along the sides and the rear of Emancipation Park, the Market Street side was unattended. As it filled with rally-goers and counter-protesters, the mix quickly became volatile. The two sides screamed at each other. ‘[Expletive] … Nazis!’ the counter-protesters chanted. ‘[More expletives]’ was the response from the park where the rally-goers stood behind metal barricades.”

The police deliberately left the Market Street side open and completely unattended by them; they invited the chaos which ensued.

Then this guy posted this in the LA Times:

Unicorn Riot: “Police then pushed the white supremacists out of Emancipation Park, and closed the park…. Unable to continue rallying in the park, the white supremacists took to the streets, where they were quickly followed and confronted by anti-racists. Several more extremely violent fights took place, with police looking on from their nearby substation.

‘Looking on’?  Say what? There wasn’t a single cop anywhere in sight where that young female Urban Terrorist Sympathizer was run down and killed either!  Say what?

When will the FBI begin its investigation into Virginia officials’ Dereliction of Duty?  We’re waiting to find out how these three men with specific authority under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia could act or be so dreadfully incompetently in performance of their duties and their sworn oaths!  AG Sessions, when will the USDOJ assert here?

McAuliffe is the tool fool of Bill & Hillary Clinton and has been involved in the Savings and Loan Scandal of earlier years, Global Crossings, and the grand-daddy of all American False Accusation Cases, the infamous 2014 Rolling Stone magazine Fake Campus Rape story at the University of Virginia located right there in Charlottesville and costing the magazine and the university millions of dollars in jury verdict ordered ‘Reparations’ for the deliberate damage done to a campus fraternity and to a respected female Dean whose reputation was completely destroyed by a racist, bigoted, and biased reporter who saw creating a completely false narrative as being beneficial to changing ‘The Rape Culture’ at UVA which had never been substantiated by anyone including Chartlottesville’s police department!

The Bigots of the State of Virginia are in fact expert at staging Planned Political Outcomes to benefit the Elected Class.  

At the time of the Rolling Stone Fake News which was waved off as a non-issue by Feminist Bigots as UVA was under investigation for Title XI matters which was happening concurrently with the Fake Rape narrative.  Terry McCauliffe must have been like a pig in shit as the then newly elected governor.

How convenient too!  The Rolling Stone Fake News was rushed to print to capture the Outrage the Ultra Leftists thrive on!

So all of this feigned outrage over Trump’s comments are nothing more than a grand diversion attempt to get everyone off of asking the very tough questions of Virginia officials who deliberately designed last weekend’s event to fail so as to benefit Democratic Governor Terry Mc Auliff’s re-election next year.

No other conclusion can be drawn because the facts bear me out!  The ACLU, which had sued Charlottesville for Unite the Right, is now disintegrating stating they’ll only defend Hate Speech now if there are no guns around, which is interesting bullshit their guaranteeing protection for Amendment One and then flushing Amendment Two!

I’m serious, you can’t make this Progressive Extremist Bigotry and Hatred up!


Statuary Bigots:  You people are sure to have an especially hot place in Hell when you get there acting as our very own American ISIS destroying statuary instead of learning then teaching the facts about men like Robert E Lee!

You should all be taken out back and shot at sunrise, no last meal, no final cigarette either!

Slavery Bigots:  You people will be standing on the shoulders of the Statuary Bigots in Hell. Slavery in America lasted only 89 years. We were a British Colony prior to 1776 so you ‘400 year of Reparations’ idiots are especially annoying to all of us!  When you demand Reparations from the Democratic Party for President Andrew Johnson’s Black Codes which lead directly to Democratic Party Jim Crow, then maybe you’ll have a point besides the one on the top of your heads!

You should all be taken out back too and shot at sunrise, no last meal, no final cigarette either!

Civil War Bigots:  You people are atrociously deficient in knowledge, horrifically absent facts or any education at all too and you’ll be finding yourself laying face down in Hell with the Statuary and Slavery Bigots standing on your backs as you’re laying there burning and screaming cuz there’s a lot of really fat Women’s March chicks in those two groups!  Yes, Slavery was the issue, but it was not the only issue and this is especially for you idiots who were shouting ‘State’s Rights’ in Florida for Bush v Gore in 2000-2001, who still have no idea how fuqn stupid you all looked and sounded!

Just a few questions for you hyper-bigots?  How many Confederates were charged, tried, convicted, and hanged after Appomattox? Where was General Lee hanged? Where was Jefferson Davis executed?

Here’s a fuqn clue: Incinerate your fuqn devices, and pick up a fuqn book—no, pick up and read scores and scores of books and get your ignorant-ass minds educated on that which you claim to detest and despise so much, yet you don’t have a fuqn clue about what the fuq you’re bellowing about before cashing your George Soros Hate Factory checks!

You should all be taken out back and shot at sunrise, no last meal, no final cigarette either!


This Charlottesville Hysteria is all manufactured, all planned, all contrived Political Performance anti-Art—this is the Democratic Party’s lying controlling bullshit I have been a part of for 38 years now and I know their playbook by heart!  

The louder and more intense their Fake Outrage, the guiltier they all are!

Governor McAullife, Mayor Signor, and Chief Thomas Jr should all be indicted by a federal grand jury!  Demand this from Attorney General Sessions and President Trump and stop your incessant whining for God’s sake and demand those responsible for the predicable and avoidable outcomes last weekend are now held to full account—behind bars!

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Michael Zahara

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