DACA Dreamer Deportees Will Make Mexico Great Again!

Posted by Michael Zahara on Sep 11, 2017

Just so you all know if you needed reminding, what occurred to our nation on September 11, 2001 is precisely why the Dream Act, now 16 years old and an even worse idea today than back then, has never passed—-and it never will.  It’s also precisely why President Trump’s anti-Illegal Immigrant campaign promises put him into the White House, and is also precisely why no Illegal Immigrant—especially the DACAs—-should ever be granted any type of legal status in the United States when we have millions all over the world willing to play by the rules to become US citizens.

They are the very worst entitled feeling and demanding class within the Democratic Nazi Party’s 100% owned and managed Illegal Immigrant Industrial Complex—-the despicable DACA’s—-they truly believe that since their evil parents used them as Human Shields and Emotional Hostages to tug on the heart strings of perhaps well-meaning, but equally unbelievably stupid people in America, that they are better and more deserving to keep stealing America’s generosity!

I’m serious, there is a pecking order and a classist and elitist sort of Illegal Immigrant Industrial Complex ‘Caste System’.

When we hear about these DACA degenerate ‘children’, our hearts swing wide open imagining little Lupe with her dolly and blanket and in footie pajamas sucking her thumb ‘clinging’ to her Mommy—-oh, how horrible and cruel of us not to grant her US Citizenship right then and there, huh?  The reality is a grotesque cabal of Indoctrinated and Brainwashed Ultra Leftist Anarchists young adults who despise America.

But to treat any class or group of Illegal Immigrants of any age grouping at all preferentially is cruel Voting Buying political pandering and exploitation personally directed by Bigot Barack Obama and taken to new breath-taking depths of blatantly unconstitutional arrogance and hubris during his failed presidency in which he publicly loathed the Congress, the Supreme Court, and above all else, the very constitution he swore an oath to uphold and defend, but didn’t really mean it!

Obama’s recklessness with his illegal DACA inspired a 2014 furious effort by 71,000 children and young people from Central America attempting to rush the borders of Mexico and the United States to get here thinking Obama would create a DACA just for them too! They were turned back and contained and if we had our druthers, we wonder why our Illegal Immigrants from Mexico shouldn’t be treated exactly like Mexico treats its illegals?

<—-Attention Puta and illegal immigrant, Human Vermin Astrid Silva—-personally earned Donald Trump more votes than almost anybody else as a star along with her vicious, exploitative, truly evil mother, of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia last summer and seen here in her ‘I’m a DACA Puta Cocktail Dress’ attire!

Some dim bulb down at the DNC thought pandering one night to Illegal Immigrants and then on another, Saluting Black Lives Matters Cop Murderers and the badly failed mothers of criminal street thugs rightfully gunned down by the cops we entrust to protect us from these Momma’s Boys predators, was a good idea!

The election was won by Donald Trump as the DNC finally came to a horrifically failed close on the evening of July 28, 2016—he was elected that very night!

Democrats would go onto November 2016 and score their fourth in a row national electoral catastrophe as the number of offices lost nationally neared 1100 and Congress long gone since 2010’s worst loses in 63 years for Democrats!  but they really thought that they nailed it in Philly and don’t yet know that they’ve already lost cycle number five in November of 2018!

Today’s Democrats are that completely out of touch with mainstream American of all races, ethnicities, backgrounds, and cultures.

Our Degenerate DACA Deplorable parasites, after being ripped from their homes, their villages, their cultures, their  families, their communities, their schools, and their friends and playmates, and exposed to incredible dangers as younger children by their selfish, self-absorbed parasitic parents, they were exploited by Coyote Profiteers and forced to live in shame and secrecy in the shadows here while being non-stop Pimped and Exploited by pandering Progressive Extremist Democratic Nazi Party politicians in America.   Exploited by these political pimps for the money and voters they generate for the Democratic Nazi Party’s Illegal Immigrant Industrial Complex.

This entitled feeling, very demanding, spoiled generation of Democratic Nazi Party Exploited and Pimped Illegal Immigrants will all be enthusiastically deported and warmly welcomed back to the only home that they ever knew before their parents tore them away and forced them here—-and upon their return, they will Make Mexico Great Again!

In DACA Puta Astrid Silva’s case though, she will Make Mexico Great and Fat Again! as the number one target for immediate return to her homeland her evil mother brutally took her away from.

<—-Last week, despite dealing with a terrible earthquake, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto (left, Latino Obama looking fella) warmly welcomed Mexico’s Kidnapped as Youths to be exploited and pimped tools in America—- Mexico’s Kidnapped & Exploited Generation of U.S. DACA’s—-to come back home to open arms!

It is our duty and obligation as Americans to repatriate these politically exploited DACA youths back to their homeland and nation of birth their parents brutally tore them away from to be indoctrinated and brainwashed in America by its former Marxist/Leninist president and his Ultra Leftist Band of Bigots!

Yesterday, racist and bigoted Georgia dyed-in-the-wool Dixiecrat, Representative Dina Titus, sent everyone an email, desperate that those on her DACA Plantation never return home, stated that by every measure, these DACA Deplorables are American, alluding that the Dem Nazi Party’s past 16 years of very lucrative Pimping and Exploitation of them could be ending if we don’t act now to lock those gates and bar their return to their homeland!

Representative Titus, your feigned concern is about as hollow as your empty head—you don’t give a flying fuq about Illegal Aliens as your record shows along with your being the most racist and most bigoted Rep in the most diverse District in the state!  No, DACA aren’t Americans you little Hillbilly Heloise, they’re Mexican Nationals illegally in America!

Once they turned 18 years old and did nothing to get themselves legal, oh well, tough shit, they’re not the kind of immigrant we want or need here; too many around the world are far more worthy who would fill their Illegal Entry spots instantly. They’re currently taking up 700,000 US jobs which should be held by US citizens.  They are taking up slots they don’t deserve in our colleges and universities, and there is no compelling reason whatsoever to offer them or any other class of Illegal Immigrants a pathway to citizenship ore legal status.

If these younger people were showing any sign of ‘identifying’ as Republican voters, they’d have been expelled years ago.  What’s particularly revolting about DACA is that thousands are suspected of being registered voters when that’s barred and is only now coming to light.  A couple of thousand already revoked out of the program for felony crimes including murder and no credible background tests done by DHS, this program should be killed for good and its participants deported beginning next spring!

What was done to us 16 years ago today is why we should never again do anything other than deport all of our Illegal Immigrants—-yet, they keep on coming in wave after wave.  None of them are anything special, all of them can be instantly replaced by 1,000 identical or much better models, and they need to be repatriated immediately so that they can bring all of their wonderfulness back home where it belongs to Make Mexico Great Again!


America has always been a Nation of Legal Immigrants and almost universally, those who came here from every corner of the world, are repulsed and revolted by the Illegal Immigrant Pimp Profiteers, their obnoxious, incessant demands upon US Citizens, and those who continue to enrage lawful immigrants by stating incorrectly about legal and illegal immigration as being morally, legally and ethically indistinguishable and therefore equal in status.  They succeeded in forcing their Media Pimps to refer to them as ‘undocumented’ because they said the term ‘illegal’ was ‘too mean’ of the United States and doing this while always crying on que for the cameras too!

The Reagan Amnesty of 1986 and NAFTA in 1994 were supposed to have stopped this Illegal Invasion of the United States conducted by the hyper-corrupted Mexican Narco Cartels Regime which benefits from remittances sent to Mexican towns and villages and Food Stamp SNAP benefits spent in Mexican border states.  Both practices can and should be immediately shut down by the United States but the US Chamber of Commerce—the single greatest impediment to ending illegal immigration—refuses to allow it’s purchased Congressional allies to rightfully block them and thus end a major reason the Invasion of Parasitic Illegals continues today.

Trump’s Border Wall if he’s smart, isn’t a wall at all but a correcting of the 14th Amendment by adding a new amendment clarifying Birthright Citizenship:

‘…No child born within the United States and its territories and installations whose parents are not lawfully in the United States and legally sanctioned to be in the United States at the time of their birth, are US Citizens by birth and cannot seek remedy of the courts, nor petition Congress to seek redress, because their parents were not in sanctioned lawful status in the United States at the time of their births, and such children remain citizens of their mother’s lawful nation of origin at that time effective immediately upon passage of this amendment…’

It really is this simple to end this multi-billion dollar Pimping and Exploitation of Illegal Aliens racket run by Marxist/Leninist-oriented Progressive Extremist Democratic Nazi Party members in the US and their counterparts in Mexico  Give us that Congress and Mr President, and I’d give every DACA Deplorable Degenerate instant full citizenship and the rest of these parasites too—because I know that they will never agree to it because it always has been about Birthright to our parasitic Generosity Thieves to the south of our border.

For even suggesting an end to Birthright Citizenship no one at the time ever thought another sovereign nation would use against us when we were attempting to remedy newly emancipated Black-Americans with the 14th Amendment, I have been called everything but a White man and a child of God for even thinking our nation has to do something major to end this 50+ year nightmare of being invaded from the South by wave after wave of Illegal Immigrants.

Give these ’36 year old children’ anything at all except maybe an invitation to get to the very back of the line after a ten year wait, and America will defeat you at the polls Congress and Mr Trump, you will be a one-term president despite  Putrid Puta Astrid Silva working so hard to get you elected last year!


Not a single Democrat anywhere in America applauded President Trump protecting the very Constitution he and they all swore an oath to ‘preserve, protect, and defend’….and what’s also very troubling, neither did a single Republican office holder.  Fiscal calamity Banana Republic states like California and Illinois, can’t throw enough money and freebies at these degenerate DACA free-loaders after Trump’s announcement last week angering taxpayers and Student Loan debt holders in these and all of the other unlawful pandering Sanctuary States!

‘Preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution….’ are actually in Article II, Section One of our Constitution and is required to be verbally stated and sworn or affirmed by the reciter, that he will do to the best of his abilities!

Its important that you reread the above and fully understand that any president does not swear to protect you and me, or our military, or Washington DC, or any monument or offensive to someone statue there, nor the purple mountains majestied above the fruited plain either—-nope, just the United States Constitution—the very Founding document of our Republic Barack Obama abhors as being outdated and he’s publicly stated many times in many different ways, was a nuisance and a bother to him too!  This from our self-described ‘constitutional scholar’ who refused to share his grades and transcripts and who along with his wife, surrendered their law licenses rather than be disbarred!

A stunning 9 times the US Supreme Court voted unanimously against Dictator Barack Obama’s Executive Order exuberance!

I read that Obama’s retarded rationale with both DACA and DAPA Executive Orders—-and after his publicly stating many times he had no such authority!—-was that as president, he enjoys ‘prosecution discretion’.  What Barry the Bull-shitter?  I’ve got to see those grades and transcripts now because those Harvard professor-types had to think you were brain damaged or retarded after your classmates began calling you Barry the Bull-Shitter Short Bus Boy!

Yes, former President Asswipe, you do have some authority here, you could have used that discretion you claim to have on a case-by-case basis, not for whole swaths of illegals and then granting to them goodies only Congress may bestow onto them.  Tens of thousands of DACA Deplorables hold what’s called a ‘letter of parole’—isn’t that a cool name, huh?  This nifty little letter allows them to re-enter the United States after going back home to Mexico to visit friends and family, or anywhere else too, which thousands of DACAs did in fact do, but which also gives to Immigration Judges the opening they’d need to determine that an Illegal has established a ‘status’ in the US….and they can grant citizenship from there. if they choose too. Congress never closed this gigantic open loophole and INS Judges use it quite often.

Ain’t that a fuqn kick in the nuts folks?  President Obama could have also pardoned Putrid Puta Astrid Silva and her truly evil mother and greased their new citizenship applications to approval with no strings attached for all the Political Whoring both have done so well for the Democratic Nazi Party.

Astrid and her mother don’t want US citizenship, they want stardom and celebrity—they live and overact like Spanish telenovella TV stars.  Astrid Silva has friends and relatives back home in Mexico she connects with on Social Media, via emails and cellphones.  Returning home to Mexico would not be a burden at all to most DACAs and would be a boon for Mexico having its children returned to her!

What it was President Trump actually did to the DACA Degenerate Demanders was absolutely nothing but cancel the unlawful program and returning the matter over to Congress where it never was and always should have originated from in the first place!  

It’s companion DAPA for the degenerate parents who brought their parasitic children here to steal America’s generosity along with them, was stuck down firmly by the Supremes.  The Very Bad DREAM Act has been around since 2001 and has never passed because its garbage Amnesty legislation which rewards those and their offspring who even after the passage of NAFTA, and which along with the prior Reagan Amnesty, was supposed to have stopped this unlawful Mexican state-sponsored Invasion of America from our southern border conducted by the vile and hyper-corrupted Mexican Narco Cartel Regime, one of the very worst Human Rights violators on the planet and protector of our hemisphere’s premier state-protected and directed Narco Cartel Industrial Complex.

The seamless never-ending stream of Ultra Leftist Progressive Extremist Hatreds and Trump Derangement Syndrome Vaudeville is as tiring as it tedious and oh so entirely a predicable an element of American politics now, that these ignorant-ass people have no idea—-nor an ability to even consider any contrary idea—-that their sociopath psychopathic Outage Vomiting all over us every day about every thing is not having the desired effect on the citizenry—-we are immune to their Trump Shaming tactics because collectively from coast-to-coast, we’re far more afraid of the new Demonic Democratic Nazi Party!

In a so far clumsy, inelegant, bumbling presidency to date, President Donald Trump made his very best move as America’s CEO by ending the unlawful overreach of Dictator Bigot Barack Obama’s Imperial Presidency which deliberately chose to by-pass the Legislative Branch—both Houses of our Congress—so as to unilaterally impose upon the people and our Republic by fiat, his dictatorial prerogatives absent any Checks or Balances placed upon him or them at all!

The constitutional abomination which is DACA, is just one of the many unlawful actions Obama poisoned the well of comity and cooperation with both the other equal Branch and opposing the party.  ‘I won!‘ he famously, snidely, and very bitchy-like, declared to Congress missing only the extension of his middle finger when he stated such an arrogant declaration of fact to the entire world!

Waaa,Waaa Mommy, they wont work with me!’, he whined like a petulant spoiled brat child as Republicans simply went about their business without him and only in the dark, dank, noxious and toxic mist of the closing hours of this magnificently failed person, failed man, and failed American president, did he reluctantly concede to 60 Minutes  as his catastrophic presidency was expiring that, ‘I could have done more…’

The debris field he’s left us is enormous and I believe the largest any former president has left the nation to mop up after he had left!  DACA was just the first of many catastrophic Obama failures that the current president must deconstruct and send over to Congress less they be considered permanent and ‘setting precedent’ for future presidents to try to ruin the Republic by emulating the Obama Arrogance!

DACA parents who dumped their kids here and tore them away from everything that they knew there, are the very worst kind of human beings; and neither parents or children deserve any kind of sympathy or consideration simply because they could act so deplorably and steal American generosity with such ease and then have the nerve to keep making demands.

Mexico wants them back and needs them back for their percolating economy and the US can’t create any type of amnesty for any of the 11 to 20 million Illegal Immigrants here or we’ll be deluged again and again and again.

I don’t think Congress will or should act at all next Spring—because Trump holds this pile of shit now and he’s broken his promises to voters with it—Congress and his many haters there in both parties would be foolish to not let him twist in the wind because anything we do without a 14th Amendment clarification and correction codicil amendment barring Birthright Citizenship is a completely wasted effort from the get-go.

It’s long past time to remove these free-loader and fraud parasites from America and send them back to Make Mexico Great Again!


Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!